Body as your ‘Body Guard’


Your Body as your Body Guard

As soon as you wake up your brain looks around and becomes vigilant and has you in high alert. There is a part of the brain that looks for clues and dangers and how to navigate through your day. Your reptile brain looks in every corner to see what is a-safe and what is not and tells you.

You’re not even aware of this because its on automatic and you have always done it.

Your body constantly collects and pick up data all day long, and at night too for that matter.

Your body takes readings and even acts on the emotional state of others around you too, not just your own environment, thoughts and concerns.

All of this means that you are feeling al day long, although subconsciously your environment is alive with vibrations you receive and you will always have a chemical reaction to this level of High Alert and vigilant feeling, that goes onto further affect your internal organs, bacteria, cells and energy levels.

Your body is trying to get your attention with all this data. Can you feel the tension build in your stomach, in your neck and shoulders as the day wears on. The data keeps on coming in, it is relentless, all filtered via your marvelous reptile brain warning you of a potential plot against you, maybe something to mistrust or fear, your brain is there only to warn of danger and it is for you to make a conscious decision if it is worth acting upon. That’s it. Yet we don’t take the time.

Ignore these first signals and be sure that your mind will pick up the pace until it is influencing your body with signals of worry, until you really have to take notice of what these sign are telling you as you will have accidents, health issues become overwhelmed and eventually ask yourself what on earth is going on here?.

Here is the link to the accompanying video.


The BAD thing about the brain and body being your body guard

  1. She is always on duty as your body guard, giving you data to analyze and trying the best ways she can to get your undivided attention.
  2. You over think situations, analyze endlessly the hell out of them, not knowing why you feel so overwhelmed, with so many decisions to make and what’s right.
  3. You are becoming exhausted being ‘ON’ all the time and have no idea how to switch OFF this High Alert status. Too many ideas, plans, deadline, people to please, friend or foe, good or bad. When will it all end?

The GOOD thing about the brain and body being your body guard

  1. You get to choose what to be vigilant about and when you can chill out and turn it OFF
  2. You can relax knowing you have the best support at hand and on your side, just learn how to ask the right and best questions to your high alert self and when you can literally turn off.
  3. You can turn OFF the constant High Alert and the flight and flight mode and use that leakage of energy else where, leaving you much more awake, vital and ready to have fun. You can see clearly when it’s not yours to worry about and then – no ones opinion, judgments, bad behavior affect you or has your body on GUARD any more.

You become gently strong and so resilient and ask the right question to your own personal ‘body guard’

So many ladies have the misconception that to be in control is to be super busy and in control of everything, juggling work, home, family members, food, chores etc.

When I see the control that is needed towards food for someone, I know exactly where the issue lies in their battle for the control over their life too.


The very efficient vigilant Reptile part of the brain is on High Alert and if so, she needs a whole LOT of constant ENERGY to fuel all that pressure, those amount of thoughts and the need to fire fight situations, and so the body has to crave more and more fuel to restore the energy and the fuel lost in the days emergencies, and also creates a need to store extra energy as fuel on the body, something like a reserve tank to use should the re be a big emergency.

Because lets face it Every Day you wake up and it all starts over again, the status of High Alert and being ON Duty 24/7 hours of the day.

Until I discovered how to turn off my Reptile brain and get in control of the situations at hand I was exhausted and regularly craved certain foods to fuel me. I gained weight and had health issues of many sorts to resolve. My Body Guard saw to it that I held a store for that just in case event

Now thankfully I am economic with my energy use and only fight the fires that need my full attention and not everyone else’s as well… now that I feel is far more efficient.

If you want to be and look like you have it all under control and not store energy for another day’s emergencies and you’d like to be seen as a switched on woman who is well in charge of her work, her life and her body now reflects that, then to be on top of your game you need to know and do 3 NEW things

  1. You need to be able to feel SAFE
  2. You need to be running on a fuel that lasts a very long time and gives you lots of energy
  3. You need to know how to turn OFF the high alert and vigilance state in an instant.

This will turn your body around 180°

Take the quiz called ‘Drop a Dress Size’ and see where your reptile brain and her level of High Alert are at by taking this quiz we can see together what strange things and responses she has going on, making it easy to identify and resolve the main culprits.

I hope this has been helpful. I will see you on the other side.

Here is the quiz called Drop A Dress Size.

It has been my pleasure to share this leading edge information of how the body really works.


If you have questions or a concern please do not hesitate to ask me.

Fiona Robertson

Body Whisperer

Liver Detox of a very different kind


Earlier today I had a call with an amazing woman called Mary ( name changed ) and guided her through what was a wonderfully surprising journey for her, but it all came so naturally that it was accepted and absorbed, our next call will be equally as profound and very productive.

The conversation was initiated as she wanted to detox and came to me as an expert to help her to detox. In particular she felt drawn to cleanse the liver and gall bladder. I found myself hesitant before I started, as I felt my normal route about healthy food, hydration, cleansing detox periods, etc was not what was needed here., or not yet anyway. We started to talk and I recommended flushing the system and certainly the colon needs to be taken care of, before any liver cleanse, as it needs somewhere to dump all the toxins you have to get rid of, from alcohol, medicines, household chemicals etc that get trapped and held onto and stored in the liver.

I found my left hand tapping on my right hand at a quite fast tempo, and asked her to tap where ever she normally taps ( as I knew she used EFT )

Then we moved swiftly on what I was being drawn to, I felt into her liver energetically and asked her to purge the anger held in side the liver and the bitterness in the gall bladder. We did what I call a spring cleanse that concentrates asking questions for 16 to 20 minutes with her purging ( detoxing ) all the stored up things, people, situations, places encounters that make her angry and that she had stored unconsciously over the years. The Liver and Gall bladder are where the body typically stores anger and bitterness.

During the session I found myself breathing deeply as the energy shifted and I moved to tapping on my liver gently with a soft and open fist to move the energy about a bit more. My liver was aching and felt dull and stagnant. I felt drawn to move, stretch the right hand side of my body and jiggle about a bit and suggested she did so too, to stir up her energy.

I find that once I’ve opened the flood gates on an emotion held within the body the detox and purge goes on for a few more days, releasing old situations and bringing to light the old anger. Speaking it out loud certainly helps a great deal, as it becomes seen, heard and recognized maybe for the first time ever.

We continued our session with my Body Widsom techniques and we asked the body what it wants most of all. During our Spring cleansing and purging of the anger, I heard her say that she never really ever felt safe. This is a very common theme, and one which I have developed a particular way to help ALL my clients with, as I feel strongly that it is at the route of many of our sabotaging and unconscious behaviors.

Feeling safe allows us to feel safe out in the world and in our own skin. The need to protect ourselves is reduced, as we know we can reach a safe place and can distinguish what feels safe and what does not. We can therefore making stronger decisions and choices that support ourselves from a place of safety. It is an experience that brings much relief once it has been fully experienced. I followed my technique and guided her into her very own safe place. This is a remarkable healing place and the place I begin all my calls with, once you know how to find it, it will be invaluable to you. From this safe place you can access your own awareness and intuition. With your sensitivity set on high so that you are totally conscious through out your day, its much easier to begin to get some really clear answers. The Safe place is a place you can return to again and again, and you can adjust to feel even safer when ever you want.

I heard from Mary, that after the session she went outside and danced in the garden and felt better for shaking the energy up a bit. We will continue with more in another session together.

With much love and a new energy