You’re not listening. You’re not listening. YOU’RE NOT LISTENING to the whispers and then the nudges you’re getting, to the messages from Spirit. You’re not listening to your intuition!

How do I know, because that was me, I refused to listen, I was too busy to listen, I was too afraid to listen. I thought I was listening enough but then I noticed just how overly busy I was keeping myself, endless lists and projects to do, and a deepening sadness inside, worries about everything that was seemingly going wrong, and not enough attention on what I had that was going absolutely right. So what do you think I got more of? Yes… more of what was going wrong, because that was what I was paying most attention to. BAH!

It took me months to recover and get over the slump that I found myself in. The hole I had dug for myself, I touched on some raw emotions that needed to be felt like, humiliation, and an aspect of lack that had been running through me for years, and from generations with the same line of lack mentality. I had been avoiding these feelings and so keeping myself busy was my only answer. It was a big lesson for me to spend time in solitude and learn how to listen to myself, rather than others or follow their way of doing things. I cleaned up my act again and got on with taking care of myself.

I have been an action junkie as long as I can remember, and have a tendency to bulldoze my way through what needs to be done. But these methods just stopped working for me and I could not get the same results that I once had, with these types of actions anymore and keeping in the busy mode was just exhausting me and I was getting a big fat ZERO, and no results for all my efforts.

I felt so alone at these times and that no one understood me or the journey I was on. So I asked for help and began to tune in and listen, I gave myself time to tune in every day and got better and better at developing my listening skills. At first it was hard to justify the time, and I felt guilty for spending just as much time on energy work, as practical and physical work.

I was gently given clues and messages of what to concentrate on, and what and who to let go of. And from then on I have made a commitment to myself to listen better to my best guidance and my inner wisdom.

The more I have become sensitive to my own needs, by cleaning up my food, surroundings and company I keep, and become less action orientated, the more I have enabled myself to be more energy orientated. I have played and experimented and taught others how to tune in, and see what needs to be energetically paid attention to, which has released them from the grip of many, many of their own self sabotaging behaviors and habits. Mine was certainly over working and being action orientated, other self sabotaging tendencies are over-eating, drinking, drugs, mad internet shopping and spending, anything that keeps you distracted from hearing your inner voice.

Oh boy! did I see that I had a value on being active and doing something, actually ANYTHING! rather than nothing. Why was that? Because its my default position, because I have seen and been taught that success as something you do and is to be evaluated through other peoples eyes. I a-was being encouraged to be action orientated, rather than tuned into myself and my own needs and desires. So I have missed being aligned to what “I” actually needed, missed being tuned into to the best information and opportunities that could ever come my way.

Now I look back and see and I realized all of these ‘big moments’ that were painful at the time were Spirit trying to get my attention. I just tried  to do more, and more to compensate. I see now that to STOP would have been of great benefit all round. If I had only known how to use my intuition

Don’t let this happen to you. Don’t find yourself in a place where Spirit has to SHOUT at you!
Are you listening enough?

I am here for you, reach out if you need to.

If you want to know how we can do it together PM me and lets start the process of opening up to your personal guide and intuition, so you can really hear them.

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