Lee’s journey of transformation continued to unfold powerfully. With a new business partner, she set a goal of acquiring 10 new clients that month. However, the clients never materialized. Doubts and irritations began to surface, straining the partnership. It was clear that something was amiss.
Feeling into the energy of the partnership, I conducted a Dragon reading to reveal the truth and any hidden dynamics within the business. The energy was undoubtedly off. The reading showed that they were not a match and each part of the business was misaligned with different agendas.
I invited Lee to feel into the energy herself. Instantly, she sensed that it felt wrong—disgusting, even. It was not an energy that would attract clients; it was repulsive, confusing, pressured, and forceful. This old way of doing business was not in alignment with her fullest potential on earth. Lee realized why the business was not attracting clients and knew it needed to be addressed immediately.
The Dragon guides were showing her the importance of focusing on her phenomenal power and where she placed it. She needed to enhance and claim her embodied state, arranging and prioritizing her affairs before entering into any partnership. Her business partner needed to do the same so they could form the strongest possible team.
Although their business had the potential to transform many lives, it wasn’t enough at this stage. Lee needed to embody her fullest potential and success on earth before stepping fully into her business.
The message from the Dragon was clear:
“Your business is NOT how you gain your success; your courage to claim your personal knowing in your unique success state and be at your fullest potential on earth is.”
Lee understood that her energy was the biggest catalyst—the key, the code, and the answer. This isn’t achieved through effort, hard work, or from financial success. It’s a completely different journey, one that involves finding and claiming the essence of who you are and owning your power, believing, and trusting the process.
Once she embraced this, surrendered all of who she was to her new identity – radical shifts happened. Lee’s energy shifted, and she began to attract the right clients and opportunities. She saw immediate changes:
  • People contacted her, seeking her services.
  • Outstanding debts were paid.
  • New opportunities opened up.
  • Payments came
  • New contracts signed
  • Relationships improved.
  • Her body shifted and reflected her new stronger inner state.
  • She understood, listened to and acted upon the signs she recueved, no matter how challenging they seemed.
Lee’s transformation was profound. She learned to navigate the surrender, shifting into a higher level of soul embodiment. She saw the signs, deciphered their meanings, and integrated their messages. By doing so, she claimed her fullest potential on earth and realized that her energy frequency and souls agenda was the key to her success.
Are you feeling stalled in your business? It’s time to break through the energy holding you back and unleash your unapologetic power.
What feels better for you?
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  • The Drop in and Surrender Detox Method: Gradual, deep cleansing to align with your fullest potential.
  • Stay where you are for the next 5-10 years: Continue in the same cycle, never reaching your true potential.
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Embrace your transformation and let the Dragons guide you to your fullest potential. Comment “YES” below and let the Dragons prepare you for your journey.
Unleash your unapologetic power. The time is now. Take the leap and embrace your transformation. The signs are there, waiting for you to listen and act. Don’t let another day pass in the shadows of your true potential. Your success is just one shift away.

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