Do you know how you are feeling right now? or are you locked up in your cage away from any feelings?

A few years ago now I was close to a healer who became a strong influence in my life and the decisions I made as a result from speaking to her. She was a strong character and I thought I was not so strong or so well versed in the ways of the world. She was talented but I did not see my own talents when I was in her light.

This story is intended to show us all that we have inner strength and intuition to know how we feel about something and that we can become aware of how to follow our feelings.

When I was going through rough times I would default into listening to others and in particular this college of mine, and I never got to know my own inner guidance system. When this relationship came to an end I was hurt and devastated, as most of us are when a strong influence disappears and any relationship ends that we have come to count on.

However I was asked a very wise question at that time which was, “Do you feel stronger or weaker from not having her in your life?” I pondered and felt for the first time in a long time actually that I have felt stronger, I DO know what to do for myself? I have made decisions and as a result I have come to trust myself. Yes I am stronger.

This week I was coaching a lady who has taken advise from many outsiders about her situation, and she did not realize that she was not taking responsibility of her own life. She was facing some larger decisions and felt unsure of herself.

We tuned into her body and felt what it was like now in her current situation and then we tuned into the future version of events, if she made the decision to move to this new apartment. And we oscillated between the two and she got a real sense of how it felt for herself to move. There was not a list, a strategy or rationalizing, or weighing up others opinions or concerns to come to the decision. It came from her and her alone. It was a great feeling that fulfilled her and expanded her chest and she felt secure, relaxed and confident.

We make all our decisions based on feelings, ultimately we know what feels good for us and what does not. I have been coaching for some time around this subject, It usually starts with someone wanting to change their relationship to food as the relationship is not working for them with what they have been told to follow and what to do, and the results are not coming through. Then the coaching evolves into how we relate to everything, all of our relationships, finances, partners, family and our environment. I have seen that how we relate to one thing we relate to everything, and that certainly goes for how we relate to ourselves concerning food and how we eat and the consequences it has on us physically, mentally, emotionally, financially and spiritually when we choose foods or diets that do not work for us personally.

I really love what I do and especially the beyond detox and diets program. The subtle messages that we can tune into for and about ourselves come from and are all about our feelings? knowing how to follow our feelings is an invaluable gift. And thinking back I have made many, many decisions based on my feelings alone, but I did not fully know it at the time.

I tell many people that this subtle direction that comes from inside, is available to everyone and is now more necessary than ever, to follow our own guidance system, as we can be and are overwhelmed with more and more information, and people in positions of importance to us telling us what we should and should not do, work, health and environment wise as well concerning our families education, wellbeing and so the list goes on and on. We have hundreds of e-mails to answer, people to keep a connection with, and decisions to make every day. There is no fixed strategy, plan or formula to get us through any more that worked in previous generations. Imagine you are blindfolded and cannot see the path to take or which direction to go, you would have to feel your way forward and that is a subtle feeling that grows and grows the more you get used to using it. Not too dissimilar to our every day challenges when we feel blindfolded and try and try to get though the day making hundreds of decisions that are important to us.

When I decided not to live in England anymore, after traveling for 1 year around the world, it was based on a feeling. The world is a bigger place and it’s an adventure to live elsewhere that ticks my personal boxes, sea, mountains, climate, tropical plants, wild untamed nature on the doorstep. I knew when I had found my place, It felt right. It felt like coming home.

When I got separated and needed to find a new home, many people said go or come back to England, but that was a feeling that felt like I was being suffocated, and was so sad that told me that was not for me. I knew that I would find a home that would suits my families and work purposes. It happened and when i entered the home it felt right, easy and like coming home.

When I was looking to have help in my new home in the garden and with some building work, and I had people coming to stay in my home, It was a feeling that told me it was either OK or not to have them in my home, and that was before I met them in person, I tuned into them and could feel if it would be easy, a struggle or not to go there at all. It was an experiment that worked every time.

It is so normal to get lost in others opinions, when we are searching for answers, what worked for them, to do with health, weight loss, moving home, relationships. I know as I have still some trouble remembering and lifting myself away from the regular path where I learnt how to deal with my problems, Knuckle down and work hard, Don’t get emotional, don’t feel just do more…. I am the queen of hard work and beating myself up. But then I remember there is an easier way, we have a sixth sense that works just as well as any psychic’s eventually. If we can just be guided how to find it, tune in and use it for ourselves. It will be our best friend and guide us well through life.

Do you have decisions to make? Changes you need to make with your lifestyle, eating habits, career or relationships, and the old path is not working out for you? Do you want to experience what it is like to feel your way forward for yourself?

Try This; Bring your attention to your chest area, first notice all the thoughts and their energy inside your head, bashing up against the space of your head. Start to bring all of this consciousness down to it’s final resting place in your heart space. Bring it down through your face, past your eyes and jaw line and neck and past your shoulders. Feel the energy draining down in what ever shape you can imagine that energy has. Feel the relaxation come into your face, your eyes relax, your nose, ears, jaw and tongue and begin to feel as if you can look out at the world from the level of your heart, your head is above you and your awareness is in your chest. Vibrating with its busy, busy energy in your chest. Now merge that energy with the beating of the heart.

Rest here and relax as much as you can, notice your breath and your heart beat.

Notice the air turning and coming back in and turning again and going out.

Become aware of the subtle decision to start breathing in, and then the decision to breath out, where is that place in your body?

Now notice the moment you decide to change the direction of your breath.

Rest here and just notice the simple act of breathing, the air turning and your heart beating.

Stay here as long as you can and gauge for yourself how relaxed you are in this place 1 being really relaxed and 10 being still stressed.

This is stage one to get you homed into your bodies subtle energy.

If you want to experience a session with me to find and develop your safe and sweet spot, a place where you just are totally you and totally aware and relaxed, Then please take me up on my offer

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You will also discover one invaluable and immediate step you can take whenever you feel stressed, for example; about making a decision, before you give a presentation, before a date, or any situation that brings up a feeling of discomfort and pain.

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I look forward to hearing from you


Detox Diva, your beyond detox queen. It is an inside job, physical, mental and feeling into your emotional and the spiritual awareness that lies behind everything you do..

How to feel your way forward and out of the cage you have placed yourself in.

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