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Re-Energizing Retreats and Detox 

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  • Detox, Raw & Fermented Food 
  • Integrated 1 to 1 Coaching includes Detox*

A detox retreat gives you the time and space to slow down, take a step back and clean your body from the inside out. 

Feel Fantastic and Fresh again in 7 days


The Ultimate Body Connection

Shake It All Off, Boost your Metabolism Through The ROOF.

These STARTUP programs have brought great results to hundreds of women who were just like you and me.

You will soar as the woman you have always dreamt of becoming in the next phase of your life

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The Ultimate Body Connection Book
French Connection 3 Secrets to Why French Women Don’t Get Fat Book

Detox at home Program
222 Total Body Reset
222 Home Study Program

IGNITE Release, Reset and Reconnect
Peace with Food and Your Body
The Cultured Club – Raw and Fermented Food – Probiotics For Gut Balance

Fiona, It was quite an emotional wrap up today for me, after 5 months. I went straight to the pool and swam my heart out! I only regret not doing this earlier…my advice to anyone not feeling good about themself…
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Discover all the support and assistance you need to become the woman you most want to be in the next phase of your life.

♥ Get to Feeling So Strong and Sure of Yourself that No One’s Opinion, Rejection or Bad Behavior Will Ever ROCK YOU again.

♥  Need a refresher course in how to cope with life with a smile, NO matter the situation?

You’re in the right place….

What’s Next? – Who do you want to be in the next phase of your life?

You want to be the woman who:

  • feels so SAFE and SURE of herself, that YOU put your feelings 1st 2nd and 3rd
  •  knows EXACTLY what she wants, needs and loves the MOST
  • is personally fulfilled
  • the very best and strongest version of herself
  • looks and feels Radiant and Priceless
  • tends to her needs and feels DEEPLY SATISFIED

SOUL showers her with all things bright and beautiful.

♥ Imagine finding the freedom to feel deep satisfaction, having fun wherever you go or whoever you are with, and knowing there is still so much more waiting for you to feel excited about.

♥ Be inspired to make yourself the top priority so that you reach your goals, and go on to create even more desires, allowing you to reach for so much more than you ever dreamt was possible.