Beyond your Detox is a Soulful Rendez Vous

What lies at the end of the Detox rainbow for you?

Where will the internal call to detox your body bring you, and why is your body urging you to clean up and lighten up?

I’ve noticed a phenomena over the past few years, not only has detoxing become much more popular, so much so that it is now a popular household term, and not just associated with stopping drugs and alcohol, which was the common association with the word Detox. But the exciting phenomena is that it has a remarkable way of opening people up to finding them selves, to be in a much easier, brighter, happier and all round better place. Firstly by upgrading what we consume and wanting to feel physically better and lighter, then discovering the huge need to quiet the mind, and finally comes the calling to live a more spiritual existence, being connected to yourself as your soul and intuition, and have an equal sense of care and concern for your fellow man and environment.


It has been my joy over the last 10 years to experience for myself and others, to see that when we take the time and opportunity to listen to the call to Detox and clean up our act on any level, we are not only removing some of the key substances, stimulants but are more aware of the habitual distractions that have kept us from living a high quality vibrational, and ultimately more spiritual life. When we can experience a cleaner body after a detox and subsequently upgrade what we consume, it naturally progresses to wanting and feeling passionate about upgrading other areas of our life, bit by bit and in our own unique time.


In my experience, a detox has been the first way for most of us to actually enable ourselves to feel, that we can live in a vibrant responsive body. And the more we continue the more vibrant we can feel in this beautiful intricate physical body. To make this short, you can feel more fantastic than you have ever felt before. Not a bad start I must say.

As we go through a period of a detox we also remove our old habitual routines, often we adjust our environments as well as the substances that we have come to habitually use.

As we detox emotions rise and fall away that would normally be squashed by our habitual heavy eating and drinking routines. So it was no surprise to me that I started to get messages from detox clients, to hear that they had made some huge changes in their lives after the detox. New jobs, lifestyle improvements, upgraded living conditions and relationships, as well as a change in perception to ultimately becoming a more soulful person, altering eating and living habits alike, and making choices for the planet and our immediate environment.

Now this can be contributed to starting with a period of a detox, but I also see that the planet is going through some radical upgrades and is evolving as well, and in order to feel comfortable in these lighter faster spinning planetary vibrations, we also need to lighten our load and raise our vibrations any way we can.

This is why today I facilitate small groups of exceptional people who want to live a more soulful experience and understand the vibration communication from our soul. To feel lighter and have a daily every day life that is of a high quality vibration, and an awareness of the energetic environment that we live in. From here we can make better choices concerning who, what and where we want to include into our personal space.


The next experiential workshop in the Basque region, (nearest Airport Biarritz ) : 28 May to 3rd June 2016.

I have coached enough people now to know that it is possible to go way beyond the first feeling that the detox opened us up to. That feeling that actually had us first captivated with her jewel and promise of living in a vibrant radiating body, to see that the mind and spirit can be ignited and turned on with some very specific attention and TLC.

To be able to feel our way forward and know without a doubt that some foods would suit our bodies better than others at this time, to know which people vibrate with a resonance that we can match with, and what places feel extraordinarily good to us so that we can thrive exceptionally well there, in that particular house, town and country.

Doing a detox can be the door way to experiencing lightening the load, and yes losing weight certainly, which is in fact the No 1 reason most people first want to detox, as their body is crying out to feel generally lighter and brighter. The body instinctively knows it can feel much better, to have more energy, be more flexible, have more stamina, and feel more vibrantly connected to its surroundings.

What if it was possible to not learn, but to feel genuinely attracted to how and what you really enjoyed consuming, and feel lighter and have the high vibrational body we love to live in. No restrictions and rules to follow, no long lists of supplements, just a simple knowing of what the body really would love to experience and thoroughly enjoying that experience. This is communicating on a vibrational level. The Rainbow Body is a colourful vibrant communicating living being, with equal parts of physical body, curious and supportive mind and loving spirit.

I have seen this on so many occasions, that when we have heard and understand why we have been craving a certain food at a certain time, or after a particular situation, we can eventually become conscious of the missing nutrient that our body was actually crying out for. When we can answer that cry with what our body really needs then the poor substitutes we were drawn to (favorite snack foods, drinks etc) actually melt away and do not have their tight grasp on us any more. Any excess weight be it mentally or physically, naturally lifts and balances out. This is a revelation and revolution to the standard beliefs about weight loss. Which translates as a feeling of living in a lighter vibrant body.

Setting up a deeper connection and communication with our bodies can serve us extremely well. Being able to tune in at any moment and feel what would suit us better in this instance, is a true gift.

What would it be like to listen to our body and get responses that were so clear and personal to us, as she guides us instinctively towards our best nourishment.


I see a detox as a way to get to know and tune into your body on a more profound level and your potential to kick start something really fabulous.

Our bodies are our chosen vehicle for our soul, and they are beautiful yet complicated, and they do need some special care and attention to keep them stay on top form and act as our best receiver.

So whether you decide to put in some extraordinarily good foods like, Pure Raw organic foods, fresh wheat grass or to do a 7 day total digestive and colon cleanse, which will remove mental and physical obstacles on so many levels in a very short space of time. This is has been my specialty, and with no 2 people ever having the same experience, I can clearly say that we are all individuals, we all vibrate very differently to one another and have very different needs, so we would do best to listen to what our own body wants, rather than think we need to follow a diet or regime that is the height of fashion right now. And to know yourself personally is the key.

I know that in the past I have forced myself to follow the path that I thought was the royal privileged path, and only to discover when I listened to my body that it was not what my body thrived on. So I adapted and remained curious to my own individual needs. Then it gave me the best results and I relaxed my attitude to food. My body has taught me how to attract more magic into my life, than I ever knew was possible, but I have always been suspicious that I was missing.


So can a Detox open us up to a more spiritual existence.

Our Bodies are both our receiver and transmitter, they are vibrating all the time sending out an individual frequency of vibration, like messages as well as sensing what is vibrating and available to us in our environment. We use all of our minds ability but don’t yet know how to utilize it all.

So is it a phenomena that as you up grade one area of your life,  you will naturally see that it has a knock on effect in all the other areas of your life? I don’t believe so. I believe it is a natural remembering of the body and soul itself, to want to feel this high quality vibration that it experienced 1st through the detox, that eventually brings you around to your reason for being here on earth and wanting to re connect with the feeling of your heart and soul.

We are made up of the elements of the mind, our physical form and our spirit, all of which are of equal importance for us to really thrive well. The call to detox is the beginning for many of us, and what lies ahead is just magical. Knowing that we can create our own reality, having a feeling of lightness and a sense of loving being in our bodies, to be able to communicate with vibration and understand one another on another, and to know our own personal nourishment, are just some of the highlights of what lies beyond a detox.


Fiona Robertson

Intuitive coach

Detox Diva

Guiding you

Rainbow Body a 5 day workshop to experience vibrational communication.

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