Living The Guided Life.

I sold my Million pound business based soley on my guidance.




Re-Connection Retreats: Detox For Your Soul

As you cleanse from within, purify our carbon-based bodies and enable our crystalline bodies to evolve, shedding outdated patterns and beliefs, you will emerge feeling revitalized, inspired, and fully alive.

Choose from

  • Detox, foundational 7 Day Full Digestive Cleanse Protocol, Learn about Raw & Fermented Food, healthy gut and immune system boosting.           
  • All of the above *plus opportunity to elevate our bodies and minds to a higher frequency. By eliminating toxicity from our cells, raising our cellular frequency, and embracing purity in our environment, diet, and hydration, we open ourselves to living a guided life. We transcend limiting beliefs, release energetic blockages, and welcome profound personal growth and transformation. This journey empowers you to cultivate a new perspective on life, rooted in soul connection and alignment with multidimensional higher conscious beings.

A detox retreat gives you the time and a beautiful space to slow down, take a step back and thoroughly clean your body, your cells and open up to guidance. Accessing a greater capacity to unlock your mind to process more intuitive information from a thorough cleansing.

You will see how your inner world creates your outer world physically mentally and spiritually

Feel Fantastic and Freshly Excited About Life. Feeling 100% Alive & Connected Again With A New Purpose All In 7 Days. 

You deserve a fresh start with a clean slate 


Living The Guided Life Creating Your New Reality

A Course In Practical Magic is about flowing and aligning with your self; spirit and your Soul, in every aspect of your day, business and life

  • A deep dive into soul guided training, connecting to the mighty Dragons as yoru guides. Spanning 6 months in a comprehensive development style to connect you to your soul work & purpose
  • Together we will empower you to reclaim control over your  life and become adept at receiving guidance . This course will offer you th emost colplete integrated training for where ever you are starting from connect with your self, your higher self and the Dragons multi dimentional guides who will guide your life business
  • We will reach parts of you that no action or activity has ever reached before.
  •  VIP 1 to 1 or group options




This is the most complete and integrated divine training and sets you off on your personal path as someone who knows what she wants, and how to get it, loving and trusting her own soul guidance.

 Flick that internal switch



Products and  Services For the Detox Body, Mind & Soul

  • Books

Clean Frersh Start – Welcome Back to your body

 * Video Course

7lbs in 7 Days Course –  29.99

Peace with Food course Feeding Your SOUL – 888.00

* Free Downloads:

The Cure You’ve Been Looking For

  • The Home Detox Box 

7 day DIY cleanse & detox indredients for optimum cellular health you can follow at home just 96.00 as a DIY

Products and  Services For Creating Your Future On Purpose

  • Books

On The Breath Of A Dragon – 9.99

A Practical Magic Life – 22.00

Awaken With The Dragons 64 Message Cards – 56.00  

* Video Course 8 months

A Course in Practical Magic  – The Way of The Dragons 1 years course – $999.00 start any time

* Free Downloads:

The 8 Step Midas Touch Process to Apply Practical Magic to all of your Soul led Manifestations

Meditations and attunements

The ART of Divine Guidance – 7 Steps that unlock your intuition for business and life

In one DIVINE hour I saw who I was
Together we discovered my energy, vital essence and purpose. Fiona asked powerful questions that I then got the answers for myself using my own soul connection and intuition and she verified these for me. An invaluable experience that was the catalist for my expansion into a new realm and a new direction for my business that feelms 100% on track and aligned with who I am. Anna Ever so Grateful
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What if what you just heard was your intuition? Fiona asked
In just a few weeks I have goe from uncertain to trusting the Divine Guidance I recieve 100% . I now trust my own silent language better than any advise from any professional. My soul speaks to me via my Intuition and I feel her nudging me. I lOVE IT!! Sandy Millhouse.
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Money started to roll in when I understood my true purpose
For years I'd put in hundreds of hours, thousands of pounds on business coaches and so much effort into my business to get sucess. Nothing was working. I saved oodlles of time money and its far easier than I thought to have my intuition guide me. I have a strong relationship with my self and connected to my soul I can't go wrong. Steady income, gorgeaous clients and all because L listened to what my business wanted from me. Sue
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Are you feeling like things have been spiraling out of your control and nothing's working as it once did?

Business, body and or relationships feel like they are misbehaving. It's all connected


"Why don't I get what I say I want?" you scream

You think you know how to do this but don’t get round to taking the action you are given. You feel sceptical, and more than anything you need inner guidance rather than another mediocre coach who thinks they can tell you what and how to run your business and life.

 You’ve already experienced that you have created and manifested several times, and yet now want to be more consistant with your creations and repeat the process.

It’s time to call in a mighty power, far bigger than you and here to navigate you through operating in these higher frequencies (shed the 3D skin) and let go of these testing times.


Fiona, It was quite an emotional wrap up today for me, after 5 months. I went straight to the pool and swam my heart out! I only regret not doing this earlier…my advice to anyone not feeling good about themself…
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