If I’m so smart why can’t I lose weight?

More than likely you will recognize yourself as smart but maybe you are too smart for your own good, you are quite likely stuck in over thinking, and have yourself running around in circles with beliefs about food, nutrition and how your body SHOULD lose weight.  You’ve lost weight before but then stopped for some reasons unknown to you and then gained even more weight again.

Smart women often struggle with their weight for 3 reasons.

There are 3 real underlying reasons why weight won’t shift despite years of strict diets.


  1. Mindset: Keep up the disbelief that its not possible for you – resistance to feeling better and seeing that new version of yourself emerge


  1. You don’t really want what you say you want – resistance to actually embodying the new you and your next phase of life


  1. Crazy hormones running wild resisting all your best efforts to drop excess weight – resistance to having an easy, steady flowing life


When we can Reset the mindset and take the simple steps we will drop the dress sizes



So how can we learn to adopt the rock steady mindset of the slim woman


Women Winning with weight all have certain traits in common which I will shed light on this week.


For one they have a strategy that works every time.


They have a rock steady mindset and a belief system that never fails and stops their body gaining an ounce.


There was something so important that I learned from interviewing 100’s of women about how they stayed slim

So today I wanted to share my revealing discoveries and the 3 reasons why 80{6a14cc849908c46212f3d2c8a81eada984febec31535ea1cc7f55de4f8a4ba8e} of women fail at lasting weight loss. And give you the master key and trick that sees women win with weight from 8 to 80 and all ages beyond.


  1. Mindset – so the complete disbelief that it will work for you is a sure sign that it will not and never will work, whatever you are doing diet, sport, detox, retreats will all fall flat on its face when you don’t believe you have a chance….but saying ‘this will work’ as an affirmation is only 50{6a14cc849908c46212f3d2c8a81eada984febec31535ea1cc7f55de4f8a4ba8e} there.


These women who succeed where others fail have no doubt that it will work for them; Every woman winning with weight can see herself as slim and trains her mind to believe it. Just as every athlete tennis player is coached into seeing themself winning. It’s just not in their talk or experience that they will fail they have NO DOUBT that they will get and always will be slim.


Getting to the NO DOUBT feeling is what it takes to adopt the mindset that is certain to help you drop those excess pounds. When you adopt that NO DOUBT mindset for yourself people will come under your radar that can help you. It takes practice to believe a new way of thinking and that’s the beauty of it. practice practice practice. It’s easier than you think but possibly something you have never done before or kept up – that’s how easy and hard it is at the same time.


  1. You don’t want to lose the weight you say you want to lose – well as crazy as that sounds it’s true. During my interviews many women spend ages undoing all the success they have gained and unbeknown to them there were deeper reasons why they didn’t want to win with weight. From;

Not wanting to attract unwanted male attention

Will I still fancy my husband if I feel confident and fabulous?

I don’t know how to be in a slimmer body?

My friends will hate me – I can’t win my friends want me to stay fat?

There is an old contract running to have excess pounds stored..


This form of resistance is all too common in women who have been hurt, ladies who were for example were criticized, judged, abused or even from things like they were measured each week to keep their narcissistic mothers happy, that their daughters were pretty and so reflected well on them. These girls and women have continued to used their ONLY power to gain weight as a punishment on their mothers, keep them protected and hidden, to fit in the only way they know how, and have never managed to breakthrough or undo the self sabotage behaviour of over eating.


If you have a BIG EVENT coming up I’d be delighted to help you with your Mindset Preparation for your NEXT BIG EVENT so that you can cross that Finishing line Ahead of Time, with a very specific step by step mindset training.

You’ll get…

  1. To discover what is blocking and stopping your weight loss despite endless diets ( hint it’s not what you think )
  2. Uncover your NO 1 Trigger to overeating, even when you say you are on a diet
  3. Exact steps and action plan to take over the coming weeks

Once you’ve confirmed you’re in, I’ll send a Get Started Questionnaire for you to complete which will help me support you and get the most out of our mindset coaching and training call.

Let me know if you’d like to go ahead and I can book you in.

Just reply and say BIG EVENT.. You can also select a time from my calendar for 30 minutes with me.


  1. There is a third reason women unknowingly can’t lose weight and that is due to their ever changing situation of your hormones, crazy hormones that play around with you all of the time, and no matter what you do they have a mind of their own, despite diets and exercise you don’t allow the shift of any weight at all. 

    There are 4 ways of working with me right now to become the woman you want to be in the next phase of your life.

    Contact me and let’s grab a coffee and let’s get you back on TOP, In charge of you email me fiona@fionarobertson.co or face book me here on my page.

    These in depth further 3 ways unravel for you the reasons are that the weight won’t go and how to digest the world around you in a new beautiful way. see you become strong and beautiful inside and out.


    1. “Feeling Priceless” 12 months. 24 weekly and 6 monthy, 1 to 1 calls (30 in all). Covering everything deep dive into the bigger trapped emotions for release, perceptions renewed and Mindset reset. The spirit is 100{6a14cc849908c46212f3d2c8a81eada984febec31535ea1cc7f55de4f8a4ba8e} involved this is £888 per month. Or £8,888.00 paid in 1 go. Includes a 6 Day Deep Dive Retreat.- IN SW FRANCE


    1. This is the “222 – 2 stone in 2 months” 4 month 16 1 to 1 Calls, Uncovering mostly mental and emotional blocks and stops, and an introduction to working with spirit, 888X 4 = £3,552 or £2,222.00 paid in 1 time http://fionarobertson.co/222-total-body-reset/


    1. The Personal Introduction to Your Soul and prepare for Spirit Assistance. 5 months GROUP. 20 Group calls 1 x 1to1 call to deep dive journey and get your very Personal Introduction with your Soul. And get to hear her messages to you, reconnection practices. Learn to Love you again. So that you are so sure of who you are that no rejection, bad behavior will ROCK YOU. 200 x 5 or £555. In 1 go.




    What feels best to you?


    So much Love. Are you Feelin It yet?.


    Fiona Robertson

    What’s Next ?



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