What’s the Big Deal about Fasting?

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Since my trip around the world in 2003 and doing my first Detox in Thailand at The Sanctuary I have been a huge fan of downtime and a full-body recalibration once a year, as well as for a bit of peace and quiet and clean out my digestive tract with a short fast.

Fasting is as old as the hills and always gives the mind, body, and soul the huge benefits connected with a total reboot, all within a very short space of time.

Used by Einstein to give his students the added advantage, as the brain functions 100% more efficiently after a fast.

Used by TOP athletes and promoted by Olympic sports coaches to improve the bodies performance and to set up the body to its optimum performance.

_ In ancient Greece, Pythagoras was among many who extolled its virtues. During the fourteenth century it was practiced by St Catherine of Siena, while the Renaissance doctor Paracelsus called it the “physician within”. Indeed, fasting in one form or another is a distinguished tradition and throughout the centuries, devotees have claimed it brings physical and spiritual renewal

Fasting is literally allowing the magic back in as the body re calibrates itself once it is allowed to switch off, have downtime and reboot following a precise protocol. By not digesting solid food for a short period of time, you actually give your body time to heal and clean out what is no longer needed, leaving you with better concentration and more energy.

A 3 Day (72hr) fast is all that is needed to reset your entire body.

Your body will thank you and there are huge benefits all round.

You will have speeded up your metabolism

You will have boosted your immune system

You will have prolonged your life span

You will rejuvenate your skin

You will look younger

Your taste buds get renewed and your tastes change

You will neutralize your biggest cravings

You will promote a thorough detoxification

Your Body can clean house of all the rubbish stored for way too long

You get to access the fat stored and locked away in your cells

You will improve your chances to lose weight

You will improve your insulin sensitivity and

You will help to reverse prediabetes

Hormones take this chance to rebalance

You will boost your cognitive and brain function

You access a great source of energy

You get to absorb the great nutrition you are consuming

You get to have deep mental and physical rest to consider your next steps

You will feel years younger and have much more energy

One of the main reasons I took to fasting was It is easy for me an extremely busy woman to eat well within the designated window for consuming food, still feel fulfilled and satisfied and not depriving myself and know that the body was doing her best for me. Once I saw the results I was hooked.

“For me cooking every day and preparing food was the bain of my life, I cannot believe how much time is spent thinking, planning and preparing food. I much prefer to grab food when I am hungry and do something far more interesting”.

The first step to introduce fasting would be: The longer you wait before you eat breakfast for example, the longer your body can use up yesterdays energy efficiently and access the hormones like Leptin which are only activated by hunger. When Leptin is activated she looks for stored sources of what she can use for your energy. She finds the fat stores and uses these to give you energy.

The second step to fasting would be:  A longer Fasting period that allows your body to turn over the fuel system from Sugar to the stored fat and you must stay consuming fat for the fuel system to work effectively. The moment you return to sugar you are back burning sugar for fuel and will need to start again to teach your body how to get her fuel from fat again. 3 days (72 hours) is all that is needed to re calibrate your body.

You can drop a dress size quite easily. But you need to know what you are doing. If you are hungry you MUST eat. There is a huge difference in an educated and uneducated faster. An uneducated faster will have her body storing more fat.

An educated faster will allow her body to go longer still feel satisfied and lose weight easily.

Since 2004 (for 15 years) I have been running Retreat Biarritz detox and fasting retreats and helping women and men to set up a safe fasting experience at home with the Home Detox Box, helping women and men come off sugar and learn how to eat again with some specific coaching programs and protocols that work for a sweeter healthier life.

What I have seen will surprise you, how much weight as well as heavy thoughts and habits that cause depression and over eating can be lifted off and stay off, after a short fast.

That was Radical!” said Emily,

Remarkable and way easier than I ever imagined.” said Tamsin.

It all happened in my sleep.” Judy exclaimed

If you are wanting to have this to be the last time you ever need to think about your weight or that you can wear the clothes you love again there are certain steps that need to be taken.

Make a decision to do take care of what and when you eat, take some time out to follow a simple cleanse protocol with a short 3 days fast and a guide how to break your fast. This will be the very best thing you have done for yourself in years, and you will feel so much better in days.

Do yourself a HUGE favor and follow the Home Detox Box a DIY kit that you can follow at home for the easiest way to start with a fast, with me in your corner and get support whilst you navigate how to have a brand new relationship with your food and clean start with your body.

Delivered to your Door – Home Detox Box

Making a world of difference to how you wear your body and how she feels on you.

Your Body Your Best & Most Valuable Outfit.

Fiona Robertson

222 – 2 stone in 2 months once I knew my body code. The food group my body burned fat on.

222 2 stone in 2 months once I knew my body code. The food group my body burned fat on. Say yes and I’ll go through a diagnosis and tell you which group you are. 3 body code groups of foods that burn fat for certain women who can’t lose weight on diets. #fionarobertson#bodyrenewer

Starting as soon as you know your specific Body Code.
Watch the pounds drop off Body Code QUIZ link

The Body Code is an excellent starting point to know what you pre-predisposed to burn as the best fuel for your body.

It may surprise you, as it did me.

Here are a few remarks I got this week again from ladies who are not struggling anymore.

“2lbs down again this week, this is consistent and so easy ” Wendy Scotland 2019

” I don’t have any cravings since I started eating this way I am so satisfied, and I am 1 stone ( 14 lbs) of excess fat off, just 2 more to go and it’s looking easy and doable”. Sally Brighton 2018

“There is nothing to it! No sneaky snacks needed at all! First time since I started with Fiona 5 months ago. It works! weight off cravings gone, It does what it says in the tin! 😃 Thank you Fiona! Xx Elaine.”

Tell me what you need, how much do you want to lose and by when and I’ll show you how.


Take the quick Body Code Quiz  now and start a fresh new body that burns fat off.


Fiona Robertson
Body Renewer
Body Whisperer

Going all the way to confident and slim again. Feeling Fabulous.


The Link Between Stress and Body Fat

The Link between Stress and Fat on your body.

You are NEVER going to lose weight until you get familiar and deal with your stress, past present and future!


Why is stress making me fat? Simply put Stress is causing a chain reaction in the body that releases hormones, that then run riot in the body, hormones that are very well known like Cortisol which is the NO 1 stress hormone and real bad boy to have anywhere near your body as it makes you gain, hold onto, store and convert more into fat that you will ever need.

Stress is a poison in your body a really serious toxin. I have been a Detox Diva for years and very familiar with chemical toxins and how to release these from your body, that are being stored in our gut and cells. This is way beyond the physical and external influences of what we take into our bodies, but actually it is something that we create ourselves in our bodies, so we have to deal with this from a completely different angle.

I have put together a whole set of tutorials that seriously reduce stress and teach you how to avoid new stress and how to get rid of the old stored baggage you are still carrying around. click the link to access the full description.

In my vast experience with healthy eating and diets and cleansing the body, I can say that you can eat as healthy as you like for as long as you like, but if you are generating, and reacting to situations with stress you will have a very damaging substance in your body that is causing you to hold and create more and more fat.

This fat is believe it or not a blessing, and is luckily protecting you from these toxins and poisons by using fat to shield you and your organs from their potential harm. Now without being too doom and gloom about all of this, it can be reversed and have a happy ending. There is hope! Hallelujah I hear you cry!

First you need to know what makes you stressed and how that stress feels in your body, so you can recognize it when it happens. And put some real workable actions into practice. For me it has a taste a bitterness, and acid flavour, My tongue burns and my belly is acidic much like heart burn. My body curls in on itself and I either want to run or hide, I get choked and can’t speak sometimes. Unlike other personalities who respond with violent words and express themselves fully. This is well worth knowing how you react to stress, as this is the key.


In nature when an animal is chased to be eaten and that animal is not caught, then it will have a time that it shakes off the stress. We humans seldom do this. Certainly the personalities I am talking to. Its something we need to learn to let go of all that adrenalin that causes a damaging internal chain reaction that races through our bodies and will eat us up if we don’t take care of it soon.

The after effects of stress will make you do things that you would normally avoid doing, if you were of clear mind. It will make you eat foods that counteract the bitterness, fatty foods like cheese to soften the blow or sugars to sweeten up the story. These foods create a partial reverse chain reaction that counteract the feeling of the stress ( but not the chemical release of all those hormones ) and give you a feeling of being more relaxed, calmer and more in control. They induce a heavier fuller sensation that helps you to cope and be able to carry on, as if normal again.

You can learn how to do this for yourself without the extra food or what ever drug of choice you have habitually used. But at some point needs to come the time to shake off the stress that you experienced today, after that you can purge the stress that you are still carrying around from the past, the old baggage, garbage that you never took out to the trash before. So you can release the stress your holding on to and not get hooked up and attract that level of stress back into your life in the future.

Oh that sounds good, right?

Certain personalities have a higher level of stress than others, they don’t even know they are stressed as they are always at that level of stress, its continuous and they are unconscious of it.

They don’t remember how to be more relaxed, and having someone say to you relax is like talking a different language to them. They think they are relaxed. Ha I know that feeling. Its like chalk and cheese once I realized how much further I could relax and sensed the levels that I could attain.

I am like this, I have run little known to me on a high level of stress for ever. I heard it described to me that I was over vigilant over sensitive more than once. I can take a lot on, I can cope well under fire, I can care for everyone, notice what needs to be fixed and have a long list of jobs and get them all done, I am practical, efficient, responsible and super reliable.

I hold it all inside and cope well or so it looks on the outside, my coping mechanism started to show me enough was enough when I realized that there was more going on here than food in and food out, as I dieted and detoxed to extreme, and that I was gaining weight even although I was eating less and less.

I saw it in other ladies too that I detoxed on my detox retreats here in France, they did not lose any weight where as my detox week regularly released 5KG (10 lbs) in a week, some ladies were not able to release anything. I had ways to effect the goal they wanted and it was never about food. What they needed TLC and deep relaxation first, then a way to express and release the levels of stress that I became familiar in recognizing and sensed they were carrying. They actually really needed to feel safe.

I have a similar story that a friend once told me how she saw me, and when I heard this I brushed it all off and said but its me its normal, I’m OK.

She said, “OMG you moved to France, you knew nobody here, you were pregnant and did not speak French. You now have a huge house, 2 businesses to run ( my detox retreat and my apartment rentals ) You are dedicated to help others get well with your retreats. You were 40 and 42 when you had your boys alone with no support of family or friends, you do this big garden, have a huge vegetable patch, chickens, dogs and kids and your partner does not really help you as you need. It’s your dream. You then started a French conversation group in Biarritz every Wednesday evening, to meet people and learn French, you never say you can’t come. That’s remarkable, that’s a lot for one person to take on”

I brushed it off but the synopses stayed with me for years until I realized and woke up to the fact that that was causing me a great deal of stress, anxiousness in me and I had not asked for help, expressed my hurt or disappointment, or ever complained. ( well maybe a bit )

This was my Kryptonite, this stress was my weakest point. It made me over tired, irritable, I could not think clearly, make rash decisions, that made me more stressed which made me need to eat what ever was at hand to cope and carry on, saying I’ll be OK I’ll take some time out for me later, but I never did and even if I did I would not know what to actually do to release the stress that had built up.

You are only as good as your weakest link. I learnt that in electronics ( my previous company in the UK ) and being in camera technology, you can’t take a really good signal and expect it to be the same at the other end with a poor quality cable. The good quality cable would be my healthy nutrition but my weakest link was certainly the stress I was carrying alone.

My circumstances did change, but my way of coping was the same. I now know. It took me some time to see it I hope with al my heart that you see and get to come to terms with a new way of dealing with your stress, before its too late and these poisons start effecting other areas of your life too.

Now I know exactly what makes me stressed. How to reduce my current stress, what level of stress I am at, at any time.

I recognize what has stressed me in the past and I clear that quickly.

I re set my hormone levels and do things to raise my level of good hormones and releasing the store of toxic memories and the fat that goes along with that.

And I now have learnt how to receive, ask for support and take care of myself much, much better.

This is as essential as good nutrition and for transformation of a healthy energised body and mind.

The Shake it off and Tip The Scales program ( The Ultimate Body Connection ) I am proud of this program as it captures so much of what I have done with 1 to 1 clients over the past years, and I have put all of that and so much new material into this program. I am running this for 8 weeks and it teaches all of this and more to become a Woman who can express her real needs and not be a victim to stress any longer.

I would love to share this information with you that has catapulted me into living a real life here in France. No longer in survival mode and at the mercy of stress but actually living and enjoying every day. I’ve lost the weight as a result and feel more and more relaxed and believe that everything is working out really well.




Week 1 Relax and reduce the stress point

Week 2 Recognise the stresses you carry

Week 3 Release the stress and old baggage

Week 4 Re-Set that point when hormones are released

Week 5 Re charge yourself with fat reducing hormones

Week 6 Relax – everything is working out well

Week 7 Receive, receive, receive

Week 8 Restore and re calibrate your entire response system


Fiona Robertson


Face book: https://www.facebook.com/Fiona-Robertson-


Play Time is an essential nutrient

Play Time Special. By Fiona Robertson

Just because we’re adults, that doesn’t mean we have to take ourselves so seriously and make life all about work and achieving goals. We all need to play.

Play isn’t some trivial, dumb thing that’s just for kids. Play should be as important to you as eating greens or drinking water.

Not only does enjoying pleasure and play grow new brain connections for happier moods and better memory, play also sets off a cascade of body-positive effects that will help you to keep you slim and vital. You will literally radiate with more joy and as you do things chemically change within your body and the link between the mind and the body starts to work again.

This is what I have come to experience and learn and why I had to put this page together to specifically show you and remind you the value of changing our perception. To be kind with yourself and remember what it feels like to be in a body that wants the best for you.

What I am proposing is a more of an out of the box solution, to today’s socially accepted norms. But it is a great and successful solution none the less that has a massive effect on our cellular structure, and it can only be experienced to be believed.

Somewhere between childhood and adulthood, we’ve stopped playing. Now a-days when we do carve out some down or leisure time for ourselves, we’re more likely to zone out in front of the TV or computer than engage in any type of fun, rejuvenating play like we did as children. But Adult play is a time to forget about work and commitments, and to be social in an unstructured, creative way.

So often we concentrate on things we’ve learnt about to try and feel better from what and how to eat, and what exercise to do to keep in shape feel better, forcing ourselves to follow a path that actually just does not feel good for us.

However we totally ignore any form or attitude of playfulness as an option to boost our oxygen levels, reduce stress and re set our hormones, which would actually have a massive effect on our bodies ability to function at its optimum levels.

If you run around like crazy, catering for everyone else’s needs, seeing and talking about how much we have to do, how hectic our timetables are with, work deadlines, family, children, partners all wanting something different from you, and you feel like you are being pulled in every direction. And on top of that if you feel sport is a necessary struggle, just as much as how you perceive and judge what you eat and don’t eat, this is a level of stress that is consuming you and will have very detrimental effects on our ability to let go of any weight, aches pains and health concerns that are haunting you.


By giving yourself permission to play with the joyful abandon of childhood, you can reap the myriad of health benefits throughout life.

Play can:

  • Relieve stress. Play is fun and can trigger the release of endorphins, the body’s natural feel-good chemicals. Endorphins promote an overall sense of well-being and can even temporarily relieve pain.
  • Improve brain function. Playing chess, completing puzzles, or pursuing other fun activities that challenge the brain can help prevent memory problems and improve brain function. The social interaction of playing with family and friends can also help ward off stress and depression.
  • Stimulate the mind and boost creativity. Young children often learn best when they are playing—and that principle applies to adults, as well. You’ll learn a new task better when it’s fun and you’re in a relaxed and playful mood. Play can also stimulate your imagination, helping you to adapt, be creative and problem solve.
  • Improve relationships and your connection to others. Sharing laughter and fun can foster empathy, compassion, trust, and intimacy with others. Play doesn’t have to be a specific activity; it can also be a state of mind.
  • Keep you feeling young and energetic. In the words of George Bernard Shaw, “We don’t stop playing because we grow old; we grow old because we stop playing.” Playing can boost your energy and vitality and even improve your resistance to disease, helping you feel your best.
  • Improve your looks. A happy joyful face and posture is attractive to everyone, your face is beaming a smile and it will naturally attract more smiles and positive gestures and help from others.
  • Play releases hormones that activate your happy drugs to flow around the body, which in turn trigger the cells to operate in a completely different way than if your forcing yourself to do sport and exercise, or stick to a hard and fast diet or regime.
  • The science is not totally there yet but the evidence is very clear. A new attitude to your self, your body and your thoughts through adopting more play time can vastly enhance weight loss, relieve pain and tension, be more creative, get great and novel ideas,

I don’t just encourage you to get out and play more (or get in the bedroom and fool around) just because it’s a lot more fun than dragging your butt to the gym in another self-punishment workout (though it totally is).

Physical play and physical pleasure help our brains stay healthier as we age, and balances our hormones. Play keeps our neural pathways open and running smoothly, and keeps the brain “young.”

What’s crazy is how adults, especially women, have been convinced that denying, restricting, and punishing ourselves is the way to get what we want.

Science has shown that restricting, depriving, counting calories and being hyper-vigilant about food and eating has put us into a constant state of stress called “fight or flight” mode.

And when you’re in this state, your body makes more cortisol and releases more insulin. And that insulin “tells”your body not to use fat as a source of energy. Instead it says, “Hold onto that fat. We may need it later.”

So the more your body is in a stressed-out state rather than a fun, playful one, the more you encourage a biochemical state inside yourself that makes you pack on the pounds. Which is why the old way most of us were taught to lose weight is totally false.

But you know what puts an end your body’s stress state?
Enjoying Yourself.

Here’s a list of 4 Neurochemicals of Play & Pleasure that also lead to joyful weight loss:


  1. Dopamine: Everything you do or eat for pleasure produces dopamine surges in your brain. From setting and achieving goals to mind-blowing sex to holding hands or hugging, this key player in the reward system of your brain is where we get that feeling of pleasure.


  1. Endocannabinoids: Possibly the cause for “runner’s high,”these self-produced cannabis chemicals are created by your brain and are called the “bliss molecules,” which make movement fun, keeping us coming back for more.


  1. Oxytocin: “The bonding molecule”is produced from skin-to-skin contact, making love, affection, and intimacy. Playing and commiserating with a friend also releases oxytocin and bonds us with friends and lovers. It also, funnily enough, bonds us to our dogs, so cuddling and playing with your dog makes them into a loved, lifelong partner. But you dog lovers knew that already.


  1. Endorphins: These tiny molecules are basically self-produced morphine or opiates that have pain-killing properties. They’re generally released during strenuous physical play, sex and orgasm.


You can make positive steps towards your happy state to come into your own natural high—and natural weight loss—without punishing yourself. What I specifically teach you and help you to experience, is how to feel that state and maintain it. Thinking it is not enough to actually make it work for you. The magic is in the genuine feeling of joy and happiness, which I am so excited to talk to you about.

Do you know what makes you light up? Have you asked yourself what’s fun for you lately? Have you seriously thought about what makes you laugh and shine in your body?

Most of us weren’t trained by our parents to look for the fun, or taught the importance of play, or made to believe that our joys and pleasures were valuable. Did any teacher or parent ask you: What makes you feel whole and alive?

Most of us are trained to see play and pleasure as a treat that you can have after you’ve perfected your work or done all your chores. I invite you to view play and fun as a biological necessity. I ask you to ponder that play and fun are the only paths to real health. And I’ll meet you on the playground!



Quite an emotional wrap up to our sessions today for me. I went straight to the pool and swam my heart out and felt alive! (which would have been unheard of less that 4 months ago).

I  want to say (and share with others if you like) that it’s been a great trip since February. I know inside of me I wanted change but your initial mail and first call with those questions really sparked a reflection for me, and now I realise how much I was not listening to my body…almost blaming it for not feeling good.

I find your way of coaching is so encouraging and linked to your life experience so is totally plausible. The step by step program was indeed like building bricks / jigsaw pieces slotting into place..

I only regret not doing this earlier…my advice to anyone not feeling good about themselves…contact Fiona.

Your ear and listening capabilities are great and you are not tangled in our day to day stuff so as to see and feel clearly what’s happening for me…..while staying very personal, and giving a real feeling of made to measure coaching.

I realise the issues with my situation have been weighing on me for ages and have resulted in a spiral of not well being. I kept surfacing for air then plunging down again. I really desire balance from now on with all the joy & lightness that I have discovered these past weeks…

My gratitude is that I have had the opportunity for travel during this time but my brag is that I seized it…..(I never ever thought I would or could have done that, its you who opened that up as a desire in me).

Each night and morning I relive that night under the desert shooting stars when I felt like I was floating on Earth, in ultimate LIGHT NESS !

But I know I cannot stay in the desert so a desire is to achieve another lightness…in my every day life which I am beginning to really experience with your help and tools. hmmmm

Thoughts from cloudy, muggy Paris

Wishing you all the very best,

Love Patricia

Paris 2015 (Best year ever)




Fiona Robertson: My Services

I am a coach and mentor dedicated to help you to feel at your very best? Discover your missing nutrients and have FUN all the way to feeling great.

You’ll receive the best of the best from my time and discover easy ways to get an injection of positive and revolutionary fun ways to experience an in-depth insight into what is sabotaging and restricting you.

I have so much valuable information to give and share with you, this will be an experience like no other.


In my full program I guide you along an easy step-by-step process that teaches you how your mind and body work together to create and tune into your vibrant body. I help you to create a solid foundation between the mind and body that helps the-m to support each other like a marriage made from love a rock solid partnership that works every time.


I combine the principles and practices of the Law of Attraction along with leading edge mind-body wisdom in order to show you how your thoughts, feelings and beliefs affect ALL the processes of your body.

However, none of this information means anything unless you are prepared to experience the processes and put it to work in your own life to create the results you want.

This is what this system offers you. Both the information and the practical tools to, create a whole new reality of joy, appreciation and celebration when it comes to your body.

 This is a fun ongoing practice and you can see yourself making progress every week. Every positive step after every positive step will make a revolutionary difference.

Change enough of the smaller pictures and eventually you will have changed the BIG picture

I invite you to contact me for a free consultation to help you get back into balance and inject play and great health into your life.


Fiona Robertson



SKYPE : Fionaromarobertson


How to deal with those bumps in the road. (Avoid temptations)

We all hit bumps in the road of life. I am a big believer in it’s not how far you fall, but how quickly you bounce back. Your bump could be that you got frightened about something and that set off a chain of responses that resulted in your habitual reaction such as giving in to temptation, over indulging in a particular craving, distracting yourself with excesses of food or ended up drinking more than you planned, or one of your other distractions that you most commonly use.


I am beginning to write a lot (because it’s SO important) about this, and how the only thing we can really change is our perception to these situations. We have influence over some things in our lives, but mostly we are quite powerless to control every single situation and the feelings those situations bring up for us. That is why our attitude and perception can change everything for us, and it can all change in a very short space of time when we know what to do.


So when you (or I) hit a bump in the road, when we get thrown off track, when we get depressed and feel frightened – what do we do? HOW can we bounce back?


Sometimes however we feel that we don’t want to bounce back. Some of us would rather give in to temptation ans keep suppressing our feelings, emotions and think its easier to keep hiding away under that blanket of our chosen distraction, rather than to begin to understand ourselves and why we do what we habitually do. Is it easier in the long run to keep hiding and stuffing down those parts of ourselves that are dying to be seen, recognized and expressed. The path of self-destruction is filled with avoidance of yourself.

Everyone has their favourite distraction and technique to avoid what is potentially painful. Even too much potential happiness can be frightening, you see its is not just pain that we try and avoid. That’s what these addictions really are – avoidance of ourselves, which is to our own detriment. There are LOTS of ways to be and stay addicted. You can be addicted to substances, alcohol, people, work, fame, success, attention, flirting with people, sugar, food and lots of other things, even like avoidance in novels, films, entertainment – anything to keep you away from hearing your inner voice and true potential. I have concentrated on coaching about food as it has been my key avoidance drug, however they all operate in much the same way. Food has been one of my main avoidance techniques and where most of us need a kick start.


When we hit a rough patch in life, (and all of us do from time to time) instead of just letting ourselves feel it, which will admittedly take some practice and guidance, we tend to choose one of the above distractions or addictions and keep avoiding what’s within us. This is not what life and The Universe has in mind for you. No amount of chocolate, sex, alcohol, success, people or drugs can silence the gentle sensitive whisper of The Universe within you. Your soul needs and desires expression and wants to be heard, and is actually guiding you to understand, know and like yourself better and better.


So, today try this instead, instead of running and hiding behind your favourite distraction, I have another suggestion. My suggestion is that it’s time to stop running from The Universe, your feelings and your emotions and just face them. Be still. Get quiet and listen. Let yourself get angry, let yourself get sad. Face the truth; go through the feeling your experiencing and know when you do it will fade.


I have found a system that has helped me truly face my emotions and feelings instead of running from them. So I am going to give you some tips on HOW to feel your way through your feelings and remain as sane as possible through the process:


Try This;

If you find that you are angry, sad, jealous, hurt, embarrassed, ignored or what ever the feeling it is you’ve identified this time, then ask yourself “What do you have on that feeling?”

Keep asking yourself the same question over and over again, this process can take up to (15 minutes). Write it all out on a clean page everything you have on this one feeling. It is better to speak it out loud but without a coach to guide you then writing is a good substitute. Every time you’ve felt angry for example, what are all the things that have made you angry? Really get to know the feeling, really feel it, this is maybe the first time that you have ever been aware of this actual feeling in your body.

Can you feel the energy of this feeling? Soon you will recognize when you feel angry, what makes you angry and what you do when you feel angry, and what your habitual response is to that feeling has been.


I would LoVe to help you to be able to reach this place, and detox yourself from this feeling that is driving all your cravings and responses that distract your from the pain you are feeling. To really help you, so that you can begin to recognize your own mechanisms to avoiding and distracting yourself, that are sabotaging your day, your relationships and your health.


I will meet you on a skype call and guide you through an experience and out the other side into your own unique Sweet Spot, where you can experience yourself feeling really relaxed, at ease and can feel safe and completely trusting.

Contact me today for your SWEET SPOT EXPERIENCE on Fiona@fionarobertson.co


You will also discover one invaluable and immediate step you can take whenever you feel stressed or have a situation that brings up a feeling of discomfort and pain.


There are additional ways to avoid the distractions you have set up for yourself, which I am happy to share and have listed below.


  1. Breathe – our bodies need oxygen. Most of us don’t breathe properly and deprive our body from this essential nutrient.

Take 3 deep belly breaths taking a count of a minimum of 6 seconds in and out.


2. Go 100{6a14cc849908c46212f3d2c8a81eada984febec31535ea1cc7f55de4f8a4ba8e} Clean and sober from your distraction of choice. For 30 days give up the cigarettes, the alcohol, the lover, the sugar and the craving.


  1. Drink your fill – hydrate. Dehydration can lead to all kinds of negative side effects, including depression and low energy.


Drink 1 litre of the best water you can find, if you want details about what water just ask me.


  1. Exercise – Move your body 3-4 days a week for at least 30 minutes.


  1. Do a Detox – clean out the old stagnated matter and make room for the new in every sense, a detox can be beneficial to your environment as well as just what you consume. Once you clean up one area of your life the other areas demand a detox too.


  1. Eat a more alkaline diet. This is a great way to bring your body back into alignment


  1. Get a mentor or coach to help guide you through this process. It REALLY helps to have someone be an outside observer and guide you through with no judgements or expectations.


  1. Write your feelings. A spring clean in this way by using a Journal for 10-30 minutes to just let out how you feel onto a clean page really helps.


  1. Only hang out with friends who uplift you. Take a break from any negative people in your life.


  1. Write your goals down. Imagine your best life and write down what you really want your life to be like. Many of us have created no clear vision of the kind of life we want to create, and therefore and as a result it never happens. I can guide you with the right questions to ask yourself.


  1. When you start to have anxiety, sadness or any “negative” emotion, instead of reaching for the pills, the sugar or the drink, just let yourself feel your feelings. Where do you feel it? What does the feeling and the energy of it feel like. What are the symptoms?


  1. Visit places of high vibrations – sacred spaces, yoga studios, nature, be with awesome friends, etc. Go where the LOVE is.


I hope these tips help you break through. These are some of the most powerful tools I know to connect back to who you really are, to be able to hear The Universe and feel balanced and stay as sane as possible in the process.

Let me know how it goes.

As always, I am here in complete dedication to your experience for a happy vibrant life.

I am passionate about helping you reach your place where food and your other distractions are no longer ruling your life. And you can be aware of your feelings and responses, making balanced decisions from a relaxed and safe place.


Fiona Robertson


How to follow your feelings, and get out of your emotional cage

Do you know how you are feeling right now? or are you locked up in your cage away from any feelings?

A few years ago now I was close to a healer who became a strong influence in my life and the decisions I made as a result from speaking to her. She was a strong character and I thought I was not so strong or so well versed in the ways of the world. She was talented but I did not see my own talents when I was in her light.

This story is intended to show us all that we have inner strength and intuition to know how we feel about something and that we can become aware of how to follow our feelings.

When I was going through rough times I would default into listening to others and in particular this college of mine, and I never got to know my own inner guidance system. When this relationship came to an end I was hurt and devastated, as most of us are when a strong influence disappears and any relationship ends that we have come to count on.

However I was asked a very wise question at that time which was, “Do you feel stronger or weaker from not having her in your life?” I pondered and felt for the first time in a long time actually that I have felt stronger, I DO know what to do for myself? I have made decisions and as a result I have come to trust myself. Yes I am stronger.

This week I was coaching a lady who has taken advise from many outsiders about her situation, and she did not realize that she was not taking responsibility of her own life. She was facing some larger decisions and felt unsure of herself.

We tuned into her body and felt what it was like now in her current situation and then we tuned into the future version of events, if she made the decision to move to this new apartment. And we oscillated between the two and she got a real sense of how it felt for herself to move. There was not a list, a strategy or rationalizing, or weighing up others opinions or concerns to come to the decision. It came from her and her alone. It was a great feeling that fulfilled her and expanded her chest and she felt secure, relaxed and confident.

We make all our decisions based on feelings, ultimately we know what feels good for us and what does not. I have been coaching for some time around this subject, It usually starts with someone wanting to change their relationship to food as the relationship is not working for them with what they have been told to follow and what to do, and the results are not coming through. Then the coaching evolves into how we relate to everything, all of our relationships, finances, partners, family and our environment. I have seen that how we relate to one thing we relate to everything, and that certainly goes for how we relate to ourselves concerning food and how we eat and the consequences it has on us physically, mentally, emotionally, financially and spiritually when we choose foods or diets that do not work for us personally.

I really love what I do and especially the beyond detox and diets program. The subtle messages that we can tune into for and about ourselves come from and are all about our feelings? knowing how to follow our feelings is an invaluable gift. And thinking back I have made many, many decisions based on my feelings alone, but I did not fully know it at the time.

I tell many people that this subtle direction that comes from inside, is available to everyone and is now more necessary than ever, to follow our own guidance system, as we can be and are overwhelmed with more and more information, and people in positions of importance to us telling us what we should and should not do, work, health and environment wise as well concerning our families education, wellbeing and so the list goes on and on. We have hundreds of e-mails to answer, people to keep a connection with, and decisions to make every day. There is no fixed strategy, plan or formula to get us through any more that worked in previous generations. Imagine you are blindfolded and cannot see the path to take or which direction to go, you would have to feel your way forward and that is a subtle feeling that grows and grows the more you get used to using it. Not too dissimilar to our every day challenges when we feel blindfolded and try and try to get though the day making hundreds of decisions that are important to us.

When I decided not to live in England anymore, after traveling for 1 year around the world, it was based on a feeling. The world is a bigger place and it’s an adventure to live elsewhere that ticks my personal boxes, sea, mountains, climate, tropical plants, wild untamed nature on the doorstep. I knew when I had found my place, It felt right. It felt like coming home.

When I got separated and needed to find a new home, many people said go or come back to England, but that was a feeling that felt like I was being suffocated, and was so sad that told me that was not for me. I knew that I would find a home that would suits my families and work purposes. It happened and when i entered the home it felt right, easy and like coming home.

When I was looking to have help in my new home in the garden and with some building work, and I had people coming to stay in my home, It was a feeling that told me it was either OK or not to have them in my home, and that was before I met them in person, I tuned into them and could feel if it would be easy, a struggle or not to go there at all. It was an experiment that worked every time.

It is so normal to get lost in others opinions, when we are searching for answers, what worked for them, to do with health, weight loss, moving home, relationships. I know as I have still some trouble remembering and lifting myself away from the regular path where I learnt how to deal with my problems, Knuckle down and work hard, Don’t get emotional, don’t feel just do more…. I am the queen of hard work and beating myself up. But then I remember there is an easier way, we have a sixth sense that works just as well as any psychic’s eventually. If we can just be guided how to find it, tune in and use it for ourselves. It will be our best friend and guide us well through life.

Do you have decisions to make? Changes you need to make with your lifestyle, eating habits, career or relationships, and the old path is not working out for you? Do you want to experience what it is like to feel your way forward for yourself?

Try This; Bring your attention to your chest area, first notice all the thoughts and their energy inside your head, bashing up against the space of your head. Start to bring all of this consciousness down to it’s final resting place in your heart space. Bring it down through your face, past your eyes and jaw line and neck and past your shoulders. Feel the energy draining down in what ever shape you can imagine that energy has. Feel the relaxation come into your face, your eyes relax, your nose, ears, jaw and tongue and begin to feel as if you can look out at the world from the level of your heart, your head is above you and your awareness is in your chest. Vibrating with its busy, busy energy in your chest. Now merge that energy with the beating of the heart.

Rest here and relax as much as you can, notice your breath and your heart beat.

Notice the air turning and coming back in and turning again and going out.

Become aware of the subtle decision to start breathing in, and then the decision to breath out, where is that place in your body?

Now notice the moment you decide to change the direction of your breath.

Rest here and just notice the simple act of breathing, the air turning and your heart beating.

Stay here as long as you can and gauge for yourself how relaxed you are in this place 1 being really relaxed and 10 being still stressed.

This is stage one to get you homed into your bodies subtle energy.

If you want to experience a session with me to find and develop your safe and sweet spot, a place where you just are totally you and totally aware and relaxed, Then please take me up on my offer

Contact me for a SWEET SPOT EXPERIENCE call, where as part of that call I will start to guide you into your very own unique safe place.

You will also discover one invaluable and immediate step you can take whenever you feel stressed, for example; about making a decision, before you give a presentation, before a date, or any situation that brings up a feeling of discomfort and pain.

E mail me here; Fiona@fionarobertson.co and mention the word “FEELING” and I will arrange a sweet spot call for you in the next 10 days. August 2015

I look forward to hearing from you


Detox Diva, your beyond detox queen. It is an inside job, physical, mental and feeling into your emotional and the spiritual awareness that lies behind everything you do..

How to feel your way forward and out of the cage you have placed yourself in.

Your Shape Shift Mind Set

What is it? Really what is it that makes some people able to keep to their regime, to be healthy, fit and in good shape? Most of us can easily work towards losing weight when we have an occasion that we are working towards. But how about when it just us we are doing it for, and in it for the long term, that marathon energy that’s required not a short sprint, and the attitude that its just a week and its over…..


This is my point today, what mind set must we have so that you can first achieve and then maintain your health or weight loss goals, and keep up the healthy promise you have set for your self. No wonder New Years Resolutions are a one day spectacular, based on the overwhelming guilt of over indulgence and fear of gaining weight, and don’t lets ignore that everyone is doing it too, so its easy to stay focused.


I have been working with predominantly very successful women now for over 10 years all roughly based around the same subject. They are managing businesses and earning well, yet have so far evaded their dream to wear that designer outfit that they love so much, and feel held back by how they look, as they don’t want to be judged and a successful woman who should have all areas of her life lined up and in control.


Fiona, they say “I feel fat and tired I used to be so slim and gorgeous, I just don’t know what happened”.


So what did happen? Did we become complacent and maybe for hundreds of reasons we cannot achieve the results we say we dream of, we sabotage and move the target constantly then hate ourselves for it.

So before we set about on any diet or detox ( as that has been mine and many’s theme ) to re set our body clock and start a fresh. What do we need? A New Mind Set.


Shape Shifting is a Mind Set program, to set in place a relationship that can last the course, one that can make us feel at peace in our body, and feel so comfortable within ourselves that we have no need to turn to extra treats to fulfill the deprivation we feel, when we know we deserve more out of a situation or from life. However instead of asking for what we actually need, we take it in luxury treats and try as we might to fulfill ourselves and our un-met needs with food.


My story would sound just like that, a once funny and very cheeky girl, squashed in some bad relationship choices ranged from suffocating and possessive to abusive. I threw myself into my work and it seemed to be my life saver, yet I knew I deserved more from life, yet I did not know how to get it, I did not know what I was afraid of or actually denying myself. So in comes food like my all time hero, my rescuer and there we have it, a history of YoYo diets and secret munchies to sedate an angry girl, then the disappointed woman.


I have thankfully now come to realize what I needed most, not just with food but in every area of my life. So picking up a few life cues here and there I saw that I needed to take care of myself better than anyone else ever could and Shape Shift my Mind Set.


Do you know where to start? Here is what you first want to find:

What are you afraid of most in life?

If you knew what would you say was the feeling you most try and avoid?

What am I denying?


Answer these questions ASAP and send me an e mail and I will be send you an E mail on Monday 22nd June to invite you to take part in my free Shape Shifters Mind Set calls. I am offering these to get you clear on your Mind Set before you start any diet or detox.

Look out for the E mail invitation on Monday

Liver Detox of a very different kind


Earlier today I had a call with an amazing woman called Mary ( name changed ) and guided her through what was a wonderfully surprising journey for her, but it all came so naturally that it was accepted and absorbed, our next call will be equally as profound and very productive.

The conversation was initiated as she wanted to detox and came to me as an expert to help her to detox. In particular she felt drawn to cleanse the liver and gall bladder. I found myself hesitant before I started, as I felt my normal route about healthy food, hydration, cleansing detox periods, etc was not what was needed here., or not yet anyway. We started to talk and I recommended flushing the system and certainly the colon needs to be taken care of, before any liver cleanse, as it needs somewhere to dump all the toxins you have to get rid of, from alcohol, medicines, household chemicals etc that get trapped and held onto and stored in the liver.

I found my left hand tapping on my right hand at a quite fast tempo, and asked her to tap where ever she normally taps ( as I knew she used EFT )

Then we moved swiftly on what I was being drawn to, I felt into her liver energetically and asked her to purge the anger held in side the liver and the bitterness in the gall bladder. We did what I call a spring cleanse that concentrates asking questions for 16 to 20 minutes with her purging ( detoxing ) all the stored up things, people, situations, places encounters that make her angry and that she had stored unconsciously over the years. The Liver and Gall bladder are where the body typically stores anger and bitterness.

During the session I found myself breathing deeply as the energy shifted and I moved to tapping on my liver gently with a soft and open fist to move the energy about a bit more. My liver was aching and felt dull and stagnant. I felt drawn to move, stretch the right hand side of my body and jiggle about a bit and suggested she did so too, to stir up her energy.

I find that once I’ve opened the flood gates on an emotion held within the body the detox and purge goes on for a few more days, releasing old situations and bringing to light the old anger. Speaking it out loud certainly helps a great deal, as it becomes seen, heard and recognized maybe for the first time ever.

We continued our session with my Body Widsom techniques and we asked the body what it wants most of all. During our Spring cleansing and purging of the anger, I heard her say that she never really ever felt safe. This is a very common theme, and one which I have developed a particular way to help ALL my clients with, as I feel strongly that it is at the route of many of our sabotaging and unconscious behaviors.

Feeling safe allows us to feel safe out in the world and in our own skin. The need to protect ourselves is reduced, as we know we can reach a safe place and can distinguish what feels safe and what does not. We can therefore making stronger decisions and choices that support ourselves from a place of safety. It is an experience that brings much relief once it has been fully experienced. I followed my technique and guided her into her very own safe place. This is a remarkable healing place and the place I begin all my calls with, once you know how to find it, it will be invaluable to you. From this safe place you can access your own awareness and intuition. With your sensitivity set on high so that you are totally conscious through out your day, its much easier to begin to get some really clear answers. The Safe place is a place you can return to again and again, and you can adjust to feel even safer when ever you want.

I heard from Mary, that after the session she went outside and danced in the garden and felt better for shaking the energy up a bit. We will continue with more in another session together.

With much love and a new energy


Rebel Yell. Too healthy, too clean, too good = too boring,

Guilty salty fingers on the key board and another crisp packet to hide.

Is this really the only way you get to feel naughty these days?

What happened to that Wild Girl with all that fizz, who danced on the big speakers at the night club and had to be removed by the bouncer?

Guess what she’s inside you and just dyeing to get out and be re discovered and set free. She feeling it’s all too healthy, too clean, too good, this is not fulfilling enough, she wants to cheat and scream its all so boring.

Are you ready to set her free or you could stay as the goody two shoes who’s only vice is to steel moments with a LARGE packet of crisps whilst driving home from the super market Or you could stay in survival mode and keep hidden for the rest of your days.

Your Wild, Rebel Girl is calling you on a daily basis to go a little crazy, you can feel her trying but you don’t know how, or don’t dare.

You can STOP hiding your guilt for keeping her captive, set her free to roam and explore and SiZZLE over once again.

Try this for size, choose randomly ( just to spice up your day) and follow through one of the following 5 top tips to unleash your wild rebel inside.

I dare you!! I double dare you…….

 5 Top Tips to Unleash your Wild Rebel side.

Find somewhere you can go and scream, swear and rant your torrent of complaints

Feel the wind in your hair by finding a way you can go fast, ride a bike horse ride.

Stamp and thump your feet and move in a wild way to exorcise your wild girl and wake her up.

Say NO to what ever does not feel like it would be really good fun for you

Do two totally selfish acts every day just for the hell of it.

Leave me a comment to tell me what you did and how it scared you or thrilled you. Have fun..

 If all else fails and you feel suffocated and seriously need to have permission to swear, scream, laugh out loud and be ridiculous call me, I’ll join you and show you how its done.

When you see pop artists really giving there all. How does that make you feel?

Which films remind you how daring you can and want to be?

What music makes you get up and move your body?

What memories do you hold of times when you really felt alive, and had fun running through your veins? Find at least 3 memories you can tune into.









How can I stay on my Raw Food Diet? Transcript from a recent coaching call,

Will power simply does not work for me any more.

 Do you ever have the feeling that its just too hard, or you cant get the feeling and the energy you had to begin with. Eating in a certain way like staying on a raw food diet can be very rewarding, and it can also cause us to look deeper at what is unconsciously sabotaging our hardest and best efforts to remain eating healthy and adding in more raw food.

I have been there and I totally understand. I remember saying to myself “ why can she do it so easily and not me?”

I so wanted to be happy for everyone who said they found it easy, to stick to a raw food diet and get all the benefits. I said I was happy for them. But deep down, my heart was sinking. I thought: “How come she can do it and I can’t? What’s wrong with me?”

As it turns out, there was absolutely nothing wrong with me. I just had to learn a few more things to make that leap and experience to stay on a healthy diet and ditch the crisps ( that was my vice )

And I had to make few sacrifices.

Let’s be honest. Feeling great about yourself and keeping to the plan comes at a cost.  I had to acknowledge the grieving process ( sorry crisps _ I’m dumping you, were over ) and establish some new more joyful ground rules for myself. As will power simply was not working for me any more.

Here is what I had to sacrifice to go from feeling “That will do” to being able to value myself and what I deserved really, to get to feeling fabulous about myself, I have everything I deserved, quality over quantity and believe that more was available too, I had the energy I desired, I was clear about who I was and what I wanted and be, and I was proud of how I did it every day and beyond. (And if breakthrough is something you desire, you will need to make some sacrifices too).

I had a client recently who was on a similar journey that demonstrates this perfectly. Each and every one of us is different, made up from all sorts of different life experiences that are all unique to us. So every route is different, no two people are the same, so every call I do would reflect what ever you are experiencing. This is an example of a call that demonstrates my style of coaching to help you to get clear fro your self your desires and what is unconsciously stopping you.

Transcript of a recent coaching call.

This lovely lady had contacted me as she was concerned that she had chosen to take her better diet seriously and eating more raw food. She had succeeded for over 6 years adding in more raw food and green juices and smoothies, and yet still fell off her path and was craving and drawn to drinking wine and eating chocolate, and afterwards she really hated what she had done and was cross with herself.

She was wanting to find a way to help her to maintain her high raw world eating plan and not be drawn to such foods and drinks. I hear this rather a lot and thee the discovery path that it takes up off on. Although for some of us one or two glasses of wine a week in a social setting would not seem a problem, for this lady it really was and she was cross with herself, so it was my task to find out why and see what was the reason for the indulgences and what we could do about it and perceive the action in a different way. Here is a basic transcript from our session.

I started to ask her some questions to discover more.

Me: What is driving you to eat more raw food?

CC: My idea is that I will feel better if I eat more raw, I have 1 or 2 green juices a day and eat plenty of vegetables and only occasionally eat fish. (only in social settings when the host is adamant they made it for me) I have done a period of 100{6a14cc849908c46212f3d2c8a81eada984febec31535ea1cc7f55de4f8a4ba8e} raw food and I felt great.


Me: Thank you. Any thing else,

CC: Yes 2 years ago I suffered from a bout of serious constipation and ended up with an anal fissure and was in hospital for a while. To cut a long story short I now have to take laxatives every day. I really don’t like taking these laxatives.

I believe raw food will help my condition and help me to stay regular.


Me: Thank you, What is your main fear?

CC: I want to be mobile and flexible, I do yoga and it helps me get stronger and stay mobile. I like to be independent and keep myself mobile, It scares me that I may have to be defendant on anyone else later on.

I was told that my bowels are weak and don’t really work well.


Me: Thank you. I can see your driving force to upgrade your diet and take personal responsibility. Can you tell me when do you drink wine or eat chocolate?

CC: I drink wine when we get together as a group and we sit down and chat and share, usually about once a week sometimes twice. I only occasionally drink a glass with my husband on special occasions. Afterwards I am really cross with myself and beat myself up terribly, I feel terrible about having had a drink. I am so fearful that it weakens my bowels further, and causes my constipation to be worse and that Ill end up in Hospital or worse. As for chocolate its only ever 80{6a14cc849908c46212f3d2c8a81eada984febec31535ea1cc7f55de4f8a4ba8e} and only 2 squares max and very seldom.


Me: Thank you, Did you have regular bowel movements when you were 100{6a14cc849908c46212f3d2c8a81eada984febec31535ea1cc7f55de4f8a4ba8e} raw for your 3 month period?

CC: No, Actually I did not, Funny I had forgotten that. After 2 days I still had to rely on laxatives. Now I remember I still had difficulty.

Me: Thank you, Can you tell me in a statement what you really want to experience health wise.

CC: I want to feel happy in my skin, to have all the energy I want, to be mobile and flexible and have regular easy bowel movements.


Me: Thank you, How does it feel to hear the statement?

CC: Excellent.


Me: Thank you, Can you feel that in the body? is there a place where you can feel how it would feel in your body if you were already in that place?

CC : NO, Should I?


Me: Thank you, Sometimes you can feel the truth and the desire of the statement in the body, and you cab have a reaction that comes when we hear and make certain statements. A particular thought or certain circumstances or people can also cause our body to react. If fact our bodies react and alter and talk to us all the time but we need to be tuned in to realize it and be aware of it. It’s a non verbal communication that is available to us at all times, and that can guide us to an easier way of doing things.

CC: OK, No I did not feel anything


ME : Ok, That just fine. I can teach you how you can feel the communication with in your body so you can read it like a book. That can come later.

With your statement in your mind, “I want to feel happy in my skin, to have all the energy I want, to be mobile and flexible and have regular easy bowel movements.” Can you tell me why that statement is important to you?

CC: Life is special and we should hold it as a gift


Me: Thank you, Why is that important to you?

CC: We are so unique and special


Me: Thank you, What lies under that, why is that important to you?

CC: We have a unique connection to the earth and its energy and that is special.


Me: Thank you, Why is that specially important to you?

CC: We are part of the universe and I want and like to feel connected to the earth and universe, I like to feel I belong to a bigger picture and be connected.


Me: Thank you, Great, that was excellent.

So How would it feel If I added in that being connected to your key statement,

I want to feel happy in my skin, to have all the energy I want, to be mobile and flexible and have regular easy bowel movements and feel really connected.

CC: Oh spot on, that’s sounds better. Really excellent, that’s what I want.


Me: To investigate further I want to delve deeper into what you have on Wine if your willing to play.

CC: Yes sure, I’m curious.


Me: So What do you have on Wine CC ?

CC: I like the act of pouring the wine, I admire the ritual and cultures involved.

I only like nice wine, which has become a narrow field, only certain grapes, I now only like the Sauvignon Blanc, its not the bottle shape or label, but there are distinctive fragrances that I like to understand what they are from, what variety of fruits etc. It’s a lovely ritual. The glass, the fragrance, its all rather special.

My very first experience with wine was when I was 16. It was a works do and it was a posh evening, and we all got some wine, and I had never experienced wine at home or before. This was all such an occasion, how we were served the wine, asked if we liked it, I felt seen, acknowledged, included and respected and all grown up. It was such a wonderful memorable occasion.

The second time was on a date with my boyfriend when I was 20 and it was a lovely bottle of wine and again I felt special, noticed, seen and attended to. It was another great occasion.


Me: Thank you, How about Now what do you have on wine?

CC: When I have wine now it really is only a few times and it’s a time to sit and relax and share with people I can have a good conversation with. I feel included and that I belong, the conversations are great and I love to sit and share and connect with these people, its an occasion once or most twice a week.


Me: Thank you. Can you begin to see the link here? The need for wine has been calling you to the connection that you also said that was so important to you in your statement for how you want to feel health wise.

The importance of the occasion, feeling part of a tribe and being noticed all of these are a connection and being seen and attended to, a safety and an ability to survive. That is what connection is for all of us.


There is lot more we can do here but this is an insight as to one of the reasons you are drawn to the ritual and remembering the experiences, of savoring wine in good company.

Working with me you can begin to change your perspective towards what you thought was out of your control. If you respect that the wine has been guiding you to creating a better connection. The way I work is that I help you to gain a much better soul connection with yourself so you can tune in and connect with your self when ever and where ever you want to, and then what I always find is, that when we have fulfilled these personal needs and these Missing nutrients are in place from our own personal needs, the need for the external fulfillment slowly and gently disappears be that food or in your case the wine.


Learning how to find a real connection and being appreciated is the key to our balance and happiness. We can replace the need for external things such as overeating or in your case the wine as a route for connection. This is what I guide you to feel for yourself and you how to do in every situation of your life, for example in the key 5 areas: health, family, relationships, work, socially as well as with yourself alone. ( spirituality ) I work with body language and non verbal communication to find your CENTER so that you don’t need or want to match other peoples vibration, but you can stay in your own beautiful vibration, the one that works for you. When you have managed to stay inside your own vibration in these 5 areas you have mastered your own Body Wisdom and you can recognize yourself in the blink of an eye.

Does that sound interesting to you?


CC: Yes it does, I’m fascinated and really ready to take all of this from a different perspective now, Thank you so much, that was fascinating.

ME: Thank you, I would be very happy to work with you.

If you are more than curious and want to know more, and want support through these tough times there are just 2 things to do:

  1. Jump on a free call with me to untangle the situation that’s making you so tired and weary (http://fionarobertson.simplybook.me/sheduler/manage/event/1/unit/1/)
  2. Make a commitment to yourself that things are going to change for the better and very, very soon.