What I learnt again on the last detox retreat that I ran!


Last week I opened my doors again to run my Autumn detox weeks with the added bonus of Raw and Fermented food classes, with the introduction to knowing yourself via your style of Emotional Eating.


We had a fabulous week of experiencing a detox and learning about ourselves which is always such a pleasure, and especially to see people warm up to the idea that there is SO MUCH MORE to life.

What I found out again confirms all my suspicions and excites me beyond measure, That I am dedicated to continue with my special detox and inner knowing discovery weeks.


The week was laid out with an initial 3 day fast and raw food plan, this forms the foundations of the program that I offer, clearing away the old stuck and stagnated waste and energy and then filling you up with vibrant high vibration foods and energy, that allows life force to enter and flood through you so you can transform at a cellular level. Added to that I introduce you to a way to understand yourself on a deeper more profound level, by opening the doors to your Emotional Eating awareness. Everyone has a style of eating and uses something to hide behind, distract ourselves from living a FULL LIFE, and stay hidden from our true potential ( this is what Emotional Eating awareness can give you clarity on). I guide you in my particular style of meditation, which gets you out of your head and safely down into your heart and body, where you can start to communicate with the very essence of what your body needs. I encourage you to discover a place of silence as we walk and sit by the clear mountain rivers along our many walks during the week.

Yoga also helps to clear the meridians and massages the internal organs, enhancing the elimination of the old stagnant waste that has been blocking our ability to function on full power.

Our bodies have all the means to heal themselves, they just need to know how to access it.


Last week as we followed this unique detox program that I have laid out, we went step by step, into the realms beyond a traditional physical detox and into the state of allowing ourselves to discover our truest desires and needs.


It is always such a pleasure for me to see and experience my clients who come as clients and leave as friends who go through these simple steps. I find it works better to have smaller intimate groups so there is time and space for us all to take our personal route to self discovery, rather than follow a group energy that can so easily end up being just another place to hide. After these weeks you will never be the same again, as you pass through the doorway of transformation and start to see your true potential blossom right in front of your eyes.


So last week as I guided my wonderful evolving detox week, these detox weeks that I have done now for the past 10 years. I discovered again the hidden secret, that strongly confirms that my foundations for these weeks NEED to continue. My finding’s and beliefs are this, no matter for whatever reason people come to me to experience their first detox or their tenth detox, it’s a time, your unique time to go deeper and discover your true joy for life and reason for living. Raise your vibration to experience the true essence of what I mean by “Joie de Vivre”. Living this type of life that I advocate and encourage is not a pipe dream, its real, attainable and worth every second that you spend creating a life that you truly desire.

When we have lifted your personal vibration via clearing away the old, by detoxing the body, its literally impossible to stop the flow of life force energy into the body, mind and spirit. Everything just starts to look fabulous, colourful and music enters the ears again, and a smile develops on the lips and its so infectious as laughter comes so easily and movement and dance finds its way back into the every day step.


Discovering your new love for life and developing it as a way to enjoy every day and every moment of your day is a must.


When every cell is buoyant with vitality you will find a way no matter what by hook or by crook to keep it going. You will always remember how it feels to have a light step and understand that life is a joy, a beautiful life, and when you know how it feels to feel buoyant it will haunt you until you cant live without it any more.

Life lived like this attracts people, love, situations, jobs, health, wellbeing and so many things to you that you will want to scream it from the roof tops that you have found your calling and your Joie de Vivre!


So if your ready to experience this feeling there are three ways to experience a detox and with me.

The Retreat week starts from 980.00 for an all inclusive week here in SW France,


The Home Detox Box is 87.00 a 7 day kit that you can use to do a DIY Detox at home.


The third and most beneficial option is that I can coach you through a profound detox and tune you in on an entirely deeper level, and lead you step by step to give you the feeling of daily Joie De Vivre, and help you to appreciate and be aware of all the wonderful possibilities lined up for you. I will help you to tune in and feel all your cells begin to buzz. You will be receiving, absorbing and be in love with life. You will be in a state where you can allow the things you have been asking for to actually manifest, your body will be co operating with your mind, your health and happiness will immediately improve, your blood pressure, your cell counts, your vitality will all improve as a result,




Thanks you Fiona, for your wealth of knowledge and the non judgmental way in which you have guided us through the highs and lows of this detox week.  I have lots of new information and knowledge to continue the good work that I have done when I return home, so that I can experience the vitality and renewed vigor that I feel now. It has been a cleansing emotionally as well as physically that has given me my MoJo back. I have thoroughly enjoyed this beautiful location and being with this family this week. You have shown me that a Life to be Lived like this is not a pipe dream.

Much love Maria, April 2015




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