4 Part Better Body Formula Part 4

I bet if I told you there was a simple formula to allow you to slip into the body that is more comfortable for you….. You Wouldn’t Do It. Part 4

Today I’m going to walk and talk you through how to use this last piece of this simple formula, to reshape and rest your body, so that you can slip into something much more comfortable than you are in today.

So why do I feel you wont do it? Because I’ve seen it, I’ve done it myself, Ive put off avoided and procrastinated, I have manipulated everything around me so that I did not have to do it….. . You see It’s so simple that its actually hard? That’s why I am the best person who can see when your avoiding all of this too, and I get to catch you and pull you through to the other side.


You know that there is more to it than just food in and food out, you’ve always known and felt it, So there has to be something behind your weight that is stopping and blocking you from losing weight right?

So lets get down to business and have a look at the steps that will support you as you release what’s stopping you, and re set yourself from the inside out, so that you can embody the woman you always dreamt you could be and you intended to BE. The woman who lives the S#*T out of her life.


Step 4: Re Connect with your Body

She’s not so bad. Can you find the characteristics and elements about yourself that you really like, and can you go to the place you want to be and feel what it is like to be in the body you dream of right now – and still look on the mirror and see your reflection as you are today?

I know that’s a tough one – until you get what you want you wont be happy right? – but that’s what’s really sabotaging all your ability to get what you really desire. Your stuck in that old I won’t be happy until I get what I want, and if I don’t have what I want ill just be here being miserable.

So lets get you out of this dark miserable heavy place shall we? and find a way to keep you where the lighter side of life can find you and bring to you what you want.

What do you want to feel when you are the woman that lives the shit out of her life? Take some time and focus on a memory of when you felt so incredibly happy that you were singing, dancing, and could not careless about your body because she was so perfect. Get clear of the feeling you felt – where it is in your body, what you were wearing, saying about your day, get back into that feeling and stay there as long as you can. Give yourself a symbol that brings you back here as often as you can. An image, an anchor (anchors using NLP bring you back here quickly) and get aligned with her every single day, as often as you can.

This is energetic work and creates you from the inside out on a molecular structure. You are literally broadcasting what you want loud and clear, and you get what you broadcast and transmit, even if that is what you don’t want, so pay attention to your thoughts, desires, feelings and beliefs because they will find you and deliver to you what you broadcast. Its like placing an order every time you think or feel something so get really, really clear what you want and learn how to stay in that frequency for as long as possible – its a practice -its simple but can be hard to do.


How and with what exactly do you need supported with and through at this stage, to get you creating and maintaining the feeling of your best body yet?


Now it’s your turn!

Need my help creating, implementing and managing your BODY from the food you consume, what foods help and what foods hinder, how stress can be reduced in a heartbeat, to what physical symptoms you have and why, so that you can allow your body to re calibrate and become the body you always dream of moving into, that allow you to do and feel all of the things you desperately want to do and feel.

What do you want and what do you need most of all?


I offer a variety of programs and coaching packages, programs and All Done For You Services – so simply book in a friendly unraveling call with me and let’s chat and clear away what stopping and blocking you! I am here for you and can show you the pitfalls and the best and quickest routes to take. https://fionarobertson.acuityscheduling.com/

You need a high level coach. Someone who can catch all your mindset blocks, support you completely, and hold you accountable to step up and be the woman you are meant to be. That means committing to doing the work, then actually showing up AND doing the work, and it means investing. I’d love to help you, you deserve to be in the body that reflects who you really are.

I’m OK if you don’t do this, I feel sad for you, but I am OK. Do it for yourself so that this time next year you are looking and feeling like the woman who rules her world.



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