LAST WEEKEND – Beach Bikini Melt Down !

Last weekend, I remembered this very same date and weekend 4 years ago, in 2013. I was begged by my boys to go to the lake where we live to go and swim with them, so they could jump off the pontoon at the fresh water Lake, and they could meet their friends from school.


All the other Mums would be there on the beach, and I felt immediately sick to the stomach, exposed and embarrassed. I wanted a hole to swallow me up, I cried tears as I got changed into my bikini, I had only bought and worn the year before, now 2 sizes too small. I felt so uncomfortable and prayed for rain, a tornado or some disaster rather than go to the beach.


That day I made the decision that “I Can, I Will and Watch Me” that I would slim down to my preferred size, and uncover what had blocked and stopped me before from reaching and staying at this lighter version of myself. The woman I had dreamt about being so many times. I was going to do everything it took to do this for myself, never to have to feel this humiliated again.


So when I made this decision, I also made a new contract with myself to create great health in my body, and reconstruct my body from a mental as well as a physical and emotional perspective, overcoming the undercurrent that caused many of my long term sabotaging behaviors. I signed and dated the contract and I never looked back.

This decision and journey developed me even further as a Body Whisperer. I discovered and saw clearly for the first time how my mindset and perspective could propel me forward, or drag me right back down.


There is nothing more responsive to your thoughts than your body


I practiced every day with the 4 pillars I knew worked and do you know what, I felt different on the inside. I saw a difference and I steadily re shaped my body from the inside out until she reflected my thoughts and energy on the inside. My taste buds changed and I was only attracted to the foods that my body wanted, and I knew when I was satisfied, so that I could sculpt this new version of myself. It took 2 months of constant practice to drop 2 stone as well as change my mindset and energy towards my body.

This was the best experience I could have hoped for, and why I am dedicated to support women as they release their old behaviors, that keep them trapped in bodies that they wish they could escape from.


What 1 thing would you write in your contract to yourself to keep you committed?


And today, Because I am inspired to bring faster relief to women struggling with exactly that same issues as I had. I am offering you a chance to have the same experience. Where I am going to be sharing those crucial 4 elements with you, and helping you to consciously construct the body that you’ve always wanted, from the inside out.


You’ll get….


  1. Discover your NO 1 Trigger that has you battling with your belly and Body image
  2. What blocks you from actually losing weight and not regaining it
  3. Find out what your body is really craving ( Hint it is not what you think)

Sign up for one of the only times ill be doing this where I share this information on a one to one call. and make 2017 the year you finally reclaim your body, and your life.



I really look forward to meeting you and supporting you, I believe in you.



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