Eat Right -Think Right for a Body that stays LIGHT

Do you feel that you have worked hard, deprived yourself, tried hundreds of diets, put in A LOT of the effort and dedication and for what exactly?

A body you hate to see reflected back at you.

Are you scared to go to the Gym?
You actually admit that you love to move, but can’t understand why now you just can’t be arsed to do what might help you lose the excess weight. The very thought of lycra and jogging bottoms outside the house NOT a look you admire.

It’s not your fault! There is something else at play here that is stopping and blocking your body from burning the fat off.
That’s what I am going to be revealing to you in this Mini Clinic.

So, if you feel that ALL of your efforts are not being rewarded by how your body looks or responds to ALL this hard work and that she is betraying you.
BUT You still fantasize about that BODY, the confidence in the clothes that look and feel great, the swimwear, the ability to feel sexy and slip that dress off under a watchful eye.

Then this is for you!

I am Fiona Robertson – The Body Renewer – a health and fitness coach specializing in Eating and Food disorders, obsessions, addictions or dieting for the women fast approaching 50 with 50lbs to lose. (3.5 stone and 23 Kilo.)

If you are a woman who maybe harbors a belief that your age it’s not possible anymore. I want to dispel that myth today….
Or that You don’t have the energy to do that running around to lose the weight
Or that at 50 it’s a woman sentence to stay large, feel lethargic and have to wear clothes that cover her up all because of her hormones.

Then join the club of women who have seriously WON with weight in her 50’s,
This is just what myself and dozens of women have felt only to discover what was behind the weight not shifting, and then going on to release 50 lbs in their 50’s in 5 months


Women with symptoms such as

  1. Muffin top, the belly fat that hangs over the waist band
  2. A swollen belly that starts out ok then later in the day you can’t do up your belt anymore.
  3. Who carry more of their weight on the upper part, Boobs, belly, shoulders, upper arms, chest
  4. You have to pee a lot, and even wake up in the night and have to go once or twice
  5. You crave sugar and carbohydrates and just can’t stop no matter how much will power you use.
  6. You don’t feel satisfied after a meal and you have to finish off with something sweet.
  7. You weight plateau despite healthy eating, and each time you regain the weight you lost.


I am talking to you….. You need to know this ITS NOT YOUR FAULT. Please stop beating yourself up now.



So are you ready to set yourself up on a NEW trajectory, have a new relationship with your body and let go of what you thought you knew about the female body and turn that upside down?


When you barely recognize yourself in the bathroom mirror and you have the heavy sigh and what feels like a boulder in your guts.


Are you ready to have your partner and family comment positively and barely recognize you from a few months ago and are just as speechless as you as your body has shed the troublesome deposits rapidly vanish from your belly, boobs back and whole body.


Now you see that your general health, happiness, sex drive as well as your mental clarity are through the roof fantastic with more energy and you feel flirty and cheeky again taking risks you have not taken in years as you have so much confidence.


Female FAT loss is different from male fat loss and the powerful chemical chain reaction needs to be recalibrated so they can trigger the female metabolism to have the fat melt off. This stored fat has not been able to be accessed before but by recalibrating these chemical chain reactions fat can burn off naturally (without the use of pills or supplements or surgery) and kept off for good.


The women winning with weight know one thing, what it feels like to feel priceless. There is a specific set of hormones that knock onto each other that cause fat to be stored and your circuit is turned off to allowing these fat stores to be used.


This alone determines more than anything else whether you are a lean slender energetic woman or you suffer and carry around a huge fat store no matter how little you eat or how often you take exercise. All this saved as fuel you body has stored for later use, you have no access to because your circuit is off. There are a number of reasons, genetics, or after things like child birth your female system went into over drive to raise children, keep them warm. You are predisposed to be child bearing and child nurturing Etc all the things women do naturally.


That’s is why it is not your fault! Diets and starvation cannot help here.


Because there is a female fat burning hormone that is laying dormant switched OFF that needs re calibrating and turned back ON.


Women who struggle with weight with this circuit turned OFF will have an incredibly slow metabolism especially of they have dieted and the fat is resistant to all their efforts.


If you have the symptoms I mentioned before and 30 to 50 lbs of stubborn weight and you feel your body has betrayed you THIS IS FOR YOU.


There are certain steps to take in order to turn back on this circuit. You are currently disconnected to the fat burning chain of chemical reactions


So EAT right means – there are certain foods that keep that circuit turned off, The cells cannot open up to access the fat reserves while you are still eating and keeping up that same routine

And THINK Right – means being willing, open and start believing this will work for you. That is very important as much as the nutrition.


If you have lost all your confidence and want to be women winning with weight and get on the fats track to health, energy and drop dress sizes lets get you started to eat right for your body type and Think right for lasting weight loss.


I am so glad you are here, but I know women in their 50’s with more than 50lbs to lose have gone through a lot of trial and error before you found this.

I know its tough but I have seen oodles of women lose weight when they had all but given up on themselves.

I have programs that run just for this reason, recalibrating the body to turn on those switched takes a sequence of switches to be synchronized,

No point looking at food unless we also look at the other areas that trigger the switches. Such as your thoughts and beliefs, level of stress and hormones; Look at your symptoms to see what to tackle first.


When you heal once aspect you will heal the whole

I’d be very happy to help you prepare to synchronize your circuits and turn ON that female fat burning hormone. In one free call we can do a lot of this and start you off on the path.

You’ll get

  1. See if you have the exact body type that is locked into the OFF position and will 100{6a14cc849908c46212f3d2c8a81eada984febec31535ea1cc7f55de4f8a4ba8e} respond quickly to the
  2. The nutrition to take and what to avoid that are keeping the access to the fat cells CLOSED OFF.
  3. A straight forward step to take immediately that will help enormously
  4. A step by step plan to see you start losing 50lbs if you are heading towards 50.

Say ‘YES’ I want to see if I am locked in the OFF position and I will send over a quick questionnaire to determine your ON off STATUS before we can re set you.


Fiona Robertson
The Body Renewer


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