That feeling in my gut – so deep and so constricted – told me that something wasn’t right. I didn’t know the answer yet but I certainly knew the problem – this isn’t how this is supposed to go it just doesn’t feel right.

“You’d better have a Plan B, this isn’t getting you anywhere fast” A voice broke through my despair that the house still hadn’t sold despite engaging the best agents in town.
I was I limbo land and felt I waiting for something to happen so that I could get on with my life. Yet, here I was a year later and still stuck.

When voice in my head was saying“You’d better have a Plan B” it jolted me back into my own reality and made me realise that I was waiting for others to do something, when I could just as easily fire up and initiate something that would change this.

How silly I felt that Id forgotten to use my own powerful inside story and how it had made things happen for me, over and over again.

I couldn’t deny it any longer. It was a whole year since Id put the house with the agent so that I could move forwards with my life and there were no offers, None.

I knew that if I didn’t make some positive changes to my inside story, I would be a prime candidate for being trapped for another year or more in a mediocre life, living at a fraction of what I wanted to experience. So I’d better get to it.

I was on my new path, Id made the decision to live the life I wanted and that was without my partner and father of my boys, and now I has to set up this sale of the house just as I wanted it to happen or Id be left waiting and wanting.

Without a moment to lose I started to detail out the story of what I wanted to happen, and played it over and over in my head and saying it out loud when I was in my car driving the boys to and from school.

My new story was like looking through a window into a different world where I could see into my new reality life, and especially useful when I was in the days that were still difficult. This I knew would make it easier on everybody concerned and I always got the guidance that I could follow resulting in the outcomes I wanted.

I realised that I had made a courageous decision as I set up the perfect sale of the house and noticed I was telling myself just how smoothly that went.

At first the house did not sell with the agents because I realised I hadn’t made the decision to leave this house, because I was attached as I had created this for myself way back in 2001, when I had written out my perfect day and imagined in every detail living in another country, and raising kids, dogs and chickens in such beautiful surroundings.

So I asked for guidance and assistance now that I had made that firm decision. I imagined how I wanted this situation to go forwards in detail. From the speed of the sale to the price we needed, even that we sold some of the big pieces of furniture and it all would go smoothly over the next three months.

Sitting in contemplation of my new story I felt that whole knowig body experience and a sense of calm enter my body and knew what was the right next thing to do. First I noticed the insight to release the agents involved and sell the house myself. I found this daunting at first to sell a house myself without an agent in France, but I listened and released the agents from their contract.
I was given a further divine guidance when I was gardening, in an image to put a sign post in the garden outside the front gate. I saw a white sign with my mobile number and the words ‘A vendre’ stencilled on the white wooden sign.

I did however argue that no one drove up this road as it led to the mountains, and so few houses were even up this road, Yet I felt called to make the sign. I spend the day painting a peice of wood and putting up the sign.

Three days later I was in the garden clearing away leaves and a car stopped, called my number and asked to look at the house. I realised this felt right. I welcomed them in and showed them around and after an hour and another cup of tea, we were sitting at the living room table overlooking the garden to the Pyrenees mountains, that exact view I’d fallen in love with when I first met this house, I signed an agreement selling the house to them for the exact price I had imagined. The couple I felt certain were going to love the house as much as I had. There were no extortionate agent fees and they bought many of the large pieces of furniture that I would have no space for in the house I was creating next for myself.

I was moving on with a big quantum leap into a new phase of life that I would have to be consciously creating from now on.

Each summer for over ten years I have bumped into this couple in the local super market and they tell me how much they love my house, and I say “its not my house its yours”.

And here’s the thing, once I had decided to re write my inside story I received the nudge and knew this was the time to move forward with my next step, all coming from the quiet serene space when divine guidance reaches through

Building up my foundations in my ability to sustain a clear perspective and maintain my strong focus on the story that I play inside my head, will be exactly the same process for you as you create a new inside version of your business and life story.

It will feel weird and daunting, especially at the beginning with so little practice on your focus and payig attention to your dominant thoughts, or any expertise of being internally conscious of the stories you tell. Its your dominant thoughts that create your current situations that can turn things around fast.

But the rewards for you of going on that journey will be nothing more than great.

Receiving your own divine guidance, and the perfect ideas that sky rocket your busiess and life are magical.

I teach the exact steps that get you these precious divine guidance moments for yourself.

I teach people who are ready to change their stories that aren’t serving them, and the exact steps that delivers to you the divine guidance, altering the trajectory of your business and life, that match your inside story.

Want to know what having me as your personal guide looks like?

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