The Link Between Stress and Body Fat

The Link between Stress and Fat on your body.

You are NEVER going to lose weight until you get familiar and deal with your stress, past present and future!


Why is stress making me fat? Simply put Stress is causing a chain reaction in the body that releases hormones, that then run riot in the body, hormones that are very well known like Cortisol which is the NO 1 stress hormone and real bad boy to have anywhere near your body as it makes you gain, hold onto, store and convert more into fat that you will ever need.

Stress is a poison in your body a really serious toxin. I have been a Detox Diva for years and very familiar with chemical toxins and how to release these from your body, that are being stored in our gut and cells. This is way beyond the physical and external influences of what we take into our bodies, but actually it is something that we create ourselves in our bodies, so we have to deal with this from a completely different angle.

I have put together a whole set of tutorials that seriously reduce stress and teach you how to avoid new stress and how to get rid of the old stored baggage you are still carrying around. click the link to access the full description.

In my vast experience with healthy eating and diets and cleansing the body, I can say that you can eat as healthy as you like for as long as you like, but if you are generating, and reacting to situations with stress you will have a very damaging substance in your body that is causing you to hold and create more and more fat.

This fat is believe it or not a blessing, and is luckily protecting you from these toxins and poisons by using fat to shield you and your organs from their potential harm. Now without being too doom and gloom about all of this, it can be reversed and have a happy ending. There is hope! Hallelujah I hear you cry!

First you need to know what makes you stressed and how that stress feels in your body, so you can recognize it when it happens. And put some real workable actions into practice. For me it has a taste a bitterness, and acid flavour, My tongue burns and my belly is acidic much like heart burn. My body curls in on itself and I either want to run or hide, I get choked and can’t speak sometimes. Unlike other personalities who respond with violent words and express themselves fully. This is well worth knowing how you react to stress, as this is the key.


In nature when an animal is chased to be eaten and that animal is not caught, then it will have a time that it shakes off the stress. We humans seldom do this. Certainly the personalities I am talking to. Its something we need to learn to let go of all that adrenalin that causes a damaging internal chain reaction that races through our bodies and will eat us up if we don’t take care of it soon.

The after effects of stress will make you do things that you would normally avoid doing, if you were of clear mind. It will make you eat foods that counteract the bitterness, fatty foods like cheese to soften the blow or sugars to sweeten up the story. These foods create a partial reverse chain reaction that counteract the feeling of the stress ( but not the chemical release of all those hormones ) and give you a feeling of being more relaxed, calmer and more in control. They induce a heavier fuller sensation that helps you to cope and be able to carry on, as if normal again.

You can learn how to do this for yourself without the extra food or what ever drug of choice you have habitually used. But at some point needs to come the time to shake off the stress that you experienced today, after that you can purge the stress that you are still carrying around from the past, the old baggage, garbage that you never took out to the trash before. So you can release the stress your holding on to and not get hooked up and attract that level of stress back into your life in the future.

Oh that sounds good, right?

Certain personalities have a higher level of stress than others, they don’t even know they are stressed as they are always at that level of stress, its continuous and they are unconscious of it.

They don’t remember how to be more relaxed, and having someone say to you relax is like talking a different language to them. They think they are relaxed. Ha I know that feeling. Its like chalk and cheese once I realized how much further I could relax and sensed the levels that I could attain.

I am like this, I have run little known to me on a high level of stress for ever. I heard it described to me that I was over vigilant over sensitive more than once. I can take a lot on, I can cope well under fire, I can care for everyone, notice what needs to be fixed and have a long list of jobs and get them all done, I am practical, efficient, responsible and super reliable.

I hold it all inside and cope well or so it looks on the outside, my coping mechanism started to show me enough was enough when I realized that there was more going on here than food in and food out, as I dieted and detoxed to extreme, and that I was gaining weight even although I was eating less and less.

I saw it in other ladies too that I detoxed on my detox retreats here in France, they did not lose any weight where as my detox week regularly released 5KG (10 lbs) in a week, some ladies were not able to release anything. I had ways to effect the goal they wanted and it was never about food. What they needed TLC and deep relaxation first, then a way to express and release the levels of stress that I became familiar in recognizing and sensed they were carrying. They actually really needed to feel safe.

I have a similar story that a friend once told me how she saw me, and when I heard this I brushed it all off and said but its me its normal, I’m OK.

She said, “OMG you moved to France, you knew nobody here, you were pregnant and did not speak French. You now have a huge house, 2 businesses to run ( my detox retreat and my apartment rentals ) You are dedicated to help others get well with your retreats. You were 40 and 42 when you had your boys alone with no support of family or friends, you do this big garden, have a huge vegetable patch, chickens, dogs and kids and your partner does not really help you as you need. It’s your dream. You then started a French conversation group in Biarritz every Wednesday evening, to meet people and learn French, you never say you can’t come. That’s remarkable, that’s a lot for one person to take on”

I brushed it off but the synopses stayed with me for years until I realized and woke up to the fact that that was causing me a great deal of stress, anxiousness in me and I had not asked for help, expressed my hurt or disappointment, or ever complained. ( well maybe a bit )

This was my Kryptonite, this stress was my weakest point. It made me over tired, irritable, I could not think clearly, make rash decisions, that made me more stressed which made me need to eat what ever was at hand to cope and carry on, saying I’ll be OK I’ll take some time out for me later, but I never did and even if I did I would not know what to actually do to release the stress that had built up.

You are only as good as your weakest link. I learnt that in electronics ( my previous company in the UK ) and being in camera technology, you can’t take a really good signal and expect it to be the same at the other end with a poor quality cable. The good quality cable would be my healthy nutrition but my weakest link was certainly the stress I was carrying alone.

My circumstances did change, but my way of coping was the same. I now know. It took me some time to see it I hope with al my heart that you see and get to come to terms with a new way of dealing with your stress, before its too late and these poisons start effecting other areas of your life too.

Now I know exactly what makes me stressed. How to reduce my current stress, what level of stress I am at, at any time.

I recognize what has stressed me in the past and I clear that quickly.

I re set my hormone levels and do things to raise my level of good hormones and releasing the store of toxic memories and the fat that goes along with that.

And I now have learnt how to receive, ask for support and take care of myself much, much better.

This is as essential as good nutrition and for transformation of a healthy energised body and mind.

The Shake it off and Tip The Scales program ( The Ultimate Body Connection ) I am proud of this program as it captures so much of what I have done with 1 to 1 clients over the past years, and I have put all of that and so much new material into this program. I am running this for 8 weeks and it teaches all of this and more to become a Woman who can express her real needs and not be a victim to stress any longer.

I would love to share this information with you that has catapulted me into living a real life here in France. No longer in survival mode and at the mercy of stress but actually living and enjoying every day. I’ve lost the weight as a result and feel more and more relaxed and believe that everything is working out really well.


Week 1 Relax and reduce the stress point

Week 2 Recognise the stresses you carry

Week 3 Release the stress and old baggage

Week 4 Re-Set that point when hormones are released

Week 5 Re charge yourself with fat reducing hormones

Week 6 Relax – everything is working out well

Week 7 Receive, receive, receive

Week 8 Restore and re calibrate your entire response system


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