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 Detox and Re-Energizing Retreat


Welcome, I provide the most relaxing environment and a loving space, where you can experience a unique detox and re-energize experience, in sunny S.W. France. Here you will be supported through a detox and cleanse program that will kick start your entire system, re set your hormones and leave you feeling vibrant again.

Kick start and Re boot your Body….

A detox retreat gives you the time and space to slow down, take a step back and clean your body from the inside out. My Detox program’s work by clearing out toxins that come from certain foods and environments that cause stress on the body and organs and is steeling your vitality. Feel Fantastic and Fresh again in 7 days.

What I offer

I have created two detox programs of six night and 7 days each that can take place on a regular monthly basis here in Les Pays Basque region of France. I will help you to discover a detox for yourself either on a private basis or in a small group Detox week, in your own private apartment OR I will create a program to include the Mind Body connection with Mind Set coaching as a valuable part of your Detox week experience. Here you get clear on how you sabotage your eating habits and how you can create a long term healthy relationship with food that lasts forever.

I prefer to host small groups of up to 4 people in two newly built studios at my home, located next to the Lake of St Pee Sur Nivelle, S.W France. 4 people in shared rooms or 2 in a single room.

Private tailor made Detox, Raw & Fermented Food weeks

A detox, fast and cleanse experience with Raw Food education

A detox will promote mental clarity, weight balance, better relationship with your body, energy, improve your digestion, enhance your fertility and boost your immune system

PRICE 1,800. 00 Euros per person

Integrated Detox, Cleanse and Raw Food Retreat with  1 to 1 Coaching.

A detox, fast, Raw food and 1 to 1 Coaching Program

Detox, Raw Food and a thorough internal cleanse. You will vastly improve your relationship with food and your body forever, balance your weight, have fun and happily never be the same again

PRICE 2,800.00 Euros per person

My Aim

Relaxation, Healthy food, DETOX, Re-set your entire system, Gain more energy, BALANCE YOUR WEIGHT, Revive your skin, Resuscitate your life, Boost your immune system, Stretching YOGA, Walks along the coastal paths or mountain routes, RAW FOOD, Fun, natural beauty shop, Health Education, Raw and Fermented Food classes, Improving your Relationship with Food and your Body, Friendship, community. Offer you extra pampering, Reiki Energy Healing, Pampering treatments by local massage and reflexology therapists, Specialist coaching to discover your inner saboteur when it comes to eating habits and resolving your love hate relationship with food and your body.

3 of the Best Reasons to visit Retreat Biarritz

Not only will you be sure to achieve your weight goals within a few days, thanks to a little fasting and eating raw and fermented food, but more importantly, our program will teach you to make conscious decisions on what to eat, shaping your future relationship with your body and your health for the better.

Retreat Biarritz offers an all inclusive Detox Holiday where you can relax and enjoy the nature and culture of South West France, with the stunning back drop of the majestic Pyrenees and Atlantic Ocean

You owe your body and mind to embark on a detox holiday, and besides, you deserve to have other people look after you for a week

If you keep doing the same thing,
you will keep getting the same result

Or as I prefer so say

Change enough of the smaller pictures,
and you will soon have changed the bigger picture


Fiona, I want to thank you for helping me change my life.  When we started our journey with a detox retreat last summer a big part of me believed I would never be able to have a great relationship with food, that I would never truly be OK with myself and therefore would have to stay on my own, with all my ‘secrets’. Through our many conversations, you have taught me to embrace pleasure, fun and attract what I love.  It may sound a little crazy but now I sit a table and taste every mouthful of the food I have chosen, prepared and am so grateful to have this experience.  I now wonder at how amazing food is and how beautiful my body is.  Food is my friend, and a whole new world has opened up for me. If you had asked me a year ago to choose one word to describe my body, it would have been ‘disgusting’, ask me now and I’d happily shout my body is ‘sensuous’! Thank you for your guidance, persistence and love, because I do get that it takes ‘love for people’ to support them through life changing transitions.  I’m eternally grateful to you, love

Louise, xx. Oxford 2014