I know, I get it, that you think that a diet will give you back your body and all the energy you crave, that it will miraculously create the body you have always wanted. So that you can go and do all the things that you are not doing now, and be the woman you have always dreamt of being, You are so hopeful that this diet will do it for you and it feels great to start and prepare everything it feels almost exciting.

Unfortunately, It’s not going to work.

I know because I tried.

When I was struggling to lose weight and having no lasting success. I LONGED for the solution to fall into my lap, be told the secret from a friend who had managed what I could not.

The constant thoughts about how I looked followed me around like a black cloud hovering over me, always on my mind making me self conscious and undermining my confidence, even in things I knew I was good at. I would end up obsessing, planning, promising myself this time it would be different – I would stick at it forever if it worked and never veer off.

It was not helpful in the least.

So yes the diet, the gym or the retreat you are planning, may give you temporary relief and give you new hope, but in the long run nothing will change because you are still avoiding the real situation. The situation that has you eating when you are stressed, emotional and in the wrong energy and mindset, You literally create fat to be stored in the body.

Are you still hoping that everything will magically change without having to do anything other than diet?.


Your problems will only go away once you know what causes them and confront them.

It’s as simple and as hard as that.


So what kind of woman will you choose to become in the next phase of your life. One who is in the body she created and uncovered for herself and lives the shit out of life as she intended, or one who tried yet another patch up diet.


I believe in you, and I believe that you can do this – but you need the right questions, the mindset and to be caught when you think those thoughts and to be pulled through to the other side, show you the traps your falling in time and time again. Are you ready to see the river your swimming in and the undercurrent that is pulling you down?


What is the one thing you have done, that has worked for you but you could not keep up?


If you are determined, enjoy taking action and doing the internal and the external work to begin living life as the woman who is ready to live the shit out of her life in a body she loves, message me or schedule a non obligatory conversation to show you your blocks and stops that are ready to be blown away.







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