I bet if I told you there was a simple formula to allow you to slip into the body that is more comfortable for you….. You Wouldn’t Do It. Part 3

Today I’m going to talk you through how to use this simple formula to reshape and rest your body, so that you can slip into something much more comfortable than you are in today.

So why do I FEEL that you wont do it? Because I’ve seen it…. because It’s so simple that its actually hard?

I’ll hear you say -“Where is the effort?”, “I have never done this before I can’t keep it up” “It’s impossible, its not real its too simple”.

I know I have said the same. You see secretly you enjoy the struggle and getting the badge of honor that says you survived – STOP IT!

This is not an army camp and you are not rewarded with effort – but I know that your so used to  the feeling of struggle, you’ve seen it with your mother and grandmother, and you feel you have to seem like its a struggle for you too, to get into the inner circle, have the same merit and admiration.

You believe its not possible that it could be that EASY, or even possible, and you know that there is more to it than just food in and food out so there has to be something behind your weight that is stopping and blocking you from losing weight. But your at a loss to think that its something your doing to sabotage your dream of a fit and healthy slim body.

So lets have a look at the steps that will support you as you release what’s stopping you and re set yourself from the inside out, so that you can embody the woman you always dreamt you could be and you are intended to BE.

Step 3: Build Your Mindset

As you create and become aware of your current mindset and see what thoughts you constantly carry and focus upon, you are building evidence to see what is stopping, blocking, storing, hoarding and piling on your weight

You just have to know and understand this –

There is nothing as responsive to your thoughts than your body.


What is your story

You have a CV, your life story how you got to be here and now – what brought you here? What stories can’t you help repeating, who did what to who ( namely you ).

Be aware of your history and if you are mostly looking backwards or forwards.

Start to catch yourself telling and repeating your stories of Woe, any victim energy you carry even if you refuse to see it it will be there. See the anger, the frustration the resentment, the bitter twisted tales you tell. Notice your comments, judgements, criticisms of others and yourself. See the blame you pass and the covering up you do. It all has to be seen. as this is running in your mindset and therefore set to appear again and again and more and more for you. causing you stress and worry and piles on the weight, as all those stories need to be stored somewhere and that means fat.


What beliefs do you carry that serve you or could it be time to dismiss them and release them entirely, never look back and re write your beliefs about what you now want to be influencing you.

Clear away some out of date beliefs starting now….

What are some of the main beliefs you hold and run about your body. Ask yourself What do I have on my body? and keep journaling for 20 minutes and see what comes up.


What do you want instead? Get clear the thoughts you want to have most of all when you live inside that comfortable easy body, and get aligned with her every single day.

This is the work and practice that is so utterly simple that created and molds your future body at a cellular level creating  cells that don’t need to store the old baggage. Its as simple and as hard as that……


To discover the woman who you want to ignite, the woman you intended to BE and is ready to be in the driving seat and live the S#*T out of her life, I suggest that you take a complementary call with me, to build her up and connect with her, to become the most powerful version of yourself yet. https://fionarobertson.acuityscheduling.com/

I am waiting to meet you and trilled to assist you in your journey



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