Why Diets Don’t Work For You anymore?

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Questions about which diet should I follow often come into my mail box and message box, which diet is best for diabetes? which diet is best for fast fat release? which diet is best for reducing the swollen belly?

I am not going to tell you what you should or should not eat because I know that your choice of diet is firmly based on your beliefs about nutrition and food and that will be at the forefront of your mind. Because I believe and trust from experience that your beliefs are what will actually create your health for you.

Some believe that diets are the only way to get back into the body they crave and live a happy and normal life, and others who believe exercise is everything and others who have tried everything begin to believe that there is something else at stake here.

So if you believe that a diet will improve your chances to regain your body and vitality, then it most likely will try yet another diet. I know you will still continue to try every diet until you’ve tried them all because that is your belief, so why not add in these complementary aspects that see that the next diet actually works this time.

Quite frankly, I am not a fan of diets per say. For one thing, your natural health system and immunity is complex and personal to you as an individual. It involves much more than a simple change in nutrition to alter your bodies physical reducing the size and weight response. In addition, all diets have a form of force and restriction which has your body holding onto and storing fuel as fat due to the panicked brain being in fear of starvation and living on a limited supply of food and satisfactory.  These are as toxic to your system as eating junk food, which also has your body starving of nutrition, your body will have lost all trust that you will ever eat normally and your metabolism is now shot or worse, on the very verge of irreparable.

I have written extensively about the fatal and debilitating “side effects” of the diet industries products on the shelf to tempt you to take pills and powders. And there has been no evidence since then to convince me in the benefits of continuing on the restrictive calorie diet or fake food path, regardless of the delusional adverts trying to convince you otherwise. The bodies inability to lose weight and keep it off or in a cycle of regaining the same weight over and over again is evidence enough for me, that this diet or product is not the trick that you hoped it would be.

I am equally opposed to any strict alteration of food without taking into consideration of someone’s personal history, as well as what they are currently struggling with at home or in their career or what they carry with them from years of broken relationships or abusive childhood events and for many other reasons the body is seemingly misbehaving, that I won’t get into here.

But, whatever you believe, one thing is for certain: When you diet, you’re altering your metabolic, fuel, gut bacteria, hormones and your immune systems are all disrupted. So, needless to say, if you plan to diet for any reason, be sure to read the following guidelines and ask the right questions that concern you personally, and weigh up the facts about each diet option so that you can make an informed holistic decision about what you are potentially feeding and putting into your mind, body and soul

When deciding to start a new diet program does it take into consideration these 7 steps:

  1. Your personal goal, in 3 reachable & believable stages for you
  2. Your current state of mind and set out a clear step by step re training of your mind and re programming in new beliefs
  3. Your level of sleep and time to gather evidence and assimilate what you are re learning
  4. Your hormone levels and which chemical culprits need turning off to stop the hording of fat
  5. Your hormone levels and which chemicals need turning on to access the fat stored
  6. Does it feed your soul, nurture & feed your appetite for life
  7. Does it clearly have you stepping into character of that body of the healthy person you fantasize about in every detail to train your mind and experience of how life will be as a woman who has won and loves her body.

If your diet program does not cover any of these steps as well as being personally guided to which nutrition suits your specific Body Code because of your beliefs and circumstances, then you are only looking at 10% of the whole picture and missing the real juice, of what can really make your body happy on the inside and go onto create a new experience for you with Peace with Food and in the NIP.

Fiona Robertson

Soul Parnering

Feeding your soul so you never need to feed your face again

2 ways of working with me.

1. Peace with Food

Peace with Food and Attitude is a 60 day support and coaching program to see you fall in love with yourself again, in a body and mind that feels strong, resilient, FULL of energy and healthy.

We will work through this together – during the next 8 weeks you will learn how to nourish yourself again that is best to support your personal health goals. Your body will thank you as you start a love affair with healthy food, and a healthy attitude never look back.

2. Consultation Call.

Take 20 minutes to discover yourself as the healthy slim person you fantasize about becoming, with all of your fears, worries and reasons for overeating cast aside.

PM me or e-mail me on Info@fionarobertson.co

Change Starts At Home & Happens From The Inside


It’s an Inside Job – The only person You can change in You

Coming to you from behind our desks from inside our homes, Nikki Gangemi and I discuss the ways you can change from the inside out.

The decisions we made and how we got over the fear of making big changes for ourselves.

What we both strongly believe that we are being given a unique opportunity right now to make a massive change in the way that we choose to operate, the decisions we make that empower ourselves to seek out what we value and what we want most.

This is not a time to remain average and doing what you have always done just to pay your bills. You and I and we all have an opportunity in front of us right now to make the changes we have said we want to see.

NEVER settle for mediocre when you can have amazing, NEVER accept half measures or have the attitude of “that will do, and that’s enough for me’ but instead design and create your days ahead with what matters most to you.

Never before have we had the time and been in a better time to retreat and reboot ourselves as the confident empowered self-thinking and self-knowing, creative being we are here to be. Your imagination is the strongest most potent tool you have for changing your circumstances, having a new relationship with your self, others, your career and with your body and soul. You get to choose how the rest of your life will pan out.

In this interview, we talk candidly about that feeling when you reach that pivotal point and are feeling dead inside and suffocated and maybe have questions like “Is this all there is?” and then the journey to discovering that life has so much more to offer you once you decide to put yourself first.

It’s like experiencing ‘chalk and cheese’ and moving from living life in shades of grey to walking under the rainbow into the multicolored, vibrant fully sensory life, with heightened sounds, tastes, and experiences. It’s a world party just waiting for you to take that quantum dive into.

Coming home to you and recreating yourself as the woman winning the world requires you making choices and partnering up with yourself as your soul self. It can feel really scary and can feel like you are about to die or disappear, and maybe you will disappear but only as you are today. However equally, if you stay in your mediocre life you will equally feel you have disappeared and have that feeling that you have died somewhere inside too, living in that grey zone feeling bored, frustrated and you’ve missed out on the life you fantasized about.

You get to choose who you want to be for the next phase and the rest of the phases of your life.

Are you curious and ready to partner with your Soul and take a leap of faith. Only to be caught by the safety net of your Soul who will never see you fall or fail. She has you, as is the most powerful superhero you can imagine and all of that is held within YOU.

Your Soul LoVes you more than you can imagine, always has and always will.

Your Soul is more powerful than you can comprehend- its smarter than a computer and more powerful than nuclear warfare. Your soul is endless, infinite and timeless and it’s waiting for you to say Hello.

“The Soul is the truth of who we are”- Marianne Williamson

Your Soul has been with you for lifetimes and can bring to you whatever you desire. You only have to ask and show her what you desire and she will work miracles and move mountains to deliver that to you.

Have faith in yourself, you are not alone and partner up with your soul so that you get to know yourself better and better and have the freedom you seek.

If you like this interview let us know in the comments.

if you can’t wait to meet and partner with your Soul Tell us in the comments.

Work Life Balance on It’s An Inside Job.


It’s an inside job as we see our work-life balance change and possibly never return to the way it was.

So many maybe will want to continue being home workers liking the whole experience and many more may want to start up a new career for themselves because of the opportunity of experiencing staying at home.

Maybe offices will be open to having far more home workers and we will be a huge population of home workers.

Google and a few other forward-thinking companies have for years now has encouraged home working, with the addition of family days and pet days at work all designed to keep people happy and merge the work-home balance. They have designed special desks for their sporty and health-conscious and more mobile workers to use whilst working. Nothing should be overlooked to keep your team and staff happy.

Knowing that a happy workforce is a far more productive workforce.

Many companies have been supportive with forward-thinking and started bringing in back massage therapists, meditation rooms and I have certainly supplied a few creative teams with several ‘Home Detox Box’ which is an entire digestive cleanse, short fasting guide and gut health kit that has been instrumental in increasing creativity with some top design teams.

By offloading the stress and toxins clogging up the pathways to creativity clever innovative directors of these creative teams have seen an improved outcome of freeing up the mind to be more imaginative and has improved the ongoing creativity of their teams.

The whole word ‘work’ even brings up thoughts, feeling and visions of a bad day at the office.

Many will also miss the interaction of work colleagues and separating the home from work. Most will now be wondering how they can re structure and be more efficient products in the coming months and its time to think outside the box.

How can you emerge as a different version of yourself and enjoy your work in a different way?

I’m speaking to Karen Burge in this episode of It’s an inside job, who says your route to market needs to be thought of carefully and for these times especially maybe just outside the box. When it comes to anyone from a smaller business or even to a large business? It’s best to think differently. This is the time for entrepreneurs to serve the community in ways that they never imagined they would too.

Online is set up for so many services that can be brought online where the old face to face was normal.

Therapists who are hands-on set up your date base collect email addresses to stay in touch with your clients. Some of you can even do consultations and offer advice in your area of specialty.

I for one have altered my contact with people and am tuning in with the needs of women to see if its the right time for me to connect with them.

This is a skill I used when I ws inviting workmen to assist me in the house and now I use it to guide me for clients and who to work with

This comes through with soul partnering and learning how to connect soul to soul with others. Soul to Soul connection also helps y-you to get the very best out of any situation. This will be an invaluable skill that is much needed in the years to come, as we can feel into the truth of everything which is far more reliable a guide than we think.

You can FEEL into a company or a person you want to work with that might sound perfect, but what if you can feel what it would be like to stand next to and be and work with that person, does that feel easy or a struggle, or take that product you may like to get or use now you can discover if it is the right product for you or if there is a better one and keep searching.

This opens up a whole new way of operating that is far more effeicient

This makes life and decisions far easier to know what’s right for you. This is the year and opportunity to partner up with your soul and listen to your intuitive.

Enjoy this episode of it’s an inside job and check out the others that are available on It’s an inside job you tube from relationships to wealth.

How could you emerge as the phenomenally strong woman who is in charge of her life, her business and her realtionships?



Everything I do, I believe challenges your status quo and the normal ways of seeing and doing things when it comes to the body.

I believe in thinking differently. I believe in putting your deepest desires to the challenge and watching you transform beyond all of your possible expectations

Stay Home – Stay Out Of Trouble


It’s an inside job

I believe I am experiencing this stay home rule as a gift

So many positive things can come out of staying at home

Are you able to see it as a gift?

Here is the daily inspiration from Maria McMahon. and Myself on how to emerge a new woman – after a spell indoors, A long retreat to consider what you value the most about living

First, take time out to decide who you want to be and take steps over the next weeks to have a brand new relationship with YOU.

It’s an inside job to create a brand new relationship with you. I admit that takes some courage to discover what you really like, dislike and what you want instead, without dabbling and discovering what makes you tick and happy to get up in the morning

It’s an opportune time to know what you value for example: values look like : Freedom, Love, Adventure, Fun,

If you find that you are suddenly working from home you may have the opportunity and extra time on your hands to rework your career, relationships and find that you don’t actually like some elements but become aware when your values are not installed into your day. And that’s enough to make you feel crappy, exhausted, angry and overlooked and at the end of the day over eat, or drink and turn to self-sabotage behaviors.

There is a silver lining and a golden opportunity to be grabbed here.

Never before have we had as long to self reflect and make the changes in our relationship to ourselves, to have the time to create new closer relationships with ourselves and our family, find a new lasting peace with food and a whole new attitude to boot.

What if you were to emerge like a butterfly unrecognizable from your cacoon

30 days is all it takes to transform your mind, body and reach your soul and see who you are and fall in love with yourself – 60 or 90 days is better but just see what 30 days can bring you.



Everything I do, I believe challenges your status quo and the normal ways of seeing and doing things when it comes to the body.

I believe in thinking differently. I believe in putting your deepest desires to the challenge and watching you transform beyond all of your possible expectations

If you can’t Go outside go Inside – It’s an Inside Job


It’s an inside job.

Being under house arrest, confinement or maybe you call in quarantine, we can panic or we can learn a new skill and take it as an exciting opportunity to upgrade yourself energetically, mentally and physically and be a whole new person in 3, 4 weeks or could it be months.

The uncertainty could be bothering you more than staying at home. Most might say

“Say at home! – Don’t mind if I do…”.

Who will you emerge as in a few months?

This can be seen as a burden or an opportunity. Your opportunity to set in motion a brilliant intention and challenge your thinking and current status quo, and make positive changes to your health, work, family relationships do all those things you have been avoiding because you have NO time, or because you don’t know how. Well, guess what you now have time to develop the skills that are going to be needed in the new world.

Getting the most positive aspects of being confined to home.

Isabelle and I are coming to you from behind our desks ( in France) and inside our own homes as we are lockdown with Coronavirus.

And we are asking you and each other what can you do in 3 to 6 or 12 weeks that will be hugely positive to you?

A detox

Clear the wardrobe

Write a book

Get your CV up to date

Drop that dress size with a 7 day 7 lb plan

Read inspirational self development books

Upgrade your mindset to support your new career or relationship

Clear out the kitchen and make space for great new stuff

Make headway in a major project

Learn to meditate

Say “hello’ to your Soul and have her on board with you guiding you daily.

What would be the very best version of you that could emerge from this time at home?

What changes would you like to see you have accomplished that you have dreamed of for the last 10 years?

How could you emerge as the phenomenally strong woman who is in charge of her life now that she knows what she values the most?



Everything I do, I believe challenges your status quo and the normal ways of seeing and doing things when it comes to the body.

I believe in thinking differently. I believe in putting your deepest desires to the challenge and watching you transform beyond all of your possible expectations

It’s An Inside Job with Key Relationship Advice

It’s an inside job when you cant communicate very well and you are all trapped under one roof;

Michele Wilmott and I discuss how best to cope and see the ways you can change yourself and your perception and attitude so that you can be seen and heard.

The techniques we share are simple to use and make a world of a difference when it comes to smoothing out the confrontations in the house that we will be shut in for weeks on end.

It’s no laughing matter when things get heated and you fall out and can’t run away and rather than 2 hours a day in someone’s company you find that you are 24/7 under the same roof. But here is help at hand. you can do several of the techniques shared and feel the pressure lift off and practice a new attitude for yourself and experience a brand new relationship with your partner, family members well as with yourself.

It’s an inside job as the only person who can change in any situation is you

If you can’t go outside go inside – take time to reflect on your relationships and how you can communicate better with your loved ones.

Get really great tips from Michele on how to start conversations, the first words and say what matters to you.

I am here supporting women to reconnect with herself and have a brand new relationship with her mind, body and soul. You get to choose the body you create and how you reinvent yourself for the next and easier phase of your awesome life.

It’s An Inside Job


It’s an inside job –

We are in a phase where we can’t go outside so, let’s go inside instead.

I believe we are being given an opportunity to discover what really makes us tick and what we value.

Here in France we are on day 9 and every day I am making a log on my facebook page on what I learned being isolated and confined to the house; Under 1 rood with my family

I have been interviewing wise women in my circle of excellence who have all overcome adversity and gone on to thrive and who have unique coping strategies that make a world of a difference to how you manage every day. From communication in relationships, getting over narcissistic abuse from partner or family members, keeping your energy high when everything is falling about your ears, how to survive and turn your business around.

Today on It’s An Inside Job I was talking to Katheryn Hope today all about how to stay in positive energy and not be influenced by the drama, crisis, and fear all around us. But to emerge stronger learn something new that will set you up as a phenomenal person who will navigate your world with compassion and know your self so well that no one’s assessment of you has power over you. Because no one gets to know you better than you.

It is an inside job – because the only person we can change is us, not the rest of the world.

For myself and I know I speak for Katheryn Hope too, your soul is calling for you to listen closely, tune in and understand that the physical symptoms you get or issues in relationships or the loss of work as a gift and see your soul’s intervention in your life and what’s at hand. What your soul is asking you to change, upgrade and consider doing differently, retrain your brain, thoughts feelings and get ahead of the panic by becoming a feeling being.

I have overcome many physical issues that I now see were attracting my attention to make 180° changes to my thinking and beliefs. Once I did the symptoms from sciatica, ring worm, ovarian cysts, digestion issues, ripping my calf muscle, headaches, hot flushes – all of which vanished in a matter of days.

What a great time to be doing this, to come home to yourself and discover what you really value and cherish.

If not now then when?

Your soul is waiting to say “HELLO!”

Relationship expert gives tips how to survive under 1 roof

Want more support so you can emerge as a whole new you.

Take a look here. PEACE – discover inner peace that feeling you seek where you cope extremly well. Peace with food and attitude is a 12 week program to re set and re calibrate you from struggling with everything to feeling safe and sound and in control

Stay home stay safe stay well Emerge a new you. Re born like from a Crysalis to butterfly


The 3 reasons women don’t reach their goals of living in the body they fantasize about

The 3 reasons women don’t reach their goals of living in the body they fantasize and would feel more confident in

  1. Don’t believe its possible for them –

She says things like – “Its Ok for these other women who reached their goals, but I don’t believe I can do it”

A women who has attempted and tried everything been on a new diet every year is at a slight disadvantage to herself, however as I have witnessed she can and will with a change in her attitude make it work perfectly for her too, she will go further than ever before and sustain it.

This woman sadly has built up a pile of evidence that is working against her because she has lost confidence in her body, and her ability and has been losing the same amount over and over again and never getting it to last.

She has been there and done that got the T-shirt and that evidence piles up against them.

What’s the step she needs to take now? Simple, to believe it is possible for her, she’s done years of hard work and effort and the next step to take is a one small step compared to the hard slog of diets and do the inner work that will get

2. Have No idea what life will be like once they are living in that body.

Women have the misconception that they will feel great and have all the confidence they need once they get there and have the body they fantasize about

But, without knowing what living in a body like that entails they will certainly

A woman wants to have a baby and wants to get pregnant with her love, and then one day she does get pregnant and she about to become a mother. It takes 9 months to have her get ready and believe she is going to a mother.

She can visualize it, feel it as if it is real, she dreams and tells everyone who will listen that it’s going to happen.

The same way a woman who wants a body that makes her feel confident to stand on stage and glow as a radiant woman will dream of what its like to stand on stage with her arms out stretched not hiding an inch of herself. Talking to her audience, planning her talk and walking through the steps up to the stage in the outfit she has chosen that shows her off as the smart, sassy innovative pioneer that she is.

3. Running an old program of thoughts and self-depreciation is a program that needs reinstalled and rest urgently.

You are the most powerful computer ever built? There is no computer than can match your mind, the thousands of thoughts you have every second, the impressions that your eyes filter for you, and the sounds you filter out all in a single heartbeat. The program you are running can be in need of a serious upgrade as its telling you that you can’t each the other levels without a new set of self talk.

Your self-talk is the only element that is limiting your achievements.

One client called it running on her ‘fat brain’ and the thoughts that told her she was still stuck in the body and deserved that body even although she lost the weight she never stayed there, until she did the internal work and accepted a program upgrade and downloaded it and ran it.

How to be a woman having her way with the world.


A woman having her way with the world, well wouldn’t that be fun.

Today as I walked around the supermarket I did not reach for the foods that I would have 10 years ago, because at the time I felt I deserved a treat at the end of the day or that the weekend was here and I need something extra sweet or fulfilling.

It came as a shock all those years ago that I was hiding behind the mask of being happy and acting as if life was perfect and I was in control.

I know now that I can say at the end of the day ‘I am a satisfied woman’, who has pretty much the whole package, and all the ‘missing nutrients’ that once I lacked are now in place or I am consciously playing with them to ramp them up and see them arrive as sure as the sun comes up tomorrow.

Walking past the crisps and not being drawn and compelled to put these big family size bags in my trolley is a revelation to me, as I am just not attracted to them any longer. I am at peace with food as well as in my body and in my days.

Gone are the days I would crunch on these bags on the way home and hide the wrappers, just because I was dissatisfied with my lot in many areas of my life. I felt deserving of more and do you know what I was deserving of more, much more.

Discovering my ‘missing nutrients’ back in 2005 changed everything that I accepted and attracted into my life, and the opportunities I had had at my fingertips all along. I became the woman who wanted the whole package. I was being shown, nudged and guided how to improve my days beyond recognition so I could have it all.

Experimenting with the energy of attraction & being curious about the energy that you or I are in is my forte, so imagine this, when I started receiving opportunity after opportunity that I had felt would be more fun and certainly fulfilling.

* I sold my house for more than any estate agent said it was worth and in 1 weekend, once I altered my energy and thoughts

° I attracted a partner that matched every one of my desires within a couple of months, once I changed my thoughts and energy around what I wanted precisely to feel with him by my side

* I found a house that matched all the specifications I had listed, location, price, number of rooms and potential of building two studios

* I dropped 2 dress sizes and wore dresses that I would never have felt comfortable in before

* I found the exact person to help me write my book about how to play and invite in energy

* I got invited to be a speaker in a room full of women to share how energy works in business and how to attract what you desire

To be a woman having her way with the world
demands certain steps are followed…..But it is SO WORTH IT. To feel fulfilled in every area of your life and you can have that too.

Finding your inner PEACE and that fulfilled feeling is the first step to feeling at the end of the day that it was a good day and you ca, say “I am a satisfied woman and feel fulfilled”.

There is a common misconception that once you achieve the Million turnover mark you will be fulfilled, or when you have the body you feel priceless in, you will be satisfied, but there is always something missing and I and dozens of satisfied women can now testify that comes from inside you not from outside you. Not with external things that the money can buy for you or from wearing that killer dress and getting the recognition you crave.

What parts of your life need an overhaul challenge to start getting you the whole package that YOU deserve? Because you are worth it….

I challenge you to take a look at the focus wheel and fill in each section with the important areas of your life: each segment represents – Family, work, health and fitness, finances, partner, leisure time, social & friends

Then – mark each segment with the center being low satisfaction and the outer circle being high satisfaction and complete fulfillment

Take a look at the whole picture of your life and see and be aware of what needs your immediate attention.

If you spend a long time on your work and finances, yet miss health and the feeling you love your body enough to run along the beach like Bo Derrick when you go on that perfect tropical Island holiday or have yet to experience real love and a deep connection with a mate then just acknowledge that. These missing nutrients are yours for the taking.

A Woman Winning the World and having her way with the world is using specific skills that are never taught in Business College or by most coaches, because they don’t know them yet. They only know hard work, strategy and effort, not real magic of how to get real fulfillment and use that energy to your benefit.

Your next step is to be open and honest with yourself and find out what these missing nutrients are for you.

With so much love
Fiona Robertson

Everything I do, I believe challenges your status quo and the normal ways of seeing and doing things when it comes to feeling it in the body.
I believe in thinking differently. I believe in putting your deepest desires to the challenge and watching you transform beyond all of your possible expectations

Ready to take your self on an internal journey to find and install a new program. https://www.fionarobertson.co/peace-with-food-and-attitude/

Listening to your body lets you own the Ultimate Designer Dress


Vicky had a very special event to attend in 3 months time and she had just the very outfit picked out. She had seen a red lace straight fitted dress that finished just above the knee and had little sleeves and a scoop neck. The perfect outfit that was sleek, sassy and professional for the event she was going to, and she wanted so, so much to feel confident and comfortable and certainly not tugging and adjusting her dress all afternoon and night.

The event she was off to was a conference where she had been invited to stand on stage and share her ideas about how business was changing and how to be a leader amongst women.

She wanted to wow the delegates and be taken seriously and still be seen as provocative and with innovative ideas.

Now I asked her not to buy the dress in the size she was but order it in the next size down or she would only have to take the original dress back in 2 months.

Huh? She exclaimed

I explained with no doubt in my mind that she would need at least one size smaller than she was settling for.

I had seen this many time before with the radical methods I was about to share with her, that she would drop the excess weight she was carrying and with that feel even more confident in doing so, and walk up on stage feeling taller and so proud.

One of the things I had her do was walk into the shop and try on the dress and feel it against here skin. To wear the shoes and bag and jacket if she had one and feel exactly the texture and weight of the material, feel the zip how it felt going up, the hem how did it skim against her knees and how did it sound as she walked the whole length of the shop. How much room did she want inside the dress as she moved, sat down, stood up and stepped up onto a stage.

We added in as much detail as possible and had her memorise this the shade of red, the feel of the lace under her painted finger nails and how it felt putting it on and walking around.

With this memory implanted on her thoughts and feelings she was ready to use here imagination and show here body what it was that she wanted to experience the feelings exactly as she wanted to experience them.

The day came and Vicky was getting dressed and in her bedroom with her nails all done and shoe at the ready, she slipped on the dress and did up the zipper.

She walked down the hall way to finish her hair and make up and glanced sideways as she caught herself in the mirror, and she stopped and remembered this is exactly how I knew it would feel to wear this dress, and this dress is loose fitting and its 2 sizes smaller that the dress I was going to order 2 moths ago. I did it! I actually did it. I stopped worrying about how I was going to look and I did it.

 The next few steps she took were slower, prouder and she grew taller.

She looked at herself in the mirror in her bathroom and she radiated a huge smile towards herself and said again “We did it!”

A couple of insane months of getting to know things about myself and understanding what was influencing and affecting me and I’ve been reborn, 50lbs of heavy pain lifted off and gone for good.

I see now that I am what makes the ultimate designer dress not the other way around. I am priceless and have re valued myself,

Just as she left the bathroom mirror she had to admit to herself that she felt priceless.

I dare you to go on a virtual shopping spree, walk into that exclusive dress shop like the film ‘pretty woman’ and try on all of those gowns that you’d love to wear and then see how they feel against your skin. Keep the dream alive.

Listening to your body is how you create the ultimate designer dress look from the inside out.