How Your Inside Story Will Make a Huge Difference in Your World


I believe making a difference to your world all starts and ends with you (Change your INSIDE Story)

Heading through The Cook and Fiji Islands towards our final destination with just a ruck sac and a pile of CD’d, I started to have a creeping sense of misgiving. What on earth was I doing? And why was it I felt such a feeling of resentfulness from the locals towards a the travellers arriving on these paradise islands?
I was 8 months in to a 12 month round the world trip and never felt so uneasy in any destination Id been to. I kept hearing stories or misfortune and bad experiences befalling travellers.
I’d already travelled through South Africa in an open sided lorry into sole rough neighbourhoods and never felt nervous or felt the need to lock my ruck sac to the bed. Same in Singapore, Thailand, Australia, and New Zealand I never felt any misgivings, but now heading to the USA via the Cook and Fiji Islands which had posters displaying tropical paradise Islands. Well, I’d never felt so wary. You could not relax your guard for one second in these places.
Thankfully when we got into Fiji we were warned about the locals, and we got to meet a few colourful characters on a local bus, as we found our way to a safe haven on the coast and some glorious days diving on the reef.
Followed by literal hell.
Next stop The Cook Islands! That’s my advice. The miserable welcome and fake smile you could literally see through the people waiting in line to take your travellers money? And the rolling of their hands when they asked for your money was an obvious sign. Myself and my travelling companion for this stage of my travels set off for beach hut we had booked has a short board walk to the sea. It looked ideal.
From all the negativity I was experiencing I got a strong urge that I needed to change the statements I was hearing my self say, and made a quick decision to change the way I was thinking or else this was going to get horribly worse, and who knows what would befall myself and my travelling companion.
I started an internal story of what I wanted to happen for myself and set up my new experience, ignoring the lousy service and treatment I’d received so far from the locals. I strongly suggested my travel companion did the same.
Needles to say he didn’t.
I took a nap when we arrived and then stepped out of the cabin to meet my companion on the pier. He asked if I’d locked the cabin and I said no. (Having faith my stuff was safe).
When we walked the few steps back all of his CDs, Cd player and speakers were stolen.
Now the odd thing was that they had been under My Cd and speakers and they thief would have to my CD player and CD’s to get to his.
Happily the thief only touched his stuff and not a single CD of mine or my CD or Speakers were missing.
We naturally reported theft and were made to wait for a very long day in the police odffice on the island, then verbally threatened by the police officer in charge. Astonishing behaviour and no doubt an aunty of the well known petty criminal.
Here’s the thing.
Even though the journey felt daunting at times, I knew how to protect and change circumstances for myself by telling a new internal story. With a turn of phrase I knew that I was safe so allowed me to go for all the adventures I wanted to have, and by integrating a new story I saw and got the experiences I wanted to have.
Even when the path ahead of me wasn’t clear, I guided myself internally through it,which altered how the world responded to me.
I noticed that I inspired people all along the way with my experiences, and then more so when I shared my magical change of circumstances in my journey with friends back home.
The hardest bits in these travels when turned around became the best stories in the end.
I grew through each experience. It changed my life for the better as I use this in every aspect of my business and life today.
Tackling my ability to sustain a clear perspective and maintain a strong focus in your business will be just like this.
It will feel daunting and off putting, especially at the beginning with so little time and expertise of being internally conscious of the stories you tell.
But the rewards for you of going on that journey will be nothing more than great.
I coach people who are ready to change their stories that aren’t serving them, and design a new inside story that radically has the world respond to you in radical ways.
Want to know what having me as your personal guide looks like?
DM me for help with your getting a clear focus on the inside story for the outcome you want to achieve for your business.

The Radiant Shift: Why You need Divine Guidance

Woman-at-desk-getting intuitive-hits

In a world on the cusp of transformative change, where the boundaries between the ordinary and the extraordinary are blurring, an invitation stands before you.

A call to step into a new realm of existence, to awaken dormant powers within, and to master the art of resonating at a frequency so brilliant that it draws the universe’s most wondrous offerings to your doorstep.

This is not just another self-help guide; it is the key to unlocking the essence of your soul’s purpose and experiencing life as you’ve never known it before.


“Embracing Practical Magic for Divine Guidance” beckons you to leap from the old ways of doing things and using your old patterns of survival and step into a fresh paradigm of understanding and creation.

As the winds of change sweep through the collective consciousness, this way of operating stands as your steadfast companion, illuminating your path toward your highest potential connected with your soul and receiving guidance.

In these processes that I share, you will discover a simple yet profound truth: your frequency and your thoughts shape your reality.

The process of making a slight but revolutionary adjustment to your way of being, leading to an astonishing transformation of thoughts, feelings, and manifestations. By aligning with higher states of consciousness, you will witness the extraordinary magic that unfurls around and within you.

It’s as if the universe itself conspires to bring forth the people, events, and opportunities that are aligned with your desires and dreams.


From the very first step into the realm of heightened frequencies, you’ll find that a newfound radiance emanates from your being. It’s a departure from the familiar and an embrace of the extraordinary. Yet, as you traverse this uncharted terrain, it’s natural to encounter moments of uncertainty and challenge. This is where you will need extraordinary guidance to show you what is coming up to be cleared so you can go on and create miracles. Your soul is here to accompany you as you navigate these unexplored waters, shedding the weight of old baggage, and allowing your pure essence to flourish.


Watch as your business and life transform when you invite in the Purity of your soul to run the show


Are you listening and hearing the call? Be at the ready to embark on the most spiritual journey with you business and you at the helm in a new way.

Are you incorporating Spiritual Guidance into your business?


Are you incorporating Spiritual Guidance into your business?

If not, I get it.
I used to run my spiritual work super-secretly and on the
side – because I was afraid of being seen, afraid of being judged and -crazily- I thought I would lose money ifpeople knew I was doing this work… (even though I kept receiving endless divine messages to do exactly the opposite!)

I had clients and helped them for their weight or business and all the while I was tuning in and seeing the stories they told and how that harmed their success. Eventually I got them to tell new stories and involve their own soul to guide them in all things.

What actually happened was that I decided to face up to the fact that I was intuitive and could make things happen when I changed the internal story I was telling myself. It had saved my time, money and effort and found me the right people, house’s for the perfect price in the perfect location, business leads and altered my relationships so when I finally listened to those messages and showed up publicly and fully in my gifts

I called in a much bigger picture

To wrote a book created courses for a wider audience of people who 100% wanted my intuitive services and coaching, I brought in more money than ever before and created a thriving full-time business.

You get what I’m saying? Receiving divine guidance was the answer to my prayers for a business I could enjoy.

Listening then to what my intuition & spiritual guides ( who are dragons )were suggesting I took action on, and telling me when I asked questions meant I followed my guidance into taking actions I would never have thought of . The guidance kept coming and I received the key that unlocked my business.

And part of that guidance was to publicly admit that “I am really quite good at listening to what your business wants and needs and seeing what you’re not seeing and hearing what you are and what you’re not saying.” This skill, combined with my decades of experience of body whispering allows me to bring precise and direct divine guidance to my clients, but better still allows them to get their own Divine Guidance.

Divine Guidance is the key to unlocking your more profitable business.

Savvy entrepreneurs & leaders (think Oprah, Steve Jobs, and many many more) admittedly have connected with their inner self as their high-level spiritual guidance, that inform them of the next step.


Luckily for you – you get to learn from my mistakes and bring in the divine guidance that you and your business are craving right now.

Sound Good?

The Mystical Power of Divine Guidance: A Journey Beyond Limits 

business-woman-getting intuition-at-her-desk

Unveiling the Mystical Power of Divine Guidance: A Journey Beyond Limits 

Have you ever felt that there’s more to your business journey than meets the eye? This Summer, I embarked on a quest for enlightenment, seeking a deeper connection with the universe and the souls of my perfect clients. The results were nothing short of awe-inspiring, and I’m here to share the magic with you!

Picture this: a realm where your clients’ deepest desires, aspirations, and challenges are unveiled in intricate detail.  Through a series of soul-stirring practices then questions, I beckoned forth the essence of my ideal clients, transcending the ordinary and diving into the extraordinary. The responses I received were profound, offering insights and details beyond my wildest imagination.

Yes, my cherished clients craved support and guidance, a realization I had encountered before. But what truly enraptured them? I wanted to know.

What would make their journey through business not only effortless but enchantingly potent?

As the whispers of their souls intertwined with my intentions, a divine revelation emerged.

Introducing ‘A Course in Practical Magic‘ : A Journey of Empowered Souls

I was guided to launch a transformational campaign, a beacon for souls seeking to align their earthly endeavors with their boundless spiritual essence. This, my friends, is an invitation to weave the fabric of your business, relationships, and life with threads of celestial wisdom.

Imagine walking hand in hand with your soul, forging alliances with the divine, and navigating life’s twists and turns with unwavering clarity.

My journey led me to uncover the keys to nurturing a connection so unbreakable that no criticism or rejection could ever sway its power. Imagine the freedom that comes from trusting your path completely, with the universe as your co-pilot.

Unveiling the Path: A Guide to Soul-Centric Business Success is within you and how you create your inner stories, ask for soul assistance and listen

In this transcendental journey, I was gifted with a vision – a book that encapsulates the profound process I undertake with souls eager for transformation. This guide is a treasure trove of wisdom, a roadmap to help you navigate life’s labyrinth, and a manual for receiving the unequivocal embrace of Divine Guidance. I have the course all layed out as A course in Prazctical Magic bause thats what it is and all magic is created from the stories you tell and believe.

Here’s the truth: Until you seek, you shall not receive. The enigmatic solutions to your practical dilemmas lie in the whispers of the universe.  The radiant journey I’m inviting you to embark upon promises to elevate your consciousness, empower your business, and enable your soul to dance harmoniously with your humanity.

⚡ Are you ready to embrace the infinite possibilities that await? ⚡

Join me in this odyssey of the soul, where the mystical meets the practical, and the extraordinary becomes your norm. A Course in Practical Magic is the beacon for those driven by change, ready to transcend limitations, and yearning for a life filled with the profound grace of Divine Guidance.

Your moment is now. Take the leap into the wondrous realm of soul and spirit.

Dive into thejourney today and embark on a journey that will redefine success, empower your purpose, and infuse magic into every facet of your existence. Let’s create miracles together.

Visit PRACTICAL MAGIC Face book Group to learn more and meet you rsoul sisters to take the first step toward a life where the mundane and the miraculous dance in harmony. Embrace the call, and let the adventure begin! ?


As Entrepreneurs our ideas are golden opportunities and the lifeblood of our business success

Divine-guidance-woman at-work

Navigating Entrepreneurial Challenges: The Crucial Role of Clarity in Success

Entrepreneurship is an exhilarating journey fuelled by innovation and unexplored possibilities. As entrepreneurs, our ideas are the lifeblood of our endeavours – the seeds from which our enterprises grow. Yet, a profound conundrum often arises: what happens when the fertile ground of our imagination is hampered by the constraints of our present responsibilities? How do we reconcile the dissonance when we’ve painstakingly executed an idea only to discover an unsettling lack of passion and alignment?

These questions have been the prevailing theme in recent discussions, revealing a formidable challenge that many visionaries face – the challenge of clarity. Clarity, in this context, signifies a comprehensive understanding of not just the “what” and “how” of an idea, but also the deeper resonances that infuse it with energy, purpose, and authenticity.

Being a creator is at the core of every entrepreneur’s identity. This inherently implies the freedom to choose – to shape our trajectories and mold our enterprises in line with our inner compass. The words of Steve Jobs reverberate powerfully: “For the past 33 years, I have looked in the mirror every morning and asked myself: ‘If today were the last day of my life, would I want to do what I am about to do today?’ And whenever the answer has been ‘No’ for too many days in a row, I know I need to change something.”

Lack of clarity on the execution path and delivery strategy can exact a significant toll, both quantitatively and qualitatively. It can drain valuable time, demand disproportionate effort, deplete precious energy, and yield subpar results. This is a perilous predicament that even the most seasoned entrepreneurs can find themselves ensnared in.

The solution lies in activating a paradigm shift – a transformation that is not only imperative but also immensely liberating. This is precisely the juncture where the concept of “activations” comes into play. The process of activation involves rekindling your connection with your ideas, aligning them with your core values, and navigating their manifestation with a renewed sense of purpose and determination.

I am thrilled to announce that I am opening spots for activations this month, aiming to set the stage for a dynamic start to September. The stories of transformation are inspiring: clients who have activated their ideas with resounding success. From revolutionizing digital asset markets within weeks, creating automated income streams while being fully self-expressed, launching comprehensive frameworks within 72 hours after prolonged contemplation, to skill monetization that seamlessly complements existing ventures – these tales encapsulate the potential that clarity-driven activations can unlock.

Every entrepreneur knows that their most prized asset is time. The pursuit of clarity doesn’t just enhance productivity; it retrieves time that might otherwise be lost in the mire of misaligned efforts. This is the essence of true entrepreneurship – the mastery of one’s own destiny through the power of choice and clarity.

If this resonates with you, if you yearn for the transformative impact of activating your ideas and aligning them with your authentic self, then I invite you to apply for a spot via direct message. And if you’re seeking a level of personalized support that transcends expectations, stay tuned for an extraordinary revelation that’s in the pipeline.

Your entrepreneurial journey deserves nothing less than the clarity that will propel you towards remarkable achievements. Embrace the power of activations, and reclaim your role as the architect of your own success.


How to create your physical self on purpose


What’s Next – How to create yourself on purpose and become impervious to Drama’s RDV with your Higher Self.

Last week, Chatting away like an idiot, Bla Bla Bla so happy with myself and feeling confident, feeling I was on a roll…Nothing could stop me. I wasn’t aware that I was shining so brightly and attracting in yet another soul who wanted to re connect themselves with their whole self, Mind, Body & Spirit – all reunited, like 1 big happy Family reunion.

Last week after doing a live video where I was on a high, I could not get any higher, I met a great guy, and I was asked if I could re connect him with his Soul and give them that personal RDV with his Higher Self and know his Soul’s name and all those benefits that go with that..

Well “yes, of course, I can” – “That’s super easy”.

However, If I know one thing its this, This cannot be done via the head alone it is a full body connection. So I knew that the ground needed to be cleared and set up so that he could receive his own personal RDV with his Higher Self and for them to come forward to meet you. There needs to be mutual trust and a feeling of safety on both parts. This is not a ‘head’ thing you think about, it’s another thing entirely. I mean you need to be in a place that you can and be happy and feel safe to step out of your own way for a while and let them through. Its a feeling experience.

Hi, I am Fiona Robertson supporting women (mostly) to get to the root cause of their Physical Symptoms. I am an expert in Nutrition and I don’t just mean food I mean the missing nutrients that I feel when I speak to you :- Like fun, happiness, real love and understanding. Those nutrients that turn around your physical consequences 180°. Guaranteed… Being Highly Spirited means you are impervious to other people drama’s that were draining you and had you reaching for snacks and giving into cravings.

Before you sew a seed or start any relationship there needs to be a knowing that you will be safe to grow and flourish and be taken care of – and it’s like a re-marriage – re taking of vows when you come to be reconnected with your Higher Self – as the contract cannot be anything like it was before.

Oh No it needs to be one of mutual respect and the deepest care possible. On all levels, Mental, Physical and Spiritual equally.

Any good Shaman can take you on a journey to meet your Totem Animal – you come out from the underworld with an animal that is yours and can and will assist you if you know what to do with it, and read the signs you are given. This is no different – but being re connected to your Higher Self you can see them meet them almost touch them and you can get to see, hear and know them very clearly, and recognize their guidance, and get to learn how to work with them on a daily basis.

Isn’t that far more satisfying than saying Oh I’m a “Black Panther”, or I was born under the sign of “Taurus on a rising Libra with the moon in Gemini”.

I mean what use is that? Or that you are a Human Design “manifester” and there are only 12 % on the planet – but don’t know how to access and use that information or how to have an in-depth knowledge of yourself.

No one else can tell you how to experience a situation other than your Higher Self, or who is to be trusted, what information is true and what is false, or when to act and when to sit back, or how you can draw into you the very best relationships and business contracts. Or how to reset a relationships that has run its phase for you.

Your Higher Self is waiting to meet you and get to know you and have you know her/him and access to everything that makes you feel alive and in love with life.

There is no better feeling than when you reconnect and feel those feelings of being invincible, have phenomenal Inner strength and nothing is too much for you..

There are several undeniable benefits from personally meeting and working with your Higher Self-

  1. You get to know what you need, want and are lacking the most
  2. You see the BIG picture and don’t get lost in all the petty small drama’s and politics that dont need to concern you.
  3. Your world becomes easier to manage, to navigate simpler and more colourful
  4. Your health symptoms clear up as you are impervious to what was affecting you for years and rise above ut all.
  5. You are certainly calmer, much more relaxed and feel peaceful and even deeply satisfied in more and more situations

Can you see now how that will turn around the stress and reasons your body is screaming at you with numerous physical symptoms that dont disapear no matter what or how hard you have tried.

Your Soul and Higher self have the power to alter you physically and mentally as she calls for your undivided attention. I’ve seen it time and time again. And once we get the messages the symptoms simply disappear.

One of my stories goes like this……

I had such bad sciatica for about a year, I could not get out of bed without using and pulling my head up by my hair, to lift my head off the pillow so that it would not hurt me quite as much, I was slow in my ability to move, everything was painful. Every therapy I went to hoping to be assisted out of this pain did not help; until I discovered what the sciatica was actually there for.

If you look in Louise Hay it is seen as representative of … Being Hypercritical, Fear of Money and the future. Well that was where I was at but did not want to see it, I was a single Mum and incoming finances were at a zero since the split and I got no support from my EX and I had 2 kids to feed, clothe, house and raise … I was so, so mad. That was the gift my Higher Self gave me to see how I was acting and reacting, the gift of Sciatica. The pain was unbearable. But How do I clear that? No one could tell me that. Id tried every therapist I knew. But this was not for someone else to clear it up for me, much like starvation, diets and even exercise will not reduce weight if there is another reason it is there, to show you and get you to see beyond the symptom.

So I tuned in and asked for help to see how I could handle this as no one else can do this for me. I’d heard about writing a new story, for my future but also a new story about the past and my EX. I stared writing It was so hard… My sciatica cleared in a few days only to return when I repeated the old story some years later.

This is how the Higher Self , when you are fully connected to her/him will serve you to get rid of all the old garbage thoughts and stories you are carrying around.

You cannot get answers by thinking and over thinking and try as you might to work this all out, It is the re connection to your higher self that brings about the change when you get the message and make some playful 180° turns.

So a RDV with your Higher self is possible much like a journey to find your Totem animal I have done that 100’s of times- but the best bit by far is to get to know love and trust your higher self and let them trust and guide you.

The many 100’s of ways she gets you the messages she wants you to hear and is quite amazing. She will never give up and will never leave you, and will never forget about you.

She is waiting to meet you and give you a life to experience every physical experience possible, and get rid of everything that troubles and keeps you stuck.

What’s Next? is a reconnection to your Higher Self and to learn how to recognize her work, to see the evidence, to watch and be amazed by what gifts, experiences come your way.

So what is it that you want next? Reply to this mail with a What’s Next for me and I’ll check you in for a view of your immediate next steps towards your next and most beautiful phase yet…..

What physical experience do you most want to experience?

A great deep love so you can feel that level of LOVE

Start a family so that you can feel the bliss of family life

Move countries to live and feel you have a more outdoor life

Slim down to feel incredibly alive as you ride fast on horse back, enjoy motor bikes and jet ski’s

Clear up the aches and pains to feel freedom

Run a successful business so that you can travel and feel, see and smell each country you travel to.


P.S When you’re ready there are 4 ways I can help you with the very next step to becoming the woman you most want to be in the next phase of her life.

  1. Help yourself to a copy of my FREE Create yourself on purpose E book

The Ultimate Body Connection” and see how to create yourself on purpose using the steps and techniques that feel amazing that I have laid out in this E-book. Click here

  1. Join the Women Winning the World, with Weight, Wealth and Wonder community and connect with women who are creating them selves on purpose and be one of the smart women who get more tips and techniques and have already started to make a real impact on who they want to reinvent themselves as in the next phase of their lives. Click here
  1. Grab a FREE 45 min consultation and breakthrough Body Scan call with me and discover your current
  1. a) blocks and stops that are in place,
  2. b) what your body is doing, and
  3. c) the very next step you can take to feel confident, excited and believe you can create your own physical body as you want her to be.

Just reply to this message and say ‘Body Scan’ and I will send you details how we can connect.

Work with me. If you are wanting to create yourself into the woman you most want to be in the next phase of your life physically, mentally and in high spirits, just reply to this message with PRIVATE in the subject line and tell me a little about your story and your physical experience, and I will get you all the details you need to make that process happen to see you become the woman you most want to be in the

My intuition saved me my energy, time and money

My intuition saved me my energy, time and money, it could certainly be helping you too.

Yesterday, I had a wonderful insight and confirmation of what I had already seen in my minds eye and felt that I had hit on a new level of my intuition.

A few days ago I woke up at 4 am and as I was awake I started to think and play, and than I remembered that my business had an energy and frequency all of its own, I had felt it before and often communicated to it during the day, asking what I should do next and what would be best etc. So I was semi awake relaxed and playing with this concept and tuning into the energy of businesses that I knew personally and some more locally that I did not know but could visit. Everything has a particular frequency to it like a finger print, life force if you want to call it that, it is a perfectly correct term. Yet this is an energetic frequency signature, from people to buildings and your business.

I played for a while tuning in and then wanted to tune into a business I had no per-conceived ideas about or it’s owners, and chose a local natural shop that has just opened at the entrance of the lake where I live. I immediately got a bright yellow light and a lovely happy expansive feeling, and saw it possibly expanding into the garage that is still operating next to this shop. The shop owners are super friendly and I could feel that they enjoyed their project very much, and that they found it was a pleasure to meet the people who shopped there, as much as run the business, that hopefully makes them money, but that was not their only priority.
Now the fun begins, yesterday I wanted to go into this shop and buy some more Bio olive oil, re fill my natural soap and as I walked through the doors, I could see that they had been recently painted, up until now they had been wood, and now they were guess what colour? Yes they were a lovely YELLOW. This made me smile a huge smile or gratitude and has given me the urge to continue playing with these energies of the businesses and people.

I have since been tuning into other businesses again and often get either a dead feeling and if the added a certain colour it would revive it.

I also felt that in one of my businesses it was stagnant and waiting for a charge of energy again and that it wanted to be communicated with. I made notes of all of my feelings and I will continue to do these readings for some time, feeling my way around them and see what changes. Stick with me while I play with this intuitive and inquisitive nature of mine and your businesses.

If anyone wants to have a reading let me know; I am happy to do this and home in on my skills.

Last year I did something very similar that world out very well, and it was with people I had never met. I had invited people to come and stay with me to help build my studios for my detox and intuition breaks, and I needed to know that they were safe to have around my home, If I could work with them and of they would be good workers.

I was bang on target every time and I have recently used this skill on dating sites… yes I know, but really it’s a great asset to have; and guess what I was right and now I have a wonderful partner who I love dearly. Dah Dah Dah!

Call me and I will help you to experience your intuition and become a wise wo/man who can navigate

through your daily challenges with more ease.


I put this ability to be able to tune into these intuitive communications, to several things and I have just outlined these in a workbook “How to develop and tune into your intuition” you can get access to the guide here.

It is my aim to help as many people as possible to be able to connect to their intuition. This is your 6th sense and one that can be developed easily and quickly. It is a sense like your others 5 senses and is communication with you all the time. We just need to stop listen and translate how it is speaking to us.


Did you know that ¼ of successful business owners use their intuition in every decision they make. And if your not using your intuition, then chances are you are spending 2/3 times more than you need to and wasting your valuable time and energy.


Fiona Robertson

Intuition. Personal mentoring and workshops in Biarritz France.


Testimonial, Corrine, June 2015

I run a new business of a coffee shop in France, and when Fiona said that she could sense that I was having a difficult time with my business I believed her, as she looked straight at me and I could actually feel something move inside me. I engaged Fiona to help me turn around the business and to feel better about what I was doing. I had opened the coffee shop as I knew the business, but I was not confident in the market in France. Fiona had felt into the business and sensed that the business energy was pretty much dead. I can tell you that I was only just keeping my head above water and the bills were only just being met. We began slowly and asked questions to the business, and at one point I could actually see and feel the energy of the business myself and it was a surprise I thought it would feel like me but it was very different. The business told us what she wanted to happen and what she wanted to see change and I made those changes, some were small and some were radical, but I felt that had nothing to lose. It turned around when someone offered to share the space with me and complement what I did. We had met by chance and it was an instant fit and fix for both of us. That was a few moths ago, and I can say that I enjoy going to work and the money rolls in with no effort and I just love working with my business now.