My Cravings just STOPPED without having to use willpower.


fiona-signatureMy Cravings just stopped without having to use willpower.

“Please help me if you can, I am out of control. I have tried everything and I can’t stop eating, My body is betraying me. I go on diets after diet but cant stick to it.

I really want to drop 2 dress sizes in 2 months and know what’s going on with me and what I am doing wrong?

Something has me craving and not being able to stop…. I feel broken and no matter what I try I can’t seem to do this on my own. Help me please.”

A beautiful woman came to see me for a session recently and asked to continue for a few months.
She started her sessions back in August 2018 and she had come because she was tired of trying everything else and nothing working. She was going to be the mother of the bride, her daughter’s wedding was in 6 weeks time and she just felt too uncomfortable in her own skin. Which is the case with most women who find their way to me.


Her big problem was that she felt out of control, as if her body was punishing her and that she would never find her way back to a body she loved and felt proud of. Naturally, she wanted to shine and look not only ‘priceless’ but feel ‘priceless’


She told me over the weeks about her eating patterns, food cravings, and choices and what she had tried and was putting it all down to food and feeling she needed to starve herself constantly. She used her cravings for certain foods when she was upset, criticized but never knew it or how to stop it, which is the nature of the thing we went on to heal. And why nothing else she had tried had worked.

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After a few weeks of real nourishment, getting the fuel her body needed from food and other sources and seeing her patterns and releasing the need to feel so hurt, she had dropped a significant amount of weight to show her that this would work. She committed to her self on another level.

She exclaimed that her body felt like it loved her and she loved being I her body, and it was releasing the weight because of the joy it felt of having her listen to her body and not repeat the madness she had been circling and trapped in.


I am talking about this because there is always a way to solve problems, to heal, and just because nothing works, it does not mean that nothing ever will work.


There is a way of communicating with a person’s mind, body and spirit all at the same time. This way has been practiced throughout all time and in all cultures.

This communication is as old as the hills and when we are truly heard and acknowledged the body can go onto release the physical symptoms from weight to sciatica that we have held onto.


After much time and many consultations I see and feel and have the conclusion that being heard in this way allows us to heal, and the feeling of love that flows through the body is so profound. It is that feeling of Love that heals and solves the problems that cause these symptoms.


I listen and I am guided whenever I am asked to talk to people and their bodies, I hear what to say to open up a discussion that goes onto open up the healing. This is the bodies soul to soul connection with me and it feels like love, I hear what your body is asking for you to know.


When someone comes and asks for help, many avenues are open and this is the way it works. Finding love for yourself in this way is a different and the best form of love of all, and quite different from a romantic love or for your babies and children or with a best friend

This call from your soul to be loved shows up when we are finished, tired and about to give up, when we are wounded, hurting, sad, angry and finally had enough and have been repeating the same old madness over and over again.

When this call for healing shows up, it’s like pouring golden honey type of Love into the wound, It fills us up until we are so full and deeply satisfied, we need so little of anything else, food is less of a priority, the blame and anger dwindle away. It seeps into every cell, your mind is washed clean and emotions are neutralized. That is why this is so magical and my favourite kind of Love.
It washes over me as it washes over the person receiving, and it vibrates itself out into the world through us both.

When you are called to experience what this beautiful lady experienced and watch as the body released what no longer serves you, let me know in a reply saying Clearing Cravings Session

Turn around your cravings 180°

I don’t use time as a marker to know when we are done, we take all the time we need.




5 Ways that Being Selfish get’s you the Body you crave.


5 Ways that Being ‘Selfish’ got all of us the Body we craved.

I am very happy to share this story of how Sandy becoming ‘Selfish’ made her dreams come true.

You see Sandy was listening and following her health guru’s and doing whatever they said, changing altering her food and nutrition and it all made perfect sense. She saw others get further forward and hit targets but never her.

“What am I doing wrong?”

She had a dream that she wanted to meet a guy and have a family and live happily ever after. But to enable her to meet a guy and have that family she wanted to be comfortable in her own skin.

But try as she might the weight did not shift, She had a job and life that was normal relatively stable, but there wqs something missing.

Hi I am Fiona Robertson, and I am a Body Whisperer and I help women reinvent themselves as the most Highly Spirited Women she can imagine being and bring her back to life.. Back to her reality – as naughty, Fun, up to high jinks, breaking all those good and boring habits of being good, mothers, wives, sisters, daughters, aunties and best friends. 

This High Spirited journey not only creates incredibly happy women like she is on the best happy pills ever, but completely turns around the physical body 180° so that you can have huge positive physical consequences.

To create yourself on a physical, cellular, molecular, metabolic level you only need to take care of 1 thing.

Fiona Robertson
Creating women on purpose with massive positive physical consequences.

Sandy contacted me (best decision she ever made) to discover how what I did was different and why ladies were losing weight consistently, dropping dress sizes and getting their lives in order – but with as much effort she was putting in on what others told her would work, nothing, zip, nada changed for her.

She made a wise decision to work with me for 6 months and invest in herself as she committed to herself. On that day she was already changing at a very deep level.

She had put herself first.

Understanding her desires – was seeing her driving force, but she wanted more I could feel it.

We dug down and around with simple enough questions we started to find her vital missing nutrients – not food related but life related.

She was bored – with her job but it paid the basic bills, she disliked where she lived but it gave her independence and although she was alone a lot she was OK as she liked her own company. She talked and yearned to travel again, the places, people and new adventures, the freedom of traveling was a bit of a distant dream of hers.

Spending a year out after her studies had left her in debt, as well as her education debt so she needed to work now to pay those off. She was stuck between a rock and a hard place with no hope of traveling again and had the feeling she was being suffocated. I could feel that in her body – she could hardly breathe, she hardly moved, her routine and obligations to others drained her. Constant family obligations and caring for her parents and babysitting at a moment notice

Her dreams seemed to be a very selfish need and not at all practical or achievable, but she was dying and I could feel that this was a big part of the weight not shifting. I helped her understand that feeling so that she was aware of it too and what the consequences were on her body of that energy surging through her.

We took steady steps to counteract that.

She started to adopt the 5 ways that helped her take back control and watched as her body said: “thank you”.

Firstly, she admitted that she longed to go off traveling again and felt that relief of giving herself permission that she could if she wanted to.

Secondly, we had her plan create and design a perfect travel experience to dive into it fully

Next, I asked her to be very aware of how that felt in the body when she talked about traveling and the freedom she desired; We would go into that energy a lot every time we met up.

Fourthly, we discovered other areas that gave her a similar feeling in her body, putting herself first was new to her, One thing was the thought of moving house and not renting any more which was a big but exciting decision.

Fifthly, she daringly started looking for other jobs and imagining working in other places, maybe for herself becoming a home worker. And designing more around how that would feel.

Sandy moved house in a few months and changed her job, she has put her needs before those of others and as a result she lost 4 stone in the 4 months that we worked together and is still maintaining that body she craved, she has found that she loves life again and with that her body morphed and trusted here to fulfill her own needs;

I heard her laugh, heard her stories of adventures she been on and she dropped more dress sizes and has started dating.

I watched as Sandy became the woman she wanted to be in the next phase of her life.

If you are ready to get what Sandy experienced and discover what your version of a Highly Spirited woman will be in the next phase of your life reply with SELFISH and I will make space for you in my diary

Do you remember a time when you were Highly Spirited? – She wants you to find her and then go and get her.

So much Love


I hope I have inspired you that you are not fixed or final nor is your body punishing you.

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There is so much more available for you to experience in the body you crave. Take a dive in and see all the routes to get there.

Detox opens me up to my emotions?


This has been a question that has made me very curious for a long time. I’ve known for a long time that it is well recognized that it happens, that food has a way to numb our feelings and that we use food for so many emotional and comfort reasons, but what intrigued me was, how can I adapt and live with my emotional and eating patterns, when I know what to do but help me I sometimes cannot control my cravings. They do not go away entirely, and as I clean up my diet they continue to show up and help me to be aware of my reactions and responses to situations and how I see myself. So I have to say a big fat Thank You to the fact that my need for comfort eating was in fact asking me to listen and see what I was and am actually doing.

A detox opens you up to yourself to be more aware of yourself.

A detox be that a juice fast, a colon cleanse, a raw food diet has cleaned you up raised your vibration and has taken away the heavy lower vibration foods that slow us down and slow down our mind. Food is used to numb our senses and detach us from our heart and what the body is desperate to let us hear and feel.
A detox including a short fast is the best way that I know of to get you to into a safe place where we willingly start to listen. When we stop digesting food we have the down time to re evaluate, re charge and reset all of our systems. It is one of the best ways I know to really take care of myself. And I have seen it over the past 7 years watching wildly different people get clarity and understand themselves better.

So when I was able to learn more about this I jumped at the chance to further my own investigations and to be of better service to you and have some more fun around food. I hear the same or very similar stories, time and time again. Questions and curiosities about food being your drug of choice, and how can we learn to live with it and overcome the overeating cravings. It’s all so, so serious out there, that I am happy to play with this subject for as long as it takes. I will experiment and continue to coach and run workshops around this subject and help you to get clarity for yourself about what food is calling you to really see and feel.
So to all us over eaters, binge eaters, controlled eaters and all the rest of the comfort eater types, I want you to know that I will be slowly leading you down a path of self discovery.

It is way bigger than the food we eat and how we eat and even bigger than the when and why we eat. It’s a huge subject that has got my attention and my passion rising.
Everyone has to eat, and so we cant avoid food all together. Even if we have found raw food and juices and are really healthy most of us still use food in some way and as a way to sedate ourselves, and that’s OK if we are first aware of why and what we are doing. This is just Step One.

Deeper would be to see that food and our relationship with food is a mirror of how we react in just about every relationship we have.

Its not enough to know where the patterns originated, but to go further still would be to re connect with your body so that it can personally tell you, and so that you can hear and feel when you are stressed and would normally use food as your only tool to de stress and comfort the situation.

But first wouldn’t it be great fun to suspend all of our beliefs around food, what’s good, bad, healthy, what he or she thinks are the best superfoods ever or the best diet for everyone. We are all different and we were all educated, and brought up differently, how to be with and around food, our understanding of etiquette and manners, and as we are all different we want to be fulfilled quite differently as well.

No one diet fits all.

So then we have to take responsibility for ourselves, our health, our own likes and dislikes, listen to what our bodies tell us when we eat something, or in a situation that is difficult or extreme. So experimentation and discovering is what’s called for, to go on an adventure with the food and the mood you eat in.

In daily life it’s common that we don’t ask ourselves how we feel at every turn, how did that affect me, how did that situation make me feel, so when we get a chance for the quiet time we begin to feel. For most of us that would be in the evening, when we are alone, for me when the children have gone to bed. We are alone at last and the body and heart are so happy to get our full attention, the information about the day begins to  literally flood in. There is no volume control or speed control its just a huge Woosh, and its actually very difficult to take it all in, overwhelming is a good way to describe it. So to slow down this stored reservoir of information and feelings we choose an addiction. One of the safest is food, others are drink, gambling, shopping, any form of distraction that gets you to relax and not feel the situation. Workaholics are often not aware that this too is part of their addiction pattern.
The body wants to be heard and if we don’t take time to hear it then it will make us stop and listen, accidents happen, illnesses, viruses, burnouts and situations out of our control will manifest Into our lives.

I had a telephone client recently who was using food as her nourishment and comfort but she did not know why. She wanted help to shop her habit of emptying the fridge and a wine bottle once she returned home, as the consequences were that she had gained weight and wanted to lose it and she was exhausted all the time.

The discomfort for her had reached a pinnacle point and she knew she needed help. We resolved that when she was able to feel into her body and she recognized that she needed stronger boundaries. All day long she would help out and take on more work that was her job, and she was giving away her power.
We worked on her expressing herself better with some fun exercises that we did together and we worked on expressing her anger and frustration. She can now vent her anger in a really healthy way when her boundaries have been crossed, and when she communicates she can do so from a safe place and now she feels heard and respected and especially that she is able to articulate what she wants to say.

She explains that “I can now stand up for myself and I am so proud of the way I can tell someone what I want and need. I have never felt that I can feel into my body when it’s hurt or angry, I have learned how to relax and I know what I can do. I am still learning but I feel so happy with my experiment so far. My eating is much, much better as  have realistic boundaries that I have chosen to respect, Oh and I am looking for a new job.”

A detox will open you up to be more aware and conscious of yourself. You have given your body a great and long-awaited opportunity to tell you and speak to you about what S/he needs. We need only to learn how to listen.