Peace with Food, – Peace In Your Body And Mind

$ 8,888.00

Peace with Food and Peace in your Attitude’ is a 6-month support and coaching program to see you fall in love with yourself again, in a body and mind that feels strong, resilient, full of energy, and keeps you healthy, fit, and vital.

This is for you if you are ready to:

  • Drop between 2 and 10 dress sizes
  • Ditch the diets
  • You hate to exercise
  • Fed up with nothing working for you
  • Reset your hormones to actually with and for you
  • Feel phenomenally strong and have unshakable boundaries
  • Feel you can safely express yourself 

We will work through this together – one on one during the next incredible few weeks you will learn how to nourish yourself again and what is the best to support your personal health goals, your specific ‘Body Code’ with exactly what you need, and how you can sustain your new healthy mind, body and soul.


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