“I Thought The Detox Diet Would Fix This!!!”

I know you didn’t expect to be here, after spending the last months following that detox and diet and reducing your food intake down to practically zero, Feeling you had to restrict everything you fancied on the table saying it wasn’t for you with phrases like. “I’m detoxing”, “I’m a vegan”, “I’m a raw foodie”. “I’m not hungry”

Yet here you are, just like I was after following other people’s advice of what was good for your own body and not knowing what your exact body code was or what would actually work for YOU. Like me, you did not know your own body and no doctor, dietician or so-called health food guru can tell you what’s right for you without even taking the time to really knowing you, and maybe, just maybe that is annoying you like it did for me having someone else tell me what to do.

I felt like a complete failure,  I had picked away off the shopping list every food I liked but was now not allowed. I ended up blaming every food that I craved for adding the pounds.

I had no time to spend the hours of preparation, of these specialist foods and follow these complicated recipes I now needed, according to these experts and dieticians to get healthy and lose weight.

I had no time to do the excessive exercise I was told I needed to do and made to feel ashamed if I didn’t get round to do it. Well excuse me for running a buiosness and family

I had absolutely NO time to investigate if there were even any other options that would work better for me.

I had put all my faith in what others were telling me to do and got ZERO results.

Guess what, I was so over all these diets and being told what to do, when deep down I knew there was something I was missing, something that everyone was not telling me or possibly could not tell me because they themselves did not know

I prayed for an answer that would have my body back under my control and I could feel happy and relaxed in.

I prayed for someone I could talk to that allowed me to live in peace and have 1 less thing to worry about

I prayed for this body to be a NON ISSUE. Not through diets surgery or starvation but through a natural course of action that felt good to me and I could continue for the rest of my life.

My eating disorder had evaporated, I am only vaguely conscious of it’s absence. Like a distant memory. It’s a non issue, and 1 big less thing to worry about. I Love that I TRUST my own body to tell me what she needs, wants and lacks the most. L.H. London.

Addiction gone

My prayers were answered I was sent the person who guided nutrition for women with a certain Body Code, struggling with eating so little as it wrecked their metabolism, that actually gave energy and were still able to lose weight without exercise. The foods that were not only delicious but ate away and reduced the fat being stored in cells.

My prayers were answered when I was sent the understanding of what I was thinking and feeling that had altered the chemicals and had my body addicted to the chemical culprits that had my body store fat and not release the fat Id stored.

My prayers were answered when I was sent the exact method how to create a new relationship with my body, and how to pay exquisite attention to my attitude, energy and focus so that I could appreciate what I had and was about to have.

My prayers were answered and within weeks I had lost a significant amount and then a slow steady comfortable amount each week that I trusted and I knew my own body on an instinctual deeper level I developed an intuitive knowing that I became aware of and liked and trusted my body responses.

I had created a NEW reality and relationship with my body one based on trust. I was suddenly FREE to believe that I could have the body I craved.


Because I see so many women struggle with their relationship with their body from weight to sciatica. I have created a 90 day Challenge to assist you get on better terms and experience a new deeper far more friendly relationship with where you live every day.

It’s a shame because the solution is right at your finger tips, I will help you see for yourself.

Time to Take yourself on, Get serious and Go steady with yourself.

If you are ready to accept help, this will be an honest and impactful challenge that you become to believe in your ability to create a NEW reality for yourself.


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