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Has your life become ruled by
your overthinking….
all work and no play, with troubles becoming your obsession….

Have you lost sight of who you are and everything else?

You know your Inner World Creates Your Outer World, and with a quick adjustment you can set up your new internal story, that will have you back better than ever before and recieving your Divine Guidance

Create your New Reality

What We Do


7 Day Home Detox Box Is a total digestive cleanse program created as a Do It Yourself Option.. If you are you feeling sluggish, can't think straight or concentrate and tired all of the time? Is your body and soul trying to tell you something?

Your Inner World Creates Your Outer World


Detox For the Soul Retreat for Women Re Set & Re Boot your Hormones, Digestive systems, decaliify your Pineal Gland for a stronger connection with your soul and the spirit worlds & increase your natural energy.

Personal Coaching

Create Your New Reality with Practical Magic - 30 Day Challenge to prepare you to receive and ignite your intuition and experience your life and business getting on track.

Your Inner World Creates YOur Outer World


Books, Videos, Programs, Courses and VIP mentoring all here to have you know that YOU get to Create Your New Reality. You have access to the Practical Magic within you. To have the business and life you deserve.

Your Inner World Creates Your Outer world


My blog posts and weekly video are set you motovate and insipre yo uto know that you are the catalist to your desires. I will teach you how to altster your inner dialoge step by step.

Your Inner World created your Outer World

Group Coaching

Walk with us along a path in a Course in Practical Magic allowing the mysteries and magical spirit beings and your Soul to walk alongside you, and who WILL mentor you gracefully though each elevated level as you grow,

Your Inner world Creates Your Outer World

"Fiona unified the disparate parts of me and opened my eyes to working with my soul. After quite literally trying every diet known to man and even surgery,
I am finally free to be ME!"

Soulful Blog

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The Midas Touch Effect


The Midas Touch Effect

Have you ever felt like there’s a force holding you back from achieving your goals? Do you often find yourself struggling with self-doubt and negative thoughts? If so, you’re not alone. Millions of people around the world face the same challenges every day. But what if you could be shown and see yourself break free from these spells and limitations and unlock your inner power? That’s where The Midas Touch Effect comes in and gave me and now 1000’s of others just like you and me a new perspective on the life, you can create for yourself. This was given to me to share from a glimps of what magic can really do.

What is The Midas Touch?

The Midas Touch is a revolutionary program created by Fiona Robertson, a renowned self-help expert, master manifestor and prosperous entrepreneur. It’s designed to help individuals unlock their inner power and manifest their deepest desires. The program is based on the Law of Attraction, a powerful principle that states that like attracts like. In other words, if you focus on positive thoughts and beliefs, you’ll attract positive experiences and outcomes.

‘Midas Touch Effect’ a 6 week intensive incubator to master the art of manifesting specifically for your Health, Wealth and Relationships. With daily video’s and actionable steps and potent weekly group coaching for 6 weeks. (24 interactive group calls and 42 hours of mind attunements and powerful life changing lessons)

link ; practical-magic-life.passion.io

The 6 week days Midas Touch Intensive Incubator Program

How does The Midas Touch work?

The Midas Touch works by tapping into your subconscious mind, where your deepest beliefs and desires reside.

The program consists of a series of videos and audio tracks that use powerful techniques that use your own beautiful powerful mind as a potent creative transformational tool, creating the life you want on purpose. Altering your thoughts, focus, beliefs and your core identity to amplify and accelerate your manifestations with powerful techniques seldom shared how each step amplifies the next. What you can visualize and feel will be reprogramming and influencing your subconscious mind in extraordinary ways. By listening and tuning into these messages regularly, you can and will change the way your mind works, cerainly alter your deepest beliefs and thought patterns, and manifest the things that you focus on and see the world work for you from now on.

One of the key features of The Midas Touch is the use of your mind and it’s capacity to expand your imagination to alter your beliefs, and see you land in your new identity. Your Brainwaves are more receptive to new thought waves and enhanced to feel more than you think.We will be working on a deeper silent language at a subconscious level to have you absorb new powerful informatio, from a new state of being that opens your mind to suggestion and a world of new possibilities.

Who Is Fiona?

Fiona Robertson is a master manifestor a soul led channeled writer, speaker and an intuitive mentor to soul led entrepreneurs, visionaries and change makers and a band of extraordinary passionate creative women across the globe., with a true purpose and passion.

Known as the ‘The Dragon Lady’ recieving guidance and messages from 8 Dragons for over a decade to call in an evolved way of living intuitivley in a life, that is created with grace and ease, alignment and flow.

Fiona is Soul Led and is the founder and CEO of Retreats specifically designed as a Detox For Your Soul, and the creator of the Home Detox Box.. Guided to Move to France and open a retreat and write the protocol for the mind opening and how to activate the pineal gland, and thus giving certain access to the inner vision accelerator and the silent language of intuitionj and hense cultivated an unbreakable connection to be Soul Led. A brand with over two decades of being guided herself and to guide and evolve women into a new identity, mentally physically, financially and towards careers that serve the greater good. Being spiritually connected and guided, believing in magic with thousands of client intuitive manifesting success stories.

Fiona’s work, more than anything, is focused on the belief that everyone deserves to experience a life of freedom, and your inner world creates your outer world so claiming your phenomenal power and destiny.

Fiona guides her clients to break the spells they are under, unlock their stubborn beliefs, unlock their mind to it’s true capacity and potential, own their own unique soul language to be guided towards their success to create freedom that they know is meant to be.

Through her programs, like the Midas Touch and A course in Practical Magic, her powerful Dragon soul led intuitive readings guide you to holistically regard your own career and the vision source has for your career. Fiona listens to the Body Whisper and by listening to your soul for the cause of the vibration of the original creation within, so you can create a body fit for your soul,

She also has a gift for turning tragic relationships into love stories and for these transformations she has a wealth of coaching examples,

Fiona watches inexplicable events, opportunities and miracles happen daily.

She’s been writing articles for magazines on the art transformation to living free and having magic at your fingertips for over 20 years.

Originally from the U.K. she was guided to live a life of vacation in sunny South West France, raising her boys and fur and feathered friends, and run the retreats, write her book on Practical Magic, create the Dragons cards can regularly be found on the beach, in the woods or hanging out in the garden talking to her Dragons.

Leverage the Magic Inside You

Its time to increase your impact, influence with your energetic intentions, and breakthrough into the next magical phase of your business and life


You know that you’ve created magic for yourself and had glimpses of your inner magic and manifested something on purpose that was a crazy good result,  but your screaming “What am I doing wrong now? 

And you want a consistent way of getteing what you want and need most in all other areas of your life too. You know its possible just how would be nice.



I am obsessed with helping clients and freinds create breakthroughs and create all of their dreams and desires, breakthrough their habits of thoughts and feelings and catch 22 energy, so that they can work, rest and play on their own schedule and say “Life just got easier and easier”

            ” Life Just Got Easier. “

You can do and say this too in EVERY area of yor life and business and its especially easy when you apply your own inner Magic.

We are about to pull out the BIG GUNS and see you get some consistency with how you create magic for yoursemlf from now on. meaning youre’ about to say  “I created that” More and more often and see that you magic ability ois your new normal.

All of you who attend LIVE will also be the first to hear and experience some specvial energetic shifts in th eafter party where you will be showered in the Frequency of the LOVE from the Dragons, which you are going to absolutely love. As well as get a massive credit towards enering into the Dragon Portal for the best selling ‘A Cource In Practical Magic’

If Levereging up your magic inside you is calling you and you have something you want to do or recieve and it just isnt working, then you are in for a BIG surprise.

I can’t wait to share this magic with you and have you experience the freedom from your woes that wont be coming back any time soon. You will have one or two less things to worry about because you are far too precious to be riddled with worry a moment longer.

I was feeling strongly called to teach an in depth masterclass on this LIVE where I can breakdown in detail and answer any questions and there will be a reply afterwards as well

After this 4 day Masterclass and Love Shower after party you will have been immersed in who you are truily meant to be.

You will see and feel that there can be no more holding you back, no more pplaying small and its time to own and claim your pwer and the BIG visions you have seen and the visions source has for you.



Imagine if you could:

Attract new opportunities

Define what you do and are here for

Be guided every step of the way

Get consistent at creating magic

Move off the well trodden path that soul sucking

Create relationships that fill your heart to bursting

Resolve conflcts in relationshhips

Refresh you rrelationship with your body and not see it as behaving badly

Have the finances to pay for trips and gifts for your family and loved ones

Show up in you rbusiness in a whomle new way and make the impact and influence others



The Experience For Soul Led Women, Entrepreneurs Creating A Truly Beautiful Relationship With Yourself And Your Inner Self, (which is defined as your soul) All So That You Consitantly Leverage Your Inner Magic For Every Area Of Your Life.

The Soul Assisted Entrepreneurs School – Membership


Are you running a business and life without accessing your most powerful tools?

In the Soul Assisted Entrepreneurs school, you will be amplifying your intuitive gifts so that you can effortlessly unlock the portal to the next level of your soul-aligned, spiritually assisted success story, flowing easily with your SOUL PURPOSE.

You will:

Radically upgrade your energy to that of the frequency of prosperity and attract in your soul clients

Hear your preferred clients calling to you with exactly what they want and what you can offer them

Get clarity on your best intuitive gifts and how your soul is ready willing and able to assist you in all matters of business, health and create a life you love with greater ease and flow.

Many of us use our intuitive gifts but leave a huge amount of our potential power untapped

It’s not your fault!

You were never shown how to access that part of yourself or even what questions you could ask or how.

You don’t know what you don’t know – I get that, and that is why you have just been just tickling at the surface of what is a huge untapped potential available to you, which is like Practical Magic flowing through your fingertips when you know how to engage your Soul Assistant fully.

Without doing this investigative work to get you into your FLOW as soul intended for you so that you can recognize your intuition and feminine whiles ignited and leading you forwards effortlessly, you will no doubt continue to effort and struggle, with worry about the future and be stuck in a pattern of the hundreds of sabotage tricks that block you daily. All because you are not stepping into your flow when you are running your business, and have not engaged your most valuable asset and tool which is your Soul Assistant.

This SOUL ASSISTED ENTREPRENEURS SCHOOL is a 12-month membership course that will dramatically challenge your current thinking, and see you create your NEW reality and EMBODY the calm, secure, strong, and sassy inner woman that you are deep – deep down. The true you when you are partnered and aligned listening to your own soul.

It all starts with you becoming a clear channel allowing you to experience a world of difference in your business day.

Clarity on your Soul Purpose and discovering how to adjust your Focus so that you can begin to create a business and life you LOVE. Spending more time in energy and in the creation zone than on effort and overthinking. Meaning you feel you are happily working half the time and receive twice as much in the way of opportunities and rewards.

In the Soul Assisted Entrepreneurs School as a VALUED MEMBER, you will receive £100,000 of value from every video course and every online challenge I’ve ever done will be made available to you from: The Body Radiant Energy & Alignment Course, Your Body Code Program, Detox for the Soul online Retreat, Body whispering video’s, Partnering with the SOUL to receive more PRACTICAL MAGIC than you can imagine. Tips techniques and Challenges to keep you aligned to your soul.

You will get reduced rates on future Courses this year and planned challenges that will set the stage for a whole new era of vibrational business, health, and life that rock your world.

I will appear LIVE and be available to answer questions about how to engage more with your soul, higher self, and WISE INNER YOU in whatever domain you desire. I will watch and celebrate with you as you change your identity and step out of your old self and into who you are becoming on this journey with your soul.

You will learn tips and techniques on how to ask your soul for assistance and get strong responses over and over again.

Here is to all soul sisters benefiting from:

Becoming strong, confident, and sassy beyond measure,

Radically empowered business owners who become leaders,

Living in a body that protects and supports you for optimal energy & health

Support, friendship, and inspiration to walk on a brand NEW PATH following your own soul’s guidance.

I am incredibly honored and can’t wait to meet you on the inside of The Soul Assisted Entrepreneurs School.

All Founding members (From Sept 2021) can access a myriad of :

Video tutorials, tips, and techniques

Video online Courses




and Personal support from me on your journey with becoming soul.

Weekly Virtual Meetups

Members Spotlight

Members visibility and in the LOVE seat

Facebook Community

Annual Business, Health and Life RETREAT (VIRTUAL)

What could be better than that – OMG so much more is waiting for you to experience and LOVE, in WORK REST AND PLAY You get to control your destiny and create what you desire.

You deserve to live a life you LOVE run a business that is your soul purpose and get guidance every step of the way from the spirit and unseen realms, be truly OPEN TO RECEIVE your best creations that your soul has ready and waiting for you

This is not where you ask the cards or pendulum or someone else who hardly knows you for answers or use any tools outside of yourself for direction and get back vague answers.

This is a strongly felt and known inside SOUL ASSISTED job, where you get to KNOW and TRUST wholeheartedly who you are, and the beauty you are as a soul, accepting and following the guidance you are given in every moment, and that is Practical Magic

Where will you be ready to ditch the old business models and get effortless ideas that excite you that are far easier and far more lucrative than the hard work and effort that drains your energy and sucks your soul dry.

Multi-talented Soul Sisters from around the globe your support is available here: Price is set Until September when school opens with a radical new challenge for the first trimester…….


£640.00 for the whole year

Or £64.00 per month.

When you register and sign up

You will be sent your personal membership approval,

Link to Zoom classes and support for you literally on every level

Tune in Meditations for daily use to raise your vibration

Access to online courses and challenges

Facebook group for SOUL SISTER support

OPTIONAL EXTRA‘S: available in the VIP premier Program

The Finishing School for Soul Assisted Women

DETOX FOR YOUR SOUL – cleansing and clearing the body with the Home Detox Box Program online

DEEP DIVE and clear that emotional charge with an exorcism clear & let go of what you are still hanging onto that is blocking your route to FREEDOM emotional charge such as Rage, Sadness, Hurt, Injustice, Guilt and Shame, Anger, Rejection, Fear and Blame.

RETREAT in France Raise your Vibration exponentially with a ceremony to marry your soul frequency, vibration and step into that essence

How To Market With Your Soul in 5 Video’s


Practical Magic – 5 Day Challenge to Market With Your Soul

Welcome and congratulations in making the decision to be soul assisted with your business.

This is a transformational 5 Day INCUBATOR…. where you stay and will be supported for 5 incredible days with 5 deep dive videos that will see you easily evolve knowing and trusting that you are getting guidance, have intuition you can count on, and are prepared to recognize and receive magical assistance when you hear the soul of your clients asking to work with you.

In this, In-Depth 5-day Challenge and a Complete Developmental SOUL ASSISTED Course and the best fun you will ever have whilst you will ignite your BUSINESS  INTUITION to recognize the signs that you are on a more flowing successful spiritual path with your business.

You don’t need to look hard for your clients, you are being called to see the signs that they are sending you in the deep dive attunements and soul assisted practices that will have you attracting your preferred clients to you

Are you ready to have several of your problems resolved over the next 5 days using intuition, your soul, and listening to the soul of your preferred clients to guide you?


The value of these tools has literally been immeasurable, all I can say is that it CHANGES BUSINESS and LIVES”.


Start here and enjoy a short series of introduction videos to deep dive into the realms of soul assisted business.

If you LOVE this you will love The Souls Assisted Business School.

How To Market With Your SOUL


5 Day Challenge Starts 24th May 2021

How to Magically Market with your Soul and Telepathically CALL IN your Dream Clients

Over 5 days we will see you open up to receive your soul guidance for your business and attract to you your clients that love and need you.

During this FREE event you will discover:

The 5 quickest ways set out over these fabulous days that will give you radical change with attracting your dream clients and calling in the person or people you most want to interact with,

This is the most natural and yummy way to do business from now on, so that you can become someone who feels more confident, enjoys reaching the right people at the right time, has perfectly balanced work, rest and play, knows how to communicate telepathically, (this is a way that 99% of people in business just ignore or are sadly oblivious about) so now YOU get the results that have you 100 % prepared for spiritual assistance and listening to her own super soul special guidance.

You’ll get…

1. To discover what it feels like to be attuned to the best frequency to see you in SOUL to SOUL Communication that reaches far farther than your current marketing strategy or any formulas ever did.

2. Uncover your NO 1 piece of vital Telepathic communication that works every time, that triggers a subliminal understanding to your dream client a desire of your product and to work with you.

3. You get to meet and discover your soul and get guidance on your very next move

4. Learn how to embody yourself as a soul which initiates a surprisingly beautiful and brand new relationship with yourself, as well as how you create the environment around you as well as create your business for your full potential.

5. Discover how your Soul is what gets you further and faster to where you want to be and how to do this for yourself 100% safely, easily and naturally

*This Is A FREE Online Event. There Are No Costs, But Seats Are Limited

**You will receive an email with a zoom link after your registration confirmation

This is ideal for you if: –

If you are fed up with another new strategies, ever changing formulas, promises and still getting no where fast

-You’ve had some success for a period of time followed by long dry spells and you feel like you are stuck in feast or famine

-Have feelings of guilt, shame, or embarrassment about your business being less than you know it could be and you feel you are doing something wrong and in your own way

-You have spent a fortune on coaches for your business and marketing and seriously doubt your ability to have this work for you

-Fantasize about how much better life would be if you were more successful in business

-Spend too much time thinking about what is your next move

– Have lots and lots of ideas that run into nothing, and arguing with yourself about what to do next or whether to quit, Take a long time planning the next move, challenge, or course to cure, your dry spell, You don’t miss enthusiasm just focused guidance and spiritual assistance.

Register here to join in on this magical creation with your soul an event no to be missed. Eventbrite registration

When you enroll you will be asked to join our Challenge in the group “Marketing with Your Soul”


You will be asked to join our Challenge in the group “Marketing with Your Soul” once you have registered. Once you have registered you can download the Play-Along sheets for each of the 5 days and play along.

The Ancient Arts Of Amplifying Your Intuition


You feel like your missing all the juice of life and you’re just getting by

Your body is more than something to be admired, but a finely tuned asset that allows you to read, process, and quickly make decisions that are best for you?

Penney Peirce

If you are the kind of smart woman who has really applied herself and understands better than most that you can manifest and attract all manner of good things. You know that you could be really great if only you could develop a better knowing of your own intuition and receive your higher guidance in your body in a clear direct understandable way.

You have worked so hard and put so much effort in, to enjoy the freedom you dream of, the love you desire and vitality you deserve

But you feel it’s just so hard and it would be so much easier if you could hear your higher self really clearly, feel your intuition rise up from your depths and see those hits of perfectly timed guidance as normal everyday occurrences so that you could be in the right place at the right time, having synchronicities and meeting all the right people.

Now understandably you’re feeling a little bit jealous of everyone else’s success and ease with which others drop into this place in the body where all the answers come from and have them living the good life and your frustration has kicked in.

You’re thinking, when will I get that clarity and knowing on how and when to act?

 They make it look so easy. But you’re dedicated, you’re super-committed; so what have they got or what are they doing that you’re not?

Your thinking: This is all so much harder for you than it should be.

However there is a deep knowing you cannot ignore that is calling you to keep going, keep searching, come back home and drop into your body and get your answers. You’re nearly there.

All the hard effort and pushing and striving and hard work, long hours and that busy life you have created for yourself are certainly working against you right now.

“I thought that I felt ‘normal’ before, but now I realize that I just never knew what it felt like to be truly clear, and in receiving mode and that my state of ‘normal’ was actually quite toxic and blocking my inner guidance and intuition. Now having committed to a lifestyle of being a clear channel, doing periodic detoxifications, caring from myself and listening, I feel a beautiful level of clarity like never before, and all of my energetic and intuitive abilities have significantly increased.” Claire

Sadly you’re trapped in a body and mind that cannot hear your own intuitive guidance coming through. You’re confused, exhausted from trying to meditate, imagine the feeling of what you want, and you want to know how you can just drop into your body and get that intuitive sense and those insights, but just can’t see what you are possibly doing so wrong.

It’s a shame because the answer is right at your fingertips ( in your sensual body actually )

“My life before I cleared my channel was in London centre, a life of business and deadlines, and too many people to please. It was too fast and too loud for me to take the time to tune into my body and feel into how what I was consuming and how that was affecting me. I was operating life in busy bee mode, and was always moving onto the next thing before I’d ever fully experienced the present or integrated it into me.  My sensitivity was being decreased because there was so much to absorb. I numbed myself out with food and other drugs of choice like pain killers or alcohol, even keeping bus, loud music and TV played a part to avoid this part of me” Melanie


For your soul to guide you into your own deeper intuition and drop into your body there has to be an easier way forward.

There is with a clear channel carved out for you in a process that allows you to access your intuition and experience your own guidance coming through

All you need is a clear channel so that the intuition can flow through your body, so that you know with certainty that you’ve felt it and understood and received your message, the answer to your question and that you’re on the right path.

Take part in the Ancient Art Rituals to amplify your intuition and become a clear channel to open you up your intuition

“Learning and having the experience of being a clear channel in this way has been an extremely valuable practice for me. I have increased my abilities to listen and tune into deeper subtleties of our body. I know my body and mind far better and know when she is communicating with me intuitively” Helen



Your body is more than something to be admired, but a finely tuned asset that allows you to read, process, and quickly make decisions that are best for you?


This is the most complete and integrated divine training and sets you off on your personal path as someone who knows what she wants, and how to get it, loving, and trusting herself fully, and listening to her own Body Language and has access to her soul/spirit/universal/ Higher self guidance as intuition.