SOS “I’m about to lose it all!!!” This week I received an SOS call from a very successful well-regarded lady who just had to tell someone. That she was about to lose it all. How could she admit that to everyone?

That she was about to lose it all and experience it all just vanish, her business name, all the assets, and programs, and have no access to her funds and investments from years of work. Everything had gone BAD and I feel I need to FIGHT even harder.

She had just 2 weeks to prepare a negotiation and fight for what she had worked hard for and created as her livelihood.

She was feeling so scared, desperate and angry and knew that she had to find a new way to survive. Our discussion went down a track that was guided for her with revealing questions and assisted her to see what was in fact happening, what had been created and how to handle it energetically, and rather than diving into the pain, suffering, and need to fight her way out what we saw was that she soared out of this situation. You cannot fight the situation back into peace.

You cannot do this with the same mind that created it. After the initial intensive preparation of 2 weeks, she was wearing her new identity. No longer desperate or angry or scared of the journey ahead, which would have only attracted more devastation, more fights, but instead with her true wit and humour and grace that revealed so much more than she ever expected.

“I came to you because I felt compelled to, it was like a strong craving that would not go away, you popped up in my mind again and again at the moments I needed solace and understanding. I had worked so hard and about to lose it all. But what happened next blew my mind. What I feel and know now is that it was meant to be.

I am back all the stronger for it, LOVING myself so profoundly, not only did I get a new angle on what and how I serve my people into the next phase, but I let go of so much more, including my old identity’s need for extra 4 dress sizes, as they represented what I was holding on to and fighting for, that was well and truly in the past. I am a completely new woman and I see now why you came into my life” “ Thank you”.

Amanda F.W. Blythe

That feeling that is currently terrifying you and about to rip your life apart, can you see it as a sign, an opportunity, a soul intervention for a new identity?

How would your old identity deal with this?

How will your NEW identity deal with this?

Time to get serious. YOU can achieve a radical shift too, but you will need gentle assistance to alter the mindset that holds you down and away from what you want to experience. Your beliefs will always pull you back to where you created that experience

If you find that you are indeed ready to accept assistance and be prepared to create from a place of what you come into alignment with – you will then experience. Go ahead and join in the next 90-day training.

This will be the most honest, impactful and radical training yet with insight as to what has created you and your situation so far and I guarantee will challenge your current way of thinking.

This is for you as a woman ready to let go of the rituals of what you think you as the body need.

Are you ready for a radical experience and to be in a love affair with yourself?

Set your intention to create change in 90 days and have your eyes opened to see what you are guided to let go of in your mind and body.


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