Underwear or NO underwear?


As she slid on the dress she’d been saving for years… the dress she always hoped she’d one day get back into…


…a naughty thought crossed her mind.


“I should make this the best anniversary ever.”


So she reached down with a sly smile on her face and slid her underwear off.


She knew he’d be shocked.


After the baby, she knew he thought her body was ruined.


But just 2 months later, on their anniversary night, she put on a show.


He was speechless.


She’d done the work now she wore the dress and the shoes and the smile to go with it.


Here is one of the tricks that Sally discovered, and how she used it to drop an astonishing 50 lbs in a few months, at 50 years old…….


Being BIG was no joke, Sally had held back on everything and felt left out, the big girl and despite diets and exercise she did not feel like sex, or going to dress up parties, or even playing with her kids as she wobbled and she hated the fake smile she used to get through an evening when inside she felt sadder than sad.


What was it going to take a miracle?


I don’t want to have to starve myself or run every day to lose weight. Help. Why can’t my body just play ball. I feel like it has betrayed me.


The one thing Sally never knew was that diets and the type of exercise were working against her all the time. She had needed to do reset her body in another way, she had no idea that In a few months she’d be going commando on a date with her hubby to celebrate her new found confidence.


For one her key hormones were running riot and causing chemical havoc on her weight gain, resetting those allowed the fat cells to be accessed and release the fat stored.


Secondly, she had no idea that she had a constant level of predisposed stress running in the background, enough to raise the alarm and have stress hormones pushing out sugars into the bloodstream all day, that just made her crave sugars all night.


Thirdly she hated to look at herself and refused to get dressed in front of any mirror, the hateful words and shame made her feel so crappy, so she avoided all reflections. She did not have a nice word to say to herself.


Caught between the devil and the deep blue sea she wanted the body she fantasized about but what she was doing ( all be it sometimes half heartedly ) was not giving her any results for the effort she was putting in.


Shoot forward 6 months and here was Sally appreciating her body in the mirror, and wearing the very dress she’d visualized and kept in the hope that one day she would wear it again, and she was in that dress and it felt fantastic.

She was being far more playful and present with her kids and looking forwards to an evening with her hubby, who she found not only attractive but she felt turned on by him again. Or was she just so turned on with herself and in her own confidence again.


Sally is not alone as Dozens upon Dozens of women are finding their sexual Mojo again, once they have lost and know how to maintain their new svelte figures.


If this is in any way speaking to you, you have two choices,

  1. Come into a FREE Radical plan for your fantasy body call with me and discover 3 easy steps to step over the blocks and stops you have in your way.



  1. Do nothing! Keep doing what you’re doing and hoping that the diet and exercise will shift the weight, even although you have tried that for years and its all just getting worse


What do you prefer?


So much Love


Fiona Robertson

The Body Renewer creating your body on purpose.


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