I am SO fed up with feeling SO tired?

It feels so brain numbing to be so tired all the time doesn’t it. If your feeling unwell and just dog tired, then no mater what it is then everything else has to wait until your feeling right again. It’s like playing a game and that is the trump card, and no matter how you feel about your job, your relationship, your body image or your finances, you will do nothing about it until you feel well again and have the feeling you can really cope with it, and that means not feeling so god damn tired and sluggish all the time.

Do you ever get the feeling that day after day, month after month, you are becoming more and more tired and with no change in sight. Your body feels heavy and you’ve tried everything you can think of and yet you still feel so tired and weary. In fact you feel more tired than you can ever remember. You could literally sleep at the drop of a hat. Whats going on? What’s happening?

Oh, I know only to well how this feels and I bet its driving you just as crazy as it drove me. You’ve tried taking supplements, you’ve tried removing gluten ( as best you could ) You’ve tried all the juices, smoothies and high protein bars, yet still this worn out and empty feeling haunts your every single day. You wake up and still feel tired, your sleep is not restoring you. You take exercise and that just leaves you aching and unable to function. Now your worried there is something really wrong with you, but your too scared to find out.

I understand all of this only too well. Its not your fault. It really isn’t.

When I was in my management position in a firm of highly motivated sales executives, running my own team I got myself into a place that was just not working for me any more. And that is an understatement. I did not know it then, but my body was screaming at me to STOP, to take a different route and change my perspective. Many people, myself included at this stage look to leave their jobs and then have the added worry of then what?

So we stay put and get worn out even further, until we cannot function in any recognizable shape of form.

What I have come to learn from my crash and burn experiences, is that it is actually quite easy to make some vital and life saving changes, that will see you get a real feeling of being able to cope, and have the feeling of being clear and feeling lighter and brighter in a very short space of time. I am so glad that I have taken the time to learn about these, as I only repeated the same theme and routine at any new job I had, even when I became self employed I repeated the same patterns. It is a pleasure for me now to share and guide people through, and unravel the circumstances and situations that drag us down, making us feel heavy and extraordinarily tired.

I personally have the tendency to get overwhelmed and think I can cope with everything that comes my way, I am a loyal employee and don’t like to let people down, unless its myself that is. I never learnt how to look after myself, I mean really look after myself I’m not talking about earning a living, feeding and housing myself, and caring for my family, my pets and maintaining a home. I’m talking about caring for myself like the best and only friend I ever had. What I learnt took me years of ups and downs and even every now and then I h=get trapped and stretched to the max and then I wake up and realise there is another way. Once I jump off the merry go round, I breathe again and light comes back to my body and the tiredness eases away and I feel uplifted and really supported.

It the greatest thing I have ever learnt. I have looked to food to heal me and people to care for me, yet there I was all along ready willing and able to care for myself, in ways that I was never taught. Its so miraculous when you finally get it and start putting into action what I am talking about. Simple steps that push the reset buttons and keep your engine fuelled so that you feel that the long days are manageable, so that you feel you can enjoy social events, Your temper and irritation at others evens out, You feel that your weight balances out naturally without any effort on your part, You instinctively know when to leave your work and go home without any guilt, You feel able to control your eating habits and food cravings, You feel you just know who would be good for you in a relationship or interview situation, You feel you are able to be the mother you would most admire and so much more

If you are more than curious and want to know more, and want support through these tough times there are just 2 things to do:

  1. Jump on a free call with me to untangle the situation that’s making you so tired and weary (http://fionarobertson.simplybook.me/sheduler/manage/event/1/unit/1/)
  2. Make a commitment to yourself that things are going to change for the better and very, very soon.

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