What’s the Big Deal about Fasting?

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Since my trip around the world in 2003 and doing my first Detox in Thailand at The Sanctuary I have been a huge fan of downtime and a full-body recalibration once a year, as well as for a bit of peace and quiet and clean out my digestive tract with a short fast.

Fasting is as old as the hills and always gives the mind, body, and soul the huge benefits connected with a total reboot, all within a very short space of time.

Used by Einstein to give his students the added advantage, as the brain functions 100% more efficiently after a fast.

Used by TOP athletes and promoted by Olympic sports coaches to improve the bodies performance and to set up the body to its optimum performance.

_ In ancient Greece, Pythagoras was among many who extolled its virtues. During the fourteenth century it was practiced by St Catherine of Siena, while the Renaissance doctor Paracelsus called it the “physician within”. Indeed, fasting in one form or another is a distinguished tradition and throughout the centuries, devotees have claimed it brings physical and spiritual renewal

Fasting is literally allowing the magic back in as the body re calibrates itself once it is allowed to switch off, have downtime and reboot following a precise protocol. By not digesting solid food for a short period of time, you actually give your body time to heal and clean out what is no longer needed, leaving you with better concentration and more energy.

A 3 Day (72hr) fast is all that is needed to reset your entire body.

Your body will thank you and there are huge benefits all round.

You will have speeded up your metabolism

You will have boosted your immune system

You will have prolonged your life span

You will rejuvenate your skin

You will look younger

Your taste buds get renewed and your tastes change

You will neutralize your biggest cravings

You will promote a thorough detoxification

Your Body can clean house of all the rubbish stored for way too long

You get to access the fat stored and locked away in your cells

You will improve your chances to lose weight

You will improve your insulin sensitivity and

You will help to reverse prediabetes

Hormones take this chance to rebalance

You will boost your cognitive and brain function

You access a great source of energy

You get to absorb the great nutrition you are consuming

You get to have deep mental and physical rest to consider your next steps

You will feel years younger and have much more energy

One of the main reasons I took to fasting was It is easy for me an extremely busy woman to eat well within the designated window for consuming food, still feel fulfilled and satisfied and not depriving myself and know that the body was doing her best for me. Once I saw the results I was hooked.

“For me cooking every day and preparing food was the bain of my life, I cannot believe how much time is spent thinking, planning and preparing food. I much prefer to grab food when I am hungry and do something far more interesting”.

The first step to introduce fasting would be: The longer you wait before you eat breakfast for example, the longer your body can use up yesterdays energy efficiently and access the hormones like Leptin which are only activated by hunger. When Leptin is activated she looks for stored sources of what she can use for your energy. She finds the fat stores and uses these to give you energy.

The second step to fasting would be:  A longer Fasting period that allows your body to turn over the fuel system from Sugar to the stored fat and you must stay consuming fat for the fuel system to work effectively. The moment you return to sugar you are back burning sugar for fuel and will need to start again to teach your body how to get her fuel from fat again. 3 days (72 hours) is all that is needed to re calibrate your body.

You can drop a dress size quite easily. But you need to know what you are doing. If you are hungry you MUST eat. There is a huge difference in an educated and uneducated faster. An uneducated faster will have her body storing more fat.

An educated faster will allow her body to go longer still feel satisfied and lose weight easily.

Since 2004 (for 15 years) I have been running Retreat Biarritz detox and fasting retreats and helping women and men to set up a safe fasting experience at home with the Home Detox Box, helping women and men come off sugar and learn how to eat again with some specific coaching programs and protocols that work for a sweeter healthier life.

What I have seen will surprise you, how much weight as well as heavy thoughts and habits that cause depression and over eating can be lifted off and stay off, after a short fast.

That was Radical!” said Emily,

Remarkable and way easier than I ever imagined.” said Tamsin.

It all happened in my sleep.” Judy exclaimed

If you are wanting to have this to be the last time you ever need to think about your weight or that you can wear the clothes you love again there are certain steps that need to be taken.

Make a decision to do take care of what and when you eat, take some time out to follow a simple cleanse protocol with a short 3 days fast and a guide how to break your fast. This will be the very best thing you have done for yourself in years, and you will feel so much better in days.

Do yourself a HUGE favor and follow the Home Detox Box a DIY kit that you can follow at home for the easiest way to start with a fast, with me in your corner and get support whilst you navigate how to have a brand new relationship with your food and clean start with your body.

Delivered to your Door – Home Detox Box

Making a world of difference to how you wear your body and how she feels on you.

Your Body Your Best & Most Valuable Outfit.

Fiona Robertson

The 3 things Vegans need to help them burn fat and stay super healthy.

Emotional Eating

The 3 things Vegans need to help them burn fat and stay super healthy.

Are all Vegans healthy?

Are all Vegetarians healthy?

And the easiest part by far for Vegans or Vegetarians is the cutting out the meat part.

But if you are running on empty with these three essential ingredients that I am going to cover off today you will not allow your body to lose weight no matter how little you eat. Your missing some vital foundations in your chosen diet

As a vegan or as a vegetarian, that’s the easy part to say “I just won’t eat meat, then I’ll be healthy and slimy” – maybe you’ve made your decision based on what you’ve heard, that there is so much yuk in meat now, hormones, toxins, and you just don’t want to digest or have that in your body, let alone the moral standpoint many of us take based on not wanting to eat animals. SO, let’s get clear what we need to include as a vegan or vegeterian when we cut out some sources of nutrients in our diet.

What so many of us forget is to include these 3 essentials that everybody needs to stay healthy, if we miss the very foundation of what builds the body, the body cannot release the weight.

So today I have covered off the 3 essential things that we need to be including to keep us in TIP TOP shape with energy to burn.

The macronutrients

The electrolytes

The LOvE.

So let’s take a quick look first at the superfoods that you will do incredibly well to support you, that build great foundations when you change your diet and want to stay incredibly healthy

I am Fiona Robertson the body Renewer and a Body Whisperer and you will find me with a shopping trolly full of fresh dark green salads from the market every Friday and with lots of plants and veggies for the whole week. Following my body code. You know if you ask anyone, especially my kids what it is I actually eat? they will say SALAD… but possibly they will miss all the other stuff I am doing that keeps me healthy and sane. So that I still enjoy eating at the table with the family.

I have experimented with food for what seems like ever, over 40 years and at least I know I have it down for what works for me and what I love to eat. And I have my sanity back. Yes, I admit I went a little mad, being obsessed with food and got all stressed and bent out of shape about food. I even ended up overeating on the healthiest food, as I was not considering my stress levels when I was dieting, This was insanity and why I am sharing the foods that considerably help you stay sane.

For months on end, I depleting my stores by detoxing and extreme dieting away all of my stores of the good stuff I am going to share with you today were at ZERO, and it was then I bottomed out and discovered why that had happened to me. It was then that I started to listen to my body, her cravings, her symptoms, and the stubborn weight even at my starving point and I began to hear what she needed, wanted and lacked most. Cravings for seaweed, salt or chocolate were all signs of a depleted system.

So today lets concentrate on the 3 essential elements we need to include to stay in TIP TOP form assisting your mental state as well as your physical state – when we change our diet want to lose some pounds and stay healthy in the mind and body.


You see I know now what it takes to keep those macronutrients charged. They are all available naturally and via not chemical supplements, that take just minutes to take, but that help you stay super healthy and fully charged. You can still take them when you are travelling and keep you fat burning and the weight loss at an optimum and feeling full of energy on the busiest of days.

Macronutrients are the energy or calories in the food that we eat, these comes from three main macronutrients: proteinsfats, and carbohydrates. Macro means large, and these basic nutrients are necessary in large quantities to sustain our growth, metabolism, and other bodily functions. To keep us healthy, saddly some of us removed a big portion and never replaced the basic foundatioins of what kept us feeling healthy and able to run a busy life long term.

The macronutrients include:

  • Carbon (C)
  • Hydrogen (H)
  • Oxygen (O)
  • Nitrogen (N)
  • Phosphorus (P)
  • Potassium (K)
  • Calcium (Ca)
  • Magnesium (Mg)


Here are the TOP Macronutrients I love to inform you about today.

Chlorella, Loaded with essential green Chlorophyll, Carbohydrates, Vitamins and minerals and gives you lots of energy.

Astronauts even take these when they go into space they are so packed with essential Macronutrients


Moringa leaf or the whole plant including in the nut, leaf and bark, has been proved to seriously lower blood sugar levels.


Spirulina strong neuro protectors in it. 4 x antioxidents as the best blueberry. Wow


Mint: Anti microbic, anti viral, anti tumour, Anti allergenic and anti oxidic properties and it is very tasty

Found growing everywhere all around the world and has 100’s of different varieties. I particularly love my chocolate mind plant…


Macha Macha Tea, known for reducing stress and promote relaxation and enhance mental clarity,

Now Who does not want that. Any way what was I saying. ???, mmm Oh yes.


Wheat grass: 1 ounce is all you need and that will be equivalent to a tabletop of fresh vegetables. Like 2 lbs of greens.

As I say to my kids who were the prettiest people in the film ‘Lord of the Rings’ and WHO lived forever YES –the Elfs, So light and agile and such a good aim with the bow and arrow. Depicting GREAT health and who only ate salads much to the repulsion of the dwarfs..


Ashwaganda, Lowers anxiety, helps with stress levels, and listen to this decreases depression. Wow let’s take a bucket today.


Turmeric: Curcuma if you’re in France or Europe, FAR superior to treating depression with that old Prozac that everyone has known someone to take at some time, numbing them out from life. Cashews also by the way great for alleviating depression. And Turmeric a must for lowering Blood sugar levels;


Lemon, helps to enormously to flush and de toxify the body.


Beets: help with energy in a workout and with stamina. Well basically they are grown as a root crop develop below the ground so are in fact a sugar, well who knew.

They are not on my list but as good for me but if you are moving and exercising a lot a lot they are a good source of fuel. If you are stagnant for a lot of the day then don’t drink beet juice its pure sugar. That goes for many of these popular juices just a complete nonsense sugar party . You may as well drink a soda pop.


Monk fruit, No insulin spikes with this sugar alternative. 170 X sweeter than sugar and no insulin spikes. Zero Calories. Not that I’m advocating cutting calories Your body needs fuel but you may just be the one who is fueled not by sugars. Monk fruit is ZERO glycemic index so does not spike insulin. BONUS.


There are many other foods that act super well and give us so much in the way of macronutrients such as seaweed, Coconut oil,


2nd Essential element Love in your food;

Quick tip if you hate a food don’t take it, If it smells and makes your stomach turn, please don’t force yourself to swallow it down even if you have been told it is the healthiest thing on the planet.


YOUR BODY IS SPEAKING TO YOU AND SAYING NO!!! Please no, don’t eat that.


Learn to listen to your body and what she wants as much as a list of superfoods that someone is trying to sell you in a plastic carton. Search with your eyes when you go shopping what looks so appetizing, and what foods pop up into your head when you say “Ohhh what do I want to eat right now?”

Then go and make it and enjoy every mouthful. Delight in the texture, flavor and ask your body to absorb what she needs.

Be reasonable and listen carefully to your body who gave you that craving to overeat on chocolate, crisps or sweets? it is just her way to banish and avoid feeling hurt or angry again after a sad or dramatic emotional day.

Learn the difference between a craving for nutrients and a craving for numbing put a painful memory.

Eat the food you really enjoy, find delicious, tasty and that you absolutely love.

In most high street restaurants you will never experience the love that the chef puts into your food, Not like your mother did when she prepared food for her family to enjoy all together around the table.

Get to know if you enjoy your meals and if you love to eat in big a crowd or eat alone, or eat in silence or eat in amongst the noise. What do you prefer?

Get to know how you love to eat and how that fills your senses as much as the food itself. Eating and food is an experience and the environment is equally as important to your digestion. So much stress can come from being at the table, family crisis, judgments, arguments OR you could see that as your wonderful family dynamics and just love and miss the atmosphere. And thrive off it, yet sitting alone eating your lunch at your desk or on the run you may miss these essential elements for you and leave you feeling empty and hungry all afternoon or evening, and giving into cravings.

Discover what you miss when you eat and feed yourself, as much of these missing nutrients know that we are not just looking at the vitamins and minerals but essential nourishment.


3rd essential element electrolytes.

These are rarely and hardly ever talked about, But if you have every visited a sick person in the hospital or watched ‘Grey’s Anatomy’ TV series they always talk about a persons electrolyte levels. BINGO!

So we need electrolytes but what are they and how do we make sure we have enough.

The electrolytes in a human body must include:

  • Sodium
  • Potassium
  • calcium
  • bicarbonate
  • magnesium
  • chloride
  • phosphate

Common symptoms of an electrolyte disorder include:

  • irregular heartbeat.
  • fast heart rate.
  • fatigue
  • lethargy
  • convulsions or seizures.
  • nausea
  • depression
  • vomiting
  • diarrhea or constipation. Digestion system and weight gain


5 Foods to Replenish Electrolytes

  1. Milk and yogurt are excellent sources of electrolyte calcium. … (not vegan)
  2. Bananas are known to be the king of all potassium containing fruits and veggies. …
  3. Coconut Water. …
  4. Watermelon…
  5. Avocado


Best source of all the minerals needed for electrolytes.

For starters, this remarkable salt has over 80 essential minerals and elements including, sulphate, potassium, magnesium, calcium, and chloride. Himalayan pink salt also contains far less sodium than other traditional table salts because it is less refined. And the health benefits don’t stop there.

To make a drink full of electrolytes you can make a sole; ASK me for the PDF to make this electrolyte drink and Ill send over the PDF recipe sheet

Take it from me you need these Macronutrients, Electrolytes and that missing LOVE in your food and meal times as much as anything else to fill you up on all levels, these tiny invisible ingredients make all the difference to weight loss.

If you want to dive deeper I am happy to work out with you your Body Code and what your missing and ideal fuel for your body to burn off fat.

Suitable for Vegan, vegetarians whatever you love to eat. Take the quick BODY CODE QUIZ NOW


If you find that you want to reduce stress and have hormones running riot and you are gaining weight give yourself the opportunity to spend 1 hour with me and come away with a clear plan of action to reduce stress, secret eating, depression, physical symptoms and the chemical culprits that have your body protecting you and storing fat. Then I am here to make al that as easy and as quick as possible.

Let’s get you on a fast track call ASAP.


If you want to have a print out of the full list of essential Macro Nutrients and the Recipe for the life saving Electrolyte drink then I will send you that PDF.



Fiona Robertson

The Body Renewer

Changing the rules of what I ate saw me lose 2 stone (28lbs) in 2 months

Changing the rules of what I ate saw me lose 2 stone (28lbs) in 2 months

But I resisted the change because it went against everything I had been told and believed

Last week at Badminton, I saw where else I resisted change and being told what to do. I go to Badminton every Monday and Thursday just for the hell of it because I find that sport so much fun. I feel just like a kid again. So here I was happily playing and loving the feeling of running all Ninja like smashing the shuttlecock back again and again, having to bend down and pick it up was becoming less. I could feel a little more satisfied that I was slowly improving. Then along came the instructor to give us some advanced tips and new techniques.


He was showing us how to get a stronger shot and get it to go further, and have far more chance of hitting it back and it landing where we wanted it to land. With that he was asking me to change the whole routine of dance steps that I had worked out for myself, and what I thought looked like some improvement and mediocre success.


I did these new steps slowly at first, practicing what he suggested, It seemed and felt all wrong, My body was in the habit of doing it another way. I resisted, yet I knew he was right so I practiced over and over for the hour we had left. I turned in the opposite direction that I would have habitually gone. I raised my racket and hit hard. It struck home exactly where I intended it to go and I experienced the difference it made with this new technique.


I kept practicing, over and over and I got more consistent and had a far better game of badminton. I enjoyed it more and more and it was all a lot less effort. The Ninja me was back and having the time of her life.


This reminded me of my resistance from when I changed what and how I ate, I learned how to eat again for my own individual body design. To follow my Body Code Food Group was to have my very own food code which had been set out for me by the Body Code method. I had to change the rules and do what I was resistant to get better results. For myself, I discovered that I was predisposed to eat more fat. The best food group for me included more fat, OMG who knew? which seemed bizarre as I had avoided fat for decades. Yet here I was being shown that it would help me access the fat cells and allow my body to run on the fuel I was predisposed and designed to run very efficiently on. This was all taken from answering questions about my physical symptoms highlighting the hormones and chemical culprits at play in my body causing these physical symptoms, mainly stubborn excess weight, fatigue, belly bloating. Take the Body Code QUIZ  and discover your Body Code and get the group Perfect for you that helps you access the fat cells to release the stored fat.

I started to practice but resisted the whole concept, got tied up in knots from what I believed and had been taught for so long, but that was clearly not working for me as I could not lose the 2 stone and the weight I so desperately wanted to hit.


I was impatient with my new way of eating and often questioned it and saw myself going back to the trusted way, of starvation and grains and the vegetables I thought were good, but now I know that ruined every chance of me losing weight. They contained the wrong fuel for my Body Code design and stopped any chance of my stored fat to be released.


I continued for 2 weeks then saw a remarkable change, dresses I loved were loose around me, trousers and jeans I had not worn for decades were easily fitting, I liked the reflection I saw in the mirror, I felt confident and I loved the way I was eating. I found it so satisfying and I ate better than I had in years.


Sometimes you just have to listen to a new way. This was an advanced dance step it took time to learn but when I did it changed the way I felt in my body entirely and so quickly.


What I did exactly was; First I reset my entire body and digestion system with a 7 Day Detox and Cleanse. Home Detox Box – A short fast this quickly got my body to reset and accept the new fuel source, Just like shutting down all operations and then downloading an upgrade and brand new operation program. The detox was to take away any lingering cravings for the old fuel so that I could start afresh. At the same time, I decided to work on my resistance to change as I knew that physical cravings can stop in 3 days, but mental cravings arrive from emotional triggers and I had to find the root cause so that I would not use or turn to my habitual old cravings ever again.


My body was reset with the correct digestive enzymes that worked effectively for the new fuel source, and my gut bacteria was re-establishing herself and poised to work her wonders on this new fuel, so I was all set to go. Advanced techniques for a whole new dance which feels natural and I don’t miss a thing from the old way of eating. I learned to eat again, the nutrition, the way I was predisposed to function at my best. I have no cravings for bread, carbs, or any sugars at all.

Now if I had listened to what worked for others like I had been doing for decades, I would have been stuck in a body that was under fueled for her own purposes and gained more fat because of it. I am so glad I tried a new advanced dance step and stopped resisting.


What are you resisting? Tell me……..

When you have had enough and want to stop the cravings for sugar and night time eating binges and are willing to go beyond the limited diets out there, with one size fits all approach and see perhaps the way you too can create consciously that body on the fuel she has been waiting for, then strongly consider resetting your body with your new code so she can access your fat cells.



Home Detox Box – 97.00 Euros delivered to your door.

Advances dance steps –

Body Code Mind and Body Detox – 88.00 downloadable

Do them both together and 150.00 Euros

The Body Code Detox – Mind and Body Detox and reach the parts you have never reached before in 7 days. – 160.00 Euros

You’ll get…

  1. Home Detox Box – 7 day digestive cleanse
  2. Body Code Mid and Body Detox – To discover what is blocking and stopping your weight loss
  3. Uncover your NO 1 Trigger to overeating with 1 personal 1 to 1 coaching session
  4. Realize what your key missing nutrient is that your body has been screaming for.

This will be the best thing you have done in years.



Body Code Detox link…


The Myth Behind Weight Gain as you Get Older. Part 1

myth-behind-weight-gain Fiona Robertson photo

The Myth Behind Weight Gain as you Get Older. Part 1

For more than 50 years I have raged war on my body, believing she was betraying me, and I felt I would have to continue the battle to try and control my weight as I grew older.


I frequently screamed at my body in my head, for the betrayal of the extra weight she was carrying. I felt humiliated at my expanding waistline, and saddened that I could not fit into the styles of clothes I absolutely loved to wear. But I had to buy the tent style dresses that I hated.


I know now that I was literally starving my body and ignoring any prompts from her for what she really wanted for me to understand. That was, how I could best adjust and reverse my fixed belief’s about my body, what I was continually saying about her, as well as the choice of the foods I ate. My body was calling to me but I never heard her cries.


The belief’s I held, and the words I shouted at my body were not helping at all, and little did I know then that this mental aspect of my mind set was actually equally as important to finding the daily nutrition that I loved, that would serve my body best.

“So when I started to be open to these new aspects and create the reality I wanted from this additional perspective. I noticed the results were very effective and my body responded quickly and positively.
The moment you shift your mindset, you gain the momentum that increases your bodies ability to go to the next big level you’ve been asking for.

Shifting your Mindset from past subtle self-sabotage and procrastination and into confidence and consistent action is THE proven process for overcoming resistance and let your weight balance out.

What I had discovered allowed me to rapidly re new and re connect with my inner knowing through a mindset practice, so that I created the physical experience I wanted. I shifted my mindset, I saw how I could consciously create the BODY that I have always wanted, from the inside out.”


What would you say is your worst fear when it comes to your body and your weight?


And because this has been such an awesome life changing experience, I want to share this with you in a ‘Breakthrough your Triggers that Keep you Battling with your Weight’ on a 20 minute one to one call with me, where I will be sharing the crucial element that allowed me to construct a body I feel proud of.


You’ll get….

  1. Discover your NO 1 Trigger (mind set) that keeps you battling with your weight
  2. What you need to do to unblock your stubborn weight.
  3. My Favorite method to find out what your body is really craving (Hint it is not what you think)

Sign up for one of the only 5 FREE ‘Breakthrough you Triggers’ calls I’ll be doing this month. https://fionarobertson.acuityscheduling.com/and make 2017 the year you finally reclaim your body, and your life.





I have learnt that this type of life is not just a PIPE dream

What I learnt again on the last detox retreat that I ran!


Last week I opened my doors again to run my Autumn detox weeks with the added bonus of Raw and Fermented food classes, with the introduction to knowing yourself via your style of Emotional Eating.


We had a fabulous week of experiencing a detox and learning about ourselves which is always such a pleasure, and especially to see people warm up to the idea that there is SO MUCH MORE to life.

What I found out again confirms all my suspicions and excites me beyond measure, That I am dedicated to continue with my special detox and inner knowing discovery weeks.


The week was laid out with an initial 3 day fast and raw food plan, this forms the foundations of the program that I offer, clearing away the old stuck and stagnated waste and energy and then filling you up with vibrant high vibration foods and energy, that allows life force to enter and flood through you so you can transform at a cellular level. Added to that I introduce you to a way to understand yourself on a deeper more profound level, by opening the doors to your Emotional Eating awareness. Everyone has a style of eating and uses something to hide behind, distract ourselves from living a FULL LIFE, and stay hidden from our true potential ( this is what Emotional Eating awareness can give you clarity on). I guide you in my particular style of meditation, which gets you out of your head and safely down into your heart and body, where you can start to communicate with the very essence of what your body needs. I encourage you to discover a place of silence as we walk and sit by the clear mountain rivers along our many walks during the week.

Yoga also helps to clear the meridians and massages the internal organs, enhancing the elimination of the old stagnant waste that has been blocking our ability to function on full power.

Our bodies have all the means to heal themselves, they just need to know how to access it.


Last week as we followed this unique detox program that I have laid out, we went step by step, into the realms beyond a traditional physical detox and into the state of allowing ourselves to discover our truest desires and needs.


It is always such a pleasure for me to see and experience my clients who come as clients and leave as friends who go through these simple steps. I find it works better to have smaller intimate groups so there is time and space for us all to take our personal route to self discovery, rather than follow a group energy that can so easily end up being just another place to hide. After these weeks you will never be the same again, as you pass through the doorway of transformation and start to see your true potential blossom right in front of your eyes.


So last week as I guided my wonderful evolving detox week, these detox weeks that I have done now for the past 10 years. I discovered again the hidden secret, that strongly confirms that my foundations for these weeks NEED to continue. My finding’s and beliefs are this, no matter for whatever reason people come to me to experience their first detox or their tenth detox, it’s a time, your unique time to go deeper and discover your true joy for life and reason for living. Raise your vibration to experience the true essence of what I mean by “Joie de Vivre”. Living this type of life that I advocate and encourage is not a pipe dream, its real, attainable and worth every second that you spend creating a life that you truly desire.

When we have lifted your personal vibration via clearing away the old, by detoxing the body, its literally impossible to stop the flow of life force energy into the body, mind and spirit. Everything just starts to look fabulous, colourful and music enters the ears again, and a smile develops on the lips and its so infectious as laughter comes so easily and movement and dance finds its way back into the every day step.


Discovering your new love for life and developing it as a way to enjoy every day and every moment of your day is a must.


When every cell is buoyant with vitality you will find a way no matter what by hook or by crook to keep it going. You will always remember how it feels to have a light step and understand that life is a joy, a beautiful life, and when you know how it feels to feel buoyant it will haunt you until you cant live without it any more.

Life lived like this attracts people, love, situations, jobs, health, wellbeing and so many things to you that you will want to scream it from the roof tops that you have found your calling and your Joie de Vivre!


So if your ready to experience this feeling there are three ways to experience a detox and with me.

The Retreat week starts from 980.00 for an all inclusive week here in SW France,


The Home Detox Box is 87.00 a 7 day kit that you can use to do a DIY Detox at home.


The third and most beneficial option is that I can coach you through a profound detox and tune you in on an entirely deeper level, and lead you step by step to give you the feeling of daily Joie De Vivre, and help you to appreciate and be aware of all the wonderful possibilities lined up for you. I will help you to tune in and feel all your cells begin to buzz. You will be receiving, absorbing and be in love with life. You will be in a state where you can allow the things you have been asking for to actually manifest, your body will be co operating with your mind, your health and happiness will immediately improve, your blood pressure, your cell counts, your vitality will all improve as a result,




Thanks you Fiona, for your wealth of knowledge and the non judgmental way in which you have guided us through the highs and lows of this detox week.  I have lots of new information and knowledge to continue the good work that I have done when I return home, so that I can experience the vitality and renewed vigor that I feel now. It has been a cleansing emotionally as well as physically that has given me my MoJo back. I have thoroughly enjoyed this beautiful location and being with this family this week. You have shown me that a Life to be Lived like this is not a pipe dream.

Much love Maria, April 2015




Your Shape Shift Mind Set

What is it? Really what is it that makes some people able to keep to their regime, to be healthy, fit and in good shape? Most of us can easily work towards losing weight when we have an occasion that we are working towards. But how about when it just us we are doing it for, and in it for the long term, that marathon energy that’s required not a short sprint, and the attitude that its just a week and its over…..


This is my point today, what mind set must we have so that you can first achieve and then maintain your health or weight loss goals, and keep up the healthy promise you have set for your self. No wonder New Years Resolutions are a one day spectacular, based on the overwhelming guilt of over indulgence and fear of gaining weight, and don’t lets ignore that everyone is doing it too, so its easy to stay focused.


I have been working with predominantly very successful women now for over 10 years all roughly based around the same subject. They are managing businesses and earning well, yet have so far evaded their dream to wear that designer outfit that they love so much, and feel held back by how they look, as they don’t want to be judged and a successful woman who should have all areas of her life lined up and in control.


Fiona, they say “I feel fat and tired I used to be so slim and gorgeous, I just don’t know what happened”.


So what did happen? Did we become complacent and maybe for hundreds of reasons we cannot achieve the results we say we dream of, we sabotage and move the target constantly then hate ourselves for it.

So before we set about on any diet or detox ( as that has been mine and many’s theme ) to re set our body clock and start a fresh. What do we need? A New Mind Set.


Shape Shifting is a Mind Set program, to set in place a relationship that can last the course, one that can make us feel at peace in our body, and feel so comfortable within ourselves that we have no need to turn to extra treats to fulfill the deprivation we feel, when we know we deserve more out of a situation or from life. However instead of asking for what we actually need, we take it in luxury treats and try as we might to fulfill ourselves and our un-met needs with food.


My story would sound just like that, a once funny and very cheeky girl, squashed in some bad relationship choices ranged from suffocating and possessive to abusive. I threw myself into my work and it seemed to be my life saver, yet I knew I deserved more from life, yet I did not know how to get it, I did not know what I was afraid of or actually denying myself. So in comes food like my all time hero, my rescuer and there we have it, a history of YoYo diets and secret munchies to sedate an angry girl, then the disappointed woman.


I have thankfully now come to realize what I needed most, not just with food but in every area of my life. So picking up a few life cues here and there I saw that I needed to take care of myself better than anyone else ever could and Shape Shift my Mind Set.


Do you know where to start? Here is what you first want to find:

What are you afraid of most in life?

If you knew what would you say was the feeling you most try and avoid?

What am I denying?


Answer these questions ASAP and send me an e mail and I will be send you an E mail on Monday 22nd June to invite you to take part in my free Shape Shifters Mind Set calls. I am offering these to get you clear on your Mind Set before you start any diet or detox.

Look out for the E mail invitation on Monday

Fed up with feeling so tired all the time?

I am SO fed up with feeling SO tired?

It feels so brain numbing to be so tired all the time doesn’t it. If your feeling unwell and just dog tired, then no mater what it is then everything else has to wait until your feeling right again. It’s like playing a game and that is the trump card, and no matter how you feel about your job, your relationship, your body image or your finances, you will do nothing about it until you feel well again and have the feeling you can really cope with it, and that means not feeling so god damn tired and sluggish all the time.

Do you ever get the feeling that day after day, month after month, you are becoming more and more tired and with no change in sight. Your body feels heavy and you’ve tried everything you can think of and yet you still feel so tired and weary. In fact you feel more tired than you can ever remember. You could literally sleep at the drop of a hat. Whats going on? What’s happening?

Oh, I know only to well how this feels and I bet its driving you just as crazy as it drove me. You’ve tried taking supplements, you’ve tried removing gluten ( as best you could ) You’ve tried all the juices, smoothies and high protein bars, yet still this worn out and empty feeling haunts your every single day. You wake up and still feel tired, your sleep is not restoring you. You take exercise and that just leaves you aching and unable to function. Now your worried there is something really wrong with you, but your too scared to find out.

I understand all of this only too well. Its not your fault. It really isn’t.

When I was in my management position in a firm of highly motivated sales executives, running my own team I got myself into a place that was just not working for me any more. And that is an understatement. I did not know it then, but my body was screaming at me to STOP, to take a different route and change my perspective. Many people, myself included at this stage look to leave their jobs and then have the added worry of then what?

So we stay put and get worn out even further, until we cannot function in any recognizable shape of form.

What I have come to learn from my crash and burn experiences, is that it is actually quite easy to make some vital and life saving changes, that will see you get a real feeling of being able to cope, and have the feeling of being clear and feeling lighter and brighter in a very short space of time. I am so glad that I have taken the time to learn about these, as I only repeated the same theme and routine at any new job I had, even when I became self employed I repeated the same patterns. It is a pleasure for me now to share and guide people through, and unravel the circumstances and situations that drag us down, making us feel heavy and extraordinarily tired.

I personally have the tendency to get overwhelmed and think I can cope with everything that comes my way, I am a loyal employee and don’t like to let people down, unless its myself that is. I never learnt how to look after myself, I mean really look after myself I’m not talking about earning a living, feeding and housing myself, and caring for my family, my pets and maintaining a home. I’m talking about caring for myself like the best and only friend I ever had. What I learnt took me years of ups and downs and even every now and then I h=get trapped and stretched to the max and then I wake up and realise there is another way. Once I jump off the merry go round, I breathe again and light comes back to my body and the tiredness eases away and I feel uplifted and really supported.

It the greatest thing I have ever learnt. I have looked to food to heal me and people to care for me, yet there I was all along ready willing and able to care for myself, in ways that I was never taught. Its so miraculous when you finally get it and start putting into action what I am talking about. Simple steps that push the reset buttons and keep your engine fuelled so that you feel that the long days are manageable, so that you feel you can enjoy social events, Your temper and irritation at others evens out, You feel that your weight balances out naturally without any effort on your part, You instinctively know when to leave your work and go home without any guilt, You feel able to control your eating habits and food cravings, You feel you just know who would be good for you in a relationship or interview situation, You feel you are able to be the mother you would most admire and so much more

If you are more than curious and want to know more, and want support through these tough times there are just 2 things to do:

  1. Jump on a free call with me to untangle the situation that’s making you so tired and weary (http://fionarobertson.simplybook.me/sheduler/manage/event/1/unit/1/)
  2. Make a commitment to yourself that things are going to change for the better and very, very soon.

How to take care of your energy

Taking great care of your Energy

Taking Great care of your own Energy
Taking Great care of your own Energy

For me Energy has become everything. What I mean by that is not just my physical energy but my mental energy too. My thoughts, beliefs and energetic charge i.e. how I choose to feel today, in this very moment matters to me.

So when I ask you how do you feel? Maybe you’ll first consider how your day is going, and you’ll relay to me what you have noticed, maybe all the things that went wrong from the moment you woke up. Humans ( sorry but this is true ) have a tendency to concentrate on the negative unless we have been taught that we can focus on the positive. Our media know this only too well, and has set about feeding us with the most dramatic and negative stories every day. The drama of life sells papers and TV and radio stations need their audience, and seeing as the general population are concentrating on the negative most of the time. This is not you of course, you’ve seen the light and already know that you want to feel way better that you do today.
I live in France now and have not watched the News on purpose for over 15 years now. Last winter when I tuned into a News broadcast because I wanted see the snow fall in an old area where I used to live to see the scenery again. I could not believe the tone of voice and the negative connotations from all the snow fall. More recently I watched a David Attenborough nature series with my two boys and there was that voice again, “will the baby survive, will it get eaten”, “will the predator be able to feed its family?”. There was that familiar tone of voice and negative words surrounding what was a beautiful story. This was the first time I had even noticed it, as I was so used to hearing the tone that it washed over me. But this time I chose not to be drawn down the fearful path the narrator was taking me.

This is just a small example. Our energy is everything and we can choose at any point to have a good day, to eat well and have a better relationship with those around us.
On a funny note I wanted to share that I noticed myself that when I was in certain peoples company I have chosen to eat and drink differently my food choices have been heavier in certain company. When I am drawn to choose to eat heavier foods or drink a glass of wine, I can ask myself if I am reacting to someone else’s energy, now I can see the link and have chosen to stay in my higher vibration. You too can get aware of the energy in your vicinity and know if its an energy you want to sink into or lift out of.
When I coach people I really listen to what they say and repeat it back to them, their habitual inner talk is my guide, we all have it and it is effectively bringing us either up or down vibration energy wise.

Are you curios to experience more energy and a feeling of being lighter and brighter, to benefit from the increase of energy, so you don’t feel tired and exhausted, but can have more energy to work with. I am offering you a “10 Essential Tips to Boost your Energy guide” and a FREE 30 minute session with me to experience the energy you really want to live in and have access to every day?.

My job is to help you to have a better energy, physically and mentally to feel lighter and brighter in every sense of the word. I concentrate on Weight loss and having more energy, and I have happily taught about detoxing, nutrition and raw food for the past 10 years. What I have have noticed is that when we detox we naturally get a much higher and more positive energy, and when we eat heavy foods they muddy the waters somewhat, we lose our connection and cannot seem to find our true selves, or articulate what we really feel, resulting in heavier feelings and sometimes mild depression symptoms, feeling tired and shutting off from the world.
Our energy responds to what we put into and onto our bodies as well as our thoughts, our surroundings, perceptions and beliefs. So energy is everything.

One amazing way to get your energy to vibrate at a higher more positive, lighter brighter setting is to literally decide to only notice the good things in life and be grateful about them.

When I coach people with their energy levels it is rarely all about what and how they eat, that is the symptom of their overall energy. Our bodies are a true representation of our energy. I set tasks and themes for the week that raise the vibration and the energy starts to rise and so in turn does the choice of what, how and why we eat.

I can literally get you to be drawn to better choices food and activities, to be responsive to your own energy and what your body physically and mentally needs, rather than what it has been habitually conditioned to for the protection of self.

It is a passion of mine to watch people change and transform into a totally other person who shines and is aware of how they feel and choices life very differently than before. When I was younger my favorite job was to polish the silver, ( a silver teapot to the initials RR, an old family heirloom) I loved watching the dark grey be rubbed off and the bright silver shining through, I wished there was a way to preserve the tea pot from tarnishing again. But I knew that it would get tarnished again pretty soon, if it was not regularly cared for. Sloppy thinking and choices will tarnish you and so it is important to make a decision to keep shining as bright as you can.

One thing I know for sure when you shine and have a higher vibration to your energy, you feel so much better, life, situations seem lighter and not so serious and wonderful things start to happen, people are helpful, situations turn around faster and with ease. I know how I want to live and what kind of energy I prefer to be around.

Are you curios to experience more energy and a feeling of being lighter and brighter, to benefit from the increase of energy, so you don’t feel tired and exhausted, but can have more energy to work with. I am offering you a “10 Essential Tips to Boost your Energy guide” and a FREE 30 minute session with me to experience the energy you really want to live in and have access to every day?.


How to detox the liver naturally

Home Detox Box


There are a few poignant times throughout the year that will benefit us for the rest of the year if we take a few valuable days off to invest in ourselves with a cleanse, to RE SET our digestive and hormone systems. A cleanse and detox will especially help the liver, which in turn will enhance our energy, and help us to look younger and reduce the weight we have gained over the winter season.

The age-old question needs to be answered every time as a reminder as to why we beed to help our liver with a period of detoxification.  The liver also needs to be in proper working order for the continued detoxification of our bodies on a daily basis to be successful.  Think of your liver as the body’s vacuum cleaner.  We all know what it is like if our vacuum cleaner is not working up to par.  For example, think of your age today and then consider that you have been using the same liver/vacuum cleaner all these years without changing the bag.  We all know too well if you do not tend to the needs of your vacuum the mess it can make of our carpet and the air around you.

We are all exposed to toxins everywhere and every day. The foods we eat, and yes even the air we breathe, and even our metabolism. These toxins cause irritation and inflammation throughout our bodies. We have always been exposed to toxic substances, but now it is worse than it has ever been.

The Chemical Society’s Chemical Abstracts every year lists approximately 6,000 new chemicals, which add up to more than 300,000 new chemicals each year. We consume, on an average of 14 pounds of food additives, including colorings, preservatives, flavorings, emulsifiers, and antimicrobials every year. The EPA estimated that 70,000 chemicals were commonly used in pesticides, foods, and drugs in 1990. Between January 2007 through June 2008, the EPA received 1,724 new chemicals to review for approval. Meaning there are more and more chemicals we have no idea how they will react with our bodies that we had even a year ago.

There are more than one billion tons of pesticides recorded to be used in the United States alone every year, and the UK and Europe are not far behind. The average person will be exposed to 100 synthetic chemicals every day. People ( although I am sure if your reading this you are all too aware ) do not understand that the shampoo, deodorant, cleaning products, gas for our car, hair dye, cosmetics, lotions, dishwashing soap, pesticides all play a crucial role in the toxins we put in our bodies, and the list goes on and on. OK ! I’m shouting now that enough negativity, what can we do about our lovely liver? To appreciate what it does and how we can help it

So let’s now talk about some of what the liver does. The liver is a vital contributing factor in hormonal imbalances, metabolizes proteins, fats, and carbohydrates, thus providing energy and nutrients, stores vitamins, minerals, and sugars. It filters our blood and helps to remove harmful chemicals and bacteria. The liver creates bile, which breaks down fats, and creates blood proteins that helps to maintain fluid balance and act as carriers. It stores extra blood that can be quickly released when needed. The liver helps to assimilate and store fat-soluble vitamins. Helps to maintain electrolyte and water balance, and provides blood-clotting factors. It breaks down ammonia created in the colon by bacteria and thus prevents death. This factor is quite essential don’t you think? The liver helps to maintain our blood pressure as well as builds 50,000 systems of enzymes to oversee metabolic functions throughout the body. The liver also removes damaged red blood cells. The liver converts the thyroid hormone thyroxin (T4) into a more active form triiodothyronine (T3), and inadequate regeneration can lead to hypothyroidism, chronic fatigue, weight gain, poor memory and other degenerative conditions. It creates GTF from chromium, niacin and possibly glutathione. GTF properly regulates blood-sugar levels. This is just a few of the many things the liver does for our bodies.

I thought this was such a compelling factor but did you know that the liver produces many hormones especially in the mid life ages when a women sto[s producing hormones in here ovaries. And if the liver is over is overburdened it cannot do its job properly, so in turn we become imbalanced in our hormones which has many ramifications on our mood, energy levels, how we age, confidence, emotions as well as weight gain.

Changing the simple factors, which you can control, like changing your diet to include certain foods known to help assist the liver will help enormously as well as doing occasional internal cleansing for your liver and other organs can help heal your liver, so it can start functioning on optimum output again. Diet and lifestyle hold the keys to controlling many of our hormone levels, as well as other aspects of our health.

Well if, this does not make you want to give your liver some TLC, then I do not know what will. The liver has the wondrous ability of regenerating itself. If we misuse our liver and start treating it, as we should, it will then start to heal. I for one have seen the results and think that is terrific news, well worth spreading.

I personally detox twice a year with a week long detox, cleansing the digestive system which in turn cleanses the liver and helps to Re Set my Hormone system.  Only once the colon is clear can the liver really cleanse, as it needs somewhere to dump the debris and so if the colon in full it will unfortunately make you very sick, literally vomit. Which I think you will agree you want to avoid at all costs…..Not Nice.

Even although I consume many vegetables, fermented foods every day, I still like to cleanse as it gives my body a complete rest and purges all the debris I have consumed via food or via fumes, and my environment. The liver is also known as the seat of anger and so it stores emotions such as Anger, so when we cleanse it is a good idea to do some personal development work to help clear away these emotions too. Everyone needs a regular purge on these emotions as we are surrounded by many images and relationships that cross our boundaries daily.

I offer intuitive and holistic coaching to people who are detoxing and using the Home Detox Box, as often they find it can be an emotional journey and bring up some food habits that they had long since overcome, but the emotions are still stuck and in need of clearing away too,

I had one lady who had binged as a youngster and was almost considered anorexic and 30 years later she told me that she had memories and was very emotional about the whole history of that time and why she was using binging and her eating disorder as a way of getting attention when she was young.

I love this type of work and have a special compassion for anyone with an eating disorder and habitually using food to overcome a missing nutrient that they don’t know how to communicate

I am offering a FREE FOCUSSING SESSION for anyone who wants to explore how a detox can help them, and who needs some support with a detox and emotional eating and re setting their digestion and hormone systems.

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Why am I so tired?



In the life where everything must be faster and faster, our fast-paced and hectic society is demanding more form us that we can realistically give. Our need for bodily energy is being pushed to the maximum. Yet, despite all the remedies we have for “lack of energy”––remedies like pills, energy drinks, coffee, etc. Our energy levels are actually going down and we are feeling depleted and defeated. Our focus and alertness also seem to be in short supply. Instead, many people complain of a serious lack of energy. Which has led many to ask the question, “Why am I always tired?”

There can be a number of way’s I could answer that question. Many people just do not get enough sleep. We have busy lives with work schedules, family schedules and trying to find personal time, leaving just a few precious hours of the day which is exclusively for sleeping. For many others, the very things you’ve done to combat your lack of energy may be responsible for robbing you of your energy. And for some, it could be a fundamental flaw in the way you provide your body with energy: Poor diet, stress and lack of proper quality rest.

So if I make a very long story short, our lifestyles would not seem to be particularly conducive to an abundance of energy.

There are plenty of specialists, life hackers, bloggers, gurus and authors with tips on de-cluttering your life, finding time for yourself, organizing your world, etc. Ultimately though, it is up to you to find a balance in your life. Everyone of course knows, that they should be getting the number of hours that would be enough sleep for them. Everyone also knows that excessive caffeine interferes with sleep. You yourself have to find a balance there, too. Knowing you need to find a balance or re-organize your lifestyle in a healthy way is one thing; actually doing it is another. Ultimately, no one can fix that but you.

It is common knowledge that caffeine and other stimulants cause crashes, leaving you feeling more lethargic than you were before. Fewer people however know that long terms usage of caffeine and stimulants can cause “adrenal fatigue”, which leaves you with a consistent feeling of fatigue. With coffee shops on every corner, and companies selling energy drinks posting record sales, You really have to wonder about most peoples bodies and how there are being affected by worn out adrenals.

But perhaps the most important thing many people fall short on is their diet and nutritional needs. Ironically, many people may be eating the “right” food, and still not feeling the energy they think they should feel. Many people may be doing what they presume to be all the right things––the right diet, consistent exercise, plenty of sleep, etc.––but they can’t figure out why they still don’t feel “right”.

If this is you, it may be a good time to give yourself the chance of a KICK START. Your energy and digestive system will thank you a chance to detox and cleanse all your organs and down to your cellular systems so that they can re build themselves, and have much stronger foundations form now on.

Our body just needs 3 days to re set itself and that can be done with a simple detox at home. All our physical cravings for sugar and stimulants will disappear after 3 days and we will be re-newed.

Our digestive system is home to the fascinating millions of colonies of bacteria, that can either balance out your energy or take it all away. What affects this bacteria is what we consume. These too can all be re balanced by a short detox period, just 3 days of drinking high fibre shakes (which the good healthy bacteria love) taking digestive enzymes and probiotics to correct the balance in the colonies of gut bacteria into the better ratio and you will be feeling in top of the world again.

Many people who do on this short detox find relief from many health problems that they had been putting up with for years, Others find that they feel better than they ever have before.

If you’ve tried everything to feel energized and still feel tired, then a long weekend following the Home Detox Box, resting and drinking will put you in a much better place.

Within the Home Detox Box you will receive your high fiber for your digestive cleanse drinks, Enzymes and Probiotics to take daily and some recipes to follow once you have finished the 3 days cleanse. The building up after the cleanse and detox is just as important as the digestive cleanse itself. This is where I can educate you about live probiotic and cultured foods, raw food and how to add in more fibre into your daily intake. All these will make a huge difference to your gut health.

I am here to support you with coaching programs with food that nurses your soul, and ways that you can feel delicious in your own body that make you tingle to the end of every finger tip and toe.

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact me.