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The Ultimate Body Connection

Shake It All Off, Boost your Metabolism
Through The ROOF.

Unlock that NO 1 Thing that has you holding onto all that weight on your body. Flick that switch!


I may not know you personally yet, but I know there is something you are CRAVING that brings you here.

You have a strong hope and a desire, and I have come to know that everything you dream of IS available for you!

A body you feel proud of, and an easy and relaxed relationship with food.

I am here in full support of you, allowing your body to release what has been stopping and blocking her from losing the weight she has been carrying around with her every day for way too long.

What I offer

I have devised two programs to GET YOU STARTED and on the fast weight loss recovery track. The first is a 3 month one to one, profound step by step program, to master your triggers to certain foods and how your body responds chemically that has her holding onto weight. Also the psychology of your eating patterns and how to see them for what they are.

The second is an 8 week radical process in a group program, to help you overcome the reasons your body has NOT been able to let go or shake off the weight, and is creating more weight in a chain reaction to certain situations that act as your triggers to create more fat cells.

My sole role is to help you lose weight, I help you to recognize the every day situations that trigger these chain reactions, that in turn release chemical hormones in your body and have you reaching for your favorite and only current ways to help you cope and manage your day and somehow make you feel better in yourself .

Theses programs are run on line. Each program consists of regular weekly sessions on over the internet, that help you to discover for yourself your unique eating personality, psychology and chemical triggers, and help you to take that 1 action that will allow your body to release the stored weight.

You will develop a strong foundation that creates a certain trust in your body and allows her to be in the state that does not attract any more weight gain. You will hardly recognize yourself after doing these simple step by step processes. Whats more your intimate relationships will improve, your career and finances will improve exponentially, as well as you will have lost a great deal of weight.

These START UP programs have brought great results to hundreds of women who were just like you and me, had unconscious patterns and reasons for holding onto weight that was well past its release date, turning to food when we felt triggered but did not know why.

Feel free to Call me 0033 559 54 56 35 or E mail me fiona@fionaroberrtson.co to talk to me and discover more. Book an initial FREE consultation.

Weight Loss for the MIND BODY & SOUL

“Release what is blocking and stopping you once and for all from losing weight”

Have a clear understanding of your triggers so that you can stop the chain reaction to gaining and holding on to stubborn weight

PRICE 2,500.00 (For 3 months)

999.00 X 3 Installments

The Ultimate Weight Loss and Body Connection

“The Kick Start, 8 Week Radical Weight Loss Plan”

The psychology of eating and the chemistry needed to release weight. How to stop the chain reactions that have you gaining and storing weight.

PRICE 650.00 Pounds (For 8 Weeks)

266.00 X 3 Installments

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My Aim

My sole purpose is to get you to a place where you can lose the weight you have been carrying around, weighing you down and making you feel desperate and hateful towards your body. Hiding away from everything you would love to experience, too embarrassed and shy to step up and out and start to really play.

My promise to you is that, I will recommend only genuine steps that can benefit you, I will never try and sell you any unnecessary services or products from me. I will be recommending steps and give you themed homework to progress in leaps and bounds during the week between our calls. I will pass on to you what I have experienced and learnt and have done for myself.

I will guarantee that you will feel relaxed and love this gentle fun process, this is not in any way shape of form counseling, over analyzing, navel gazing or digging up the past, but an exciting hopeful journey into a world of physical freedom and mental liberation of diets and any stress or restrictions. You will soar into the woman you have always dreamt of becoming in the next phase of your life. So that you can dive into your grave as a fulfilled vibrant woman who can look back and say “HELL YES what a ride. I have NO regrets, No nothing to change!”

A woman needs to feel the pleasure in her body, to identify what she desires the most and to have fun no matter where she is and what she is doing.

If this is stifled and squashed she will be resentful, angry, bitter and hateful towards herself first and foremost. The weight of her world is represented on her bones and she is dying a very slow and sure death.

Watch out world I’m coming through.

I can and I will reclaim my hearts biggest desires.


Fiona I want to thank you for helping me change my life.  When we started our journey with a detox retreat last summer a big part of me believed I would never be able to have a great relationship with food, that I would never truly be OK with myself and therefore would have to stay on my own, with all my ‘secrets’. Through our many conversations, you have taught me to embrace pleasure, fun and attract what I love.  It may sound a little crazy but now I sit a table and taste every mouthful of the food I have chosen, prepared and am so grateful to have this experience.  I now wonder at how amazing food is and how beautiful my body is.  Food is my friend, and a whole new world has opened up for me. If you had asked me a year ago to choose one word to describe my body, it would have been ‘disgusting’, ask me now and I’d happily shout my body is ‘sensuous’! Thank you for your guidance, persistence and love, because I do get that it takes ‘love for people’ to support them through life changing transitions.  I’m eternally grateful to you, love

Louise, xx. Oxford 2014

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