Cadburys Caramel Rabbit and My Belly Fat – which taught me what I was hiding from and avoiding seeing

I have always been like the mad march hare, running and rushing and bounding around. On my 30th Birthday ( a few decades ago ) my team that I managed gave me a bar of chocolate from the advert ‘Cadburys Caramel Rabbit’ – This was to show me that I needed to chill out and slow down – more haste less speed…… The advert for this chocolate showed this rabbit getting into her slower relaxed wiser self, and as she slowed down she achieved far more.


Yet here I was in 2014 at age 50 and …. I was still running and fitting in as much as I could in my day, I hated LAZY and did everything I could to feel at the end of the day, that I had achieved something that could be seen, so that I felt satisfied. I was certainly a busy bee and over thinking and certainly over doing;

The key problem that I faced with all this rushing around was that I lacked energy, and I was gaining belly fat, even although I dieted and detoxed and ate far less that most other people I knew. I was hugely embarrassed and felt judged as I was after all ‘The Detox Guru’, and ran retreats and promoted healthy food and yet struggled with my own belly. I did not know how much more of this I could take.


What I came to discover was and soon realized was that I had been looking at this from the wrong angle.


On my road to be a body whisperer I knew there was more to this than just food. So, when I heard and what I was made to understand by my own body, made me know that there certainly was more behind the scenes than the food, so it was true. I tuned in and interpreted what my body had been whispering to me all along, I soon got the hang of it and felt that it was the rushing around and looking and being busy had actually caused the belly fat and acted as my tactic to no see what was right in front of my face.

I was running high stress, On one level the stress hormone Cortisol was racing around my body, and this hormone is responsible more than any other, for the laying down of more belly fat. But the interesting information was that my body had used that as a way to get my attention to tell me something else really and vitally important.

All this rushing around was having a chronic effect on my body and soul. If I wanted to stop the belly expanding and reverse the symptoms I would have to stop this frantic race and start acting as the smarter wiser woman, and consult my body and inner self more often.


What I discovered was that as I relaxed slowed down and re connected to the needs of my body the results became very noticeable indeed. I dropped 2 stone in 2 months and I am a completely different woman. I did the simplest thing possible – I followed a practice that sets me up even today. I am more comfortable, so I am less irritable, more present with my children and efficient with my business. I have become the woman that indended to be.


So, If you are a woman who is striving for perfection, has a long list of what to do in a day, and is exhausted and suffering from an expanded waist line, ask yourself what could it be that your body really wants you to know?


It could just save your life as well as help you to have a life worth living


What is the one thing you dream of doing, but don’t because of how you feel in your body?



Because I am compelled to help women in the same fast disappearing downward spiral that I was in. I want to help you find out what your body is whispering to you. Let me hear your whispers and say ‘Yes’ And I’ll invite you to join me for a chat on free and informal 20 minute ‘Body Connection call’. That will help you understand what steps to take next to reclaim your body in 2017.


What have you got to lose by taking this first step!

Now it’s your turn!

Need my help creating, implementing and managing your BODY from the food you consume, what foods help and what foods hinder, how stress can be reduced in a heartbeat, to what physical symptoms you have and why, so that you can allow your body to re calibrate and become the body you always dream of moving into, that allow you to do and feel all of the things you desperately want to do and feel.

What do you want and what do you need most of all?

I offer a variety of programs and coaching packages, programs and All Done For You Services – so simply book in a friendly unraveling call with me and let’s chat and clear away what stopping and blocking you! I am here for you and can show you the pitfalls and the best and quickest routes to take.

You need a high level coach. Someone who can catch all your mindset blocks, support you completely, and hold you accountable to step up and be the woman you are meant to be. That means committing to doing the work, then actually showing up AND doing the work, and it means investing. I’d love to help you, you deserve to be in the body that reflects who you really are.

I’m OK if you don’t do this, I feel sad for you, but I am OK. Do it for yourself so that this time next year you are looking and feeling like the woman who rules her world.

Fiona Robertson


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