222 2 stone in 2 months once I knew my body code. The food group my body burned fat on. Say yes and I’ll go through a diagnosis and tell you which group you are. 3 body code groups of foods that burn fat for certain women who can’t lose weight on diets. #fionarobertson#bodyrenewer

Starting as soon as you know your specific Body Code.
Watch the pounds drop off Body Code QUIZ link

The Body Code is an excellent starting point to know what you pre-predisposed to burn as the best fuel for your body.

It may surprise you, as it did me.

Here are a few remarks I got this week again from ladies who are not struggling anymore.

“2lbs down again this week, this is consistent and so easy ” Wendy Scotland 2019

” I don’t have any cravings since I started eating this way I am so satisfied, and I am 1 stone ( 14 lbs) of excess fat off, just 2 more to go and it’s looking easy and doable”. Sally Brighton 2018

“There is nothing to it! No sneaky snacks needed at all! First time since I started with Fiona 5 months ago. It works! weight off cravings gone, It does what it says in the tin! 😃 Thank you Fiona! Xx Elaine.”

Tell me what you need, how much do you want to lose and by when and I’ll show you how.


Take the quick Body Code Quiz  now and start a fresh new body that burns fat off.


Fiona Robertson
Body Renewer
Body Whisperer

Going all the way to confident and slim again. Feeling Fabulous.


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