I am not proud of this moment but I feel called to share this story.

Its one I rarely share as it embarrassing and one that scared me so much and its scaring me now to feel it again as I re tell this story.

Yet I know it acts as a reminder and shows the turning point I feel really needs to be understood that is transforming for you and your buisness too.

This is a story of a woman growing and is meant to demonstrate what is sadly overlooked but makes a huge impact and has huge conequences on your potential and growth.

Holding onto the kitchen sink with freezing fingers now white with gripping fear. It was a bitterly cold, crisp frosty January (2016) when I walked into my icy kitchen having kissed the boys goodbye as they went off school, realising that I’d better get a grip of my business as it wasn’t even paying the heating bills.
I felt truly lost. Where had I gone? I did not recognise myself as the woman who travelled the globe with a ruck sac, after selling up her million pound business in the UK and moved to France. I had dwindled away and was now facing my greatest fear. Tears welling up in my eyes and with a choking blocked feeling in my throat from holding back my tears.
Don’t anyone ask me how I am or I will crumble to the ground for sure.
I’d put on a brave face for so long but that was not fooling me, not one bit. I needed to really shake myself and make things happen.
That was when I had a huge, life-changing epiphany.
What I was deciding to do next was unheard of in the business world and about to change my life and how I single handily supported my boys.
It wasn’t the business or the products that were the problem. It was me.
I knew the only one who could change this was me and only me. Time to get my life back.
That sentence has followed my through many, many bad and rough moments and phases and I know now that the only one who can change it is me.
What I do is simple it gets me to tell a new story in my head of the circumstances I face. Usually within a week the situation is resolved and certainly I have the Divine Guidance to bring about a turning point.
Without this skill I would have dissapeared into depression or worse many a time, as life got in the way and seemed like it had been dealt me a bum hand.
Have you heard the expression ” Be careful what you think?”
“Thoughts become things?”
I bet you have.
The reason this is important and relevant right now is because you probably have issue you are experiencing that things are not working as well as you would like, or as they should considering all the time and effort to put into your business.
This is the new way of working super conscious and installing new beliefs. you will shift and get out of the slump and the current comfort zone your are sitting in, and raise your standards and discover where all the magic is actually within you.
I strongly encourage you to do the inner work to make things happen and step into this magical zone, tell a new story that will build up so much Divine Guidance coming your way, so much new potential and transform the way you do things from now on.
You will have a business and life you have never had before all because you altered the inside story for yourself.
From the moment I decided that I would alter my life, I made the first positive decision that I had made for myself in a year, my doom and gloom aznd my naggig thoughts of th eworse case scenareos had wrecked my finances and health, so severely that all I got back was more of the same. I altered my inside story and then I had an epiphany , many Ah Ha moments and recieved intuitive guidance, the right people and situations popped up time and time again. I was open to Divine Guidanxce again.
One day I saw an opportunity and jumped on it. I invited myself to speak in london on a seminar that was focussed on valentines day and I decided to talk about the energy of love and the inside story we tell ourselves, and how that affects our outer world. How you can feel into true love and change the story inside to see the people you love begin to love you back better and better. I was accepted and got to experience staning and doing a talk to an audience and it felt just as I had imagined it would.
This picture tells a story that I changed for myself internally. Which led to an opportunity presenting itself to speak on the art of Divine Guidance In London in 2017
After I’d done the talk and returned home I asked my soul “Did you set that up for me for the experience of talking on stage in front of an audience?”
The strong answer I got back was “Yes”
The reason I am sharing this now is to give you the persepctive and opportunity to see what stories you are telling yourself on the inside and that are certainly affecting your outer world.
This is important and relavant to altering your world, and the world around you, its actually when you are in the phase of seeing the black cloud that you will discover the power and magic and your fullest potential resides in you. You too will have a moment you cry out “I know the only one who can change this is me, so I’d better get on and do just that”.
Do you relate to that?
I help you get out of the comfort zone you’ve slipped into, the mediocre life situations and accept what life throws at you, that has you keeping doing the same things and hoping for a different result. If I can do this so can you and I’ll show you how to climb out of the way and get your life and business on track by altering your inside story.
Recap; The biggest mistake was the story I was telling myself. I had fallen into my own habit of dispair and talking badly about myself and my situation and couldn’t see the light, then when I was at my blackest moment I had an epiphany remembering who I was, and started to tell the new inside story that saw me rise up and start coaching and have an opportunity to speak about my radical life changing work.
So many things go right with everything working out so well when I do this that I called this Practical Magic and this technique can be applied to all areas of your life.

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