How to slip into the body that is more comfortable for you…..4 Part Better Body Formula Part 2


Step 2: Find Out What Makes You Tick

Get to know yourself better than you know anything else. How do you feel and how to control and reduce your stress, emotional and energetic state that causes you to overeat, binge, or stuff yourself to be overfull.

Here is how to know how would you rather feel.

So how would you rather feel?


What is Missing for You?

Take time out to discover your own personal preferences in everything, art, kitchen furniture, wine, food, quiet, loud, storms, temperature, countries, people, colours, flowers, seaside or mountains, type of pen you write with, make of car, and so on.


Discover who you most want to be in the next phase of your life

Ignite that woman before it’s too late, who is she? Who have you never been able to be, but would still love to be? Ignite your Inner Lighter Wiser Woman who lives the S#*T out of her life and loves every moment of her day.


Interpret the messages that are already coming from your body.

The physical symptoms you have are an indicator for what is missing, they show you your weakest link. They reflect back to you what thoughts and vibration you are stuck on.

What symptoms do you experience from weight, skin re-ashes, digestive problems, fertility, Sciatica, back aches, ovarian cysts, Hot flushes, Thyroid and or headaches and mood swings.


For example –

Skin – Who is getting under your skin and annoying you? Your skin is your protection so what do you feel you need protection from?

Digestive problems – How are you digesting what goes on in your day, your relationships, emotions? What can you absorb and what goes through really easily and what does not? What can be assimilated and eliminated and what is being held onto and weighing you down?

Ovaries – what are you creating and nor sharing? What would you love to create but never have? The ovaries are where all life starts the very point of creation.

Sciatica – What have you been complaining about? what fears are you harboring ? What worries do you have about the future and are critical about your abilities to reach them?

Hot Flushes – What are you hot under the collar about? what gets you hot and bothered? What really makes you rage and get all hot and steamed up about?

Weight – What do you feel you need protection from? What are you avoiding and running away from; Are you feeling insecure? What are you seeking fulfillment from? Where else could you feel really truly fulfilled?

Fat – What are you needing to cover up? have you got feelings of anger, resentment and or that you deserve more? Do you feel that you are UN-nourished and crave more nurturing and nourishment to feel full and satisfied?


Changing the perspective on your emotions, feelings and beliefs is essential  – so lets start looking at this from another angle and get that clear.

What is one thing that you desire more than anything else?

What is missing the most for you currently or what could maybe seem like forever?


Now it’s your turn!

Need my help creating, implementing and managing your BODY from the food you consume, what foods help and what foods hinder, how stress can be reduced in a heartbeat, to what physical symptoms you have and why. See how you can easily allow your body to re calibrate and become the body you always dream of moving into, that allow you to do and feel all of the things you desperately want to do and feel.

What do you want and what do you need most of all?

I offer a variety of programs and coaching packages, programs and All Done For You Services – so simply book in a friendly unraveling call with me and let’s chat and clear away what stopping and blocking you! I am here for you and can show you the pitfalls and the best and quickest routes to take.

You need a high level coach. Someone who can catch all your mindset blocks, support you completely, and hold you accountable to step up and be the woman you are meant to be. That means committing to doing the work, then actually showing up AND doing the work, and it means investing. I’d love to help you, you deserve to be in the body that reflects who you really are.

I’m OK if you don’t do this, I feel sad for you, but I am OK. Do it for yourself so that this time next year you are looking and feeling like the woman who rules her world.

To discover the undercurrent that is driving you and your physical symptoms, I suggest that you can have a ‘Body Scan’ which can tell you in 20 minutes what is the undercurrent that your running like a program, a default setting, that needs re programming which is effecting all of your symptoms

I look forward to hearing from you




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