The-Business-Of Trusting-Intuitive-Signs-from-soul-guidance

The Business of TRUSTING your intuitive signs from soul guidance for your business and life


3 Days inner circle virtual event


For those who want to become a soul led business and get those million dollar ideas, that go onto supprt a profitable enterprise and dream life.


At this event you’ll learn:

How to master your mind to reach the superconscious state that brings you to your guidance that you can trust, and let go of doubt

How to know your body is your barometer (accurate signpost) for your intuitive messages, and release the negative energy that has accumulated on you physically

How to magically manifest with your soul on a very practical level that brings in solutions,  you receive answers to your questions and feel supported


This is not an introduction to the superconcuios soul, but the first part of the mastery program of working with your superconscious and soul in ‘A course in Practical Magic’ that sees you master your own Soul Guidance and TRUST what you receive as soul led guidance for your business and life.

My name is Fiona Robertson and I am 100% certain that you have soul guidance happening now and you have the power to transform, heal and create so much magic in your life as you manifest with ease and grace and I can prove it ….

Fiona-intuitive-teacher I have created a business from zero when I recieved soul guidance and moved to France with a baby and then more received soul guidance to create my flourishing business, that has supported me for 20 years and now I am guided to teach you how to do receive soul guidance for yourself by TRUSTING and knowing your intuitive signs, and to feel safe and supported as you follow the guidance given to you.


So far you may have read books and done courses and be concentrating on what you think you have to do to fix in yourself, and that gem right there is all there is stopping you from manifesting you rbig dr’eams. It alone has been turning your power down and off as you give that power away, feeling you are not enough, broken and in need of an injection of something external from you.  What is standing in your way to receiving the biggest most beautiful dreams and heart desires you feel you rightly deserve from arriving, is just a moment away from you resetting your energy, thoughts and feelings.

A reset that I will demonstrate and teach you that will see that you are in a state that matches exactly what you want and need. Frequency to frequency, soul to soul.

Lets step into your superconscious power today and every day from now on and create an identity in the frequency and state of mind that supports you, So fully that you TRUST your signs and intuitive soul language.

You will learn the exact frequency that supports your dreams that creates health, wealth and happiness for a business and life you love

Here’s the only secret you need……………….

You must believe you are a superconscious soul and a powerful connected creator

Sadly most people believe they need to fix and change something themselves to reach the success they need, and still feel something is missing… and doubt their own ability.

I will show you that that is just not true…… You have it all here right now. ( on th einsiode)

We will reach parts of you that have never been reached before and you will see, feel and know the difference instantly.

This does not take willpower

Nor effort

or is it a trick to convince others

Nor is it anything external to you like positive thinking, or adopting another new way that feels odd and strange to overcome barriers that have build up over time.

You will learn to focus your mind and body and listen to your spirit soar, and love what you are creating.

You will feel sure of yourself, and have a far greater capacity to use your mind and feel into the frequencies, and understand the signs and guidance your soul ( and the mystical spirit world) is sending to you.

This really is a new way of operating for your business and life to thrive.

I sincerely hope to meet you and watch you obtain this new operating mode and soul led code.

You will gain so much clarity and certainty about yourself and your soul self that TRUST will be evident and apparant as you manifest far reaching dreams.

Honestly this will be one of the most important events you will ever attend!

As soon as you register, you’ll immediately receive the Ultimate Body meditation and the The Business of TRUSTING your intuitive signs and soul guidance for your business and life work book to follow this 3 days mini course.

“I have done years of spiritual & personal development work before-and had a lot of good coaches- but this work Fiona does – OMG”

” What Fiona did with me was reach parts of me I had never reached before that led me to create my dream concert and life of singing”

“Many coaches and mentoirs before and Ive nevre reached the depths we reached in a few hours, I believe I have soulo support because Ive felt it and trust my soul is guiding me”

“Without this course I would never have noticed the guidance I was getting, nor have the confidence to trust the signs I was getting. When I did my world changed and so did I super becoming confident and thriving in my business turning over 10K months again and again”.

“I always felt I knew my soul – but when Fiona said ‘go outside into your sacred space and to follow the guidance I was given’ I started to believe on another level entirely. Since then I have a connection with my soul and honor her and trust the signs I am sent.”

“This was a trip into another reality and I thought I knew what I was doing and going in the right direction  – yet now I see I was skimming the surface and dabbling. Thank you “

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