What on earth could be causing me to feel this way and react as I do?

I boil it all down to being stressed and I know I turn to food and I know I overeat, but I can’t stop it no matter what diet I have tried I never feel satisfied.

There is a big gaping hole I can’t fill and I keep filling it.

I have willpower sometimes then it goes and gets lost in the stress and living my every day life with family and kids and work Etc..

You know the story, you’ve been there.

So why can’t I do what I say I want to do and just drop a few?

I have dieted for what seems a lifetime since my teens I’ve watched what I ate. I dieted on and off and it felt like it was great for having a break and adding in a few better foods and reducing the so-called bad ones. I like to see a diet as a breakaway and take a holiday from my current reality, but eventually, we all have to go back home and resume the daily grind. And well food is an easy way to fill the emotional gap and push down what we don’t want to deal with. I know for my younger years I was not capable or felt mature enough to see the situation for what it is.

I have also detoxed and stopped all solid food entering my body with a fast for a few days or up to a week to clean the digestion and cells. It felt great to have such a clean body I must say, but I could not live like that although I tried. The call to detox I now see for most of us is to get off the merry-go-round for a while and enable us to see clearly what else around us is toxic and that could be put in the bin or have flushed down the toilet. Including toxic relationships and certain ways of thinking which play havoc on your body, mind, and energy.

It’s a long time now I’ve known it’s not just about the food, that food is only 10% of the whole story when it comes to renewing and creating a new body. The real story is how are you feeling, and coping with past situations, what remains in your cellular memory and how to recognise it when it sneaks back up and in silently because it is always there in the background in the subconscious patiently waiting to be paid attention to.

Any time I altered my food and could not get past the first day, it was purely because the diet or detox was going to bring up an emotional episode I was not ready to deal with. The restriction and withholding of food was only going to take off the lid from the problem I had been pushing down.

I have changed what I ate numerous times, as have you I bet. But I never changed that story that was silently running around in my head and bringing up the need for me to be overly alert, vigilant, attentive, and just waiting for an attack or confrontation. I was living on my nerves. Reading situations, the room, and the people in it all the time, That’s what it is to be vigilant. Unbeknown to me I was reading it all rather accurately due to my ultra-sensitive nature having lived a life around bullies and violence verbal and physical I could read when the atmosphere changed and when to run, or hide. My reptile brain was functioning on high alert. Most of the time I never brought it up into my consciousness to see it clearly in my mind and finally be free of how it was affecting me as I was too young and did not have the specific skills needed at the time.

The book review I was asked to do recently on a friends abusive relationship opened up a can of worms for me.  It is never a coincidence that these things come about when they do. That’s my soul intervening saying now is the time to let go of another level of that old worn out toxic story.

I knew it was there silently stalking me but I was pushing it down and away. I did not give myself time to go there, to pay it respects and hear what that situation had been all about, for me to learn so that I could finally let it go.

A retreat and a time for a detox is a perfect way to bring up the stories from the past as you can’t cover them over any more with the food, drink, keeping super busy, taking pills or whatever your particular addiction is. You get to see them and learn the lesson once and for all. A detox is a perfect way to let that all go too. But doing it alone could be difficult to handle the roller coaster ride and know you are safe to have this experience and know-how to deal with it finally. Better to have an experienced person to guide you through the rising emotions and stories and safely out the other side.

Opening up an old wound or situation that hurt you takes guts, this is not to wallow in self pity or navel gaze for too long or we have just given it more strength to affect us.

If you are ready to accept help and need to create a new reality of your dreams join my next training. This will be one of the most honest impactful experiences you can have and will challenge your current thinking.


This is only for those who are ready. I cannot do this for you or help you unless you are ready and willing to help yourself and have this as a done deal. Move into the body you want and do all the things you long to do as a fit and healthy energetic woman.

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