The Silent Weight You Carry

What on earth could be causing me to feel this way and react as I do? I boil it all down to being stressed and I know I turn to food and I know I overeat, but I can’t stop it no matter what diet I have tried I never feel satisfied. There is a […]

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How Do I Get My Appetite Under Control?


My appetite, like a few other things I could mention and for what seems to be the longest time, had been off the rails and seriously out of control. However, you could find me out at a party or social function and you could be fooled as I would insist and could kid a fair […]

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What are you hungry for?


Is that real or fake hunger your’e feeding? Have you like me battled with food obsessions, diets and then binging and overeating for what seems like your whole life? From the moment you woke up in your less than heavenly body, food became the thought at the forefront of your mind. Constant questions of what […]

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Remember you are spirit having a human experience

Spirit having a human experience

We are not human beings having a spiritual experience. We are spiritual beings having a human experience. Pierre Teilhard de Chardin This is most likely why you are battling with feeling heavenly in your earthly body, and it feels like it is misbehaving. When every day is a struggle and an uphill effort living an […]

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Why is my body doing this to me?


Soul messages in physical symptoms What does your soul really want to say to you? In 2012 My body felt like nothing I had ever experienced before. It felt like I was made of lead, I arranged myself slowly and reached up grabbing my hair into a pony tail, and then pulled my head off […]

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Why is it so difficult to eat healthily?


“I know what to eat but can’t do it”. I hear her sigh out load. Why oh why was it so difficult to eat healthily, I have heard myself say all too often. You see, I’ve replaced my food and junkie habits numerous times over the years, so I know the pain of embarrassment and disappointment when […]

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Feeding your Soul, Not your Face


If your ‘weighty’ thinking does not change, even if you do lighten up considerably on the flesh. You will sadly retain an overwhelming urge to gain it all back. It is far less important how or what you eat or how quickly you lose it, and immensely more important how holistically you lose the weight […]

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Diets, detox and deprivation to a sacred divine journey


Since I was a skinny12 years old I was dieting and depriving myself of food, judging food as bad and preparing myself not to get fat, just like I was told to do. Following the examples of other women struggling with their bodies. Progressing then into my 30’s and 40’s onto detoxing, raw food and […]

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Introduction to Living From Your Soul


What Happened when my Soul Said “Hello” My Soul came to me and loudly said “Hello”. I recall the very morning as If it was yesterday. It was in early 2002 on an early cool morning before I got up and was to be going to my company that I had created several years before […]

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