Your Body Know The Truth

Even if you don’t…. Are you aware of your own body language?

Give yourself a moment to imagine this scenario …

You’ve just completed your last session after 6 months with your client. She has dramatically reduced her weight by 4 stone, but in addition to that, she has resolved her long-standing bad relationship with her Mum and can spend time with her without all the dramas and negativity affecting her, she tunes into the body language and chooses her body language.

She sees her Dad so completely different now and can talk to him normally without the stress and habitual anger welling up, therefore, leaving her free to enjoy her life, having so much less to worry about.

She saved her own skin and business from her now ex-business partner, who was just about to do the dirty on her, because she sensed her body language and his energy and linked the severe digestion problems and negotiated a release just before she lost everything.

She knows her body is more than something to be admired. It is her finely tuned intelligent ASSET that allows her to read and process information quickly, make decisions and know how to take care of her exquisite wellbeing. She reads her own body language accrrately

She is INTUITIVE and is acutely aware that her body responding to her environment and people in it, sending her warnings and she has a rock-solid daily practice to keep her re-patterned energy steady and in place.

You’ve LOVED every second of working with her and seeing the positive changes she has made to her daily life, as well as the grace and ease she now feels in her body.

But she’s not the only one, you’ve seen 100’s of women come into their own, become phenomenally strong and nobody’s rejection, opinion or criticism ever rocks them again.

So self sabotage patterns and triggers for food and cravings and filing in that empty pit in their stomach are all in the past.

And now you just want to teach this access to intuition and methodology ALL the time.

This is me, so thrilled and happy to see women polish off the dross and old patterns of thinking and habits of overdoing – until they radiate pure bright light and have become their best selves.

Time to get serious. You CAN achieve this connection with your body and fine-tune your Body Language too, but you need help to vanquish those demons, disengage from the old patterns so that you can make an impact on the world that you fantasize about.

Get past the stage of “NOTHING IS WORKING ANYMORE!”

This course will dramatically challenge your current thinking and see you create your NEW reality, as a fully sensory body as an asset at your disposal.

You will embody the calm, secure, strong, and sassy woman you are here to be and turn around those situations that have you holding on to weight, attracting poor situations, people, and challenges in your business, in your relationships that you could well do without. But have only gone on to cause those persistent scenarios and symptoms you wish would go away.

Create your new reality is a 90 day incubator. Create your New Reality ignite your intuition`


You deserve a body that’s AWAKE, intuitive and effectively assisting you manage complicated daily situations, and build resiliance so as to NOT allow things that could affecting or influence you cloud your judgement, ruion your day and have you reaching for solice later on in teh f-)day as a treeat.

Intuition is reconnecting with your body as your soul messenger for you to trust your body as the truth telling barometer that supports your every decision, in every minute of the day

Ignite your intuition


Soul Parenting

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