Why we all need to DETOX

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Why we all need to detox – Part i

Running retreats here in SW France since 2006, meeting and detoxing 100’s of women, I have learnt so much about how the body actually works and especially what works and what does not and why that body despite diets and regimes still does not release the weight.

Here is the first part of an in-depth article I wrote and had published in several magazines from Natural Health to Happinezz, Choice and so many more fine publications about health and wellness.

– Fiona Robertson explains why the best health and weight loss results come from a life-long commitment to cleansing and taking care of your emotional needs.

What I can uncover for you here is to open your eyes and mind to the fact that the traditional approach to losing weight and gaining more energy is doomed to failure because it is ineffective and built on false principles.

Most would agree if I said that smoking, drinking and eating junk food were the unhealthiest long term activity’s. However, consider the cellular damage of being at war with your body over a long period of time. Now that is an extremely unhealthy activity. Meaning that the head wants one thing and that the emotions want another.  Your head wants a healthy body and more energy and has an image of this to work towards. But your emotions are calling out for comfort and not some future hypothetical image of yourself. They don’t want to sweat it off and starve to get to this new healthy goal. So the battle between the mind and body is real and can be a long term and potentially a damaging practice.

Research has now shown that eating less calories and burning more calories are not enough on their own. 97% of people who go on a diet regain their weight within a year, the body wins every time. It basically comes down to two factors that can really help the weight to fall off.

No 1 is stress, Stress leads to a depletion of all the necessary elements needed for health. The essential enzymes are burnt out and this adds to the body’s acidity. When the body is acidic it will naturally keep some fat to store the harmful acid that may cause some serious damage to your organs. Like burning holes in the stomach or ……… The body’s no one goal is to stay alive. The root cause is the stress and what is called for here is to allow your body and mind to relax and download all the junk and have some major time out. When you give your body a complete and utter holiday the energy that is required to heal itself is available to get rid of the acidity (and therefore the fat). A period spent in detox when you abstain form strenuous activity and cleanse your digestive system will naturally help your body re gain alkalinity and therefore allow the fat to melt away as well as regain vital energy.

No 2 is toxicity, this is where we have consumed and are exposed to substances that are not able to be processed by the body especially by the liver and so these substances such as caffeine, alcohol, drugs, chemicals, junk foods, E-numbers are stored in fat cells.

When we start to abstain from our normal levels of toxin intake and start to take exercise we will very often begin to feel dreadful. Your body starts to break down the fat cells, which is after all what you need, however all those toxins are now free in the blood and will make you feel terrible. The eliminative organs are overworked and have a backlog to deal with which is potentially dangerous so the body kicks in and remember that the body’s No one goal to stay alive, It kicks in and we find we have eaten something sweet or heavy and the symptoms stop.

This is what can happen if your diet or detox program is not designed to help with the excess toxins in your blood steam.  A detox and cleanse program will enable your body to eliminate as many toxins in a week as your body can manage and will teach you ways to overcome the detox symptoms and not feel hungry. A detox and rebuild program will teach you how to strengthen and tone your organs so they can absorb all the vital nutrients the body needs for optimum health and sustainable energy and continue to help you slim down to your sexiest weight ever.

What lies deeper as we cleanse and detox our bodies.

If you have been following a healthy lifestyle for several years and have even done a couple of herbal cleanses or a juice fast or two you may well assume you are now as healthy as you can get or even consider yourself “detoxed”. I’m here to tell you that you are almost certainly not! There is more, so much more. How do I know that? Because I’m willing to bet you grew up on the standard, “socially accepted” fare and ate this diet throughout your teens, most probably your 20s, 30s and maybe even your 40s too, and quite probably even longer. This socially accepted fare would consist of microwave meals, highly processed food, meat, cakes and biscuits, fizzy drinks, packaged snacks and standard beverages such as coffee, tea and chocolate.  With not many raw fruit and vegetables added to it if at all.

If this is you, make no mistake: you could benefit from at least two “hard-core” detoxes a year, and a colonic every week for the rest of your life. Why? Because those years of toxic eating caused a massive accumulation of waste to be stored deep in your tissues, and that waste can only be released very gradually – as and when the colon is clear enough to take out more of it.

So no matter how long you’ve been on your junk-free diet, nor how many cleansing program’s you’ve done, there is much to gain from committing to at least two week-long detoxes a year. I guarantee you will still be releasing deep stores of old toxins from your tissues. That is why when we cleanse we can feel so uplifted.

We start life with a clean internal system. It is interesting to note that babies, birds and animals evacuate within 15 to 18 hours of every meal. This, however, is not the case for most of us, for numerous reasons. The human bowel is naturally meant to eliminate yesterday’s waste – not that from years or decades ago.

Even if you eliminate several times a day, every day of your life, and think your bowels are working efficiently, I doubt that you are getting out anywhere near as much as you have put in. Don’t agree with me? Here is a simple test you can do to find out. First thing in the morning, while still lying in bed, suck in your stomach as much as you can. If your mid section – the area from under your rib cage to your hip bones – goes concave, then you are empty. This is the area that houses your intestines and colon, and chances are you have enough old waste matter lurking there that your stomach will look more convex than concave.

Accumulated waste in the colon can affect any of our organs at any time. Organ tissues are only as healthy as the blood that feeds them and the blood is only as clean as the bowel from which our nutrients are supplied. So when we routinely take in more than the body has the capacity to process (and/or substances the body can’t easily process) this excess will start to build up not only on the walls of the colon, but eventually in cells and tissues throughout the body.

Most of our aches, pains, sicknesses and infections can be traced back to the health of our body’s “waste disposal unit”.The colon health expert Dr. Bernard Jensen identified and mapped the colon into 72 reflex areas that each correspond to specific organs and body parts – for example, the kidneys, liver or spleen and the neck, arms or legs. He theorized that old waste that has become toxic in the colon will affect the tissue of the corresponding organ or body part. Symptoms can include headaches, backache, mental fog, depression, swelling and inflammation.

What’s the matter?

What you ingested over the last four to five days that has not yet managed to leave you is known as normal waste matter. The matter that goes back a month or three, and which will have begun to embed itself in the intestines, is called putrefactive matter. This matter is still moist and it is really stinky stuff, as you can imagine. Slow cooking at 98.6 degrees for weeks on end will do that.

Then there is the even older waste, which has been polluting your insides for years. This is post-putrefactive matter. It is completely dry and tends to be black, dark brown, grey or white, hard like plastic or rubber, and it normally comes out in long strips. Juice fasting can eventually remove some of this, but more effective is a regular regime of psyllium and bentonite clay mixed with herbs, enzymes and a daily enema done for a week twice a year. This combination softens this old matter and sweeps it out of its hiding places.

Psyllium is the seed from the plantago plant. It can absorb ten times its weight in water, and as it expands in the body, it brushes and sweeps along the intestinal walls, taking old impacted matter with it. Bentonite is a volcanic clay that will draw toxins to it in huge quantities.

For optimal health, I recommend a week-long colon cleanse using psyllium and bentonite twice a year – preferably in the spring and autumn, when you will ideally be changing your diet to the new foods that grow in your locality. You will achieve the best results on a detox like this when you have been cleansing, eating raw and drinking juices for a while.

My eyes have changed colour since I started to regularly detox. I used to have dark brown eyes and now they have turned three-quarters green as the acidity and areas of toxicity in my tissues and cells reduces (and many who have undertaken a long-term cleansing regime report similar results). This has taken years and will continue to change, I am sure, as I keep to a pure diet consisting of fruit and vegetable Juices as well as a varied Raw menu of vegetables, salads, energy soups and plenty of fruits and a keep doing my deep tissue detox twice a year.

I still see old post–putrefactive matter leave me each time I cleanse, which is remarkable.

            Or is it – remembering I only started to cleanse in my late 30s?

Fiona Robertson

runs a detox retreat in Biarritz, South West France, where she guides clients through a week of purification and relaxation. Fiona is also the brains behind “The Home Detox Box”, a seven-day total body detox you can do in the comfort of your own home ***(https://fionarobertson.co/product/detox-diet-cleanse/ *** For more information see retreatbiarritz.com and homedetoxbox.com.

Fiona-Robertson-Body-Renewer-Full-Length-in white-summer-dress

3 Ways That Your Higher Self Let’s You DROP 10 Belt Holes Forever

Fiona-Robertson-Body Renewer-Inside-Job-orange-dress

3 Ways That Your Higher Self Let’s You DROP 10 Belt Holes Forever

1o Belt Holes in 10 months took Zelda shopping again and again and again;

“This is ridiculous I have had to go shopping 5 times in the last year because everything is just too BIG”.
“This is costing me a fortune, but I feel a Million Dollars and I am so worth it”.

Hi, I am Fiona Robertson The Body Re-newer here to see to it that you live in the body you thoroughly enjoy.

I am an expert in the body, her higher and metaphysical communication to you knowing her missing nutrients and fuel. I am skilled in her emotional fluency and getting you in a mastered mind that allows rapid and easy physical transformation. Shedding pounds and physical symptoms.

Together we will see you take charge of YOU and REINVENT you from the toes up so that very consciously and on purpose this time you reach your goals and never back track, never give up or sabotage yourself.

You take tremendous care of yourself so that you become the beautiful & phenomenal woman you most want to be in the next phase of your life and be after all who you came here to be.

Because It’s become too painful to stay hidden and in a body that holds you back from everything you want, and are dyeing to experience, dancing at the wedding in the arms of a gorgeous partner.

On the beach, becoming a MOM or Standing on stage arms out stretched and doing what you are extremely good at without all the concerns of what people are thinking!

No worse that what you are already thinking and saying to yourself,

“You’ve let your self Go”

‘I’d find you more credible of you took care of yourself.’

Your whole appearance lacks Oomph, something’s missing because your backing away and hiding the real you – your spirit is literally AWAL. You’re going through the motions but seriously where are you?

The hard part is that 99% of women still believe that starving themselves and turning to food restrictions is the way to adapt shift and control her own body and going crazy like a gym bunny will see the body fat disappear.

Sorry to say this but for more than 80%of women that just has your body save up and store even more,

As a Body Whisperer at the moment – SHE – your body does not trust you. And you don’t trust her either.

You have never worked with your Higher Self before when transforming your Body.

However if you are open to a new perspective and overcome the reasons the body stores and holds onto the extra padding then I’ll show you how to trust your body and how she will start to trust you, and a whole new lovely relationship to food and your body can become the best thing you ever did and be a wonderful experience.

The great experience you get is that you get to live in a body you love and thoroughly enjoy. Is that not really what we are here for?

To explore and enjoy every thrill this world has for us. Every sensation and dive deep into love knowing we can’t be hurt, dive deep into every relationship and experience and feel SAFE to thoroughly feel ALIVE.


That feels so awesome that your body re creates itself from that very place.

Working with your Soul and Higher Self allows you to drop 10 belt holes easier than you can ever imagine and never need to go back, never regain the weight because you’re over that now.

There are 12 steps in the process to get prepared to work with your higher self and allow her to trust you again, and then you get the sensational experience of living in a body you feel Deeply Satisfied in.

The first step is to prepare to receive your Higher self. Which means knowing what you want more than anything else,             Admitting to your self the extent of pain you are in and what you really want instead. Get clear what it is that you really want and go for it.

The second thing that is essential to the whole process is to not only trust your body but begin to feel safe and secure in your own home.

“Wherever you lay your hat is your home”. Safe and sound.


The third thing today is practice the feeling you want in your body when you are living in a body you feel deeply satisfied in. Practice that every day,

You have never worked with your higher self before when it comes to creating a body you thoroughly enjoy living in.

So today I invite you personally to take One simple but HUGE step for mankind (yourself) and ask me to show you so you can see the one element in a Body Scan call that shows you clearly what you can go onto create and that your Higher Spirit and Soul wants for you to experience.

In one of my free 45 min calls my higher self will guide you to experience Whats next! What’s possible for you, so that you will come away with such clarity of what is physically possible for you, and feel so motivated you will stop at nothing to reach that beautiful vision of yourself.

Just reply to this with ‘What’s Next?’ And I’ll set aside time to give you a profound experience and set your ball rolling in the right direction

Or E mail me fiona@fionarobertson.co

So much Love


Zelda, got to know and worked with her Higher Self in such a beautiful united and connected way that it became an easy journey to drop 10 belt holes in 10 months. She loved her body and trusted her and was back in control of who she was and went for what she dreamt of.

She dreamt of a loving relationship and a family and wanted to be body confident.

Every day she did her practice and saw steady and visual verification and proof that it was all working out. She felt so motivated and knew why she was doing this and in a very short space of time was having to buy a new wardrobe, as everything she owned was far to big for her, Then again and again a few months later. SHE knows without a doubt that she will never go back to hold weight as she trusts her body and her body trusts her.

Where will you be in 10 months time?

I know where 10 ladies will be – 10 belt holes down and feeling so incredible in the clothes they love to wear. And living in a body they thoroughly enjoy.

P.S When you’re ready there are 4 ways I can help you with the very next step to becoming the woman you most want to be in the next phase of her life.

  1. Help yourself to a copy of my FREE Create yourself on purpose E book

The Ultimate Body Connection” and see how to create yourself on purpose using the steps and techniques that feel amazing that I have laid out in this E-book. Click here http://fionarobertson.co/product/ultimate-body-connection-e-book/

  1. Join the Women Winning the World, with Weight, Wealth and Wonder community and connect with women who are creating them selves on purpose and be one of the smart women who get more tips and techniques and have already started to make a real impact on who they want to reinvent themselves as in the next phase of their lives. Click here https://www.facebook.com/groups/FionaRobertson/
  1. Grab a FREE 45 min consultation and breakthrough Body Scan call with me and discover your current
  1. a) blocks and stops that are in place,
  2. b) what your body is doing, and
  3. c) the very next step you can take to feel confident, excited and believe you can create your own physical body as you want her to be.

Just reply to this message and say ‘Body Scan’ and I will send you details how we can connect.

  1. Work with me. If you are wanting to create yourself into the woman you most want to be in the next phase of your life physically, mentally and in high spirits, just reply to this message with PRIVATE in the subject line and tell me a little about your story and your physical experience, and I will get you all the details you need to make that process happen to see you become the woman you most want to be in the next phase of her life in just a few months.

See you there, I love you and want for you the very best experience and what dozens of women are experiencing right now and at this very minute.

The Gift of becoming the weight of your SOUL. X

Coaching: Release, Reset & Reconnect

The Gift of becoming the weight of your SOUL.

When I talk about creating your body I am inviting you to SEE what’s really going on. The cue’s the messages from your body in the physical symptoms, i.e. you will get the BIGGER PICTIRE as a reflection of your thoughts and feelings and your ability to go beyond that and get into a safer happier place and watch your body release the symptoms.

You can and will alter your weight as a physical symptom. I guarantee it. I believe in you and I know there are great things out there for you and it’s within your power to make them happen.

I used these techniques that I now use with renewing and creating brand new bodies, to manifest the fantastic man in my life, the best love affair and partner EVER. The house of my dreams and the life I wanted living and raising my kids in S.W France. So I knew this worked, but the theory was getting screwed up because of what I thought about my body.
We are after all the refection of what we think and feel.

I had work to do.

When I created my partner, I knew every aspect of what I wanted because I clearly knew now what I did nit want. I knew how it would feel. My heart and soul wanted that too. Possibly certainly more than I did. I wanted a love I would not hold back from, I wanted all in, deep heart and soul ALL IN and damn the consequences type of thing. Smitten, blindly in love and adoration.

So when I created my physical self I did the same I wanted a relationship with myself lust like a love affair. I wanted to feel my bodies love for me like my partner has for me, but more than that I waned to look and see and feel so in love with my own body that I could just look at myself and revel in myself all day long and feel satisfied.
I wanted to know my soul and her body and to get really clear how I wanted to feel.

I heard love songs and knew they were a sign for me to love myself deeper, Not to hold back, nor to give up.

I never altered my food from force I ate what I found delicious, I walked or took excursive that made me laugh and felt like play time, I spoke kind words, I saw my reflection, I looked at myself without avoiding my gaze, I released the people, places, situations that made me feel sad or angry.

My soul did nit want to feel that. I screwed me up inside and I could not digest with ease my surroundings, that’s when I knew I did not want to ever experience that again.

My body and soul mimicked what I felt, I shed pounds, in days, and stones in months. Literally the weight I carried left me I felt as light as a feather. I became the weight of my soul, A reflection of what I felt.

I loved her before she emerged as the beautiful swan.
I watched as month by month I could love and appreciate my body the flesh and bones I lived in; and morphed, shifted and created a brand new body out of thin air. I saw my body reflect the love I felt for her; I went all the way and never held back.

Could you do the same?

Curious to deep dive and see what you will create?

Fiona Robertson
Body Renewer

4 months http://fionarobertson.co/222-total-bod…/

or “ALL IN TO BECOME PRICELESS at your SOUL Weight ” call me for a personal qulification assessment

So much love

If you want to deeper dive into this let me know.

So if you have tried many, many things before and you were drawn to this after like being on months and months of diets, and seeing a nutritionist, taking supplements, treating yourself to eating one piece of black chocolate once a month, stressing, starving and struggling but none of these brought you the relief you are searching for, why not listen to what I have to say about this and what your body is wanting and needing you to hear, and discover how to learn how to eat again and take on the French way of no more dieting.

And because, I am dedicated to bring relief to women who have been suffering for a long time and have not found their solution. I am offering my course so that you can finally reclaim your body, and consciously re construct yourself from the inside out. I am determined to help you learn how to eat again without dieting. Food is not the enemy here STRESS is.

Learn how to control Stress and get your body and mind back and become as light as your soul intended..

You’ll get

  1. Learn how to eat again and dont’ get fat, know what to eat that’s specifically right for you
  2. How to stop eating when they are not hungry but stressed, and need to be fulfilled 
  3. Find the missing nutrient that stops your cravings and triggers the weight storage (hint it’s not what you think it is)

Hop on to my ‘Women Winning with Weight’ group to discover more, watch weekly information video’s and take the challenges I run in this group. https://www.facebook.com/groups/FionaRobertson/

Fiona X


Testimonials for my courses.

Pauline: I actually DID have a revelation this weekend – and it was huge: my weight has plateau-ed again despite the good food and exercise because I have discovered that it doesn’t feel safe being thin again. It was a HUGE revelation. Then following your advise I have identified two reasons why my body may think it’s unsafe to be thin, and I’ve been talking lovingly to it explaining why it’s safe and there’s no need to worry. I noticed a shift, and my digestion has shown me how much I was holding onto. I feel so much lighter and freer. Thank you for being there when I needed you.

Shirley: I’ve had a revelation this weekend! Since starting PWF(peace with Food) with you Fiona, it’s been getting easier and easier to get to that place of peace and hearing what’s going on in my body. The yes / no has been very helpful. Digestion really improving alot and elimination much more regular and easier too ( sorry for the detail!)…..coming home to my body and feeling peace wherever I am helps enormously.. It feels very good though to have an opportunity to create a new pattern of positive behaviour in me, so that I don’t suffer as a result. I am able to make new choice of how to feel and that frees me up form choosing food or wine as a treat when I feel bad. Wow Thanks! <3


How clean eating was a trap to the healthy eating mental disorder – ORTHOREXIA

How clean eating was a trap to my healthy eating mental disorder – ORTHOREXIA


Are you on a healthy eating quest, a track that promises to bring you all the energy that you need, and that promises a better leaner fitter body?


Back in 2000 I started on an extremely healthy food path, and it became an obsession, as I became judgmental about food more so than I had ever been, believing what I ate was the best way and the only way everyone should eat. I was a right pain in the ass I’m sure. It was a long phase that I went into willingly… but now I know I went in so deeply for all the wrong reasons.


I understand now that this amount of obsession can be described as an eating disorder and which then indicates that it could lead to or has already come from some mental health issues. My quest for perfection with my energy, and my body has brought me full circle in my journey to recognize what it is that I was missing and what I needed rather than looking at food to be the cure for the feeling of lack of control I had.


Being a painfully shy girl, and finding it difficult to freely express myself without the fear and dread of the ‘fall out’ It would cause if I did say what I thought, and having lost all my ease to be playful, I sought out a way to control something. That ended up being my food. I found that being healthy and raw brought with it a tribe of similar thinking women, and my need to belong was fulfilled. I had a tribe of woman who thought and talked like I did. I mattered for the first time in my life on what felt like a big scale.


I followed the Perfect God Given Pure Food Good Mood Raw Detox Diet for years. I even taught about raw organic, vegan food and the gut, the bacteria, the enzymes, the electrolytes, the probiotics, the body pH, the water quality, IT sucked the fun right out of my life and mirrored what I was really trying to control in my life. The fun had been sucked away from me I was practical, serious, efficient, hard working, and put in a lot I mean a lot of effort to lake things right and I never saw the link, not until I was metabolically at an all time low. My body gave up I was exhausted, I got skin t-rashes, back problems, ovarian cysts my body was screaming for me to stop.


It was not what I was eating so much as what was eating me?


I was fucked off bored and not in a relationship that I fantasized about. But I was looking to sort all that out with restricting and being elitist extreme about food. I was having no fun and I was dead inside.


This was what ORTHOREXIA did for me, a trap and obsession of eating only the healthiest food can be described as a mental disorder, but it showed me that it was just a mirror of what was happening in my everyday life.


I strongly believe that ‘as you are with one thing, so you are with everything’, so this taught me and I saw that I had to change, and let go of all the beliefs I had been taught about food, let go of my perspective of healthy because I was far from healthy even if I was eating the 90{6a14cc849908c46212f3d2c8a81eada984febec31535ea1cc7f55de4f8a4ba8e} best foods on the planet.


It was hard to switch off the habit and beliefs but I found a way and I now help and support women to come home to their bodies and learn to eat and enjoy food again. Be healthier than ever and enjoy a strong lean flexible body that feels energized, ALIVE and fun to be in again.


A woman who feels confident in her body and in her own skin, is far more vibrant and attractive than a women seeking physical perfection at all cost, using food to control her body and how she feels, who’s energy is one that comes from judgment and restriction.


I was still overeating on healthy food, I was still seeking fulfillment and using food to fill the gaps, be that junk or healthy food there was still a huge chunk missing. Finding this missing nutrient saved my life. Being able to feel ALIVE in my body and enjoy my life is far, far better than creating the perfect meal that gives me the exact number of nutrients needed in my day. That’s a life-killing recipe for sure.


That’s why I am dedicated to support women come home to their bodies, and find their missing nutrients. I offer a Total Body Reset that is a complete MBS program that turned my attitude to my body and food around 180°. – thankfully !


This is how I support women who are confused about their body, want to learn how to eat again, discover that food can be fun, and that ether is no diet in the world that can ever wash away the emotions and belief that trigger us to use food when we need more love and affection.


Total Body Reset a 3 month group program that re-educates you about food, how to come home and reconnect with your body and find that feeling of peace, strength and trust in your self again.

I don’t know anyone who does not emotionally eat and could do with a spring clean around food either on a retreat or on a program to unravel the mess we have got into about food, eating and our bodies.

Fiona X

Body Renewer


Inspired to write this after the BBC produced this short documentary. http://www.bbc.com/news/av/uk-england-43033042/orthorexia-my-healthy-food-eating-disorder




I was 26, finally divorced and free from an abusive relationship, but I was so scared for the repercussions for leaving him. So I avoided the towns I used to live in and I started up again somewhere new. I was scared and I was still running.


I found someone to help me when I was 35 as I was still avoiding and running from any confrontation, what I wanted instead was a feeling of safety and to re claim my slimmer body. What I did not know was that in the years that followed my leaving an abusive partner, I would be plagued by certain physical cravings and symptoms. These told me (when I understood the reasons) that I had dismissed and avoided a part of myself, and that needed to be addresses and cleared up. I had gained weight and I had irregular and painful digestive problems. I had craved fatty carbohydrate foods that made me feel better and calmer, when ever I was triggered by a memory or faced with a decision that I did not want to have to make. That was what finally spoke to me to look beyond the normal solutions of restricting my food and do the work necessary to heal myself and my relationship with food.


That is when I found out something remarkable about the body. My body was asking for fat and using my fat as a physically storage and back up protective system, for all the stories and hurt I had stored up, the emotional blackmail, the abuse, and the string of damaging relationships I had encountered. (Be that partners, family members, as well as friends taking advantage of my willingness to help.)

My internal thoughts, memories and self torment were keeping all these past experiences alive, and I had needed somewhere to store these, as I did not know how to digest and get rid of them, or seemingly stand up for myself. I had never been taught to deal with my emotions, especially confrontation or how I could leave it all behind and move on. I had become an expert at avoiding and dismissing my needs and buried myself in self protection strategies, (eating fat or shopping or being really, really busy ) shutting myself off and helping others in drama’s and problems, rather than look at myself. I did that busy so very well, working long hours into the night, losing myself in my tasks and computer and not really showing up as the mother I wanted to be. Then when I faced a problem at work I would be the perfect mother and avoid my work blaming each time consuming activity for my inability to stand up for myself and tell the truth. This has been my life lesson.


All the years and effort of diets, detoxes, and exercise were never going to be enough for me, until I was safe to let it all go, these old wounds I was still carrying around, like a stone in my heart and a huge heavy boulder in my belly.


I made a decision and promised myself they had to go. What I discovered was that I had had no real boundaries all this time, I had let my ex partner abuse, bully and use power over me. I became a victim and I felt I deserved more, so I turned to secretly eating and hiding my food. Too much of a nice girl not saying what I thought of him – made me fat, so where is my inner skinny bitch I needed, who stood up for herself – I began to wonder is she existed at all?

I took a stand and got clear on everything I wanted, I strengthened my perception of who I was, and I started to stand by my decisions, and as I did my energy and boundaries became rock solid. Then and only then did I start to lose weight, I actually tightened up and I got the ease in my digestion that I always wanted. I lost 2 stone in 2 months attending to the four corners of my being just ME, my mindset, my emotions, my physical and my energetic needs. I now understood what my body had been calling for me to see, and what she had intended for me all along.


As an Intuitive Body Whisperer, I see and feel what women have stored, the events from their history, that can be cleared easily with a simple re-connection to their body and get the messages that they need most. This work lifts us beyond the physical symptoms we are experiencing, and our bodies are able to be re-claimed, along with our energy and vitality, and our minds are clear to ask for what we want. It’s a remarkable experience to have and to witness.


What lies beneath your physical symptoms I wonder? What is your body asking for you to clear away? So that you can develop into the formidable woman you always knew you could be. The woman you intended to be and who is here to live the S#*t out of her life.


What is the major fear you have of being slim, sexy and rocking your body?


Now it’s up to you to turn on your inner sexy slim babe, or stay as you are for the next decade!


It takes just 20 Minutes for me to decipher your triggers and avoidance tactics in a ‘Body Scan’ which will assess your level of stress and feed back to you what your body is wanting you most to understand and hear, so that you can progress into the next phase of your life as a thoroughly wise and ignited woman.

You’ll get….

  1. Discover your NO 1 Trigger (mind set, emotion or energetic undercurrent) that keeps you battling with your cravings and your weight
  2. What you need to do to unblock your stubborn weight.
  3. My Favorite method to find out what your body is really craving (Hint it is not what you think)

Take one of the 5 slots running on this topic this month ‘Body Scan’ . https://fionarobertson.acuityscheduling.com/and make 2017 the year you finally know how to reclaim your body, and your life.

Need my help creating, implementing and managing your BODY from the food you consume, what foods help and what foods hinder, how stress can be reduced in a heartbeat, to what physical symptoms you have and why, so that you can allow your body to re calibrate and become the body you always dream of moving into, that allow you to do and feel all of the things you desperately want to do and feel.

What do you want and what do you need most of all?

I offer a variety of programs and coaching packages, programs and All Done For You Services – so simply book in a friendly unraveling call with me and let’s chat and clear away what stopping and blocking you! I am here for you and can show you the pitfalls and the best and quickest routes to take. https://fionarobertson.acuityscheduling.com/

You need a high level coach. Someone who can catch all your mindset blocks, support you completely, and hold you accountable to step up and be the woman you are meant to be. That means committing to doing the work, then actually showing up AND doing the work, and it means investing. I’d love to help you, you deserve to be in the body that reflects who you really are.

I’m OK if you don’t do this, I feel sad for you, but I am OK. Do it for yourself so that this time next year you are looking and feeling like the woman who rules her world.

Fiona Robertson




As a Busy BIZ Mum I never saw what truths lay hidden behind my weight

Don’t miss that Hidden Beauty behind your weight and what your body is whispering to you.


2 years ago if you’d have told me that I would be happy or grateful that I had gained 2 dress sizes and struggled to shift the weight, I would have laughed at you but more likely I would have cried ‘Ugh!’ and said ‘I never wanted this to happen, I hate this, I’m so ashamed’.


I was struggling to lose weight and fit into the clothes I once loved, I seriously thought Id tried everything and reduced my food intake to a minimum. I was utterly frustrated and embarrassed let alone starving. I was the Detox Guru and Raw food retreat host and I could not fathom why on earth I was not able to do this. The trouble was I was working around the clock on the go all day and catering for my boys all night, Managing a growing business and being a GOOD mother, as well as being chief house maid, dog walker and constant bottle washer.


When I discovered the crucial element that put all the pieces together for me I was excited to say the least. My body had chosen to show me an alternative route as to why I had gained this weight. She knew that THIS would get my full attention.

As someone who can hear the Body’s Whispers, I re-connected and tuned into my body, she showed me where I was really starving and what I was lacking the most and see what I seriously needed to put into play, not with any food aspect but in my life.

I started a series of open discussions with her (my body ) about my complete and utter disappointment in her betrayal of me, against my hardest efforts to stay slim.

She replied to me that the weight was in part a reflection of my thoughts, my complete avoidance of myself and my ridged beliefs and mindset towards my body and health, “there is an easier way” she said.

She was getting me to understand that I could change my body by how I felt, and that I had not felt satisfied for a long time, I was stressed and my thoughts were very critical, I was in a struggle mindset and that had led to feelings of being a victim.

My body had whispered the truth to me that I had needed to hear. Wow I was grateful for the warning and the hard lesson. I had certainly not listened to softer more gentle prods before. So now she had brought out the big guns or the heavy duty weight artillery. I was lost and I wanted more than anything to provide, support my boys but more than that I wanted to have life flooding through my veins and be able to live the S#*T out of my life and not be the serious, hard working boring practical woman I had turned into.

So, if you are a smart woman who is striving to re new her body and has exhausted the diet route and is ready to understand that there is much more going on behind the scenes, that keeps our weight where it is, then this is for you.

? Ask your body what it is that she is trying to whisper to you?

What is the one area – your pattern that you attract – that troubles you the most in your life ?

What is the one area that troubles you the most with your body?

Now it’s over to you! What are you going to do next?

What if you are the same stressed out unhappy woman in 1 years time? Is that good enough for you?

Need my help creating, implementing and managing your BODY from the foods you consume, what foods help and what foods hinder?

Know and be aware how stress feels for you and can be reduced in a heartbeat, to what physical symptoms you have and why, so that you can allow your body to re calibrate and become the body you always dream of moving into, that allow you to do and feel all of the things you desperately want to do and feel.

What do you want and what do you need most of all?

I offer a complementary Body Scan which is a call that helps you to see the undercurrent that is running in your subconscious that has your body creating and storing unnecessary fat. – So simply book in a friendly call to go behind the scenes with a Body Scan call and let’s chat and clear away what stopping and blocking you! I am here for you and can show you the pitfalls and the best and quickest routes to take. To learn in more detail about the Body scan and what it can do for you click on the link.

And, it is precisely because of my own route to losing and maintaining my weight that has led me to share with women who are struggling to find their own answers to their physical symptoms, and hear what their body is whispering to them.

You’ll get….

  1. Discover your NO 1 Trigger that has you battling with your weight and Body image
  2. What blocks you from actually losing weight and not regaining it
  3. Find out what your body is really craving ( Hint it is not what you think)

Sign up for one of the calls ill be doing over the next few weeks, where I share this information on a one to one call. https://fionarobertson.acuityscheduling.com/ and make 2017 the year you finally reclaim your body, and your life.


I am Fiona Robertson, I am a Body Whisperer and the Body Renewer. An intuitive health coach for women in their 40’s and 50’s, and I provide bespoke programs for woman who want to get into the every best shape of their lives, without ever stepping into the Gym or being on endless diets.


As a 40 something woman going after my dream career, choosing to live here in Biarritz, France, and running healthy Detox and Raw Food Retreats, I had 2 small boys to single handedly care for, as well as a household, several pets, a large garden and 2 Apartments to manage and rent out in the holidays. I found myself engrossed in my daily work and family needs and their dramas, and I felt so, so far away from meeting any of my own needs. I soon found myself bigger than I had ever been – not having the time or spare money to put towards a personal coach and trainer. I made a decision that turned my life around – I uncovered the real reason that I had gained and held onto so much weight, and why I was craving to secretly eat, scoff and binge despite being surrounded by healthy food and partaking in all the long hikes I took my clients on into the mountains, and running around after my young children. I wanted to be slimmer fitter bit I had however 1 big proviso, that I would never become a gym bunny or follow a strict diet ever again. But I would uncover the reason my body had put on so much weight and despite all my efforts it was not shifting the weight I carried.


5 years on and I am in the best physical shape ever, I have lost 2 stone (128lbs), I feel lighter all round and l have maintained my energy and weight goal over the last 3 years, without depriving myself of foods I love or being on a diet, going anywhere a gym, spin class or treadmill. So by now I know a thing or two about what it takes to set goals and achieve them without the need for any fancy kit.

To get you to where you want to be you will need a high level coach. Someone who can catch all your mindset blocks, support you completely, and hold you accountable to step up and be the woman you are meant to be. Someone who tells you the truth and shows you your patterns and avoidance. That means committing to doing the work, then actually showing up AND doing the work, and it means investing. I’d love to help you, you deserve to be in the body that reflects who you really are.

I’m OK if you don’t do this, I feel sad for you, but I am OK. Do it for yourself so that this time next year you are looking and feeling like the woman who rules her world.

Fiona Robertson



What is the No 1 Missing Nutrient?

Emotional Eating

Just recently I finished an extra course in the psychology of eating, just out of curiosity and to further my education of what’s new. I must say it goes along really nicely with what I have always felt and have come to believe.

Its not so much what or how you eat that seems to matter. Even stronger than that, it is often not even food that we are even craving. Yet it’s our habitual use of food and its repetition, and not looking for the real fulfillment, that keeps us all hooked on the things we have always used to sooth our soul. Here is a real nutritional and nourishing upgrade the missing nutrient and the final game changer.

If you’re interested in your health, and for what ever reason you first felt motivated to start on your health journey. Could be that your weight was literally weighing you down mentally and physically, this is the number 1 call for change, and starts many of us in the direction for looking for solutions.

Then maybe you have noticed that there is just a slight or maybe more like a massive gap when it comes to what we consider food and what is actually real nutrition.

Then maybe you noticed that it does not seem to matter what you eat or how much exercise you do, the weight does not shift. The world is truly experiencing a fantastic increase in weight, overeating, emotional eating, binge eating, body image challenges, poor digestion, fatigue, low immunity, mood concerns, hormonal imbalances and so more.

We all know that good nutrition is paramount to health. But here’s the real deal that I have discovered for myself and for my clients… more often that not, good nutrition is just not nearly enough of a incentive to help us get where we need to go. To feel well and have the oodles of energy we all seem to need to get us through these endless busy days. How many people have you personally met who know exactly what to eat, who know what they’re supposed to do – and they just don’t do it? Myself included, when I hit a bump in the road my comfort cravings rise to call me again and again. What I’ve learnt is that it’s a phase and I need to feel what’s really the matter, what am I missing. What nutrients have I ignored? No amount of forcing myself to stay off certain foods will do when I am hurting from a life crisis. Listening and being mindful to why I’m reaching for these favorite snacks has been my teacher and savior throughout the years. Its been an opportunity and signal to find out what Ive been ignoring.

The end result is that there’s a vast number of people ( I’ve already admitted my pain) struggling with eating challenges and unhappy with who they are and how they feel.

And we all need help.

People are searching for answers.

We all want solutions

This is where I can hopefully come in.

There is a need for qualified professionals to guide and support through the confusion of feelings, information overload and your cravings.

And that’s where I come in as a completely different kind of health coach and training:


The Psychology of eating has interested me for a long time, especially as a personal coach to clients after the detox and cleanse program, that I have facilitated over the last 10 years here at Retreat Biarritz.

The reasons we eat and have cravings are as wide as the largest gap you can ever imagine, and as deep as the deepest ocean. Yet they are controllable and navigable once you can see and feel them coming on, It’s a simple and delicate operation and one that really works wonders.

This unique synthesis is the “missing link” for so many people when it comes to finally transforming their relationship with food, body and health.

So, this is an opportunity to launch off into a cutting-edge new direction if you are looking for personal answers. Get real and lasting results for yourself.

I am willing to bet that you have a “missing nutrient” if you are experiencing cravings at certain times, body image issues, experiencing un-explained increase in weight, overeating, emotional eating, binge eating, body flexibility challenges, poor digestion, fatigue, low immunity, mood concerns, hormone imbalances and using food as your solution to any number of problems you are currently facing.

All too often we look to fix ourselves first with food, by withholding and restricting certain foods, but what you will experience here with me is a quick understanding of what your body is really asking for.

I am offering you a single personal and up to 2 hours of introduction to this method.

All you need to do is reply to this e-mail and I will book you into one of the slots that are free over the coming next 2 weeks.

You can simply reply using the text “my missing nutrient”.

I have limited spaces to offer, so be quick to reply to ensure that you get one of these spaces I am only offering this spring. I wont be repeating this program again this year.

I will be excited to hear from you, and work with your body and communication and discover what your missing under the normal solutions lies the root to your discomfort.


Remember I have 6 day Detox and cleanse retreats running on

24 to 30 April

15 to 21 May

05 to 11 June




I am doing a one off Rainbow Body Non Verbal Communication workshop and retreat on 28 May to 3rd June 2016. Which is an advanced immersion into vibrational communication and listening to your Body Wisdom

A very relaxing and fun week spent experiencing your body and how she gently speaks to you through vibrations.




Spring clean your body and get on the fast track to feeling great losing 5 KG (7lbs) in 7 days and feeling absolutely vibrant again. click below to find out more about what happens during a 7 day DIY detox.



My intuition saved me my energy, time and money

My intuition saved me my energy, time and money, it could certainly be helping you too.

Yesterday, I had a wonderful insight and confirmation of what I had already seen in my minds eye and felt that I had hit on a new level of my intuition.

A few days ago I woke up at 4 am and as I was awake I started to think and play, and than I remembered that my business had an energy and frequency all of its own, I had felt it before and often communicated to it during the day, asking what I should do next and what would be best etc. So I was semi awake relaxed and playing with this concept and tuning into the energy of businesses that I knew personally and some more locally that I did not know but could visit. Everything has a particular frequency to it like a finger print, life force if you want to call it that, it is a perfectly correct term. Yet this is an energetic frequency signature, from people to buildings and your business.

I played for a while tuning in and then wanted to tune into a business I had no per-conceived ideas about or it’s owners, and chose a local natural shop that has just opened at the entrance of the lake where I live. I immediately got a bright yellow light and a lovely happy expansive feeling, and saw it possibly expanding into the garage that is still operating next to this shop. The shop owners are super friendly and I could feel that they enjoyed their project very much, and that they found it was a pleasure to meet the people who shopped there, as much as run the business, that hopefully makes them money, but that was not their only priority.
Now the fun begins, yesterday I wanted to go into this shop and buy some more Bio olive oil, re fill my natural soap and as I walked through the doors, I could see that they had been recently painted, up until now they had been wood, and now they were guess what colour? Yes they were a lovely YELLOW. This made me smile a huge smile or gratitude and has given me the urge to continue playing with these energies of the businesses and people.

I have since been tuning into other businesses again and often get either a dead feeling and if the added a certain colour it would revive it.

I also felt that in one of my businesses it was stagnant and waiting for a charge of energy again and that it wanted to be communicated with. I made notes of all of my feelings and I will continue to do these readings for some time, feeling my way around them and see what changes. Stick with me while I play with this intuitive and inquisitive nature of mine and your businesses.

If anyone wants to have a reading let me know; I am happy to do this and home in on my skills.

Last year I did something very similar that world out very well, and it was with people I had never met. I had invited people to come and stay with me to help build my studios for my detox and intuition breaks, and I needed to know that they were safe to have around my home, If I could work with them and of they would be good workers.

I was bang on target every time and I have recently used this skill on dating sites… yes I know, but really it’s a great asset to have; and guess what I was right and now I have a wonderful partner who I love dearly. Dah Dah Dah!

Call me and I will help you to experience your intuition and become a wise wo/man who can navigate

through your daily challenges with more ease.



I put this ability to be able to tune into these intuitive communications, to several things and I have just outlined these in a workbook “How to develop and tune into your intuition” you can get access to the guide here. http://fionarobertson.co/wise-woman

It is my aim to help as many people as possible to be able to connect to their intuition. This is your 6th sense and one that can be developed easily and quickly. It is a sense like your others 5 senses and is communication with you all the time. We just need to stop listen and translate how it is speaking to us.


Did you know that ¼ of successful business owners use their intuition in every decision they make. And if your not using your intuition, then chances are you are spending 2/3 times more than you need to and wasting your valuable time and energy.


Fiona Robertson


Intuition. Personal mentoring and workshops in Biarritz France.


Testimonial, Corrine, June 2015

I run a new business of a coffee shop in France, and when Fiona said that she could sense that I was having a difficult time with my business I believed her, as she looked straight at me and I could actually feel something move inside me. I engaged Fiona to help me turn around the business and to feel better about what I was doing. I had opened the coffee shop as I knew the business, but I was not confident in the market in France. Fiona had felt into the business and sensed that the business energy was pretty much dead. I can tell you that I was only just keeping my head above water and the bills were only just being met. We began slowly and asked questions to the business, and at one point I could actually see and feel the energy of the business myself and it was a surprise I thought it would feel like me but it was very different. The business told us what she wanted to happen and what she wanted to see change and I made those changes, some were small and some were radical, but I felt that had nothing to lose. It turned around when someone offered to share the space with me and complement what I did. We had met by chance and it was an instant fit and fix for both of us. That was a few moths ago, and I can say that I enjoy going to work and the money rolls in with no effort and I just love working with my business now.


How to re set your hormones….and have fun again


How to re set your hormones …..and have fun again.

New research has demonstrated that your hormone levels are not just out of whack but have actually short circuited. Your hormone receptors have created resistances to 7 metabolic hormones: cortisol, thyroid, testosterone, growth hormone; leptin and estrogen.

Like many things in life we have become numb to these 7 metabolic hormones. Did you know that your body is programmed to raise your hormone levels higher and higher, yet your metabolism gets slower and slower and resulting in us getting fatter and fatter. Oops, that’s not good at all.

I have noticed that there are two ways to reverse these actions, one is to clear the resistance and repair the receptors, whilst re setting your hormone levels, without sounding too serious about it all we have a two angled approach.

Hormones are the main cause for the continued weight gain, belly fat, wrinkles, exhaustion, inflammation, sugar cravings, joint aches and pains and most illnesses. And I have a cunning plan that is guaranteed to help you, its easy on its own and fun when combined with my Wise Woman coaching, and here is how we get started.

There is an easy way to re set those hormones so that they are firing again on all cylinders. First we need to clean up our act and start eliminating some of the key contributors that have numbed out our metabolic hormones. We can do this rather quickly via a period of a detox. The Home Detox Box is a 7 day DIY home kit that re sets your digestive system, and creates a state in the body that kick starts all your organs and hormones to function at their optimum levels.

I also offer an intensive intimate, 7 day live in retreat week here in France that will allow you to fully rest and take advantage of my one to one guidance and introduction to raw and fermented food

A third option is to take the 21 day step by step re set program. I coach which groups of foods to eliminate and when in a step by step program that re sets the body and hormones again..

The second real GEM in my crown is to introduce you to your vision of what you actually need  and get to know and trust yourself from the inside out.

See the fun and playful side melt way all the hard edges and see what you can morph into, taking your inner wisdom, serenity and fun attitude and apply it to all the things you encounter.

I teach you to tune into your hidden depths, intuition and wisdom. I have met many, many of my clients guides, and I have seen these wonderful people  literally light up, get clarity and I watch as they become a beautiful wise person, totally at ease with them self and having fun with life. whils loving that they feel better, lose weight and flourish in life again.

What if you have been working hard for example to lose weight, feel better in your body, be free of some niggling health conditions, your feeling generally unfulfilled and feel stuck and confused as to what and where to go next, as all your hard efforts have never actually made an impact, and it seems that all this has actually made no real difference and maybe even have been working against you. What if your actually triggering your hormones to produce more Cortisol and deplete your adrenals. Now is the time to learn how to discover play and stop pushing yourself so hard as this has not worked so far has it?.

Are you ready to feel that you have the vibrant energy that you need to enjoy life to the MAX, and tune into all the benefits that are available to you?

I would just love talking, guiding and helping you to see that a different angle is all that’s needed and actually quite easy and possible. So here is my GIFT of a “Play Time Breakthrough Consultation” with me. This will inject you with inspiration, clarity and that it’s much more than what and how you eat, how much exercise you do or don’t do, or how much time you spend in cross legged meditation that matter, so much as the attitude you adopt.

Curious, excited, eager to find out what more and more people are catching on to fast, with this leading edge and very exciting principle?

Contact me with your E mail details to Fiona@fionarobertson.co with your telephone number and I will give you a range of dates and times that work and we can have our Skype session together.



Quite an emotional wrap up to our sessions today for me. I went straight to the pool and swam my heart out and felt alive! (which would have been unheard of less that 4 months ago).

I  want to say (and share with others if you like) that it’s been a great trip since February. I know inside of me I wanted change but your initial mail and first call with those questions really sparked a reflection for me, and now I realise how much I was not listening to my body…almost blaming it for not feeling good.

I find your way of coaching is so encouraging and linked to your life experience so is totally plausible. The step by step program was indeed like building bricks / jigsaw pieces slotting into place..

I only regret not doing this earlier…my advice to anyone not feeling good about themselves…contact Fiona.

Your ear and listening capabilities are great and you are not tangled in our day to day stuff so as to see and feel clearly what’s happening for me…..while staying very personal, and giving a real feeling of made to measure coaching.

I realise the issues with my situation have been weighing on me for ages and have resulted in a spiral of not well being. I kept surfacing for air then plunging down again. I really desire balance from now on with all the joy & lightness that I have discovered these past weeks…

My gratitude is that I have had the opportunity for travel during this time but my brag is that I seized it…..(I never ever thought I would or could have done that, its you who opened that up as a desire in me).

Each night and morning I relive that night under the desert shooting stars when I felt like I was floating on Earth, in ultimate LIGHT NESS !

But I know I cannot stay in the desert so a desire is to achieve another lightness…in my every day life which I am beginning to really experience with your help and tools. hmmmm

Thoughts from cloudy, muggy Paris

Wishing you all the very best,

Love P.C.

Paris 2015 (Best year ever)

I have learnt that this type of life is not just a PIPE dream

What I learnt again on the last detox retreat that I ran!


Last week I opened my doors again to run my Autumn detox weeks with the added bonus of Raw and Fermented food classes, with the introduction to knowing yourself via your style of Emotional Eating.


We had a fabulous week of experiencing a detox and learning about ourselves which is always such a pleasure, and especially to see people warm up to the idea that there is SO MUCH MORE to life.

What I found out again confirms all my suspicions and excites me beyond measure, That I am dedicated to continue with my special detox and inner knowing discovery weeks.


The week was laid out with an initial 3 day fast and raw food plan, this forms the foundations of the program that I offer, clearing away the old stuck and stagnated waste and energy and then filling you up with vibrant high vibration foods and energy, that allows life force to enter and flood through you so you can transform at a cellular level. Added to that I introduce you to a way to understand yourself on a deeper more profound level, by opening the doors to your Emotional Eating awareness. Everyone has a style of eating and uses something to hide behind, distract ourselves from living a FULL LIFE, and stay hidden from our true potential ( this is what Emotional Eating awareness can give you clarity on). I guide you in my particular style of meditation, which gets you out of your head and safely down into your heart and body, where you can start to communicate with the very essence of what your body needs. I encourage you to discover a place of silence as we walk and sit by the clear mountain rivers along our many walks during the week.

Yoga also helps to clear the meridians and massages the internal organs, enhancing the elimination of the old stagnant waste that has been blocking our ability to function on full power.

Our bodies have all the means to heal themselves, they just need to know how to access it.


Last week as we followed this unique detox program that I have laid out, we went step by step, into the realms beyond a traditional physical detox and into the state of allowing ourselves to discover our truest desires and needs.


It is always such a pleasure for me to see and experience my clients who come as clients and leave as friends who go through these simple steps. I find it works better to have smaller intimate groups so there is time and space for us all to take our personal route to self discovery, rather than follow a group energy that can so easily end up being just another place to hide. After these weeks you will never be the same again, as you pass through the doorway of transformation and start to see your true potential blossom right in front of your eyes.


So last week as I guided my wonderful evolving detox week, these detox weeks that I have done now for the past 10 years. I discovered again the hidden secret, that strongly confirms that my foundations for these weeks NEED to continue. My finding’s and beliefs are this, no matter for whatever reason people come to me to experience their first detox or their tenth detox, it’s a time, your unique time to go deeper and discover your true joy for life and reason for living. Raise your vibration to experience the true essence of what I mean by “Joie de Vivre”. Living this type of life that I advocate and encourage is not a pipe dream, its real, attainable and worth every second that you spend creating a life that you truly desire.

When we have lifted your personal vibration via clearing away the old, by detoxing the body, its literally impossible to stop the flow of life force energy into the body, mind and spirit. Everything just starts to look fabulous, colourful and music enters the ears again, and a smile develops on the lips and its so infectious as laughter comes so easily and movement and dance finds its way back into the every day step.


Discovering your new love for life and developing it as a way to enjoy every day and every moment of your day is a must.


When every cell is buoyant with vitality you will find a way no matter what by hook or by crook to keep it going. You will always remember how it feels to have a light step and understand that life is a joy, a beautiful life, and when you know how it feels to feel buoyant it will haunt you until you cant live without it any more.

Life lived like this attracts people, love, situations, jobs, health, wellbeing and so many things to you that you will want to scream it from the roof tops that you have found your calling and your Joie de Vivre!


So if your ready to experience this feeling there are three ways to experience a detox and with me.

The Retreat week starts from 980.00 for an all inclusive week here in SW France,


The Home Detox Box is 87.00 a 7 day kit that you can use to do a DIY Detox at home.


The third and most beneficial option is that I can coach you through a profound detox and tune you in on an entirely deeper level, and lead you step by step to give you the feeling of daily Joie De Vivre, and help you to appreciate and be aware of all the wonderful possibilities lined up for you. I will help you to tune in and feel all your cells begin to buzz. You will be receiving, absorbing and be in love with life. You will be in a state where you can allow the things you have been asking for to actually manifest, your body will be co operating with your mind, your health and happiness will immediately improve, your blood pressure, your cell counts, your vitality will all improve as a result,




Thanks you Fiona, for your wealth of knowledge and the non judgmental way in which you have guided us through the highs and lows of this detox week.  I have lots of new information and knowledge to continue the good work that I have done when I return home, so that I can experience the vitality and renewed vigor that I feel now. It has been a cleansing emotionally as well as physically that has given me my MoJo back. I have thoroughly enjoyed this beautiful location and being with this family this week. You have shown me that a Life to be Lived like this is not a pipe dream.

Much love Maria, April 2015