Why Is It So Hard To Love Myself?


Why is it so hard to love myself? I feel broken…. All night long I pleaded and cried. I never thought it would come to this or that escaping that trap I would find myself here. . It’s been a long road but I am finally FREE at last I am lying on the floor […]

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Woman’s anger – an undiagnosed epidemic of woman’s health.


Woman’s Anger is the greatest undiagnosed epidemic of a woman’s health, heart health, weight, and depression. Women have a technique to keep her anger a secret, and the ability to internalize that anger, which in most of us develops into hate for ourselves. Targeted towards our own body primarily which responds with ailments and symptoms […]

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Create a new body by using the power of radiant energy


“What 1 change can I make to go from feeling Repulsive to Ravashing?“ The most alluring and attractive thing a woman can possess, I am sure you will agree is confidence. She sends out generous RAYS of joy and confidence and attracts to her what she is radiating easily from the inside. Who wouldn’t want […]

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How to Dissolve Away Sugar Cravings


How to Dissolve away those SUGAR Cravings…………. You have a sweet tooth and find your self scoffing the sugary stuff even although you promised yourself it was ’over’ a ‘done thing’. You know its not the best to keep you in shape or to keep you in a good mental or emotional state but you […]

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Be at Peace with Food, Your Body, and Eating

Home Detox Box Natural weight Loss program, Your Body, and Eating-variety-of-fruit-and-veg-and-3-colourful-juices

You can Be at Peace with Food, Your Body, and Eating What’s Next? Are you Struggling? Looking for help, but feeling alone in your battles and are there scary parts you just don’t want to look at or face without a true friend around? It’ so much easier to face your demons when you see […]

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Are you struggling to Overcome Overeating or Starvation? – here’s what to do


STOP right there, Stop Scrolling!!!! Are you struggling with overeating and or starvation? You have found your self here for a reason. You are SAFE and in the right place. Are you struggling with either of these two traits? Are you Overeating? Finding it hard to STOP diving for your craving day after day and […]

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