Are you struggling to Overcome Overeating or Starvation? – here’s what to do


STOP right there, Stop Scrolling!!!! Are you struggling with overeating and or starvation?

You have found your self here for a reason.

You are SAFE and in the right place.

Are you struggling with either of these two traits?

Are you Overeating? Finding it hard to STOP diving for your craving day after day and maybe finding your self secretly eating behind doors or when you are alone in the car or after everyone else is out of the home or office during the day or gone to bed. Then that craving starts for sugar, carbohydrates and salty snacks and won’t go away.


Are you starving? Have you stopped eating altogether and gone off all food and any kind of nourishment.

There is a deeper meaning to all of this and your patterns of how you find your self eating or not. This can all be explained and resolved.

You are SAFE here to explore, it’s time to reach those deeper reasons.

The good thing is that you have been honest with yourself and recognized the pattern, and you see what is happening and that is such a good thing when you see the patterns and the cravings when they happen – now you can start resolving it.

The bad thing is that if you don’t see the patterns or do anything with this … it will only get worse and continue to follow you around and they will get louder and louder, damaging your overall mental, emotional and physical health. That’s not only your weight, But Weight is also usually the first calling sign that there is something wrong at a deeper level and that you are being asked by your soul and at a subconscious level to something greater that needs to be released and to be let go of.

Every craving has a deeper meaning, every pattern with food has a deeper understanding for you.

Get to the root cause and neutralize it. Go into the contract you have with your body and soul an you’ll see it released and be free from food obsessions I promise.

When you are ready to resolve these patterns and resistance to being really well and feeling alive in your body. Start here; Make a note what and when you crave foods; Be thoroughly honest be willing to look and then look past the surface level and you will see what your body and soul are needing you to be aware of that does not feel goo in your body and know that its time to release that once and for all.

I hope this has been helpful to see that food and starvation are calling you to deep dive.

It took me years to understand my patterns for both binging and starvation. But once I discovered what my reasons were and went on to clear it, my cravings stopped and I enjoyed creating the body I now love to be in.

That is when I gained ‘Peace with Food’.

I wish you peace with food for the rest of your days.



What feels best to you?

2 secrets that guarantee your WILLPOWER will work this time

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2 Secrets to guarantee your WILLPOWER will work this time

We’ve all done it…

OK, today I promise myself that I’ll eat well, follow my diet – because that date is getting closer and closer I want to, have to lose some weight”.

You skip breakfast and by lunch, you’re not only hungry but your concentration has drifted and you have had such a weird morning. And if only that person (mention no names ) had not done that it would have been all OK. I would have lasted. But now I really deserve a reward for getting through all of that.

I’d be OK really and managed my low cal diet. It’s all their fault…The next day comes and repeats the day before. It is like groundhog day and each day after too, and your promise to yourself and the outfit you wanted to slip into, are getting farther and farther away from you.

It’s time for you to break that cycle of self destruct. But Willpower and you don’t get along.

Having Willpower like a rod of iron is only any good and work if you take on some of the steps I’ve identified here that make it work.

Here are 3 ways out of 12 that I’ve identified to get rock solid Willpower.

Hi, I am Fiona Robertson and the Body Renewer taking your desire for a fantasy body and making it happen from the inside out.

1. First You have to know what you want and by when. For a special EVENT maybe. Aim for a date and know by how much you want to lose. And find a way to be held accountable in a way that works for you. Map it all out.

2. You will need a firm idea of who you want to become in the next phase of your life when you have lost the desired amount and living in the body you are going after. How you will walk and talk, How will you walk that room at that function. Who are you in this new body?

3. The third factor is you need to know your BIG WHY. You really want to lose that weight and get into the body of your dreams.  So why is that important for you?

Willpower is that invisible superpower that keeps us going towards our promise to ourselves and committed to ourselves, our new selves no matter what.

It has that magic ability to get you all the way there. You’ve seen others manage and maybe you believe you can’t do it, because you have never got to know your willpower and how she works really well for you and how to put that secret weapon into action.

Last week a lovely clients told me after working with me for 4 weeks:-

“I’ve never got this far before? I believe in ME now. I want this more than anything else. I’m not frightened and I’ve been to doctors, nutritionalists, healers and none of them could make me feel about myself the way you have. I get it. I like myself, I want to feel ALIVE in my body and I like myself enough now to do the best for myself. That’s huge. Thank you” Elaine.

The good part about WILLPOWER is it makes it all look like a miracle just happened when all the time it was always you who decided and committed to you and not falling for that temporary craving.

The BAD thing about WILLPOWER it can feel like effort and force and that NEVER EVER works especially for us ladies. Our soul who is the one who manages to keep up committed to our dreams does not respond to FORCE and will actually fight against it. A woman can better resist her craving when she is clear and understands what it is there for. So let’s start to get to know what that craving is telling us.

2 secrets to guarantee your WILLPOWER will work are:

  1. Get a very precise image of who you want to be in the next phase of your life.
  2. Get a precise picture of why you want this. Go beyond the mind i.e. I want to look good, and really dive into what drives you.

One client I had for 10 months wanted to lose 2 stone and ended up losing 5 stone in those 10 months. Because she knew what she wanted and that was her willpower shining through like a soul beacon. Her inspiration and clear image of herself became her drive. To stand on stage and not hide an inch and be a brilliant leader, an authentic trainer, and inspiration to others. And NOT someone who looks like she has NOT got her shit together and is struggling with overeating.

This lady can never go back and give in to her cravings as she knows and has become so aware when she is triggered to overeat, and by who and by what and how exactly to stop her craving.

Make it EASY on yourself to have a new relationship with food and your body and follow the 7 STEPS to STOP CRAVINGS. It’s a FREE download and lets you discover your key reason for overeating and giving up on yourself. And let’s neutralize that so that you can walk the room in whatever outfit you want.

There are 3 ways of currently studying and working with me:

  1. “Feeling Priceless” 12 months. 24 weekly and 6 monthy, 1 to 1 calls (30 in all). Covering everything deep dive into the bigger trapped emotions for release, perceptions renewed and Mindset reset. The spirit is 100{6a14cc849908c46212f3d2c8a81eada984febec31535ea1cc7f55de4f8a4ba8e} involved this is £888 per month. Or £8,888.00 paid in 1 go. Includes a 6 Day Deep Dive Retreat.- IN SW FRANCE
  • This is the “222 – 2 stone in 2 months” 4 month 16 1 to 1 Calls, Uncovering mostly mental and emotional blocks and stops, and an introduction to working with spirit, 888X 4 = £3,552 or £2,222.00 paid in 1 time
  • The Personal Introduction to Your Soul and prepare for Spirit Assistance. 5 months GROUP. 20 Group calls 1 x 1to1 call to deep dive journey and get your very Personal Introduction with your Soul. And get to hear her messages to you, reconnection practices. Learn to Love you again. So that you are so sure of who you are that no rejection, bad behavior will ROCK YOU. 200 x 5 or £555. In 1 go.

What feels best to you?

How to weed out those triggers to overeating & STOP YOUR CRAVINGS


7 ways to STOP Cravings…. Weeding out those triggers to overeat

What’s Next ? Weeding …… When is it best time to weed

Spring is here and I have a garden waiting to be planted, as I was gardening and weeding all over this glorious weekend – Nothing makes me happier than a garden filled with flowers and veggies – digging over a brand new flower bed and planting in there the seeds for flowers that I had collected and or bought, and the growing seedlings I planted in March I have courgettes, green beans, butternut, tomatoes chillies and other veggies. I saw how we are all flowers of one type of another and all need the ground to be prepared so that we can grow really strong and thrive. Feel safe and be protected from strong winds, or have no nutrients to allow us to grow fully.

Just as for those plants in my garden, there are numerous factors in our own flower bed that carve out whether we have the ability to survive or not. We need to weed every now-and-then and take out the weeds that could get stronger than the flower.

You are not fixed, final or being punished if you are suffering with physical difficulties, ailments symptoms, these are all pretty much reversible.

All you need to do now is ASK me for the 7 steps to STOP Cravings technique and where to send it and I’ll see you start today in a new positive way and build brand new relationships with your food and body.

How do I ask:

Reply to this email.

Send an e mail to:

Hi I am Fiona Robertson and I hope that I can spread hope that your genes are not your destiny and in fact your genes cause less than 10% of all disease in your body.

Most of us don’t even consider our bodies as we grow up, they work, until they don’t then we seek out why not and look for blame.

There are numerous factors that carve out your ability to thrive. NUMEROUS

Why do we accept what a doctor tells us without having faith in our body to heal, what is it that takes our power away to mend and accept that this is our lot.

Your beliefs along with your relationships, the food you eat, the air you breathe, the way you handle stress, your connection and the contract with your body and soul and some other internal and external factors are what trigger how your genes get expressed physically.

If you never question your beliefs, your chemical make up, your ancestral patterns, what makes you handle stress one way whilst someone else glides through life without a hiccup or What your body and soul are pointing out to you-you may just get stuck in a rut and never fully develop and evolve into the woman you most want to be in the next phase of your life.

That’s BAD LUCK and a great shame because we can all week out the beliefs that no longer serve us, the patterns of eating, the patterns we were taught that don’t fuel us fully, we will have missing nutrients much like vitamins and minerals we will not thrive remain small and possible never flower.

YET the good thing is that regular weeding is not such a big task – but gives us the real space to grow stronger. Weeding and gently pulling out by the roots old hurts, old stories, old beliefs, and our habitual way of handling stress.

Like any good gardener knows there is a right time to pull and a right time to dig or leave it for a few more weeks – When the time is right when the moon is changing direction, the root comes out without snapping and regrowing the same weed back again. So the gardener waits and gently releases the grip of the weed on the plant she wants to grow..

I have seen and experienced age-old family contracts released in a few hours with huge physical consequences. Release of waste held onto for far too long removes itself from the body. (usually via the colon ) The energy sweeps through the body when the soul is heard and remarkable physical changes happen.

Food patterns and in particular cravings are neutralized, and with that, the need to overeat and fill in that huge empty gap with junk food and crap choices.

When you are ready to experience such a dramatic change for the better. Become free from patterns, soul contracts, family beliefs about health and relationships I have mapped out 7 Steps to STOP 80% of your cravings in 4 weeks.

To be done as a technique everytime a craving creeps in and you will find the right time to weed out what you come to know as your triggers and biggest weeds.

All you need to do now is ASK me for the 7 steps to STOP Cravings technique and where to send it and I’ll see you start today in a new positive way and build brand new relationships with your food and body.

How do I ask:

Reply to this email.

Send an e mail to:

Gardening people to flourish:- Fiona Robertson

Body Renewer and Body Whisperer


Detox opens me up to my emotions?


This has been a question that has made me very curious for a long time. I’ve known for a long time that it is well recognized that it happens, that food has a way to numb our feelings and that we use food for so many emotional and comfort reasons, but what intrigued me was, how can I adapt and live with my emotional and eating patterns, when I know what to do but help me I sometimes cannot control my cravings. They do not go away entirely, and as I clean up my diet they continue to show up and help me to be aware of my reactions and responses to situations and how I see myself. So I have to say a big fat Thank You to the fact that my need for comfort eating was in fact asking me to listen and see what I was and am actually doing.

A detox opens you up to yourself to be more aware of yourself.

A detox be that a juice fast, a colon cleanse, a raw food diet has cleaned you up raised your vibration and has taken away the heavy lower vibration foods that slow us down and slow down our mind. Food is used to numb our senses and detach us from our heart and what the body is desperate to let us hear and feel.
A detox including a short fast is the best way that I know of to get you to into a safe place where we willingly start to listen. When we stop digesting food we have the down time to re evaluate, re charge and reset all of our systems. It is one of the best ways I know to really take care of myself. And I have seen it over the past 7 years watching wildly different people get clarity and understand themselves better.

So when I was able to learn more about this I jumped at the chance to further my own investigations and to be of better service to you and have some more fun around food. I hear the same or very similar stories, time and time again. Questions and curiosities about food being your drug of choice, and how can we learn to live with it and overcome the overeating cravings. It’s all so, so serious out there, that I am happy to play with this subject for as long as it takes. I will experiment and continue to coach and run workshops around this subject and help you to get clarity for yourself about what food is calling you to really see and feel.
So to all us over eaters, binge eaters, controlled eaters and all the rest of the comfort eater types, I want you to know that I will be slowly leading you down a path of self discovery.

It is way bigger than the food we eat and how we eat and even bigger than the when and why we eat. It’s a huge subject that has got my attention and my passion rising.
Everyone has to eat, and so we cant avoid food all together. Even if we have found raw food and juices and are really healthy most of us still use food in some way and as a way to sedate ourselves, and that’s OK if we are first aware of why and what we are doing. This is just Step One.

Deeper would be to see that food and our relationship with food is a mirror of how we react in just about every relationship we have.

Its not enough to know where the patterns originated, but to go further still would be to re connect with your body so that it can personally tell you, and so that you can hear and feel when you are stressed and would normally use food as your only tool to de stress and comfort the situation.

But first wouldn’t it be great fun to suspend all of our beliefs around food, what’s good, bad, healthy, what he or she thinks are the best superfoods ever or the best diet for everyone. We are all different and we were all educated, and brought up differently, how to be with and around food, our understanding of etiquette and manners, and as we are all different we want to be fulfilled quite differently as well.

No one diet fits all.

So then we have to take responsibility for ourselves, our health, our own likes and dislikes, listen to what our bodies tell us when we eat something, or in a situation that is difficult or extreme. So experimentation and discovering is what’s called for, to go on an adventure with the food and the mood you eat in.

In daily life it’s common that we don’t ask ourselves how we feel at every turn, how did that affect me, how did that situation make me feel, so when we get a chance for the quiet time we begin to feel. For most of us that would be in the evening, when we are alone, for me when the children have gone to bed. We are alone at last and the body and heart are so happy to get our full attention, the information about the day begins to  literally flood in. There is no volume control or speed control its just a huge Woosh, and its actually very difficult to take it all in, overwhelming is a good way to describe it. So to slow down this stored reservoir of information and feelings we choose an addiction. One of the safest is food, others are drink, gambling, shopping, any form of distraction that gets you to relax and not feel the situation. Workaholics are often not aware that this too is part of their addiction pattern.
The body wants to be heard and if we don’t take time to hear it then it will make us stop and listen, accidents happen, illnesses, viruses, burnouts and situations out of our control will manifest Into our lives.

I had a telephone client recently who was using food as her nourishment and comfort but she did not know why. She wanted help to shop her habit of emptying the fridge and a wine bottle once she returned home, as the consequences were that she had gained weight and wanted to lose it and she was exhausted all the time.

The discomfort for her had reached a pinnacle point and she knew she needed help. We resolved that when she was able to feel into her body and she recognized that she needed stronger boundaries. All day long she would help out and take on more work that was her job, and she was giving away her power.
We worked on her expressing herself better with some fun exercises that we did together and we worked on expressing her anger and frustration. She can now vent her anger in a really healthy way when her boundaries have been crossed, and when she communicates she can do so from a safe place and now she feels heard and respected and especially that she is able to articulate what she wants to say.

She explains that “I can now stand up for myself and I am so proud of the way I can tell someone what I want and need. I have never felt that I can feel into my body when it’s hurt or angry, I have learned how to relax and I know what I can do. I am still learning but I feel so happy with my experiment so far. My eating is much, much better as  have realistic boundaries that I have chosen to respect, Oh and I am looking for a new job.”

A detox will open you up to be more aware and conscious of yourself. You have given your body a great and long-awaited opportunity to tell you and speak to you about what S/he needs. We need only to learn how to listen.