I was 26, finally divorced and free from an abusive relationship, but I was so scared for the repercussions for leaving him. So I avoided the towns I used to live in and I started up again somewhere new. I was scared and I was still running.


I found someone to help me when I was 35 as I was still avoiding and running from any confrontation, what I wanted instead was a feeling of safety and to re claim my slimmer body. What I did not know was that in the years that followed my leaving an abusive partner, I would be plagued by certain physical cravings and symptoms. These told me (when I understood the reasons) that I had dismissed and avoided a part of myself, and that needed to be addresses and cleared up. I had gained weight and I had irregular and painful digestive problems. I had craved fatty carbohydrate foods that made me feel better and calmer, when ever I was triggered by a memory or faced with a decision that I did not want to have to make. That was what finally spoke to me to look beyond the normal solutions of restricting my food and do the work necessary to heal myself and my relationship with food.


That is when I found out something remarkable about the body. My body was asking for fat and using my fat as a physically storage and back up protective system, for all the stories and hurt I had stored up, the emotional blackmail, the abuse, and the string of damaging relationships I had encountered. (Be that partners, family members, as well as friends taking advantage of my willingness to help.)

My internal thoughts, memories and self torment were keeping all these past experiences alive, and I had needed somewhere to store these, as I did not know how to digest and get rid of them, or seemingly stand up for myself. I had never been taught to deal with my emotions, especially confrontation or how I could leave it all behind and move on. I had become an expert at avoiding and dismissing my needs and buried myself in self protection strategies, (eating fat or shopping or being really, really busy ) shutting myself off and helping others in drama’s and problems, rather than look at myself. I did that busy so very well, working long hours into the night, losing myself in my tasks and computer and not really showing up as the mother I wanted to be. Then when I faced a problem at work I would be the perfect mother and avoid my work blaming each time consuming activity for my inability to stand up for myself and tell the truth. This has been my life lesson.


All the years and effort of diets, detoxes, and exercise were never going to be enough for me, until I was safe to let it all go, these old wounds I was still carrying around, like a stone in my heart and a huge heavy boulder in my belly.


I made a decision and promised myself they had to go. What I discovered was that I had had no real boundaries all this time, I had let my ex partner abuse, bully and use power over me. I became a victim and I felt I deserved more, so I turned to secretly eating and hiding my food. Too much of a nice girl not saying what I thought of him – made me fat, so where is my inner skinny bitch I needed, who stood up for herself – I began to wonder is she existed at all?

I took a stand and got clear on everything I wanted, I strengthened my perception of who I was, and I started to stand by my decisions, and as I did my energy and boundaries became rock solid. Then and only then did I start to lose weight, I actually tightened up and I got the ease in my digestion that I always wanted. I lost 2 stone in 2 months attending to the four corners of my being just ME, my mindset, my emotions, my physical and my energetic needs. I now understood what my body had been calling for me to see, and what she had intended for me all along.


As an Intuitive Body Whisperer, I see and feel what women have stored, the events from their history, that can be cleared easily with a simple re-connection to their body and get the messages that they need most. This work lifts us beyond the physical symptoms we are experiencing, and our bodies are able to be re-claimed, along with our energy and vitality, and our minds are clear to ask for what we want. It’s a remarkable experience to have and to witness.


What lies beneath your physical symptoms I wonder? What is your body asking for you to clear away? So that you can develop into the formidable woman you always knew you could be. The woman you intended to be and who is here to live the S#*t out of her life.


What is the major fear you have of being slim, sexy and rocking your body?


Now it’s up to you to turn on your inner sexy slim babe, or stay as you are for the next decade!


It takes just 20 Minutes for me to decipher your triggers and avoidance tactics in a ‘Body Scan’ which will assess your level of stress and feed back to you what your body is wanting you most to understand and hear, so that you can progress into the next phase of your life as a thoroughly wise and ignited woman.

You’ll get….

  1. Discover your NO 1 Trigger (mind set, emotion or energetic undercurrent) that keeps you battling with your cravings and your weight
  2. What you need to do to unblock your stubborn weight.
  3. My Favorite method to find out what your body is really craving (Hint it is not what you think)

Take one of the 5 slots running on this topic this month ‘Body Scan’ . https://fionarobertson.acuityscheduling.com/and make 2017 the year you finally know how to reclaim your body, and your life.

Need my help creating, implementing and managing your BODY from the food you consume, what foods help and what foods hinder, how stress can be reduced in a heartbeat, to what physical symptoms you have and why, so that you can allow your body to re calibrate and become the body you always dream of moving into, that allow you to do and feel all of the things you desperately want to do and feel.

What do you want and what do you need most of all?

I offer a variety of programs and coaching packages, programs and All Done For You Services – so simply book in a friendly unraveling call with me and let’s chat and clear away what stopping and blocking you! I am here for you and can show you the pitfalls and the best and quickest routes to take. https://fionarobertson.acuityscheduling.com/

You need a high level coach. Someone who can catch all your mindset blocks, support you completely, and hold you accountable to step up and be the woman you are meant to be. That means committing to doing the work, then actually showing up AND doing the work, and it means investing. I’d love to help you, you deserve to be in the body that reflects who you really are.

I’m OK if you don’t do this, I feel sad for you, but I am OK. Do it for yourself so that this time next year you are looking and feeling like the woman who rules her world.

Fiona Robertson




I have learnt that this type of life is not just a PIPE dream

What I learnt again on the last detox retreat that I ran!


Last week I opened my doors again to run my Autumn detox weeks with the added bonus of Raw and Fermented food classes, with the introduction to knowing yourself via your style of Emotional Eating.


We had a fabulous week of experiencing a detox and learning about ourselves which is always such a pleasure, and especially to see people warm up to the idea that there is SO MUCH MORE to life.

What I found out again confirms all my suspicions and excites me beyond measure, That I am dedicated to continue with my special detox and inner knowing discovery weeks.


The week was laid out with an initial 3 day fast and raw food plan, this forms the foundations of the program that I offer, clearing away the old stuck and stagnated waste and energy and then filling you up with vibrant high vibration foods and energy, that allows life force to enter and flood through you so you can transform at a cellular level. Added to that I introduce you to a way to understand yourself on a deeper more profound level, by opening the doors to your Emotional Eating awareness. Everyone has a style of eating and uses something to hide behind, distract ourselves from living a FULL LIFE, and stay hidden from our true potential ( this is what Emotional Eating awareness can give you clarity on). I guide you in my particular style of meditation, which gets you out of your head and safely down into your heart and body, where you can start to communicate with the very essence of what your body needs. I encourage you to discover a place of silence as we walk and sit by the clear mountain rivers along our many walks during the week.

Yoga also helps to clear the meridians and massages the internal organs, enhancing the elimination of the old stagnant waste that has been blocking our ability to function on full power.

Our bodies have all the means to heal themselves, they just need to know how to access it.


Last week as we followed this unique detox program that I have laid out, we went step by step, into the realms beyond a traditional physical detox and into the state of allowing ourselves to discover our truest desires and needs.


It is always such a pleasure for me to see and experience my clients who come as clients and leave as friends who go through these simple steps. I find it works better to have smaller intimate groups so there is time and space for us all to take our personal route to self discovery, rather than follow a group energy that can so easily end up being just another place to hide. After these weeks you will never be the same again, as you pass through the doorway of transformation and start to see your true potential blossom right in front of your eyes.


So last week as I guided my wonderful evolving detox week, these detox weeks that I have done now for the past 10 years. I discovered again the hidden secret, that strongly confirms that my foundations for these weeks NEED to continue. My finding’s and beliefs are this, no matter for whatever reason people come to me to experience their first detox or their tenth detox, it’s a time, your unique time to go deeper and discover your true joy for life and reason for living. Raise your vibration to experience the true essence of what I mean by “Joie de Vivre”. Living this type of life that I advocate and encourage is not a pipe dream, its real, attainable and worth every second that you spend creating a life that you truly desire.

When we have lifted your personal vibration via clearing away the old, by detoxing the body, its literally impossible to stop the flow of life force energy into the body, mind and spirit. Everything just starts to look fabulous, colourful and music enters the ears again, and a smile develops on the lips and its so infectious as laughter comes so easily and movement and dance finds its way back into the every day step.


Discovering your new love for life and developing it as a way to enjoy every day and every moment of your day is a must.


When every cell is buoyant with vitality you will find a way no matter what by hook or by crook to keep it going. You will always remember how it feels to have a light step and understand that life is a joy, a beautiful life, and when you know how it feels to feel buoyant it will haunt you until you cant live without it any more.

Life lived like this attracts people, love, situations, jobs, health, wellbeing and so many things to you that you will want to scream it from the roof tops that you have found your calling and your Joie de Vivre!


So if your ready to experience this feeling there are three ways to experience a detox and with me.

The Retreat week starts from 980.00 for an all inclusive week here in SW France,


The Home Detox Box is 87.00 a 7 day kit that you can use to do a DIY Detox at home.


The third and most beneficial option is that I can coach you through a profound detox and tune you in on an entirely deeper level, and lead you step by step to give you the feeling of daily Joie De Vivre, and help you to appreciate and be aware of all the wonderful possibilities lined up for you. I will help you to tune in and feel all your cells begin to buzz. You will be receiving, absorbing and be in love with life. You will be in a state where you can allow the things you have been asking for to actually manifest, your body will be co operating with your mind, your health and happiness will immediately improve, your blood pressure, your cell counts, your vitality will all improve as a result,




Thanks you Fiona, for your wealth of knowledge and the non judgmental way in which you have guided us through the highs and lows of this detox week.  I have lots of new information and knowledge to continue the good work that I have done when I return home, so that I can experience the vitality and renewed vigor that I feel now. It has been a cleansing emotionally as well as physically that has given me my MoJo back. I have thoroughly enjoyed this beautiful location and being with this family this week. You have shown me that a Life to be Lived like this is not a pipe dream.

Much love Maria, April 2015




Smart Wo/men and the BIGGEST mistake you make

I am so happy to see my summer vegetables take shape in the garden and later decorate my plate.

This summer I’ve planted lettuce, courgette, tomatoes and herbs, it’s a busy time to feed, water and care for my future nourishment
I’ve also been busy talking to and compiling, from all my ongoing conversations, around beyond detox, nutrition and your diets to establish the major target areas, for those of you wanting to shape shift on a permanent basis, and get a handle on how you view your own body.

Do you know the most common truth I come across every time, from all these stories of balancing weight.

It’s not all about the food, Which I am so happy to hear as it is right where I am and have been for a while now.

The food itself is usually only around 20{6a14cc849908c46212f3d2c8a81eada984febec31535ea1cc7f55de4f8a4ba8e} of the story and the remaining 80{6a14cc849908c46212f3d2c8a81eada984febec31535ea1cc7f55de4f8a4ba8e} is made up from emotional and spiritual beliefs. Your mindset has a lot to do with how you see the bigger picture, as well as how to see and feel things from a different perspective.

Let me explain and give you an personalised example.

When I am with you, I can hear it with your words and feel it through your energy on the call ”I have rejected my body, I am disappointed and hate my body.”

The women who contact me are certainly nutrition savvy. They are intelligent, and smart. They are busy and have deadlines to meet. They are executives, professionals, and hard working stay at home moms. However they all have one thing in common, they believe the problem is with their bodies and their food intake…and sadly they are all looking in the WRONG direction, lining up their eye and arrow onto the wrong target.

Certainly, I see smart women and men, and see the biggest mistake they make, is not actually knowing what their true target would be for permanent weight balance and getting the energy they need on a daily basis.

The target your missing is actually a tiny bit more challenging, and in a different direction than you thought, but very easily reached, in fact it requires some serious re-direction, care and support to shift your target.

The target is in many ways comes from stress and negative beliefs which create a chain of habitual reactions in the body, these set off our very own set habitual and addictive patterns, overeating and binging, which were set in place very early on in our past and are now run along totally independently of our control. We are unconscious of the reaction unless we choose to see and feel it.

This is what I offer you a chance to see and feel the reaction as it takes place, and re direct it to the new more accurate target, one you can aim for and hit and see results.

These are totally OK and once you see and feel them for yourself, you can decide what to do with these experiences and move on.

Here is a brief example from a client, that I have called Susanne and she has admittedly used food as her drug of choice when she has situations that up set her.

When there is a wobble and she feels the discomfort in her body, even if it is hour later after the instance, she knows she needs and deserves a reward for dealing with this situation and so dives into her fridge and cupboards when she gets home and devoirs what ever is in there. This binging is her delayed gratification and addictive behaviour that she wanted to resolve, when she came to me.

One thing I always do is introduce you to, is where you can find your most relaxed place and we call this your safe place or home. It has a feeling of being totally safe, which is something many of us have never felt, ever in our lives and when we find this place it is essential to go there often. I have used this place with my son recently as he was being bullied at school, so it has many uses.

Susanne was open to the experience and what could be done to unlock the need for the need for the binging spell she had herself under. We did my guided meditation to start her off to uncover her hidden habits.

During the Body Wisdom inner meditation, which had the unique purpose of finding the precise feeling she had when she needed to binge eat, and then what it would be like not to actually binge eat at those times.

When we arrived where we needed to be, we discovered together that the feeling was one of a real pain she could now identify in the belly, a long twisted, shaking, chaotic pain that was all screwed up inside her.

We felt the actual pain as if she had been in a situation of being out of control, and got her really familiar with it, so she would recognize it again. We went below the pain and asked it what was beneath it, and we got fear, then rejection, then alone, then finally it disappeared and she felt peaceful. The pain was gone. Leaving a clean, airy and expansive feeling. Her posture changed and she was serene and there was no desire for food to full, numb out or kill the pain.

I get images sometimes and saw her Emotional Eater personality scratching her head, and at a loss of what to do.

This was of no concern as she will soon vanish, leaving my client with the knowledge of how emotions and feeling your bodies language through pain, and seeing it as an indicator and reminder and a warning in your body. Then there is no fear and anxiety or need to suppress the feeling of pain any longer. You can feel the pain rise and fall, as well as fully experience the joy and gratitude as it expands within you, all without the need to attach food to the experience.

She could not believe how simple it had been to do this journey, to find this place that had transformed her perceptions of what she was feeling. We cannot plan, strategize, or use a formula that works for someone else this is a personal journey and the doorway to really seeing yourself for the first time.

Solutions are easier with a guide and someone who has been there and experienced the same path.

So if you know what to do but can’t stay in the action, and those late night extra meals, snacks and binges get in the way.

Or if you obsess and want weight loss but cant stop thinking about food and labelling it as good or bad

Or if you have a dream to look and feel better than you are today, yet the focus is on food and how it is keeping you stuck

I have something for you. If you are ready to dive into a deeper intensive program and commit to change for the long term, and stop using food as being your long standing excuse for not being the person you can be, NOW IS THE TIME!

I will ask you to contact me before the close business on Friday 31st July to sign up to a revolutionary program with me.

I will get back to you and offer you an initial clarity call to gauge your level of commitment.

Here is to your discovering your peaceful place and feeling happy and unstoppable in your own body.


Fiona Robertson.

Your relationship to food and our bodies is the doorway and is reflected in your relationship to EVERYTHING.

RAW food and Eating with Feeling

What a perfect time of year to consider what and how we eat. When the festive season seems to be all about what we eat. Then we have the guilt of what we ate, yet we carry on eating, and worry about the consequences. If it were as simple as eat less and exercise more then we would all be fit as fiddles, However I suggest that were not and were all still craving more energy in every working day and at night time turning to food to comfort us.

My recent and most burning question has been, why do we comfort eat?

For many of you, my self included eating is a function, a practical part of the day, a distraction and has been used as a form of entertainment. A social norm to help us reach a goal if that is to feel full, give us an energy boost, to warm us up or just a habit formed from learnt patterns, eating at set times even if were not actually hungry. Wow the more I delve into this subject the more these seems to be conditioning about what and how we eat.

With a few mindful changes we can all start to change our relationship with food. Yes we all have one, a relationship with ourselves and with the food we eat.
Have you heard it said “ How we are with something is how we are with everything”. Let me explain. What I have noticed for myself and with my coaching clients is that how we are with our food and our style of eating is actually how we are with everything. For example if we are confused so will our eating habits be. If we are functional and practical we will be equally functional in our relationship with our food, and also if we are obsessive so will our diets and regimes of eating be and all our relationships.

Don’t get me wrong I think I love food and eating it, but seldom these days have I really, really enjoyed my food to the extent that I can relish the idea of eating a meal. The flavor, the texture, taste and smell of a good meal. That to for everyone is quite different. So I have taken myself off on a journey to re discover what I really like with no rules to follow, no good and bad foods, no must or must not have lists of super healthy foods. I am un-conditioning myself. I am going for foods that attract me, be they Raw, cooked, sweet, savory, sour, spicy, delicious or bland or my typical comfort family favorites, that enable me to feel full and somehow loved to my recent favorites of fasting, juices and really healthy options.

I listened to my body as she chose what was delicious for me. I listened to my body after I ate to see how she reacted to the food, and I considered the environment I had just eaten in, the atmosphere, the setting, my timing, and my thoughts.

I have discovered that I have naturally gravitated towards lighter foods at times and heavier foods at others. And If I felt the need for heavier foods due to extra stress in my outer world, with situations like leaving my home, separating from my partner, finding a new home and the prospect of moving. Then I have taken the foods that I felt at the time would fulfill me.

I have also made another huge change, I honour myself with my style of eating, I sit more comfortably, I set the table, I turn off the TV, shut off my ipad, don’t answer the phone and I actually look at the food I am about to consume. When I did my Reiki and energy healing course we were taught to bless our food, much the same as saying grace before we ate and I have brought this back into my eating routine too.

Getting back to the question of why do we comfort eat? My self discovery is that if we are continually mindless with our choices of what and how we eat we are out of control and not listening or enjoying what we consume.
To absorb any of our necessary nutrients we actually need to be relaxed and feel safe when we eat, or we are in flight or fight mode, our bodies are stressed and all the energy is going not to digesting our food, but to our muscles to get ready to run. Our digestion system actually shuts off. Now I think its funny how often I have eaten and been moving walking, driving, I eat really healthily and enjoy as I said before I love my Juices and healthy foods but I know now that I can feel that my body is far from enjoying them as I am sitting on the edge of my chair, or running out of the door with a juice in hand to drink whilst I drive or after yoga class.

This whole quest  to un-condition myself around my eating habits has brought about a remarkable change, in not WHAT I eat but HOW I eat. I am now mindful and really enjoying my food in a relaxed atmosphere and I can taste so much more.

Fiona Robertson: helping you on your QUEST to un condition your eating habits, lose weight, and really enjoy your food again.
What is the missing nutrient you need to stop you comfort eating?

Detoxing and Internal Cleansing for Better Yoga

What does it mean to be clean? Well, in todays’ society we usually think of being clean as showering, taking a bath or putting on fresh clothes. Being clean used to have a whole different meaning as far back as 1500 BC when the Egyptians were not only cleaning their external bodies but their internal bodies as well.

Early Proponents

Colon hydrotherapy, more simply known as an enema, originated with the Egyptians around 1500 BC. They partook in the cleansing activity at least several times a month. Enemas used to be such a normal part of life kings and queens would actually engage in the process discreetly while socializing. While most of us probably don’t want to take it that far, internal cleansing with enemas can be part of a regular health regime.
Over 2,000 years ago Hippocrates, the well-known Greek physician, affectionately known as the “Father of Medicine” and perhaps one of the first holistic practitioners, used enemas to treat fevers. His philosophy? Treat the whole body, not just the part that seems sick.
During the late 1800s and early 1900s Dr. John Harvey Kellogg, best known for his societal contribution of Kellogg’s Corn Flakes®, advocated the use of enemas on a grand scale. The doctor used proper nutrition, physical activity and enemas to treat illnesses associated with the GI tract.

What, How and When?

What are enemas and how do they work to benefit our health?
Enemas use nature’s gift of pure, clean, (warm) water to gently fill the colon. The water stays put for a few minutes, facilitating the release of the mucoid plaque which lines our intestines. This plaque is indicative of all the toxins we have accumulated over the years. If you have ever seen an image of mucoid plaque it is a motivating sight. You will want to rid your body of this unsightly mass pretty quickly. In addition to its’ unappealing aesthetic properties the plaque inhibits the absorption of nutrients. No matter how well you might eat or how many nutrients you take in, if your body can’t absorb them they are completely useless.
When is a good time to cleanse? Internal cleansing can be done whenever you find your digestion is sluggish, e.g., constipation, feel a cold or congestion coming on or you are lethargic and bloated. Cleansing with an enema carries away toxins, especially when accompanied by fasting or a diet regime that releases toxins into your bloodstream.
You may be wondering if this is a safe process. Enemas only engage the sigmoid colon or the part of the large intestine closest to the rectum, making it a totally safe practice.

What Ails You?

Internal cleansing is credited with alleviating symptoms from too many ailments to possibly remember. They range from severe migraines to high blood pressure to colitis to lupus to uterine fibroids to diabetes.
Being unclean bogs us down emotionally, physically and spiritually. Imagine what you can accomplish when you are set free from the waste and toxins that have accumulated in your body over your lifetime.


Your energy level will soar, your cells will come alive, the unwanted weight you’ve never been able to get rid of will go and your overall strength will improve. Cleansing is the best skincare program I know about too. Your complexion will shine and so will your eyes.

The Yoga Connection

“Walking is man’s best medicine.” Hippocrates prescription sounds like something from a modern-day healthcare provider. Clearly he advocated physical activity and exercise as a component of being healthy.
Where does the practice of yoga fit in to all this? In addition to all the other benefits derived from internal cleansing the ability to practice yoga more effectively is another one. Whether your yoga preference is Hatha, Iyengar, Kundalini, Astanga or power yoga, cleansing will help you push past what you thought were your body’s limits.
You are lighter, freer and stronger! You have extra endurance, strength and flexibility.
Do you suffer from arthritis? Inflammation of the joints has become a common ailment in today’s society, making even simple movements painful. This leads to inactivity and weight gain. Internal cleansing will release the calcium deposits on your joints making bending and stretching easier and more enjoyable. Your mobility will be greatly improved.
In fact, any sport will benefit from internal cleansing.

1-2-3 Clean!

The Egyptians and Hippocrates also practiced fasting along with the use of enemas, with the earliest records of fasting dating back 10,000 years.
The complete internal cleansing process involves fasting, detoxing and enemas. Fasting means no food, allowing your body and your digestion to take a well-deserved break. Detoxing utilizes psyllium fiber and bentonite. Psyllium pushes unwanted debris through and out, while bentonite takes on the toxins as if they were their very own with the enema completing the process. Cleansing the colon through the use of enemas, along with detoxing and fasting maximizes the benefits you will see and feel.
Hippocrates told us “Healing is a matter of time, but it is also a matter of opportunity.” If we take the time and the opportunities made available to us in the form of knowledge and professional support we will find renewed health. Internal cleansing leads to innate healing which frees the mind body and spirit. This enables the body to take its’ natural course and find health again.