In the life where everything must be faster and faster, our fast-paced and hectic society is demanding more form us that we can realistically give. Our need for bodily energy is being pushed to the maximum. Yet, despite all the remedies we have for “lack of energy”––remedies like pills, energy drinks, coffee, etc. Our energy levels are actually going down and we are feeling depleted and defeated. Our focus and alertness also seem to be in short supply. Instead, many people complain of a serious lack of energy. Which has led many to ask the question, “Why am I always tired?”

There can be a number of way’s I could answer that question. Many people just do not get enough sleep. We have busy lives with work schedules, family schedules and trying to find personal time, leaving just a few precious hours of the day which is exclusively for sleeping. For many others, the very things you’ve done to combat your lack of energy may be responsible for robbing you of your energy. And for some, it could be a fundamental flaw in the way you provide your body with energy: Poor diet, stress and lack of proper quality rest.

So if I make a very long story short, our lifestyles would not seem to be particularly conducive to an abundance of energy.

There are plenty of specialists, life hackers, bloggers, gurus and authors with tips on de-cluttering your life, finding time for yourself, organizing your world, etc. Ultimately though, it is up to you to find a balance in your life. Everyone of course knows, that they should be getting the number of hours that would be enough sleep for them. Everyone also knows that excessive caffeine interferes with sleep. You yourself have to find a balance there, too. Knowing you need to find a balance or re-organize your lifestyle in a healthy way is one thing; actually doing it is another. Ultimately, no one can fix that but you.

It is common knowledge that caffeine and other stimulants cause crashes, leaving you feeling more lethargic than you were before. Fewer people however know that long terms usage of caffeine and stimulants can cause “adrenal fatigue”, which leaves you with a consistent feeling of fatigue. With coffee shops on every corner, and companies selling energy drinks posting record sales, You really have to wonder about most peoples bodies and how there are being affected by worn out adrenals.

But perhaps the most important thing many people fall short on is their diet and nutritional needs. Ironically, many people may be eating the “right” food, and still not feeling the energy they think they should feel. Many people may be doing what they presume to be all the right things––the right diet, consistent exercise, plenty of sleep, etc.––but they can’t figure out why they still don’t feel “right”.

If this is you, it may be a good time to give yourself the chance of a KICK START. Your energy and digestive system will thank you a chance to detox and cleanse all your organs and down to your cellular systems so that they can re build themselves, and have much stronger foundations form now on.

Our body just needs 3 days to re set itself and that can be done with a simple detox at home. All our physical cravings for sugar and stimulants will disappear after 3 days and we will be re-newed.

Our digestive system is home to the fascinating millions of colonies of bacteria, that can either balance out your energy or take it all away. What affects this bacteria is what we consume. These too can all be re balanced by a short detox period, just 3 days of drinking high fibre shakes (which the good healthy bacteria love) taking digestive enzymes and probiotics to correct the balance in the colonies of gut bacteria into the better ratio and you will be feeling in top of the world again.

Many people who do on this short detox find relief from many health problems that they had been putting up with for years, Others find that they feel better than they ever have before.

If you’ve tried everything to feel energized and still feel tired, then a long weekend following the Home Detox Box, resting and drinking will put you in a much better place.

Within the Home Detox Box you will receive your high fiber for your digestive cleanse drinks, Enzymes and Probiotics to take daily and some recipes to follow once you have finished the 3 days cleanse. The building up after the cleanse and detox is just as important as the digestive cleanse itself. This is where I can educate you about live probiotic and cultured foods, raw food and how to add in more fibre into your daily intake. All these will make a huge difference to your gut health.

I am here to support you with coaching programs with food that nurses your soul, and ways that you can feel delicious in your own body that make you tingle to the end of every finger tip and toe.

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact me.

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