If you’re about to start another new diet STOP!


Diets are not the answer and they have most likely ruined your metabolism and your bodies natural ability to lose weight, even the smallest amount without feeling like you are having to stave yourself to death and all the food you like seeming like it is a sin.

Diets have for sure wrecked your ability to easily lose weight and crushed you belief its in any way possible, and further more caused havoc in your mind about what right to get back in control of your body. So much false information has been fed to women about how to lose weight.

If you like me have been on every diet available and looked for the answer to what is happening to your body, like me you have become stuck in a cycle of losing the same amount time and time again and now wondering why you are unable to get the same results that you had the first time around.

There is a reason for that.

It’s called hormones and it’s time to set you free and have food, diets, and your body issues as a NON ISSUE from now on. Yeah hear you cry!

I’ve had sittings with 100’s of women on ‘Body Code Breakthrough’ calls, looking for solutions to weight and who have all stared with food and restricting food, over exercising and getting nowhere fast, then they get to that defining moment….. when they are ready to do anything to have the result they want, just as I was.

You want things FIXED and NOW!

You’ve gone past that stage when nothing changes and you are ready to chuck it all in and give up and be resolved to the fact that this is your lot or do something you’ve NEVER done before ask for professional help.

Take a deep breath. It is possible. It is not going to take ages or even be that hard, I assure you. You are not alone. You are a super powerful smart and sassy woman and you can turn this around just as 100’s of women have done so far and faster than you imagined. You too get to drop 2 to 10 dress sizes and never have to exercise hard or starve yourself.

I understand what is happening to you, the mental, emotional and physical struggles, the indignity of it all and the ensuing metabolic block.

I’ve got you. I see the weight gain, and loss of the waistline, the exhaustion, lack of interest in sex, low libido, big bloated belly, digestion issues, insomnia, memory loss, brain fog, irritation, feeling you have mild or occasional depression and feel you are being uncontrollably emotional, your body is winding down from its reproductive phase into the next phase of womanhood, and you feel like you are losing control, falling apart at the seams as some of my clients call it, it feels like your body is misbehaving and you are literally losing your mind.

I am not here to watch you muddle through, or become resigned to these changes, or live a mediocre life – Oh PLEASE NO. I know what it feels like because I’ve been there. It’s rotten I know.

If you haven’t completely given up hope of feeling that energy flood your body and the joy of living, feeling like a woman in her prime…. then read on.

When I fell into this phase of womanhood feeling like I failed at everything I tried, I went looking for information and listened to my body and the symptoms I had. I promised myself I would resolve this. I had seen my mother and far too many of her friends struggle with terrible medication side effects and hormone pills and treatments that the doctors got to dish out from horse urine, Prozac to advise like ‘there is nothing I can do’ and they still aged rapidly and I saw the life drain out of them and their weight increase.

Not for me I decided. I knew what I had done to alter my hormones before in another phase of womanhood when hormones were causing no end of problems. So, I began to experiment with nutrition, It took me a lot of trail and error to adapt my intake to get the results I wished for. I was not a 30 something anymore but a 50 something and that was the difference.

Then I also looked and researched into what I was putting in as far as my mindset was concerned, and saw how the constant thoughts that I churned around in my head were equally as important as the cleaner nutrition I chose, as they caused certain hormones I did not want to race about my body to be released too. These chemical culprits from worry, stress and over work were adding to the adrenalin, Cortisol and Insulin in my blood stream that contributed greatly to the weight, the feelings of depression as well as the exhaustion. It took a while to get a new perception and have that working out for me and to change how I saw things, this alone impacted and altered these chemicals and hormones just by what I was concentrating on and I saw how I had un knowingly become addicted to the negative chemicals. I was used to being my normal every day mediocre struggle experience I had not seen the place I was in. Quite quickly things turned around 180°.

Change was happening and so easily now that I saw the benefits every day.

I figured out the best way to reclaim my body, my mind and soul and what I fed myself in terms of all three, the best nutrition, the best thoughts and I became more connected and tapped into myself as a happy soul. And each one has become equally as important as the other.

Ultimately I got myself back in tune and in a great place, I stopped the weight creeping back on, I felt like a younger more energized and happier version of myself. All because the lady loves her hormones…

And that happy experience has driven me to assist women from all over the globe to get back what they thought they had lost forever, lost in the fight with invisible hormones and attitudes that kill the light and turn it off in every woman struggling with her body because of hormones.

I did not create the programs I run over night, they have taken experimentation and guts to evolve into what they are today. Successfully seeing 100’s of happy women drop 2 to 10 dress sizes and regain their health and vitality, feel safe in their ability to play all out at life all go hand in hand with upgrading nutrition, mindset and re connecting with yourself as you came here to be, as a woman becoming her best self, living free and transforming your life in ways you cannot even imagine just yet.

It is the HOPE you have been looking for and I am blessed to be able to bring this to you, because you deserve to feel your best and look amazing.

1. Dive into a Body Code Breakthrough call and discover what is the NO 1 hormone block that has halted your ability to lose weight and discover your Body Code in the process

Body Code breakthrough

FOC call and Schedule me

2. Jump on board the “2.2.2 – 2 dress sizes in 2 months” program starting in February 2021 and work to reset and re calibrate your hormones so that you can fit into your favorite dress for the summer.

Your ability to access your fat cells and re charge your hormones positively will astound you.

2 dress sizes in 2 months

3. Make a new betrothal to yourself and start a new relationship with yourself and your body, mind and soul. Peace with Food  feeds your soul, your mind and soul so that you are phenomenally strong and nobody’s opinion or rejection of you ever rocks you again. Take 6 months to develop a deeper knowing of yourself, create strong boundaries, express yourself and never look back. Ditch the Diet & Exercise Trap.

The new upgraded version of you is about to breakthrough.

Peace with Food 6 months


How Do I Get My Appetite Under Control?


My appetite, like a few other things I could mention and for what seems to be the longest time, had been off the rails and seriously out of control.

However, you could find me out at a party or social function and you could be fooled as I would insist and could kid a fair few, that I was happy and pretended everything was just fine.

You would find me spending the whole time however tucking into a bowl of potato chips avoiding any possible confrontation or any uncomfortable chitter-chatter from the other party goers. So who was I kidding?

And then look who seemed to spend more time trying to pull me together and feel more in control before I went out anywhere. …… Duh Me

There is nothing that responds faster than the body to the thoughts and feelings you have.

Your body literally molds itself depending on the energy coming from your thoughts and feelings.

I seem to have spent an extraordinary long time ignoring certain thoughts and especially my feelings.

Trying to catch that string of words that rapidly crossed my mind, that were a mishmash of so many subjects, all rushing across all at once it was like experiencing a storm in my head. I was surprised not to see lightning or hear thunder crashing around me, because inside that was just what it felt like, a frantic storm.

Catching these thoughts then would be a true feet of remarkable genius as well as having to be faster than speedy Gonzales to hear what these thoughts were. Just when I got close enough to feel into those words and give them some a semblance of meaning, or perhaps what it was that I was actually saying to myself. It would slip away.

All I did catch was I felt a strong urge and sense that I would want to run far, far away.

It was a game I had played for some considerable time now with myself, It was my habit of self-sabotage, that insisted I would avoid looking at any of the issues that I was carrying around inside my head. My fears, my concerns, worries or my disbelief that I could have it a different way. I avoided rather well I thought, as well as I became competent at rejecting help and resist all of what could have made me, more conscious of what it was that exactly made me feel so uncomfortable,

If I am completely honest I would never know what I was supposed to do with these thoughts even if I did catch any of them.

Where do I file them?

How do I let them go?

How can I get to be at peace with them?

How much time would It take?

I’m far too busy and so I avoided.

What I did know was that whenever I was overwhelmed with thoughts and feelings I would frequently turn to food to numb out the pain, to dumb down the noise and frantic overwhelm of these feelings I was experiencing, that made me feel irritated, disjointed, and kind of unhinged.

My food choices were poor as if to match the low quality of my thoughts and I ate too much as if to match the quantity and quality of the thoughts I was having.

I started to carry more than I should, I experienced a heaviness and gained weight even although I was eating the healthiest food on the planet. I was a raw foodie, detox diva, and still put too much on my plate, and as I chomped through it all and tried to break it down, I knew It was still all too much for one girl to handle in a day. I wanted a simpler life.

I had heard “Never eat when you are emotional” But that was far easier said than done.

Then with one serendipitous encounter, I was given a gift of how to have silence and peace in my mind. I learned how to recode my over mental activity and find more peace and quiet. It was an animal communicator who introduced me to a deeper safe and peaceful place in my mind. I had been asking how I could possibly do this and asking for help, then this showed up and slowed me down to be at a safe pace and then and only then I caught sight of my stories, and habitual one-liners I had never noticed before. And I felt able to explore these statements that had become my normal chatter and created my current limited identity and truths and I saw what it was that I was eating at me.

I chose to release whatever I discovered by doing some mind reframing and recoding exercises as well as energy-releasing rituals and took the time to pay attention to what I noticed were my limiting beliefs, and one by one I changed and recoded that story I had been stuck in, and the next and the next and so on in the gentlest ways I knew.  

I could feel where each one had been sitting in my body, sometimes in my heart, other times in my gut and solar plexus, and then other times in my chest or throat and the effect and influence it was having on me physically, the weight of each story and the tangle of twisted netting it was all caught up in.

One by one I released, each one bringing space and a new peace within me. It was a profound and an experience of deep stillness and I confess I had fewer worries about things and people I could not control or change.   My body relaxed and rested, I was exhausted from carrying all that around with me for so long. I noticed the changes on my body at first, I dropped a dress size, then I noticed I was un-phased by other peoples judgment and drama and soon I could easily be more conscious of what I was feeling in my environment and knew if that feeling belonged to me or if it came from another person and I was just feeling their unease. And let that go too.

The feelings came and went flowing in and out as they should without me feeling I needed to hold onto them or own them. I experienced a fuller spectrum of feelings, deeper wider and a higher elated mood for longer and longer. It felt like I was having a love affair with life its self. I was in awe of every experience.

My body was responding better to the thoughts I was having and the mood I was in.

My body reflected my easier going approach to life and as my thinking slowed down from the busy frantic fill my day with nonsense, I had time to be who I always wanted to be. I noticed my shape changed and size altered then the numbers on the scale changed and went down and kept going down. The notches on my belt dropped and I got into clothes at the back of the wardrobe and threw away the ones that I knew I would never ever wear again.

Join in on my recode sessions every week in Women Winning The World with Weight and Self Worth, where we can see clearly and clear one by one which limiting beliefs and resistance you can still have in the background, and that has you overeating because you are being triggered by your thoughts and feelings that make you feel uncomfortable and you feel out of control.

What’s the Big Deal about Fasting?

Body-renewer-Fasting -To-Health

Since my trip around the world in 2003 and doing my first Detox in Thailand at The Sanctuary I have been a huge fan of downtime and a full-body recalibration once a year, as well as for a bit of peace and quiet and clean out my digestive tract with a short fast.

Fasting is as old as the hills and always gives the mind, body, and soul the huge benefits connected with a total reboot, all within a very short space of time.

Used by Einstein to give his students the added advantage, as the brain functions 100% more efficiently after a fast.

Used by TOP athletes and promoted by Olympic sports coaches to improve the bodies performance and to set up the body to its optimum performance.

_ In ancient Greece, Pythagoras was among many who extolled its virtues. During the fourteenth century it was practiced by St Catherine of Siena, while the Renaissance doctor Paracelsus called it the “physician within”. Indeed, fasting in one form or another is a distinguished tradition and throughout the centuries, devotees have claimed it brings physical and spiritual renewal

Fasting is literally allowing the magic back in as the body re calibrates itself once it is allowed to switch off, have downtime and reboot following a precise protocol. By not digesting solid food for a short period of time, you actually give your body time to heal and clean out what is no longer needed, leaving you with better concentration and more energy.

A 3 Day (72hr) fast is all that is needed to reset your entire body.

Your body will thank you and there are huge benefits all round.

You will have speeded up your metabolism

You will have boosted your immune system

You will have prolonged your life span

You will rejuvenate your skin

You will look younger

Your taste buds get renewed and your tastes change

You will neutralize your biggest cravings

You will promote a thorough detoxification

Your Body can clean house of all the rubbish stored for way too long

You get to access the fat stored and locked away in your cells

You will improve your chances to lose weight

You will improve your insulin sensitivity and

You will help to reverse prediabetes

Hormones take this chance to rebalance

You will boost your cognitive and brain function

You access a great source of energy

You get to absorb the great nutrition you are consuming

You get to have deep mental and physical rest to consider your next steps

You will feel years younger and have much more energy

One of the main reasons I took to fasting was It is easy for me an extremely busy woman to eat well within the designated window for consuming food, still feel fulfilled and satisfied and not depriving myself and know that the body was doing her best for me. Once I saw the results I was hooked.

“For me cooking every day and preparing food was the bain of my life, I cannot believe how much time is spent thinking, planning and preparing food. I much prefer to grab food when I am hungry and do something far more interesting”.

The first step to introduce fasting would be: The longer you wait before you eat breakfast for example, the longer your body can use up yesterdays energy efficiently and access the hormones like Leptin which are only activated by hunger. When Leptin is activated she looks for stored sources of what she can use for your energy. She finds the fat stores and uses these to give you energy.

The second step to fasting would be:  A longer Fasting period that allows your body to turn over the fuel system from Sugar to the stored fat and you must stay consuming fat for the fuel system to work effectively. The moment you return to sugar you are back burning sugar for fuel and will need to start again to teach your body how to get her fuel from fat again. 3 days (72 hours) is all that is needed to re calibrate your body.

You can drop a dress size quite easily. But you need to know what you are doing. If you are hungry you MUST eat. There is a huge difference in an educated and uneducated faster. An uneducated faster will have her body storing more fat.

An educated faster will allow her body to go longer still feel satisfied and lose weight easily.

Since 2004 (for 15 years) I have been running Retreat Biarritz detox and fasting retreats and helping women and men to set up a safe fasting experience at home with the Home Detox Box, helping women and men come off sugar and learn how to eat again with some specific coaching programs and protocols that work for a sweeter healthier life.

What I have seen will surprise you, how much weight as well as heavy thoughts and habits that cause depression and over eating can be lifted off and stay off, after a short fast.

That was Radical!” said Emily,

Remarkable and way easier than I ever imagined.” said Tamsin.

It all happened in my sleep.” Judy exclaimed

If you are wanting to have this to be the last time you ever need to think about your weight or that you can wear the clothes you love again there are certain steps that need to be taken.

Make a decision to do take care of what and when you eat, take some time out to follow a simple cleanse protocol with a short 3 days fast and a guide how to break your fast. This will be the very best thing you have done for yourself in years, and you will feel so much better in days.

Do yourself a HUGE favor and follow the Home Detox Box a DIY kit that you can follow at home for the easiest way to start with a fast, with me in your corner and get support whilst you navigate how to have a brand new relationship with your food and clean start with your body.

Delivered to your Door – Home Detox Box

Making a world of difference to how you wear your body and how she feels on you.

Your Body Your Best & Most Valuable Outfit.

Fiona Robertson

BAD MOM Rocking her new skinny jeans dancing on the speakers, like a teenager

body-renewer-not-fixed-No -final-Orange-trousers-black-t-shirt

BAD MOM Rocking her tight black skinny jeans & new sexy confidence dancing on the night club speakers.

The bodyguard of the trendy club looked up at her with his head tilted to one side and eyebrows raised. He offered out his hand and asked kindly to please come down off the speakers.

She could not help a huge cheeky confident smile from spreading across her face as she leaned on him, and returned, without missing a beat to non-stop dancing on the dance floor …..

Dancing the night away for far longer than all of her boogying counterparts, who were half her age, she thoroughly enjoyed showing off on the dance floor. Full on arms up in the air hip wiggling enjoying the tribal beat. Remembering it was not that long ago she was stuck indoors every Friday night with a ‘dull life is over’ outlook on her life.

She deserved to let her hair down and act out as the BAD KITTY. She had overcome so much this last year and this was her time to shine. She may look wild but she had never been so sure of herself.

She’d survived a breakup of major proportions, struggled financially as a single mum and moved house twice. Now she had broken through all of that and saw how her body had reflected that she was out of control and gained and struggled with her weight as a consequence.

It’s true she was footloose and fancy-free and 50lbs from her waistline had vanished in 5 months, all due to taking charge and having made a few NON Negotiable decisions on some very important things in her life. Her attitude and perspective were 180° turned around and she now was going after what she wanted all along.

She got lots of attention but remained strong and kind in her ‘No Thank You’ she valued herself far too much to get embroiled with anyone or anything that would ever pull her down again. She was only going to accept what felt 100{6a14cc849908c46212f3d2c8a81eada984febec31535ea1cc7f55de4f8a4ba8e} fantastic to her from now on.

True story Fiona 2014/15

If you have lost weight then regained it time and time again or got stuck in that stubborn weight just will not shift, then this is for you.

Is your body misbehaving?

No, but you do need to be back in control of your own metabolism, hormones and the reasons you overeat?

Struggling to lose weight and recycling the same amount of weight over and over is a sure sign that there are parts of the puzzle left unsolved and running away with you.

If you are ready to get into your skinny jeans, be 3 sizes smaller and have the energy of a rampant teenager, its time to put the control of YOU back in your hands. I invite you to have a no strings attached consultation that will clearly show you the one area you have overlooked that will see you back on TOP (literally) and in control of YOU.

You see you are in the right place!

When you know what you want next and take this immediate action – You will not only become so sure of who you are, that no one’s opinion, rejection or bad behavior will rock you. You will have take a huge step to become the woman you came here to be in the next phase of her life.

The woman who is in this next phase of her life and has successfully stepped into her own driving seat and taken over controls, she has done the work, she has inner stregnth, she not only feels 100{6a14cc849908c46212f3d2c8a81eada984febec31535ea1cc7f55de4f8a4ba8e} better instantly but sees her weight slip away, feels younger and far stronger than she has in years. She is not wobbly or shaky, but firm and certain of what she wants, needs and is lacking the most and that is what has helped myself and ALL of my clients go onto lose the wobble, the 3 stone – 50lbs – 20 kg and several dress sizes and 7 notches off our belts and know what we want and how to get it.

The body to me is so F#@king fascinating there is nothing that responds as fast as the body to how we feel and what we say and think. When we follow certain up leveling practices we will surely become ‘the woman we want to be in the next phase of her life – starting today….

You have 2 fantastic options to take me up on here today……

  1. Join me on a rare FREE Body Scan consultation call and let’s see what exact steps you will personally need to take, to have those same glorious moments as Valentine and how you can also consciously construct your body from the inside out.
    You can apply here for one of my 5 rare in-depth calls I ‘ll be doing in March to discover what triggers you to be in a body that       a. resists losing weight and          b. how to break-through and resolve that once and for all.                  c.You will receive VERY clear instructions on what steps you need to take next and how long it will take.
  2. You can also take a look right now at the 5 months exclusive and a Complete Development training program that I will be doing from 1st April, for an absolute snip at £555.00. (Next time around this will be £2,222.00). This course is ‘A Personal Introduction to your SOUL and Prepare you for Spirit Assistance.. This is the course content that has seen so many women begin to feel so strong and SAFE that they all become unshakable even when surrounded by turbulence, and has allowed them to drop the weight of the troubles they were carrying.

Fiona Robertson
The Body Renewer

Let me introduce you personally to your SOUL and get your SPIRIT assistance. This is how you Call in your Soul to assist you with everything……from weight loss to business, relationships and everything that makes life so much easier to cope with.

Fiona Robertson

Fiona Robertson

It is My Aim to help you get better, feel more alive be happier, by respecting your body” your organs and your ability to balance work and life you have started down a good path. I would like to introduce myself to you, as a woman who is passionate about health, spiritual growth, personal development, learning and now educating and sharing my experience and knowledge! I am the creator of the Home Detox Box an easy to follow 7 day DIY cleansing program you can do from home. I run regular cleansing and detox retreats here in France and really enjoy seeing my guests change and grow in one week. We talk and laugh about life and indeed everything” this is a true healing week on many levels. I teach about regular cleansing, Raw food and being a woman today.

So how much do you exactly want to be and by when ?

Be-Radiant-First-Confident-Woman-feeling sexy

Summer Weight – 5 months away

So how much do you exactly want to be and by when?


Are you a remarkable sassy and savvy woman in her 40 to 50’s eats relatively well and takes some exercise but is confounded by hèr own body’s resistance to allow her to let go of the weight and stored Under lock and key ‘body fat’ that she has hoarded and will not let leave.


Your body is literally resisting the change you so are seeking and going after.


There will be certain symptoms that tell us that this is quite easily reversed for you and where you are along the path and what we need to do to set you off on a new path.


  1. Exhaustion mid afternoon
  2. Loss of 1/3 of your eyebrows
  3. Feel you cant fit your clothes especially later in the day
  4. Crave sugar and carbs especially at night – cant stop despite knowing it won’t help you
  5. Have some skin tags that are along your neck or bra line
  6. Top heavy with weight Boobs and belly maybe bum, but shoulders, upper arms, and torso

Any all and more symptoms tell me that you have the ability to reverse all of this weight your body seems to love hoarding away for you.


You are not too old

You are not past it

It will work for you TOO

It’s NOT your fault

TOTAL BODY RENEW – Start today and don’t regret another moment………



Have you forgotten about your fantasy body? Because it has not forgotten about you or what you say you want.


If you have 5 months to give yourself to really do what it takes, no force, no diets, no extreme exercise regimes, COULD you and WOULD YOU do it.???


So that’s the Question!


But first off I am going to ask you today: How much do you want to lose and by When?


Then I will ask you how do you know are there any other numbers running around in the background. Come on let’s see them


The chaos and chopping and changing is keeping you from reaching the very thing you seek


So today lets play a little bit with numbers, sizes, weights and measurements.

We can get very hung up on weight and measurements but here is how to get past that.


Relax and breathe and I will introduce you to a way to clearly tell what comes next for you.


I am going to slide you up and down a scale to see what feels doable for you right now. You see you can’t get there from here if you can’t believe its possible so let’s do this in stages


Most women I work with have 1st 2nd and 3rd goals that they set and reach as they breakthrough all the resistance sabotages and blocks they have to reaching that goal.

The video takes you through a process to see what is going on in the head about what is possible or stopping and blocking you from reaching your beginning middle or end results and staying there.

Let me know when you are ready to really lose the weight, because this works I have ladies you can talk to that will tell you what happened to them in 5 months or less.

“💛My dear Fi,

What a gift you are!!   Thank you so much-

Wow! Best session so far! I have found such clarity & now beginning to experience the freedom I have longed for. Already 2 stone down and still dropping.

This is getting exciting! ✨Joyfully✨” V. 2018

“Fiona, I am down 3 stone in 6 months and so so happy, however, I could stay here and still be happy but I want to go all the way as we planned so let’s get that other part off too. Lets clear out any struggle I have and any limited thinking. I know now more than ever that WE can do this. Xxx Wendy. Ryll. 2017

TOTAL BODY RENEW START TODAY……….. and dont regret another moment

Do you want to experience this too?

Jump on an initial consultation call and let’s get you started with the first most important step. From there we will work out if we are right to go all the way together. There is no pressure as it has to feel right for me and you and we are a fit, that I can guide you and that you want to be guided along the easy route.

E mail me on

and ask for a free initial consultation and the first BOLD way to access the fat cells in a radical way .



…a naughty thought crossed her mind. Dare I go out without underwear?

Underwear or NO underwear?


As she slid on the dress she’d been saving for years… the dress she always hoped she’d one day get back into…


…a naughty thought crossed her mind.


“I should make this the best anniversary ever.”


So she reached down with a sly smile on her face and slid her underwear off.


She knew he’d be shocked.


After the baby, she knew he thought her body was ruined.


But just 2 months later, on their anniversary night, she put on a show.


He was speechless.


She’d done the work now she wore the dress and the shoes and the smile to go with it.


Here is one of the tricks that Sally discovered, and how she used it to drop an astonishing 50 lbs in a few months, at 50 years old…….


Being BIG was no joke, Sally had held back on everything and felt left out, the big girl and despite diets and exercise she did not feel like sex, or going to dress up parties, or even playing with her kids as she wobbled and she hated the fake smile she used to get through an evening when inside she felt sadder than sad.


What was it going to take a miracle?


I don’t want to have to starve myself or run every day to lose weight. Help. Why can’t my body just play ball. I feel like it has betrayed me.


The one thing Sally never knew was that diets and the type of exercise were working against her all the time. She had needed to do reset her body in another way, she had no idea that In a few months she’d be going commando on a date with her hubby to celebrate her new found confidence.


For one her key hormones were running riot and causing chemical havoc on her weight gain, resetting those allowed the fat cells to be accessed and release the fat stored.


Secondly, she had no idea that she had a constant level of predisposed stress running in the background, enough to raise the alarm and have stress hormones pushing out sugars into the bloodstream all day, that just made her crave sugars all night.


Thirdly she hated to look at herself and refused to get dressed in front of any mirror, the hateful words and shame made her feel so crappy, so she avoided all reflections. She did not have a nice word to say to herself.


Caught between the devil and the deep blue sea she wanted the body she fantasized about but what she was doing ( all be it sometimes half heartedly ) was not giving her any results for the effort she was putting in.


Shoot forward 6 months and here was Sally appreciating her body in the mirror, and wearing the very dress she’d visualized and kept in the hope that one day she would wear it again, and she was in that dress and it felt fantastic.

She was being far more playful and present with her kids and looking forwards to an evening with her hubby, who she found not only attractive but she felt turned on by him again. Or was she just so turned on with herself and in her own confidence again.


Sally is not alone as Dozens upon Dozens of women are finding their sexual Mojo again, once they have lost and know how to maintain their new svelte figures.


If this is in any way speaking to you, you have two choices,

  1. Come into a FREE Radical plan for your fantasy body call with me and discover 3 easy steps to step over the blocks and stops you have in your way.



  1. Do nothing! Keep doing what you’re doing and hoping that the diet and exercise will shift the weight, even although you have tried that for years and its all just getting worse


What do you prefer?


So much Love


Fiona Robertson

The Body Renewer creating your body on purpose.


Eat Right -Think Right for a Body that stays LIGHT


Eat Right -Think Right for a Body that stays LIGHT

Do you feel that you have worked hard, deprived yourself, tried hundreds of diets, put in A LOT of the effort and dedication and for what exactly?

A body you hate to see reflected back at you.

Are you scared to go to the Gym?
You actually admit that you love to move, but can’t understand why now you just can’t be arsed to do what might help you lose the excess weight. The very thought of lycra and jogging bottoms outside the house NOT a look you admire.

It’s not your fault! There is something else at play here that is stopping and blocking your body from burning the fat off.
That’s what I am going to be revealing to you in this Mini Clinic.

So, if you feel that ALL of your efforts are not being rewarded by how your body looks or responds to ALL this hard work and that she is betraying you.
BUT You still fantasize about that BODY, the confidence in the clothes that look and feel great, the swimwear, the ability to feel sexy and slip that dress off under a watchful eye.

Then this is for you!

I am Fiona Robertson – The Body Renewer – a health and fitness coach specializing in Eating and Food disorders, obsessions, addictions or dieting for the women fast approaching 50 with 50lbs to lose. (3.5 stone and 23 Kilo.)

If you are a woman who maybe harbors a belief that your age it’s not possible anymore. I want to dispel that myth today….
Or that You don’t have the energy to do that running around to lose the weight
Or that at 50 it’s a woman sentence to stay large, feel lethargic and have to wear clothes that cover her up all because of her hormones.

Then join the club of women who have seriously WON with weight in her 50’s,
This is just what myself and dozens of women have felt only to discover what was behind the weight not shifting, and then going on to release 50 lbs in their 50’s in 5 months


Women with symptoms such as

  1. Muffin top, the belly fat that hangs over the waist band
  2. A swollen belly that starts out ok then later in the day you can’t do up your belt anymore.
  3. Who carry more of their weight on the upper part, Boobs, belly, shoulders, upper arms, chest
  4. You have to pee a lot, and even wake up in the night and have to go once or twice
  5. You crave sugar and carbohydrates and just can’t stop no matter how much will power you use.
  6. You don’t feel satisfied after a meal and you have to finish off with something sweet.
  7. You weight plateau despite healthy eating, and each time you regain the weight you lost.


I am talking to you….. You need to know this ITS NOT YOUR FAULT. Please stop beating yourself up now.



So are you ready to set yourself up on a NEW trajectory, have a new relationship with your body and let go of what you thought you knew about the female body and turn that upside down?


When you barely recognize yourself in the bathroom mirror and you have the heavy sigh and what feels like a boulder in your guts.


Are you ready to have your partner and family comment positively and barely recognize you from a few months ago and are just as speechless as you as your body has shed the troublesome deposits rapidly vanish from your belly, boobs back and whole body.


Now you see that your general health, happiness, sex drive as well as your mental clarity are through the roof fantastic with more energy and you feel flirty and cheeky again taking risks you have not taken in years as you have so much confidence.


Female FAT loss is different from male fat loss and the powerful chemical chain reaction needs to be recalibrated so they can trigger the female metabolism to have the fat melt off. This stored fat has not been able to be accessed before but by recalibrating these chemical chain reactions fat can burn off naturally (without the use of pills or supplements or surgery) and kept off for good.


The women winning with weight know one thing, what it feels like to feel priceless. There is a specific set of hormones that knock onto each other that cause fat to be stored and your circuit is turned off to allowing these fat stores to be used.


This alone determines more than anything else whether you are a lean slender energetic woman or you suffer and carry around a huge fat store no matter how little you eat or how often you take exercise. All this saved as fuel you body has stored for later use, you have no access to because your circuit is off. There are a number of reasons, genetics, or after things like child birth your female system went into over drive to raise children, keep them warm. You are predisposed to be child bearing and child nurturing Etc all the things women do naturally.


That’s is why it is not your fault! Diets and starvation cannot help here.


Because there is a female fat burning hormone that is laying dormant switched OFF that needs re calibrating and turned back ON.


Women who struggle with weight with this circuit turned OFF will have an incredibly slow metabolism especially of they have dieted and the fat is resistant to all their efforts.


If you have the symptoms I mentioned before and 30 to 50 lbs of stubborn weight and you feel your body has betrayed you THIS IS FOR YOU.


There are certain steps to take in order to turn back on this circuit. You are currently disconnected to the fat burning chain of chemical reactions


So EAT right means – there are certain foods that keep that circuit turned off, The cells cannot open up to access the fat reserves while you are still eating and keeping up that same routine

And THINK Right – means being willing, open and start believing this will work for you. That is very important as much as the nutrition.


If you have lost all your confidence and want to be women winning with weight and get on the fats track to health, energy and drop dress sizes lets get you started to eat right for your body type and Think right for lasting weight loss.


I am so glad you are here, but I know women in their 50’s with more than 50lbs to lose have gone through a lot of trial and error before you found this.

I know its tough but I have seen oodles of women lose weight when they had all but given up on themselves.

I have programs that run just for this reason, recalibrating the body to turn on those switched takes a sequence of switches to be synchronized,

No point looking at food unless we also look at the other areas that trigger the switches. Such as your thoughts and beliefs, level of stress and hormones; Look at your symptoms to see what to tackle first.


When you heal once aspect you will heal the whole

I’d be very happy to help you prepare to synchronize your circuits and turn ON that female fat burning hormone. In one free call we can do a lot of this and start you off on the path.

You’ll get

  1. See if you have the exact body type that is locked into the OFF position and will 100{6a14cc849908c46212f3d2c8a81eada984febec31535ea1cc7f55de4f8a4ba8e} respond quickly to the
  2. The nutrition to take and what to avoid that are keeping the access to the fat cells CLOSED OFF.
  3. A straight forward step to take immediately that will help enormously
  4. A step by step plan to see you start losing 50lbs if you are heading towards 50.

Say ‘YES’ I want to see if I am locked in the OFF position and I will send over a quick questionnaire to determine your ON off STATUS before we can re set you.


Fiona Robertson
The Body Renewer


If I’m so smart why can’t I lose weight?


If I’m so smart why can’t I lose weight?

More than likely you will recognize yourself as smart but maybe you are too smart for your own good, you are quite likely stuck in over thinking, and have yourself running around in circles with beliefs about food, nutrition and how your body SHOULD lose weight.  You’ve lost weight before but then stopped for some reasons unknown to you and then gained even more weight again.

Smart women often struggle with their weight for 3 reasons.

There are 3 real underlying reasons why weight won’t shift despite years of strict diets.


  1. Mindset: Keep up the disbelief that its not possible for you – resistance to feeling better and seeing that new version of yourself emerge


  1. You don’t really want what you say you want – resistance to actually embodying the new you and your next phase of life


  1. Crazy hormones running wild resisting all your best efforts to drop excess weight – resistance to having an easy, steady flowing life


When we can Reset the mindset and take the simple steps we will drop the dress sizes


So how can we learn to adopt the rock steady mindset of the slim woman


Women Winning with weight all have certain traits in common which I will shed light on this week.


For one they have a strategy that works every time.


They have a rock steady mindset and a belief system that never fails and stops their body gaining an ounce.


There was something so important that I learned from interviewing 100’s of women about how they stayed slim

So today I wanted to share my revealing discoveries and the 3 reasons why 80{6a14cc849908c46212f3d2c8a81eada984febec31535ea1cc7f55de4f8a4ba8e} of women fail at lasting weight loss. And give you the master key and trick that sees women win with weight from 8 to 80 and all ages beyond.


  1. Mindset – so the complete disbelief that it will work for you is a sure sign that it will not and never will work, whatever you are doing diet, sport, detox, retreats will all fall flat on its face when you don’t believe you have a chance….but saying ‘this will work’ as an affirmation is only 50{6a14cc849908c46212f3d2c8a81eada984febec31535ea1cc7f55de4f8a4ba8e} there.


These women who succeed where others fail have no doubt that it will work for them; Every woman winning with weight can see herself as slim and trains her mind to believe it. Just as every athlete tennis player is coached into seeing themself winning. It’s just not in their talk or experience that they will fail they have NO DOUBT that they will get and always will be slim.


Getting to the NO DOUBT feeling is what it takes to adopt the mindset that is certain to help you drop those excess pounds. When you adopt that NO DOUBT mindset for yourself people will come under your radar that can help you. It takes practice to believe a new way of thinking and that’s the beauty of it. practice practice practice. It’s easier than you think but possibly something you have never done before or kept up – that’s how easy and hard it is at the same time.


  1. You don’t want to lose the weight you say you want to lose – well as crazy as that sounds it’s true. During my interviews many women spend ages undoing all the success they have gained and unbeknown to them there were deeper reasons why they didn’t want to win with weight. From;

Not wanting to attract unwanted male attention

Will I still fancy my husband if I feel confident and fabulous?

I don’t know how to be in a slimmer body?

My friends will hate me – I can’t win my friends want me to stay fat?

There is an old contract running to have excess pounds stored..


This form of resistance is all too common in women who have been hurt, ladies who were for example were criticized, judged, abused or even from things like they were measured each week to keep their narcissistic mothers happy, that their daughters were pretty and so reflected well on them. These girls and women have continued to used their ONLY power to gain weight as a punishment on their mothers, keep them protected and hidden, to fit in the only way they know how, and have never managed to breakthrough or undo the self sabotage behaviour of over eating.


If you have a BIG EVENT coming up I’d be delighted to help you with your Mindset Preparation for your NEXT BIG EVENT so that you can cross that Finishing line Ahead of Time, with a very specific step by step mindset training.

You’ll get…

  1. To discover what is blocking and stopping your weight loss despite endless diets ( hint it’s not what you think )
  2. Uncover your NO 1 Trigger to overeating, even when you say you are on a diet
  3. Exact steps and action plan to take over the coming weeks

Once you’ve confirmed you’re in, I’ll send a Get Started Questionnaire for you to complete which will help me support you and get the most out of our mindset coaching and training call.

Let me know if you’d like to go ahead and I can book you in.

Just reply and say BIG EVENT.. You can also select a time from my calendar for 30 minutes with me.


  1. There is a third reason women unknowingly can’t lose weight and that is due to their ever changing situation of your hormones, crazy hormones that play around with you all of the time, and no matter what you do they have a mind of their own, despite diets and exercise you don’t allow the shift of any weight at all. 

    There are 4 ways of working with me right now to become the woman you want to be in the next phase of your life.

    Contact me and let’s grab a coffee and let’s get you back on TOP, In charge of you email me or face book me here on my page.

    These in depth further 3 ways unravel for you the reasons are that the weight won’t go and how to digest the world around you in a new beautiful way. see you become strong and beautiful inside and out.


    1. “Feeling Priceless” 12 months. 24 weekly and 6 monthy, 1 to 1 calls (30 in all). Covering everything deep dive into the bigger trapped emotions for release, perceptions renewed and Mindset reset. The spirit is 100{6a14cc849908c46212f3d2c8a81eada984febec31535ea1cc7f55de4f8a4ba8e} involved this is £888 per month. Or £8,888.00 paid in 1 go. Includes a 6 Day Deep Dive Retreat.- IN SW FRANCE


    1. This is the “222 – 2 stone in 2 months” 4 month 16 1 to 1 Calls, Uncovering mostly mental and emotional blocks and stops, and an introduction to working with spirit, 888X 4 = £3,552 or £2,222.00 paid in 1 time


    1. The Personal Introduction to Your Soul and prepare for Spirit Assistance. 5 months GROUP. 20 Group calls 1 x 1to1 call to deep dive journey and get your very Personal Introduction with your Soul. And get to hear her messages to you, reconnection practices. Learn to Love you again. So that you are so sure of who you are that no rejection, bad behavior will ROCK YOU. 200 x 5 or £555. In 1 go.



    What feels best to you?


    So much Love. Are you Feelin It yet?.


    Fiona Robertson

    What’s Next ?



Exactly what Mindset I used to Lose 2 stone (28lbs), 2 dress sizes all in 2 months

Exactly what mindset I used to Lose 2 stone (28lbs), 2 dress sizes all in 2 months


Women over 40 take note, as this is when the metabolism can slow down and when what you have done before no longer works anymore, Here is what I did and why what you did not longer works as it did.


Today I am going to be getting very clear on the steps I took and the dozens of women over 40 are taking and getting to win with weight and got them to drop those unwanted pounds in a very short space of time.


Works if you’re a vegan, vegetarian, raw plant based foodie, or a meat or a serious carb lover, what ever floats your boat food wise.


We are going to focus on and RELEASE the specific subconscious mental blocks and mindsets that are causing your body to want to keep the weight on.

Get ready to throw out weight loss books, calorie counting apps, and scales… because you won’t need them ever again! You’re about to discover the secrets to real and lasting weight loss, have peace with food, vibrant health, and TOTAL freedom in your body.

You don’t need me to tell you any more things about your food and nutrition – that is not how this works.

So this is *not* a diet or a meal plan. There will be NO RULES.

We’re going to focus on the real reason why you cannot stick to any diet and why weight does not go even when you have starved yourself.. And it’s because you have specific subconscious mental blocks that are causing your body to want to keep the weight on!



I will go into today the action steps I took and how I did them, that meant I put in place the jigsaw pieces that I needed to finish the overall picture and get me to being a woman winning with weight forever.

I was a woman in her 40’s who could not understand what was happening to her body, I literally starved myself and still could not drop weight, I had cravings that I could not control especially at night time or just when I was alone in my car. I was unhappy with myself and my body and battling daily to lose weight and hated my reflection.


When I started to put in the missing pieces ( the pieces that 80{6a14cc849908c46212f3d2c8a81eada984febec31535ea1cc7f55de4f8a4ba8e} of women never get around to looking at) I had avoided looking- thinking I could just do it the way I always had, to eat less and try and move more, but exhausted as I was that was not an option to move more.


So I started to fill in the pieces that I will lay out for you today, and I not only dropped 2 dress sizes but I regained my confidence and I ate more and started to really enjoy food and life again. Big picture I got clear in my mind about who I was, what I wanted instead, what I would look and walk and talk like in the next phase of my life and as a result I lost the excess weight. As a result, I improved communication with my family and in every relationship, I attracted a wonderful man, My career improved to one I reveled in, and I began to love being alive again. So that why today I am sharing exactly what I did to lose 2 stone( 28lbs ) 2 dress sizes and all in 2 months


  1. Nutrition – I discovered that I had sadly been eating to little and eating 50{6a14cc849908c46212f3d2c8a81eada984febec31535ea1cc7f55de4f8a4ba8e} of the wrong foods to bring me energy and still see me lose weight. I was obsessive about healthy food but it was the wrong fuel for me. My fuel system was all wrong. I took some in depth tests reading my hormones and the chemical culprits and low and behold discovered that I would predominantly do far, far better with one thing I had avoided for the last 40 years. FAT was my predisposed long burning fuel; Now that was me and based on the symptoms I had;

Some women do really well on Carbs and that fast burning fuel suits them down to the ground, gives energy and they can burn and use efficiently with the enzymes they produce and the gut bacteria they have.

Other women do better on Fats ( I know right weird ) and no lean meat or grains. This had me with ample energy and gave access to my fat stores.

Then there are ladies who do far better on a wide range of {6a14cc849908c46212f3d2c8a81eada984febec31535ea1cc7f55de4f8a4ba8e} of food groups mixed; living off variety.

There is no ONE FITS ALL HERE.

Once I changed fuel I was off and running, eating more than I had in 30 years , thoroughly enjoying it all and still losing 2lbs a week.

I resisted eating fat as I was hearing all those diets rules in my head and did not believe it. I had to forget everything I had ever learnt about how I had been taught how the body worked and not just on nutrition.


  1. I cleaned up my act with a 7 day detox and digestive cleanse so that the enzymes and gut bacteria were ready to adapt to a new fuel and
  2. I started eating the new fuel in stages to bread and develop the correct internal chemistry to use this fuel for my energy.
  3. I adapted my eating pattern from 3 meals to 2 meals and then 1 meal a day whilst I saw my weight dropping fast I was never hungry as I was running the most efficient fuel for my body.
  4. I then adapted the other equally important pieces of the jigsaw into place one by one……

I mean mindset and how the body communicates with us.


80{6a14cc849908c46212f3d2c8a81eada984febec31535ea1cc7f55de4f8a4ba8e} of women never get this far. Which is a pity because they will never reach the goal of having weight loss as a done deal and they will still go round in circles looking for which diet comes next. This is not a diet. Throw away your diet books and


The second step I became really aware of what was affecting my body, i.e. when I Hungry . when I ate the wrong foods for me I craved sugars, grains and carbs’ I felt empty really quickly, I had to eat regularly of I got these headaches, felt exhausted, got snappy, irritated moody and had a fuzzy head and could not concentrate

I became really aware also of when and where I felt stressed or uncomfortable. Knowing that these chemical culprits for laying down belly fat were racing around my body causing havoc, I alone had set off these hormones and I alone could stop them. I needed to be more in control of my mindset so that Cortisol, Insulin adrenalin could be turned OFF if I was ever to lose the weight caused by stress hormones. I also got very clever at turning ON the hormones that accessed and turned ON the fat burn, Leptin, Growth Hormone and a few others.

I felt when I was begining to get stressed and each time I began to know who and what was causing it. I got very well practiced at an advanced technique that takes just 5 minutes to and I could do anywhere to reduce my stress down to a zero. I was in control for the firts time ever.

90{6a14cc849908c46212f3d2c8a81eada984febec31535ea1cc7f55de4f8a4ba8e} of women never get this far or do what it takes to get in control of their own body. And how she reacts


I became aware that I had changed when I no longer craved the foods or snacks as I used to. 80 {6a14cc849908c46212f3d2c8a81eada984febec31535ea1cc7f55de4f8a4ba8e} of my cravings vanished in 4 weeks.


The next step that I took saw me getting familiar with what triggered my stress and began to name those uncomfortable feelings in my mind. I took some further education to learn about my feelings and emotions, having suppressed them for decades I was unfamiliar and did not have a wide range of emotions or know how to deal with a certain situation, let alone express myself in this language. I stifled my self not knowing what I felt.

*I learned a whole range of feelings and how they felt in the body, each feeling having a different vibration, resonance and place where that feeling sat in my body and creating different physical symptoms

*I learned what my anger, hurt, resentment, judged, criticized felt like along with others. Also when I was feeling them and who was bringing that up for me

*I took my time as I wanted to break through this and never have to revisit this again. It was not as painful as I had imagined it would be. I felt lighter and free to be me.

*Each emotion and feeling was released and I discovered there are the BIG 5 that have a massive effect on the ability to let go of the weight. Clearing situations back from before you were born or when you were little, as well as ancestral family patterns and stories and breaking that very chain. This is deep energy healing and so worthwhile. Yet women don’t know about it and never get this far.

*As I lost weight I found that I hit a plateau and could not understand, I understood that I had resistance to actually losing the weight I wanted to lose. I needed help to be coached through this and out the other side; How could I resist what I wanted most of all? BUT I DID

*I had to adopt a completely different mindset one that supported me and let go of the fear of what would happen to me when I lost the weight, This is the biggest block I found in myself and with over 50 {6a14cc849908c46212f3d2c8a81eada984febec31535ea1cc7f55de4f8a4ba8e} of the women I coach.

*I had the fear that I did not want unwanted attention from men as I had experienced this before, and It felt so horrid so I was stopping myself from ever feeling that by an old contract I put in place with my body and soul.

*I turned the fear of feeling the victim energy into being a woman in her queen energy and that stopped the advances as I had developed a new mindset and stronger protective energy. Far better than extra pounds as protection. My stature changed and I could walk and talk and radiate a new kind of confidence that came from inside.

*I knew what I wanted instead and who I wanted to be and I knew what that felt like.

The woman I wanted to be in the next phase of her life was very different to the woman who I started this journey; I knew I wanted to go all the way and never have to talk or worry about my weight ever again. This was a transformation and along the way I met myself and had begun to like and LOVE myself. Putting myself 1st 2nd and 3rd.

*I kept getting signs to dive deeper to clear all of this up once and for all. I felt at home in my body and gave up fighting with my spirit who had wanted me to do this for years. She made herself known to me so many times in so many ways. She spoke to me through my body and physical symptoms. The weight had been a big lesson that she wanted me to see what I was resisting. To feel what was possible for me

*I now know my inner me, I have her name and I have a strong connection and speak to her every day and ask for guidance. She answers my questions and has brought me so much from confidence to the relationships and the life I always wanted. To living life on purpose and feeling alive and appreciating wholeheartedly where and who I am.


THE BIG 5 Game Changers

What I am offering you today are 8  x 1 to 1 sessions taken over 8 weeks, these are the most intensive release sessions I do, Using advanced techniques to release trapped emotions. I’ve heard it said they are like surgery with out any tears. We concentrate on letting go of the mindset and emotions – so that you can consciously create the physical experience you are after from the inside out.


8 mind-blowing sessions that release you from your BIG 5 beliefs and mindsets designed just for you – such as: guilt, fear, anger, judgments, disappointment, rejection, fear, not feeling good enough, deserving enough, humiliation, confusion, Self Doubt…. so that you are totally free from creating more of the same.

Free to move on…. without that trap door being always open and held somewhere yin our background, which is sabotaging your every move and all the effort you have ever made to losing weight. 

I am Fiona Robertson The Body Renewer and here is how I work.

I offer these sessions as clearing so that you can move forward ask me to qualify by setting up an initial call here in my schedule.

 I will get back to you with a questionnaire so our call can be the most efficient and productive 

I look forward to mleeting you very soon and clearing away the BIG 5.


Are you a diet floozy or a diet tart?


Are you a diet floozy, a diet tart?

Have you dabbled in diets and been left saddened by the lack of results, disappointed and feel let down?

More than 25 years ago I had a guy who perused me endlessly and just when I thought he was actually going to ask me out and make me happy and ask me to be his girlfriend he said “I want you to go out dating”.

“UH? Why?” I asked.

He replied, “Well, when you have seen what’s out there you will appreciate me all the more”.

He was either seriously savvy or just a tease.

He was however deadly serious, and so I did go on a few dates, and boy oh boy was he sadly right. I was sadly disappointed and felt unseen, unheard by all these other guys. I just was not satisfied as we did not get any connection, real laughs or to any of the depths of conversation or understanding of each other that I was seeking. It was all rather too shallow and empty for me. I was starving for a real meaningful relationship, one that meant being really seen and heard, life-changing and that touched me and allowed me to discover more about what Life had to really offer me, more than fake credentials or fancy cars or restaurants ( just not original at all )


Anyway this guy and I, we did end up dating and going out together -the clever man. We were together for about 10 years all told and then it ran its course, as these things do. But I learned so much about myself and life and what was possible and available for me. No more mediocre relationships for me and I really did appreciate him and the depth we got to.

So what has this to do with being a diet tart, well I want you to have tried that new diet and have tried every diet that comes your way, to try and see how it goes for you and see how it makes you feel. Do these diets touch you and make you feel alive, reach new depths and understanding about your nourishment and relationships, or do they leave you in the shallows feeling you’re just ticking at the surface and splashing around without any real results? Do these diets leave you starving for recognition and to experience a real connection physically on a deeper level so that you get to release all the old fake cover up habits and tendencies?

The analogy is fantastic as we have all been on diets that leave us feeling empty and that don’t work even if they promise the earth. After weeks of effort, the body does still not show any indication that’s its shifted an ounce. So what’s really going on here?

What women want, is so much more than an empty relationship with a man or with her food, even with a skinnier waistline she can feel as if she is made to feel unimportant like a wallflower or feel like a sack of potatoes on the front of that yacht, or seated in that sexy sports car like she does not belong or quite fit in. That’s the time to change that relationship immediately with the man or the diet.

What woman wants, I find, more than anything is to feel that she feels priceless, and that comes from within her, not from the guy, the car or the clothes. She alone can feel priceless and appreciate herself where ever she is and in what ever she wears. From garden clothes to the finest dresses.

You have to know that it’s an inside job, You just gotta know that by now. Please say YES you know that now.

Its OK if you don’t know how yet. I will show you how in just a few weeks you will have a handle on what you want I promise.

So when you are tired of the diet culture that do not get results for you, and the similar shallow conversations that don’t lead anywhere, and not being touched as you desire to be touched so you are left feeling the mediocre, dull and empty seeping into your life, STOP!. Give me a holler and we’ll see if we are meant to work together and if our spirits are set to work all of this out together. Or NOT!

You don’t have to do anything just be 100{6a14cc849908c46212f3d2c8a81eada984febec31535ea1cc7f55de4f8a4ba8e} ready, willing. If you’re not you just won’t get those earth-shattering results my clients are getting every month. Consistent 2 lbs down and maintaining the 3 stone (42lbs) lost and off forever without any kind of a fight.

Gotta love going steady and going all the way.

How much do you want to lose and by when?

I offer a select number of get Mindset Prepared for your NEXT BIG EVENT call, where we’d go through your exact plan, action steps, mindset training, diet and other things that are vitally important for attending that BIG EVENT, so that you turn up confidently and in your power, so all you have to worry about is the business in hand, and not about what you will wear. because YOU WILL have lost that 2 stone in 2 months.

I’d be delighted to help you with your Mindset Preparation for your NEXT BIG EVENT so that you can cross that Finishing line Ahead of Time, with a very specific step by step mindset training.

You’ll get…

  1. To discover what is blocking and stopping your weight loss despite endless diets ( hint it’s not what you think )
  2.  Uncover your NO 1 Trigger to overeating, even when you say you are on a diet
  3.  Exact steps and action plan to take over the coming weeks

Once you’ve confirmed you’re in, I’ll send a Get Started Questionnaire for you to complete which will help me support you and get the most out of our mindset coaching and training call.
Let me know if you’d like to go ahead and I can book you in.

Listen to what one woman said recently about working with me:

Let me tell you Fiona, this is the best thing I have ever done. I have changed beyond recognition and crossed the finish line ahead of time. You told me I would, but now I see that I have actually GROWN UP to be a fabulous woman that I always wanted to be and I love to spend time with myself.

When this calls you don’t hesitate as I did, Don’t resist. Go ALL IN! and reap the benefits as soon as possible. Fiona touches parts of you that wake you up and gets to the root cause, and sees you way before you do, releases what does not serve you so that you literally fly. She is the one who lost me 3 stone in 6 months. I am so incredibly happy and proud of myself. Thank you so much, incredible journey Fiona” V, 2018

Before I worked with Fiona I was out of control food-wise, eating erratically and all day snacks. Now happily I am so aware of my body and what suits me, and what she calls for and I have lost 3 stone since October. Happier and lighter than ever and I maintained it now for months so easily. This is so doable and once I uncovered the root causes why I was eating erratically I was home free. I have learned so many skills that see me far better off now in every relationship I have. So many thanks to the woman who renewed my body. Fiona you rock” MRP 2018

Fiona Robertson

The Body Renewer

The Body Whisperer

Taking you all the way