The history of fasting goes back thousands of years.

Philosophers, scientists, and physicians have used it as a healing process to cure sicknesses. Ancient yogis have known about the positive effects of internal cleansing for thousands of years. Their internal cleansing methods include: fasting, colon cleansing, enemas and pure raw food. Many religions, including Christianity, Judaism, and Eastern religions used and still use fasting as a healing process for spiritual purification and communion with God. Fasting affects not only our physical being, but our mental, emotional, and spiritual self as well.
When we need to recharge, we take a break from life and go on vacation. When our body needs cleansing, fasting is time away from food. Both methods of withdrawal from normal routine help us get back in touch with what our bodies need.

So since the beginning, fasting…the avoidance all food and drinking only water…has been practiced by almost every serious spiritual community.  Not so in our time, now I take up the banner to re-educate you about these simple facts. It is as true is it is rare, that we actually seldom ever choose cleanse or fast just for the fun of it.  For most, it is the last thing that can be labelled as fun, yet millions of people all over the world are cleansing, fasting, or both. Why?

Even if it has been well established that millions and millions of people all over the world have been cleansing for thousands of years, but you still may be asking yourself, why on earth should I do a cleanse? Aren’t you even curious how you would feel or how you will look after experiencing a short fast?
The answer to why would anyone fast and cleanse, is a very simple one; it helps remove the obstacles that interfere with health: mental health, emotional health, and physical health.

Fasting and cleansing

Fasting and cleansing, when done properly, will have an amazing ability to clear out the causes of health issues and bring people back to a high state of health and well-being.  Nothing, absolutely nothing, compares to this amazing natural process. It is a very simple and quick process where people are amazed with the great effectiveness of the intestinal cleanse.  Cleansing, when done properly, speeds us forward spiritually by clearing the pathways of love, joy and clarity.  Cleansing helps us see what very few people have ever seen; it helps us become aware of things that generally remain unknown to the public.

Cleansing is remarkable in that it touches us on every level. When we open up and realize that the primary causes of our health issues are unconscious emotional programs, toxicity and acids, we then begin to see why cleansing works so brilliantly.

When cleansing, we always see a major improvement in our attitudes, feelings and our outlook on life.  Our newfound positive attitude strengthens our genetic structure. Our emotions and attitudes can alter our DNA and this is already recognised by science.

We can improve our nutritional intake by improving our digestion and what we are able to absorb. Intestinal cleansing will do far more for you than a water fast, as it will remove Mucoid plaque which is a major cause of nutrition deficiency. Cleansing will drastically reduce congestion and inflammation.

I have to say this; why would you waste your money on products that cannot cleanse you deeply?  If we are going to go the trouble of cleansing, why mess around with something that is superficial?  A tablet or capsule, that promises to cleanse our liver or clear out waste are usually no more than a laxative. Be very careful.

When we cleanse, we are always cleansing our vital organs such as the liver. It is a big mistake to try and cleanse the liver, gallbladder, the blood, etc. before cleansing the intestines. Here is why: The intestines feed the cells of our body by transporting its nutrients into the Portal Veins, which carries them directly to the liver.  When the intestines are full of old waste, most likely months old and really putrefied, the blood will be filthy and the liver has to then process the nutrients and whatever toxins are in that blood.  As long as the liver has to process bowel toxins it cannot effectively process its own toxins.  (so long as it is busy with what you consumed today or last week or month, it can never remove stored toxins such as from vaccines, pesticides or parasites, etc) Trying to clean the liver before cleansing the intestines is like trying to clean your toilet but never actually flushing it. It overflows and becomes a nasty problem. It simply can’t be done effectively.

The small intestines are the most important organ in our body to keep clean, for every other organ and cell depends upon the small intestines for its survival; they’re far more important than the colon.  We can live without a colon, but we cannot live without the small intestines.  It is the job of the small intestines to fully digest and assimilate the food we eat.  The colon is mainly a holding area for food until it is time to be eliminated.  The small intestines are extremely important to cleanse and keep in good shape, yet most people have developed problems in all the intestines, including the colon.  So, it is important to use a cleanse that can remove accumulated toxicity and mucoid plaque from the small intestine as well as the colon.  Here the Home Detox Box will do the job and help you to remove old putrefied waste from your small intestines as well as your colon. It works.

The end Result:

A person who has followed the cleanse properly should notice an amazing new level of energy, clarity, a new level of well-being, noticeable improvements in appearance (how you look), and the tone and colour of the skin (less wrinkles).  They should notice significant improvements in various health issues ranging from one end to the other, improvement in digestion and bowel movements, increased stamina, major improvement in attitude, love and joy, and a new awareness of things.

Some will notice an improvement in eyesight, in memory, increased flow of urine, major loss of weight in people who had been overweight etc.  There will also be improvements in areas that we cannot see, such as improvement in the immune function, and one could experience the elimination of fertility issues.  The list of positive benefits goes on and on. When our bodies make such profound improvements, our whole body functions better.  As a result, I firmly believe that we will have increased our life span and build a new shield-like condition that wards off many potential health problems.

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