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The Myth Behind Weight Gain as you Get Older. Part 2

At 50 I felt like I was still 35 on the inside, but I felt that my body was betraying me. Like many other hundred’s of women I was told my hormones were out of whack and that was why I could expect to gain weight.

Wait!… that’s it? Game over? I was expected to give up…. No not me


I had an active life, I ate healthy and I enjoyed moving, so I could not accept such a throw away statement, there had to be more to it, and more I could do.


When I discovered through my own extensive research, that my stress levels were at the centre of this expanding problem, and were a huge part of the blame for my weight gain, I could hardly believe it. I thought active busy women always on the move would be the eternal slim ones. What rotten miss information. No wonder I was in bed by 8 O’clock some nights totally exhausted, I was keeping busy needlessly.

The strange thing was, I did not feel that I was more stressed than normal, so how do I find out how stressed I actually was?


I learnt pretty quickly that I was carrying a lot of high level of stress, that I had just taken for being normal, and this was raising the amount of the stress hormone called Cortisol which was racing around my body. Cortisol literally influences every single one of your hormone levels. This hormone in particular is well known for creating the belly fat and jelly belly effect. What I quickly learnt was by remaining in this stressed out mode, would be like inviting all the bad boys into your home to have a free for all party. Whilst I end up paying the heaviest price imaginable on my waist line and on the scales. They literally wreck everything and have no regard for your health, safety or for what you want. They alter your gut bacteria to feed off sugars and make you crave even more sugar, causing a cycle of dependency on high sugar foods, which then get stored in the ever increasing belly fat.


I had been inviting hormones to have a wild party and causing havoc in my body every day, for years. I had the habit to literally ran everywhere, meal times were a mission, my head was over busy planning and considering every aspect necessary, I had the longest lists of what I needed to do – that by the way never got done, I cared for children, partners, friends – the list went on and on.


When I eventually discovered what that felt like in my body to be stressed, and was familiar with how I could recognize it when I was at dangerously high levels of stress. I saw it as a true gift to finally know what causes me these stress feelings and how to quickly and effectively reverse the effects. I took immediate action and followed a simple method that’s takes just 5 minutes to reverse the release of these hormones and the effects on my body. This one action allowed me to re connect and re new my body again and steadily lose the belly fat, and I have been able to keep it off.


The very moment you learn how to shift your stress levels, you gain the momentum that you can reduce the hormones and re shape your body and your onto the next big level you’ve been asking for.

Shifting your Stress levels will stop the past subtle self-sabotage and unfulfilled feelings and cravings bring you into confidence and consistent action which is THE proven process for overcoming the body’s resistance to releasing the weight.

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