The “Body Whisperer” 

Fiona works with female speakers and women at the top of her game to be confident and claim her space center stage. Find peace with food and be at peace in her body.

Every woman deserves to have her way with the world, to feel priceless, sensual and confident in her body, and have oodles of fun every single minute of the day. ~©Fiona Robertson

For far too long women have taken care of others and have put themselves last, living in survival mode, raising family, running the house and building  careers. Experiencing huge negative physical consequences from weight to sciatica and everything in between. Suppressing all desires. Never going after what she really wanted.

There are huge physical consequences when you hold back and accept what life throws at you rather than taking ownership and creating what you want.

This is for you, the woman who wants more. You, the woman who has been called too sensible, too serious, too sensitive, too emotional, too feminine, too masculine, too nothing, too round, too flat, too sexual, too frigid, too confident, too meek, too together, too broken. Too much. 

You will come to believe in your

best version of you.

The version of you that is the Modern Day Woman who takes care of herself,  maintains her unique sense of fun and puts herself  first, second and third.

Fiona believes that ‘Women’ are living a half-life. you are living in a culture that shames your body, rebukes your emotionality, fears your sexuality, violates your safety, discourages work equality and makes you feel wrong for having all of your feminine desires.

Studying with Fiona, you reconnect to your body and physical self, fully. Become an intuitive eater an intuitive thinker and see all the soulful interventions that happen for your own good.

A health and fitness trainer and a coach with specialist skills in Food and Eating Disorders, Fiona Robertson is the #1 weight loss coach chosen by the stars: The founder of the ‘2.2.2’ programs, the ‘Feeling Priceless’ programs, the ‘Home Detox Box‘ (home detox kit) and ‘Retreat Biarritz‘. (The place to time out and deep dive into who you most want to be in the next phase of your life)

Fiona shares the importance of creating ourselves as we feel is best for us, and that the next phase of who we become is our very best phase.

“I am dedicated to establishing you to feel comfortable, strong and powerful in your body and your soul. Together we will banish shame, servitude and simple survival. And replace them with irrepressible fun, confidence and self-expression. Together, we will learn how to reconnect with and turn-on your own body, how to release your enthusiasm, how be fulfilled in love and feel fully and utterly ALIVE”~©Fiona Robertson

Offering practical tools to help you embrace fun, self-expression, passion, creativity, pleasure and access all of your glorious potential. Unlearn all the conditioning to do with food, diets, finances, and relationships that kept you small, shy and limited in what you thought was possible for you.

Join Fiona to transform and to develop the best version of you.

Fiona is a teacher, a mother, a ‘fun’ personality, and author of the soon to be released ‘Girls just want to have FUN’.

Happy Client Interview:

Clients say

This is a place where you are forced to rest and I was a little scared before I came as I knew I would find that false floor I’d been keeping up for so long. With the help of Fiona, Reiki, massages and reading perfectly timed articles (that Fiona handed to me using her intuition as to what was going on for me), I discovered I could remove that false floor once and for all.

I went home with so much more than clean insides. As I experienced the week, I opened up to the ability to listen to my body and what it is telling me it really needs. If I sit quietly and stop the chatter I can hear it and its not that scary now. I was taught to totally and utterly accept myself and what that really means, feels like and how to experience it.

I came to realize that clothes, alcohol, the internet and TV, were the distractions I use to save me from the feelings I don’t want to listen to or acknowledge. I gained a new sense of self worth and belief in myself and my ability to cope with my busy and sometimes chaotic life. Fiona set me tasks to do by myself to help me work out what I really want from my future. I did these in as much detail as I could. I thought big and got a fantastic feeling of freedom with this new vision clear in my mind.

The fast and colon cleanse enabled me to clear out all the rubbish and emotional debris, and I learned how to rebuild from my foundations up with healthy living foods and positive imagery that will allow me to remain open to change.

I was not hungry at all and the therapies, including the walks in the mountains, were all perfectly timed. I have never been so cared for and had to do absolutely nothing. This was the real holiday that I have never allowed myself to have before.

I slept more that I have ever slept before. I felt part of the family here and also had the privacy to cocoon myself in my apartment when ever I wanted to. I shall miss this place, but I know I can always come back when I am ready to grow and change some more.

I lost the weight I wanted to lose, I feel lighter and much brighter, and I made some huge decisions whilst I detoxed. I gained so much knowledge that I am excited to go home and clear out the old to bring in the new.

By Suzanne MacCarron, Dublin, Ireland

I went Raw over night over 6 years ago, and I have not looked back. I healed myself from a serious sun-allergy, large thyroid, diabetes 2, headaches, back ache and a few other ailments too. Even after being a vegan for 15 years, which initially helped me to lose a lot of weight, I noticed a big difference in my health improvement turning to Raw food. Raw food has helped me be free of any menopause symptoms which is remarkable and a blessing.

I am always looking for new ways to improve my diet, my energy levels and overall health. I have experienced juice fasts with Jason Vale in Turkey and experienced three weeks at the Hippocrates centre in Florida..

I made a decision to do a deep colon cleanse and give my body the opportunity to get rid of all the toxins that were at a deeper level. I am always surprised that it will take literally years to really clean your self up. I was even more amazed at the amount of old waste that I recognized leaving my body. Long lengths of rubber like substance, all in twists and turns in the shape of my intestines. It was like a carbon copy of my insides. I noticed on several days I was deeply emotional and felt a great feeling of letting go.

The substance that I eliminated kept coming out for several days even after I returned home…and on the Wednesday after the weeks colon cleanse retreat I had a normal bowel movement. How much o this stuff can there be in your body?

I certainly felt lighter, more energetic, healthier and content that I had done something wonderful for myself.

I believe I will do another colon cleanse in the autumn and see how much I can remove next time. Cleaning yourself up is certainly not to be thought of as a quick process it takes years and the more you can do for yourself the better.

By Helen Jonker, Holland.

ore you can do for yourself the better.

By Helen Jonker, Holland.