5 Essential Ingredients to Getting the Body You Want

By Fiona Robertson


Most of us cannot deny that more than once we have craved a very different body, and want to enjoy wearing the clothes we love rather than the clothes we fit. And of course be healthy live a long life and have more energy, but it’s the weight that I would love to address here.


If your like me then lets say, most of us have tried hundreds of different diets, detoxes and cleanses and changed our eating habits and sometimes quite drastically too, looking for the magic secret button that keeps weight away for good.


Like me, I bet you have lost and gained and got really stuck and confused several times over and could scream with the relentless ease that weight goes on, and at the struggle to get it to shift off.

This experience is so familiar to me and I was really frustrated to never really succeed and then I would end up feeling like complete failure, and want to give up on my body, I would spit hateful words at her and hide her under clothes that covered up the worst features.


For me the desire to change my body was not based on just vanity, but to experience energy and vitality and a freedom of movement, and a confidence in myself so that I could feel relaxed happy with myself in any situation.


So when I finally triumphed and lost the weight I wanted after years and years of experimenting and tweaking and then not put it back on I realized that I had reached my hallelujah! as I figured out what worked for me to keep the dreaded weight off. Which is the biggest goal.


Now for the first time ever, I am confident with my body and how she responds, I know I can make conscious choices about what and when to eat, what exercise I love, I meditate every day, and I fill myself up with nourishment that has nothing to do with food and I place my needs at the top of the list daily and stay true to myself.


It’s not a place to be in and suffer this all in silence, its far more common than you think. My aim is to let you know that I understand and hear you, and to share what I have experienced and put into practice the essential ingredients that are decided from the root cause, from inside out, towards weight, and share that with as many people as possible, so that they may have this liberation feeling and enjoy the experience of being in their body too.


Be Aware

It is a gift to know why you want to lose weight and to be able to know all the specific details about that, so get clear what it is that you would like to accomplish by answering for yourself the three simple but essential following questions: Be specific and as detailed as possible, be as if you live your response to the question.


What do you want instead? What ideal weight, size and look do you want to achieve?

How will your life be different once you have achieved this goal?

.            How will you feel when you have reached your goal?


Its of great benefit to spend some quality time with yourself as you answer these questions and come back to them time and time again, and keep them in the forefront of your mind during the day.

When you become more aware of yourself, you can notice when you are eating from reasons other than hunger, when you have experienced a trigger that sets of a chain reaction to choose your habitual compensation foods, rather than another more beneficial nutrient that can be found from an array of sources, once you know what they are for you.



Choose the nutrition that is perfect for you

On an intellectual level, you know that to lose weight, you must eat less and exercise more. But there’s no way on earth that this is going to happen until you know certain things about yourself first. You need to know your eating personality, your values and your style of eating this will start to tell you, why you eat what you eat, and why you eat when you are not hungry.


There is NO one right way to eat. In fact, there are so many different healthy experiences we can have with our bodies, and that is why we can have one experience and someone else can have a completely different experience and we all ate the same food. You have to know that there is way more going on here, than just food in and food out.

It all lies in us being individuals, our personal experiences, emotions, our beliefs all really matter and shape us when it comes to the result we have with food we choose.


There are so many choices and so much information it can be truly overwhelming, You have to figure out what way works best for you today and tomorrow and next week, it is certain to change as your bodies requirements change. The stress we have in any given day eats up all the nutrients we give our body, as does our varying hormone levels, the quality of our gut bacteria and our internal thoughts, all of these alter the status quo of our needs.


Have you ever noticed that you crave a food so strongly that you have to have it, even if its not on your list or diet. This has happened to me a lot, and now I listen and ask my body to tell me if she needs it and she gives me a yes or a no. I ask her what she wants to eat and I get an image or a flavour, or a temperature and when I have that meal it hits the spot like nothing else could, I thoroughly enjoy it and we are fulfilled. That is completely different from opening the fridge to see what needs used up.


I have run on empty for so long with the endless diets I tried and detoxing permanently, that I now cherish the luxury items I deprived myself of for so long. I am now a flexitarian and a conscious consumer when it comes to food and I consult my body for what she needs. I trust her. Basically I can say I have a 80/20 rule and that is, that I eat very well 80 percent of the time and I am happy to indulge and enjoy whatever I want 20 percent of the time. Any restriction to do with food or anything else now is purely fools play. Your body knows best and will rise up and bite you in the bum if you ignore her.

It is not a time for more diets but for creating an easier more enjoyable way to feel really alive in your body.

As for movement I do the exactly the same. I have no regime nor do I sentence myself to the same routine or exercise every day. I thrive on variety its one of my values and so I am flexible, I mix it up and my body loves it.



Do you know what you want? Can you relax to a point that you can feel that you have that experience already in your day?

A way to do this is to get familiar with meditation. Meditation allows you to relax and find a connection with what you really want in life. It can help you to get clear answers to the questions I have already asked you. Meditation has a way to tune you into your intuition, and keep you in touch with the Universe and be guided. Meditation allows you the time to get out of your over thinking and strategizing head and thoughts and allows what you want, to gently come forward and therefore start to manifest. Every day stresses, as well as built up and stored stress in your body can be slowly released with regular meditation. The more relaxed you can be the easier it is to make better choices and listen to what your body needs, wants and is lacking the most.

Stress causes great harm to our mental and physical body, and if it goes un-corrected and un-managed, it causes havoc on many of our systems, as the adrenaline and hormones change or physical make up causing inflammation in the body. One main cause of weight gain shown by studies is that stress effects our ability to cope and the consequences are severe not only from what we do physically like less exercise, and over compensating with food but chemically we have to cope and adapt too.


The re connection with your spirit via meditation helps you to re connect with your body and discover what she needs for her best health and what she needs to really feel ALIVE


Be accountable to yourself as your best friend

We all know that hen know one is watching things don’t happen, so its wonderful to have a buddy a friend to support, motivate and join you on your path.


I have re married myself and like to treat myself as I would a best friend. I said my vows and I have committed to myself to be the best version of myself I can.


You see I have this clear version of myself that I want to become and she is cheering me on. I know how this future version of me walks, talks, dresses, sounds, feels and what she thinks. She is my avatar and she needs me to be her arms and legs and she is my spirit.


I talk to her kindly as I would a best friend, I have chosen kind and positive words, as hopefully you can also see that I am entirely in her hands, as much as she is in mine and that’s a fact.

I want the next phase of my life to be thoroughly enjoyable and only I can make that happen.


Turn off those Triggers… 1, 2, 3, Go

I would seriously advise you DO NOT SPEND any time or money on any diet or any weight loss cure, until you have this figured out, because until you do you are throwing your money, time and hard effort down the drain.


Your trigger is the one thing that touches you, and makes you react so strongly yet unconsciously. It’s time to become aware of what they are for you so you can turn them off.


Your trigger is so strong that it has you diving into patterns and habits without you even knowing or until its too late. That’s why you can’t keep the weight off after all your hard work and effort and then it comes back time and time again.


Even if you were triggered during the day and you could not express your rage or hurt or disappointment at the time, it will continue to eat away at you until you have the exact opportunity to fill that empty space up, and nurse her all better again and that is usually with your chosen drug which is food. Carbohydrates and fatty cheese releases the most serotonin and alters the hormone balance making us feel happy so Its clear to see its bigger than us.


You have a bank of emotions inside still running that are triggered and need nursing still, they have not been heard or know how to be heard the next time; They will stay like that forever letting you Yo Yo diet all your life until they are recognized and dealt with.


A wild animal when she is chased and escapes has a mechanism to shake off the terror and adrenalin all this chemicals that rushed around the body so she could cope and escape. Then she can start again. We do not have a mechanism for this but desperately need one. We deal and cope the best we can, and after the episode has passed we do nothing with the fear terror and trapped chemicals, we fester and boil and our trigger is set to explode, yet we only have one route out of these feelings….. EAT..


When you know yourself as an ambitious and a seriously capable woman, and yet you feel that your body has let you down somewhere in the process, take a step back and know that you can find the crucial elements that are underpinning everything, and you can create a new body you can be proud of and have the energy and confidence you need.


You may not know me yet, but I am here with a purpose to help you to lose weight and keep it off. My methods help many struggling women and I’m inviting you to hop on a call with me to a ‘Eliminate Your Triggers Breakthrough Session’ to discover the crucial elements to consciously reconstruct the body you’ve always wanted , from the inside out, whilst enjoying foods you really love.


You’ll :

1. Identify the biggest block that is stopping you from losing weight so you can stop self-sabotaging your efforts.
2. Discover your No 1 trigger that has you over eating when you’re not even hungry, so that you can walk past your favorite trigger foods and not even blink and eye

3.Find out what your body is really craving (Hint it is not what you think) so that you can feel proud of your self, as a woman who is in control, even after all your worst and most stressful situations have arisen during your day.
Fiona Robertson

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