Why we all need to DETOX

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Why we all need to detox – Part i Running retreats here in SW France since 2006, meeting and detoxing 100’s of women, I have learnt so much about how the body actually works and especially what works and what does not and why that body despite diets and regimes still does not release the […]

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3 reasons your unable to stop your night time cravings

3 reasons your unable to stop night time cravings, (whatever these cravings are for you). So you can gain more confidence whilst you are consistently losing weight.   Today we are looking at the three biggest reasons your having night time cravings and can’t stop, and how to turn these around quickly so that you […]

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The Gift of becoming the weight of your SOUL. X

Coaching: Release, Reset & Reconnect

The Gift of becoming the weight of your SOUL. When I talk about creating your body I am inviting you to SEE what’s really going on. The cue’s the messages from your body in the physical symptoms, i.e. you will get the BIGGER PICTIRE as a reflection of your thoughts and feelings and your ability […]

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How to become the weight of your SOUl


How to become your Soul’s weight -as LIGHT AS A FEATHER in your physical flesh and bones. There is something extraordinary about your body, the symptoms she has and the weight you carry that has never been explained or demonstrated to you before. Here is The deeper meaning of everything- Becoming the weight of your […]

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