What’s the Big Deal about Fasting?

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Since my trip around the world in 2003 and doing my first Detox in Thailand at The Sanctuary I have been a huge fan of downtime and a full-body recalibration once a year, as well as for a bit of peace and quiet and clean out my digestive tract with a short fast.

Fasting is as old as the hills and always gives the mind, body, and soul the huge benefits connected with a total reboot, all within a very short space of time.

Used by Einstein to give his students the added advantage, as the brain functions 100% more efficiently after a fast.

Used by TOP athletes and promoted by Olympic sports coaches to improve the bodies performance and to set up the body to its optimum performance.

_ In ancient Greece, Pythagoras was among many who extolled its virtues. During the fourteenth century it was practiced by St Catherine of Siena, while the Renaissance doctor Paracelsus called it the “physician within”. Indeed, fasting in one form or another is a distinguished tradition and throughout the centuries, devotees have claimed it brings physical and spiritual renewal

Fasting is literally allowing the magic back in as the body re calibrates itself once it is allowed to switch off, have downtime and reboot following a precise protocol. By not digesting solid food for a short period of time, you actually give your body time to heal and clean out what is no longer needed, leaving you with better concentration and more energy.

A 3 Day (72hr) fast is all that is needed to reset your entire body.

Your body will thank you and there are huge benefits all round.

You will have speeded up your metabolism

You will have boosted your immune system

You will have prolonged your life span

You will rejuvenate your skin

You will look younger

Your taste buds get renewed and your tastes change

You will neutralize your biggest cravings

You will promote a thorough detoxification

Your Body can clean house of all the rubbish stored for way too long

You get to access the fat stored and locked away in your cells

You will improve your chances to lose weight

You will improve your insulin sensitivity and

You will help to reverse prediabetes

Hormones take this chance to rebalance

You will boost your cognitive and brain function

You access a great source of energy

You get to absorb the great nutrition you are consuming

You get to have deep mental and physical rest to consider your next steps

You will feel years younger and have much more energy

One of the main reasons I took to fasting was It is easy for me an extremely busy woman to eat well within the designated window for consuming food, still feel fulfilled and satisfied and not depriving myself and know that the body was doing her best for me. Once I saw the results I was hooked.

“For me cooking every day and preparing food was the bain of my life, I cannot believe how much time is spent thinking, planning and preparing food. I much prefer to grab food when I am hungry and do something far more interesting”.

The first step to introduce fasting would be: The longer you wait before you eat breakfast for example, the longer your body can use up yesterdays energy efficiently and access the hormones like Leptin which are only activated by hunger. When Leptin is activated she looks for stored sources of what she can use for your energy. She finds the fat stores and uses these to give you energy.

The second step to fasting would be:  A longer Fasting period that allows your body to turn over the fuel system from Sugar to the stored fat and you must stay consuming fat for the fuel system to work effectively. The moment you return to sugar you are back burning sugar for fuel and will need to start again to teach your body how to get her fuel from fat again. 3 days (72 hours) is all that is needed to re calibrate your body.

You can drop a dress size quite easily. But you need to know what you are doing. If you are hungry you MUST eat. There is a huge difference in an educated and uneducated faster. An uneducated faster will have her body storing more fat.

An educated faster will allow her body to go longer still feel satisfied and lose weight easily.

Since 2004 (for 15 years) I have been running Retreat Biarritz detox and fasting retreats and helping women and men to set up a safe fasting experience at home with the Home Detox Box, helping women and men come off sugar and learn how to eat again with some specific coaching programs and protocols that work for a sweeter healthier life.

What I have seen will surprise you, how much weight as well as heavy thoughts and habits that cause depression and over eating can be lifted off and stay off, after a short fast.

That was Radical!” said Emily,

Remarkable and way easier than I ever imagined.” said Tamsin.

It all happened in my sleep.” Judy exclaimed

If you are wanting to have this to be the last time you ever need to think about your weight or that you can wear the clothes you love again there are certain steps that need to be taken.

Make a decision to do take care of what and when you eat, take some time out to follow a simple cleanse protocol with a short 3 days fast and a guide how to break your fast. This will be the very best thing you have done for yourself in years, and you will feel so much better in days.

Do yourself a HUGE favor and follow the Home Detox Box a DIY kit that you can follow at home for the easiest way to start with a fast, with me in your corner and get support whilst you navigate how to have a brand new relationship with your food and clean start with your body.

Delivered to your Door – Home Detox Box

Making a world of difference to how you wear your body and how she feels on you.

Your Body Your Best & Most Valuable Outfit.

Fiona Robertson

Sugar Free and Still as Sweet

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How many times have you tried to give up something especially Sugar?

I bet that was a struggle right, How long did that last?

Did you know that it takes just 3 days to break a sugar craving…

However as you may know it takes a little longer to dissolve away a mental need for sugar and the crazy cravings you get, which are your fault

More often than not these crazy cravings come from your mental needs and not your physical needs.

Interesting right ?…. So all we need to do is re wire your brain so that it no longer needs the sugar.

How do I do that Fiona? I hear you ask

There is a really BAD way to go SUGAR FREE

There are those who go ‘cold turkey’ and give up sugar in a day – I mean everything from candy to bread and soda pop and everything in between, all carbohydrates like pasta, potatoes and rice too and don’t last more than 2 days because their whole fuel supply has been cut off at the source. Then you bet your body will crave sugar like a demon because she is starving and empty.

You also give up sugar without considering what that does to the gut bacteria, who have been fed sugar and learned to live off sugar as her only fuel. The gut then protests and send off signals of her fuel source being stopped by producing lots and lots of gas. You feel so bloated and uncomfortable let alone embarrassed as you have serious wind now too.

And there is a better way to go SUGAR FREE

Firstly if you take care of the mind, who uses a ton of your valuable energy every day in unnecessary reactions like: over thinking, stress, deadlines, confrontations, worry and fears. By learning simple techniques that diffuse a lot of your external pressures you will have removed the drain on your vital energy resources.

Then in addition to that you give your body and mind access to the fuel you have already stored in your body and use what is already available within the energy cells by releasing the hormones who have the keys to access these cells and use the stores energy rather than crave sugar -then you become a real winner at going Sugar Free.

Secondly when you replace the fuel your body CAN USE EFFECTIVELY by knowing your personal Body Code and the exact fuel system best for you. You have access to far better source of fuel that fits your personal needs ( there are 3 ways to go here ) for a fuel that is longer lasting and gives you access to so much more real energy and has far, far less damaging side effects on your health and body.

When I discovered this I lost pounds so quickly and had so much energy I wanted to go out and spend my energy. I have ladies who work with me telling me the same stories every week and other 2lbs down and so much energy.

That’s why I have put together a 7 Day SUGAR FREE eating challenge that will tech you the techniques that re wire your brain and give you access r-into eh energy cells where the stored energy is as FAT.

To join in follow the link and read all about it and step up to learn these techniques that saved the day and dropped dress sizes in weeks.



Body as your ‘Body Guard’


Your Body as your Body Guard

As soon as you wake up your brain looks around and becomes vigilant and has you in high alert. There is a part of the brain that looks for clues and dangers and how to navigate through your day. Your reptile brain looks in every corner to see what is a-safe and what is not and tells you.

You’re not even aware of this because its on automatic and you have always done it.

Your body constantly collects and pick up data all day long, and at night too for that matter.

Your body takes readings and even acts on the emotional state of others around you too, not just your own environment, thoughts and concerns.

All of this means that you are feeling al day long, although subconsciously your environment is alive with vibrations you receive and you will always have a chemical reaction to this level of High Alert and vigilant feeling, that goes onto further affect your internal organs, bacteria, cells and energy levels.

Your body is trying to get your attention with all this data. Can you feel the tension build in your stomach, in your neck and shoulders as the day wears on. The data keeps on coming in, it is relentless, all filtered via your marvelous reptile brain warning you of a potential plot against you, maybe something to mistrust or fear, your brain is there only to warn of danger and it is for you to make a conscious decision if it is worth acting upon. That’s it. Yet we don’t take the time.

Ignore these first signals and be sure that your mind will pick up the pace until it is influencing your body with signals of worry, until you really have to take notice of what these sign are telling you as you will have accidents, health issues become overwhelmed and eventually ask yourself what on earth is going on here?.

Here is the link to the accompanying video. https://youtu.be/1epzJANW9sc


The BAD thing about the brain and body being your body guard

  1. She is always on duty as your body guard, giving you data to analyze and trying the best ways she can to get your undivided attention.
  2. You over think situations, analyze endlessly the hell out of them, not knowing why you feel so overwhelmed, with so many decisions to make and what’s right.
  3. You are becoming exhausted being ‘ON’ all the time and have no idea how to switch OFF this High Alert status. Too many ideas, plans, deadline, people to please, friend or foe, good or bad. When will it all end?

The GOOD thing about the brain and body being your body guard

  1. You get to choose what to be vigilant about and when you can chill out and turn it OFF
  2. You can relax knowing you have the best support at hand and on your side, just learn how to ask the right and best questions to your high alert self and when you can literally turn off.
  3. You can turn OFF the constant High Alert and the flight and flight mode and use that leakage of energy else where, leaving you much more awake, vital and ready to have fun. You can see clearly when it’s not yours to worry about and then – no ones opinion, judgments, bad behavior affect you or has your body on GUARD any more.

You become gently strong and so resilient and ask the right question to your own personal ‘body guard’

So many ladies have the misconception that to be in control is to be super busy and in control of everything, juggling work, home, family members, food, chores etc.

When I see the control that is needed towards food for someone, I know exactly where the issue lies in their battle for the control over their life too.


The very efficient vigilant Reptile part of the brain is on High Alert and if so, she needs a whole LOT of constant ENERGY to fuel all that pressure, those amount of thoughts and the need to fire fight situations, and so the body has to crave more and more fuel to restore the energy and the fuel lost in the days emergencies, and also creates a need to store extra energy as fuel on the body, something like a reserve tank to use should the re be a big emergency.

Because lets face it Every Day you wake up and it all starts over again, the status of High Alert and being ON Duty 24/7 hours of the day.

Until I discovered how to turn off my Reptile brain and get in control of the situations at hand I was exhausted and regularly craved certain foods to fuel me. I gained weight and had health issues of many sorts to resolve. My Body Guard saw to it that I held a store for that just in case event

Now thankfully I am economic with my energy use and only fight the fires that need my full attention and not everyone else’s as well… now that I feel is far more efficient.

If you want to be and look like you have it all under control and not store energy for another day’s emergencies and you’d like to be seen as a switched on woman who is well in charge of her work, her life and her body now reflects that, then to be on top of your game you need to know and do 3 NEW things

  1. You need to be able to feel SAFE
  2. You need to be running on a fuel that lasts a very long time and gives you lots of energy
  3. You need to know how to turn OFF the high alert and vigilance state in an instant.

This will turn your body around 180°

Take the quiz called ‘Drop a Dress Size’ and see where your reptile brain and her level of High Alert are at by taking this quiz we can see together what strange things and responses she has going on, making it easy to identify and resolve the main culprits.

I hope this has been helpful. I will see you on the other side.

Here is the quiz called Drop A Dress Size.

It has been my pleasure to share this leading edge information of how the body really works.


If you have questions or a concern please do not hesitate to ask me.

Fiona Robertson

Body Whisperer

1st Step to getting in control of your eating



Imagine you were lacking something important in your life, such
as water. How would you react? It’s likely you would hoard and ration what
little you have left, right?

Your body is no different. Nature has marvellously designed the
human body to survive, and she will do so, quite often, entirely independent of
your conscious wishes or actions.

In our water example, the body, if she senses a lack, will begin
storing it – leading to water retention and of course weight gain. This often
appears as the “wobbly” bits around your body. At the same time, we
begin to get signals that we should get more water.

This manifests initially as thirst – a sensation that sadly we
often ignore. If this continues for an extended period, other signals start to
appear – dry skin, headaches and tiredness.

For years I carried a large water bottle around with me, and I
felt so clever, always making sure that I had water! Actually drinking it
however… well that was another issue. As a result, I started experiencing the
symptoms I mentioned earlier.

Of course my body, being far more clever than I, realized that there
was a lack of water, and began retaining what little water there was in order
to keep herself (and by extension, me) alive.

Losing that extra weight is a relatively simple process – though
it might seem counterintuitive on the surface. In order to reduce water
retention in your body, you need to drink MORE water in order to release the
water that’s being stored.

What you’re doing is convincing your body that there is no
shortage of water – you’re essentially taking your body out of
“survival” mode.

If your body has been storing water for some time, it becomes
stale and stagnant; it’s not dynamically flowing through the body the way it
should. This is the source of the headaches, the dry skin, etc. Re-energizing
that flow through your body is essential to not only losing that weight, but
also addressing the other issues as well.

Imagine having a vessel containing stagnant, dirty water. Now
imagine placing that vessel under a tap and introducing a steady stream of
fresh, clean water. As the water mixes, it overflows the vessel, gradually
carrying away the dirt and other debris to leave only fresh water behind.

Your body is no different. Once you introduce a steady stream of
fresh, clean water, the stagnant water is slowly replaced and the natural flow
is restored. As she realizes that there is no water shortage, your body will
begin to shed all the water she’s been storing.

Water retention is an easy trap to fall into, but the good news
is that there are simple steps you can take to deal with it, and even avoid it
in future.

1. Drink water!

This seems pretty straightforward, but it does require some
explanation. There’s a lot of talk online about how much water you should be
drinking (one litre a day, two litres a day, etc.) The amount is really not as
important as the consistency. Make sure that you’re drinking water throughout
the day, keeping a constant flow moving throughout your body.

2. Avoid foods that cause dehydration.

You may be thinking, “But I drink lots of water
already!” That may be true, but it’s very possible that you’re also
consuming foods and even drinks that are dehydrating your body even as you
adding water. It can become a losing battle. Some of the most common sources of
dehydration include coffee, sugary drinks, fried food and alcohol.

When you first begin to introduce a steady stream of water to the body, you
will likely feel a little bloated. This is only temporary! Your body is
acclimating and that can take a little time, but once it does, the bloated
feeling will pass quickly.

So many women will go to endless lengths to improve their health,
following the advice of countless diet experts, every one of them offering
different (even conflicting) advice, take a myriad array of powders and pills
and only eat foods that are low in salt/fat/gluten/flavour/etc.

They’ve become seduced by the diet industry marketing machine
simply to lose water weight and to feel healthier… when easier (not to say
cheaper) solutions are available in their own homes.

Your body is a remarkable machine. She is a flowing, dynamic part
of the world, and water is a vital part of that flow. It’s no coincidence that
we often refer to water as “life-giving.” When cut off from this
source of life, your body will do whatever she has to do in order to survive,
and sadly, the process is often not pretty.

Reconnect to the live-giving and life-sustaining flow of water. Not only will it allow you to lose the weight associated with water retention, it can help keep you healthier and happier throughout your life.

There is a wonderful way to start getting in control of your eating.

I have created a 7 day challenge The 7 Day Sugar Free eating challenge that starts on 1st July 2019. Read more about it here and join in with all the activities and learnings around how to dissolve sugar cravings. https://fionarobertson.co/sugar-free-eating-challenge