What is it? Really what is it that makes some people able to keep to their regime, to be healthy, fit and in good shape? Most of us can easily work towards losing weight when we have an occasion that we are working towards. But how about when it just us we are doing it for, and in it for the long term, that marathon energy that’s required not a short sprint, and the attitude that its just a week and its over…..


This is my point today, what mind set must we have so that you can first achieve and then maintain your health or weight loss goals, and keep up the healthy promise you have set for your self. No wonder New Years Resolutions are a one day spectacular, based on the overwhelming guilt of over indulgence and fear of gaining weight, and don’t lets ignore that everyone is doing it too, so its easy to stay focused.


I have been working with predominantly very successful women now for over 10 years all roughly based around the same subject. They are managing businesses and earning well, yet have so far evaded their dream to wear that designer outfit that they love so much, and feel held back by how they look, as they don’t want to be judged and a successful woman who should have all areas of her life lined up and in control.


Fiona, they say “I feel fat and tired I used to be so slim and gorgeous, I just don’t know what happened”.


So what did happen? Did we become complacent and maybe for hundreds of reasons we cannot achieve the results we say we dream of, we sabotage and move the target constantly then hate ourselves for it.

So before we set about on any diet or detox ( as that has been mine and many’s theme ) to re set our body clock and start a fresh. What do we need? A New Mind Set.


Shape Shifting is a Mind Set program, to set in place a relationship that can last the course, one that can make us feel at peace in our body, and feel so comfortable within ourselves that we have no need to turn to extra treats to fulfill the deprivation we feel, when we know we deserve more out of a situation or from life. However instead of asking for what we actually need, we take it in luxury treats and try as we might to fulfill ourselves and our un-met needs with food.


My story would sound just like that, a once funny and very cheeky girl, squashed in some bad relationship choices ranged from suffocating and possessive to abusive. I threw myself into my work and it seemed to be my life saver, yet I knew I deserved more from life, yet I did not know how to get it, I did not know what I was afraid of or actually denying myself. So in comes food like my all time hero, my rescuer and there we have it, a history of YoYo diets and secret munchies to sedate an angry girl, then the disappointed woman.


I have thankfully now come to realize what I needed most, not just with food but in every area of my life. So picking up a few life cues here and there I saw that I needed to take care of myself better than anyone else ever could and Shape Shift my Mind Set.


Do you know where to start? Here is what you first want to find:

What are you afraid of most in life?

If you knew what would you say was the feeling you most try and avoid?

What am I denying?


Answer these questions ASAP and send me an e mail and I will be send you an E mail on Monday 22nd June to invite you to take part in my free Shape Shifters Mind Set calls. I am offering these to get you clear on your Mind Set before you start any diet or detox.

Look out for the E mail invitation on Monday

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