Can you guess the 12 Elements that impact your waist line other than food?

Get all your boats in a row…

This is such a fantastic exploratory adventure, that has allowed me as a Body Whisperer to re new and consciously re construct my body from the inside out cell by cell. I am dedicated to share what I have been shown and can verify as the elements that alter our physical experience in our bodies. That either attract Physical Symptoms or release the blocks that caused the Physical Symptoms.

I have listed and described briefly the elements that I have verified that impact our Physical experiences and conditions such as the impact on our waist line or skin conditions, aging, and aches and pains and illnesses, other than food.

Every thing that happens to us is a reflection of what we truly feel on the inside.

What do you Believe?

Do you believe that certain things are beyond your control?

And maybe there is nothing you can do other than diet, detox, starve yourself and take up a sport, such as to run – even when your body hates the feeling of pounding the pavement.

Can you tune into your body and discover what she is trying to tell you, with her messages via your physical symptoms, and how she is feeling. Can you hear her messages – understand her language and begin to be guided by her.

Body Whisperer

I am a sensitive soul an empath and a Body Whisperer, and this has allowed me to understand the connection between the mind and the body’s’ experience that we are having here physically. I work with women to reunite and re consolidate the communication between the mind and the body, so that you can then re connect with the physical body, to understand your communication that comes from your body and what she wants, needs and is lacking the most. This allows you to reclaim and re-new your physical form for yourself, and release the symptoms and conditions that have haunted you for too long, no matter what you have tried, until you get the message your body wants you to have she will hold on and create symptoms that reflect the thoughts and beliefs you hold about yourself, and every situation you encounter.

Here I have briefly described each of the 12 elements as vital snippet of information, to shine the light on what causes the body to energetically manifest the symptoms you experience. You will see that these are on an entirely and completely different level than has been available to anyone so far. Anyone wanting to re gain control of her body in the old out dated methods, will not get the results she seeks, to lose weight or lift sciatica, until she can understand why she has manifested physical symptoms,  that so far she cannot manage to get rid of, no matter what she has tried before.

This explains so much about why all our hard efforts have not made the slightest dent, in the way we show up here physically in our bodies.

Before you were born – The Pact

Your body and your mind made a pact to look after you and take care of you no matter what when you were created and born -. As you entered into unfamiliar territory here on earth – she (your body) will do and does what ever she can to protect you, and she speaks to you every single day. She does not speak to you in words or in the familiar language we have learnt to understand, through our outdated education system. She speaks to you though other methods, that we can learn and actually we already have a basic knowledge of. This language is easy simple to understand and eventually create a two way communication.

For this reason I want you to see that so far, the mind had been in control all our lives, we lost our ability to tune into our bodies language and whispers years, even decades ago when we were a child. Yet she still communicates with you in her simple language, and its this that you need to re-tune into. The impact of these 12 elements can be the sweetest once you see what your body needs, wants and is lacking the most.

Here are what I have gleamed from my inner woman, my inner me, my soul and spirit in the course of my journey, as I have become a Body Whisperer and The Body Re-newer.

  1. Not talking to your body – or understanding what she wants, need and is lacking the most. This is costing you physically and energetically every day, that you cannot hear or understand the language your body speaks to you. So that she can tell you what she is really needing and how you can distinguish for example a craving versus a real need. A craving or obsessive eating frenzy, is a way of covering up a recent emotional event or trauma, a current stressful situation, or a foundation belief of underlying thought, that has been held in your body for a very long time even decades. A thought or belief that you are avoiding and distracting yourself from at all costs, has you running away as fast as you can, and using food as one way to numb the emotions, and keep your self busy until the feelings dissipate (also other cheap thrills such as drink, work, gambling, shopping/spending, etc. are used as distraction techniques) Listening and understanding your bodies signals to you, via the conditions she attracts, as well as talking to your body, will allow you to clear the undercurrent of past emotional events, that have you trapped. This will then reduce the need for your cravings such as food and the emotional avoidance. The foods we choose when we are emotional are often fat based, and fat is energy too. It also has the unique ability to store, so when we have a lot of emotional hurts that have not been digested or energetically cleared, they will be stored in the bodies fat cells. ……………………………….. A 20 minute No Cost body scan enables you to get a brief insight into what is going on on the inside.     Look for these on my web site.
  2.  Sleep– Lacking sleep or broken rest causes the body extreme stress and lack of trust and she will protect you in her own ways. That often comes to us as recognized exhaustion, which is the body demonstrating that we need to seriously rest. If that is still ignored, often we will get an injury to slow us down, and even our environment will demonstrate what is needed such as, the exhaust on our car, or other things around us start to break. Asking your body how much sleep she needs is essential, and will lead to naturally trusting her. This will work wonders to alleviate physical symptoms that have arisen due to lack of sleep like weight gain, which is the body’s primary signal to you to pay attention.
  1. Feeling SAFE. This is a big one as many of us have not actually ever really felt safe, or know how to really feel safe as we go through our day, so this causes us immense stress. Stress causes a chain reaction to start in our bodies. Stress releases hormones, such as the stress hormone Cortisol, and adrenaline as well as high levels of insulin to be released (which is a key fat storing hormone). All these chemicals released in our body have the unique ability to make us store more fat in our bodies, and so impacting your waist line. Laying down fat is our bodies key protection mechanism. If we don’t know how to feel safe our body will do what she can to protect us. Other symptoms can be digestive bloating, but this is usually due to over pushing ourselves, which creates a huge amount of stress too.
  1. Ability to relax – and give ourselves the opportunity to relax. Relaxing but feeling guilty will have the adverse effect on our body, and she will remain in a highly stressed mode and she will still have all the effects of a stressed body, even if we stay and read a book or stay in bed for hours, our body is running in stress mode. Learning to really relax and recognize the guilt emotion being present, is a major way to reduce the impact on our waist line, many emotions such as guilt, failure, and not being enough, are a strong enough undercurrent that will ruin your healthy efforts every time. No matter what diet you are on until you acknowledge, and learn to recognize and purge these emotions, and where they came from you will always avoid them – and that’s why eating, binging, self sabotage will play out and ruin all your best efforts to stick to a diet to alter your physical experience. Diets and forcing ourselves to stay on track is a mental based activity, better still to ask the body what she wants.
  1. Self expression – our ability to say what we want and allow ourselves to be heard, plays a huge part in how our body can trust our ability to protect ourselves and speak up for what we want. So if she feels we are not expressing ourselves, holding what we want to say inside, accepting others pressures on us. If we are not going for what we want and rather find ourselves being nice, pleasing others, saying YES in stead of NO, she will take over and protect us in her own way. This is to do with our boundaries and self respect, and in my experience with my clients and has a huge impact on us physically.
  1. Mindset – Our thoughts and beliefs are a very corner stone of what we experience. They are the very foundations on which our mind and body attracts. Each though has an energetic imprint and frequency, and that can be high or low, and these frequencies attract similar frequencies to them, such as the people that appear, situations that play out, material objects, business success of failure. We can alter our mindset with practice, which will allow our frequency to alter- BUT what is much more powerful is to alter our feelings as these are where the real frequency starts and shifts. And therefore what we can experience. The Law of Attraction states that we are what we think, but we are actually more of what we feel. This is our beacon and receiver. All my work is all about experiencing what we feel, and so it is so much simpler than having to control our over thinking mind.
  1. Boundaries – This is simply knowing what we will and won’t accept, which allows us to create and hold tight to our own personal boundaries, and show others how we want to be treated. All too often we have taught and carry on teaching others how to treat us, by flaking on our boundaries, and not standing firm and demanding self respect. Saying YES when we want to say NO. Our children and family members reflect this back to us, as do our parents and partners. We can divorce our partners but not our children. Our relationships are what teach us and show us where we are with our boundaries. These in turn show up with us physically representing where we have wobbly boundaries, ( our waist line and gaining weight ) and let others walk all over us, change our plans, and generally be the one that keeps having to change to accommodate others. So when will you see that your boundaries are really important, and get a feel for where you will go to and NO FURTHER.
  1. Missing Nutrients – These are not the standard vitamins and minerals, but the nutrients we need to thrive on, and not just have the feeling that we are surviving. We were not meant to just survive in this lifetime, and our body is showing us with how she feels about it, and what we are lacking to feel truly alive. Are you lacking the feeling of real excitement you had as a girl, the fun you once had as you ran and played, what are you missing that could have you feeling so fulfilled that food is no longer coming under your radar, as the only way to satisfy you? Food obsessions become our go to method for : emotional comfort or to feel good about ourselves, to feel worthy and better than others, to use as a treat, to cover up a memory, avoid undigested emotional traumas, Food is just a tool when we are lacking in our other essential nutrients that help us to feel truly alive.
  1. Connection – This is what most of us want but have never really experienced it. We seek connection. We want to feel like we belong, that we matter, that we are loved unconditionally and that we are acknowledged, respected, and allowed to feel free and just be. We seek real true connection with a best friend, partner but have ignored our own connection to ourselves to our heart and body. This is getting to know how you feel, and is called Body Whispering and is way beyond intuition. When we can have connection and communication with our heart and soul we can feel all of the things that matter to us, and as a result this makes us feel safe and protected, and our body can renew and reflect our inner peaceful state. We are guided and we can trust the guidance.
  1. To know what you want – This is a way to get clear and set out your path for the future and set up your day on a daily basis. Doing this work is paramount to experiencing a life that you will thrive and feel alive in. Discovering what you want leaves you with no alternative than to go after it in a positive, and direct focused and excited way. Far better than being in fire fighting mode and reacting to what happens to you, which is highly stressful. So what is it that you want – how does that feel to you? This is a more relaxing and trusting way, so our body relaxes and trusts us too. Reducing the need to hold onto fat and create a protection boundary around us.
  1. Want what you have – This allows you to be grateful and at ease with your life and your day. It tunes you back into the higher energy that surrounds you and is available to you at all times. We live in a space that can just as easily drain us as fulfill us. With each and every moment we can be sucked into the victim consciousness, of our surrounding fellow man who are tapped into the negative energy of worry, fear and lack, or we can look around and see everything that we have created already that is really working out well for us. We can see and allow ourselves to take responsibility for what we have created so far with our thoughts and our energy frequency, knowing that everything we have is what we have created. This positive work is energetic and allows us to feel hopeful, and feel the relief so that we can relax into the body and be grateful for what we have. This raises our vibration higher and higher, and we can attract in better and better things. As well as release what does not serve us.
  1. Feel – The ability to feel, to feel what is better for us to do, to feel guided by a feeling such as if it feels better or worse to go somewhere or do something. This allows you to remain flexible and in your own power, as a formidable, strong and caring woman. What if we could feel our way forward through our day, feel guided from one moment to the next, and trust that everything is working our well for us. What if our minds were to let go of the full necessity to control and have to have full responsibility of our protection, and let the mind and body take equal and shared responsibility. To trust each other so that we could relax into the moment and not have to feel like we were over stretched, exhausted and had to work out every single move for ourselves. This is the most powerful way I have found to be. To tune into my Home Frequency (everybody has one – like a finger print ) and be the character that allows me to be that wise woman, with strong boundaries and create a live that makes me feel truly ALIVE. When we are guided and can hear our bodies whispers, there is no pushing to make things happen – or make hard change – we just know what feels better for us and this is our guidance.

I give 20 minute No Cost ‘Body Scan‘ sessions that give you insights to what your body is asking for , so that you can release the physical symptoms, and start to reclaim your body once and for all, so that you can consciously construct her from the inside out.


Fiona Robertson

Body Whisperer

The Body Re Newer



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