Guilty salty fingers on the key board and another crisp packet to hide.

Is this really the only way you get to feel naughty these days?

What happened to that Wild Girl with all that fizz, who danced on the big speakers at the night club and had to be removed by the bouncer?

Guess what she’s inside you and just dyeing to get out and be re discovered and set free. She feeling it’s all too healthy, too clean, too good, this is not fulfilling enough, she wants to cheat and scream its all so boring.

Are you ready to set her free or you could stay as the goody two shoes who’s only vice is to steel moments with a LARGE packet of crisps whilst driving home from the super market Or you could stay in survival mode and keep hidden for the rest of your days.

Your Wild, Rebel Girl is calling you on a daily basis to go a little crazy, you can feel her trying but you don’t know how, or don’t dare.

You can STOP hiding your guilt for keeping her captive, set her free to roam and explore and SiZZLE over once again.

Try this for size, choose randomly ( just to spice up your day) and follow through one of the following 5 top tips to unleash your wild rebel inside.

I dare you!! I double dare you…….

 5 Top Tips to Unleash your Wild Rebel side.

Find somewhere you can go and scream, swear and rant your torrent of complaints

Feel the wind in your hair by finding a way you can go fast, ride a bike horse ride.

Stamp and thump your feet and move in a wild way to exorcise your wild girl and wake her up.

Say NO to what ever does not feel like it would be really good fun for you

Do two totally selfish acts every day just for the hell of it.

Leave me a comment to tell me what you did and how it scared you or thrilled you. Have fun..

 If all else fails and you feel suffocated and seriously need to have permission to swear, scream, laugh out loud and be ridiculous call me, I’ll join you and show you how its done.

When you see pop artists really giving there all. How does that make you feel?

Which films remind you how daring you can and want to be?

What music makes you get up and move your body?

What memories do you hold of times when you really felt alive, and had fun running through your veins? Find at least 3 memories you can tune into.









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